It Was INTENSE!! Oh Boy, It Was Very Intense!

I am exceptionally grateful to have been given the Satisfyer Pro 2 to review. I have worked at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres for a couple of months now and we have always had a Satisfyer Pro 2 tester on display. The whole time I had an intense curiosity about what it would feel like. When I turned on the tester, I felt the pulsations on my hand and they seemed weak. Every time I would pass the display some questions crossed my mind which included “If I used it, would I be able to feel pulsations?” and “Would the oral sex toy be pleasurable?”. So you can imagine how excited I was when I was given a Satisfyer Pro 2 to take home and try for myself. Before I go into detail about my experience, I’ll give you a rundown on what kind of sex toy the Satisfyer Pro 2 is.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is a rechargeable, silicone and sensual stimulator for women. It works by placing the silicone head directly over the clitoris and the vacuum pleasure wave technology does its magic by sucking and stimulating the clitoris. Satisfyer has stated:

“Because of its brand new, self-developed technology, the Satisfyer is a pioneer in revolutionizing the sexual mind of women. With its intensive pressure waves and tingling pulsation, the Satisfyer provides touch-free clitoral stimulation – and might cause multiple and extremely intensive orgasms within minutes.”

The body of the Satisfyer Pro 2 is made from a rose gold, ABS plastic. It has a detachable, white, body-safe silicone head which is the part that contacts a woman’s body. The silicone head can easily be removed, cleaned and placed back at any time. The sex toy measures just under 17cm in total height. The long handle of this toy means it is very easy to hold and use. As previously suggested in some other sex toy reviews, it looks like a thermometer or beauty device which is great news if you’re looking for an inconspicuous sex toy! There is raised print at the bottom of the handle with a non-recyclable warning of some sorts which makes the toy appear a little cheap. There is no description of the Satisfyer Pro 2 anywhere on the actual toy.

On the upper side, there is a small white power button to turn the toy on and off and just above this, a larger white button which controls the intensity. There are 11 levels of intensity to choose from and it is required that, unless you turn it off and on, you must go through all 11 levels to get back to the lowest. There is a light in the middle of these buttons that stays on while the toy is in use. The Satisfyer Pro 2 is 100% waterproof and is recommended to be used in the bath, hot tub or shower for more pleasurable stimulation. This sex toy is powered by a magnetic charger, with a 2.5 hour charge getting you approximately 30 minutes of play time. The charger stays on the toy easily and can be plugged into any USB outlet.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Satisfyer Pro 2

So that about sums up the technical side of the Satisfyer Pro 2, I’m just going to go straight into describing my experience by saying it was INTENSE!! Oh boy, it was very intense! Before I go any further, I need to clarify that every female body is different and everybody responds uniquely to different sensations and stimulation. To make it clear, I am very sensitive to direct clitoral stimulation and since the Satisfyer Pro 2 is all about the clitoris, it may not be the most appropriate toy for me. Though I did enjoy my experiences using the Pro 2!!

When I first applied the head and turned it on, the lowest intensity felt like a sweet and subtle tickle. The lowest setting was not enough to achieve orgasm but it certainly felt nice! Satisfyer Pro 2 has been designed so that you are able to choose what intensity level you would most enjoy using. Satisfyer stated:

“The pulsation also starts much more softly so that every user can find his or her perfect intensity level.”

When I started to increase the intensity, 2 things came to mind:

  1. Oh my god, I don’t think I can handle this, it’s way too full on!!
  2. I’m going to have to turn it off because my roommates are going to hear this!!

I liken the sensation of the Satisfyer Pro 2 to oral sex. It feels similar to the sucking and pulsing that someone would otherwise apply with their mouth but it is fast and constant (hence the intensity and my inability to “handle it”). I found myself in a pattern of taking it off, manually stimulating myself then putting it back on which was more pleasurable for my body. Using a good amount of water-based lubricant definitely added to the pleasure of my experience.

The pulsations on the higher levels are very strong and the accompanying noise is distracting, to say the least. I would definitely recommend some background music when using it in a share house! Upon reading reviews of the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe, it seems as if the company had taken the noise factor on board and created this incredible toy!! If noise is an issue and the long handle of the Satisfyer Pro 2 does not appeal to you, the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe is the way to go.

My experience of water play with the Satisfyer Pro 2 took place in the shower. The pulsations felt like a mini spa jet against my clitoris which was an extremely pleasurable sensation. I can definitely understand why they highly recommend this! I now have to convince someone to let me use their bath to try it out as if it was this good in a shower, I can only imagine how incredible it would feel in a bath…so stay tuned!!

In terms of the Satisfyer Pro 2 helping me to achieve orgasm, my experience was that it was too intense to allow me to get there using it on its own. It is recommended for people who are used to stronger clitoral sensations. I do however see it as an amazing toy for “solo foreplay”. The intense stimulation led me to have a more intense orgasm in the end compared to without its use and for this reason, it is a very welcome addition to my sex toy collection. I would highly recommend the Satisfyer Pro 2 for those women who love clitoral stimulation – this toy is guaranteed to impress.

About the Author: Sophie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave









This Womanizer Is The Absolute PRO!

Erotic Womanizer

The other day while I worked at an Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre, I had a women come in and ask for a “Womanizer Pro“. At first, I thought what a weird and sort of crappy name for a women’s sex toy. After I had looked it up, I found that it was basically like the Satisfyer but with a few differences. The Womanizer peaked my curiously and I immediately had to find out more about this product.

While there are thousands of sex toys for males out in the world, women unfortunately are stuck with dildos and vibrators. Now, don’t me wrong, there is nothing wrong with them. In fact they are the bees knees when it comes to penetration. However, women don’t always get the simulation they deserve. This is where the Womanizer comes into play.

Womanizer Pro

The Womanizer Pro is a touch free clitoral stimulator with suction. Paired with the oral suction are little vibrations that feel like no other sex toy. The Womanizer Pro also comes with two silicone tips, one for a spare in case you lose one. The second silicone tip is a bigger head that was made for ladies who have a larger sized clitoris. The bigger head was included in the latest Womanizer as they listened to the valuable feedback they received from customers in regards to their earlier products. A good thing to also know is that you can buy more tips online if you do happen to misplace your first two.

The Womanizer website describes the sex toy as:

“Lose complete loss of control with earth shattering, mind-blowing, full-bodied, powerful orgasms!”

While doing my research on this oral sex toy, I found out that some ladies also like to use it on their nipples to help their bodies become extra stimulated with pleasure. The Womanizer Pro also comes with a 12 month warranty.

Womanizer Pro Design

The Womanizer Pro comes in many different colours.  The colours include rose, lavander, megenta, mint, white, black, tattoo and gold plated. Most of the Womanizer Pro’s have a printed pattern on the handle which matches the colour so you are able to buy one which suits your personal taste. It measures approximately 12.5cm in length and 6.2cm in width,  making it comfortable and easy enough to use in the palm of your hand.


Womanizer® Pro 18K Gold Plated Photo
Sex Toy: Womanizer® Pro 18K Gold Plated

Womanizer Pro Functionality

The Womanizer Pro now has 8 different functions. With it’s easy dazzling jeweled button which is surprisingly a Swarovski crystal. The crystal is the on and off button and it’s + and – button for the power of the suction. It even comes with the design of using the on/off button as a quick release to the lowest and quietest setting  in case your are either interrupted or if you wanted to pull away for any reason. Although 8 setting may not sound any where near enough, the suction goes from super soft to super powerful! Making it a perfect sex toy for women who enjoy any type of suction during oral sex.

To start using your Womanizer Pro all you have to do is charge it for approximately 70 minutes to enjoy approximately 240 minutes of pure oral pleasure.  I absolutely love the fact this sex toy is fully rechargeable! This means the sex toy is eco-friendly and their will be no battery wastage. Since the Womanizer Pro is rechargeable it also means that it is a quieter sex toy. To help you know when it is fully charged, it lights up the head of the sex toy.

To use the Womanizer Pro, you will need to use your fingers to move the labia to expose your clitoris. Simple place the silicone suction tip over your clitoris. Apply a small amount of pressure and allow the soft stimulation of sucking and pulsating patterns pleasure your erogenous zone.

Womanizer Pro Material

Unfortunately the Womanizer Pro is made from phthalate free plastic (ABS) and it is NOT waterproof. The Womanizer Pro can not come in contact with water at all. Only the head of the silicone tip can be nearer to water as it is a clitoral sex toy. Due to the type of material I recommend that silicone or water based lubricants can be used. It is also easy to clean with antibacterial hand soap with warm water or anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner. Our favorite lubricant to use is SuperSlyde.

Womanizer Pro Statistics

The Womanizer Pro has been extensively tested with pure lust with females aged between 20 and 60. These unique results speak for themselves:

  • 73% experienced a multiple orgasm
  • 76% experienced an exceptionally intense orgasm
  • 63% sensed an entirely new sexual experience
  • 98% wanted to own a womanizer
  • 100% evaluated the womanizer to be absolutely unique

So for mind blowing orgasms the Womanizer Pro is the sex toy for you!


About the Consultant: Lauren a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres



Rolling Around With The Svakom Trysta!

There is a new sex toy in town which I am drawn to because it is made by Svakom. I have only had a really close look at one of their other sex toys, the Svakom Tyler cock ring which I thought was one of the best in the adult lifestyle industry. The Svakom Tyler is what I use as a benchmark to compare with other cock rings.

The sex toy I have chosen is from a new range the company have recently introduced. It is a rabbit called ‘Trysta”. Svakom Trysta has been designed for clitoral and g-spot stimulation. The reason my interest was piqued by this particular sex toy is that it has a rolling ball feature on the flattened tip of its shaft to rub the G-Spot. I came across this idea fairly recently in my ongoing quest for sex toys that realistically mimic oral sex.

The idea of having rolling balls underneath silicone to massage erogenous zones is not new to me. The rolling balls are commonly found in the rabbit vibrator’s shaft with rows of rolling pearls that promote g-spot stimulation. The same idea is also used very cleverly in B Vibe’s Couples Butt plug to create a rimming sensation. Lelo released the Ora 2 with wild claims that this oral sex toy’s rolling ball was going to revolutionise the market.

The idea is used with varying success. What often happens is that the ball bearings or beads can’t withstand pressure and when pressure is applied they stop moving. I always take a look at that when I am trying out an adult product. If you push down on or squeeze the moving surface and it stops moving the feature is nothing but a gimmick.

The Svakom Trysta comes in a sleeved card box that is suitable for long-term storage. The sleeve has a life-size picture of the product on it although the box inside is discreet and only bears the company name in silver on it. The Svakom Trysta is displayed in a black foam platform and looks very elegant.

There is a grey suede drawstring bag which is always handy to keep it away from other products. There is also a USB charging cord, instruction manual, a booklet telling you about the sex toy and a warranty card you can use to register the product online. The warranty lasts for a year but there is also a 10-year quality guarantee too. Svakom Trysta is rechargeable and only takes 2 hours to fully recharge. It can run for an hour of nonstop play time.

Svakom Trysta Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: Svakom Trysta


Although the picture on the box is actual size, I am surprised by how petite it looks. The dimensions are 186mm x 60mm x 35mm. It comes in a choice of rose and plum and is made of 100% body safe silicone. The silicone is smooth and velvety with a slight draginess that would suit some. If you are one of those people that like something smooth and slippery, using a water-based lubricant with the Svakom Trysta will sort that out.

The shaft is inflexible but the clitoris arm is very flexible. The clitoris arm fits nice and snugly to the shaft which has only 10mm between them. There are two high-frequency motors, one in the top of the shaft and another in the top of the clitoral arm. I much prefer the power to be situated here at the business end. I am often surprised when sex toy designers decide the base is better placed to put a motor.

At the end of the main shaft, the tip is flattened like a lipstick. It gives you the choice of a pinpoint or dispersed vibrations in case you should decide to use this part of the toy externally as a clitoris stimulator. The rolling ball feature is a single ball bearing underneath the silicone that moves up and down hoping to create a rubbing sensation against the G-spot.

There are 3 buttons, the on/off button which is also used to scroll through the modes. The top button which controls the rolling ball feature and the bottom button that controls intensity. There are 7 different modes and 5 increasing intensities, meaning are 35 mode combinations.

Svakom pride themselves on what they call their unique “intelligent’ mode. With all the technology out there at the moment when it comes to sex toys, I thought it might somehow know instinctively what I was enjoying and react accordingly. It is actually just a programmed pattern that a man named David Yu developed in 2009. This mode is based upon their customer feedback on what kind of intensities and patterns people liked for the build-up of an orgasm to achieving the orgasm.

Down to the nitty gritty then, does the sex toy live up to the company hype? Well, I like it, the range of intensities and patterns would please anyone.

The vibrations are fairly rumbly and powerful for the size of the toy, especially on the very low intensities. The vibration quality is reasonably represented by a fair price point. I love some of the patterns where the intensity graduates. The rolling ball feature is fairly subtle though and I am not sure how successful this would be as a G-spot stimulator particularly if it is used alone. Most lovers of G-Spot stimulation require a bit of power on that area from my experience.

Svakom Trysta works though, I applied a fair bit of pressure and can still feel it. Personally, I would use it for clitoral stimulation instead. That is, I would use it if it didn’t sound like a washing machine! The vibrations are perfectly acceptable, but the sound of the ball feature is extremely off-putting. Once inserted some of that noise would be swallowed up of course, but even so for something so tiny, it sure makes noise.

The noise of that feature aside, I like the Svakom Trysta and would have no problem recommending it. It is unique, as far as I know, which is a real plus nowadays. It is also 100% waterproof and is not just splash proof. This is great for keeping it clean, the website says it can be used in the bath and even the swimming pool.

About the Author: Emily is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres



What An Amazing Little Sucker!!

It has happened again, a sex toy that I greatly admire has bought out an improved version that is so perfect I actually need to have one right now. It is such a marvellous thing when a sex toy company really listens to valued customer feedback and then acts on it successfully. The amazing thing is that they made the improvements so quickly. Of course, this is really annoying for people who purchased the original unless of course the differences actually turn this into a different sex toy. For me, that is exactly what has happened with the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe. The truly unbelievable thing is that the new and improved version of the Satisfyer Pro 2 is actually cheaper than the original.

The Satisfyer Pro, in case you are unaware, is part of a newer style of suction based sex toys. It is a clitoral stimulator that you position directly over the clitoris and it creates the unique sensation of a slight vacuum of lapping air. I think this technology makes for the most convincing oral sex like experience you can possibly get from something that isn’t human. Lots of companies have tried in vain to achieve a realistic oral experience for girls. They ranged from the downright ridiculous, lube gobbling, multi-tongued contraption that is the Squeel, to the overpriced, under-designed, Lelo Ora.   This new technology is a game changer. And a whopping one for those that find the artificial feel of a vibrator off-putting. It is so different from anything else you will ever try.

If you like suckling sensations on your clit or a gentle pitter-patter tapping you are going to love it.

Firstly let me tell you what was wrong with the original Satisfyer Pro 2, in short, it was the look of it, the sound of it, and the feel of it. So why did it impress me so much you are asking yourself. Well let me tell you about the new one and it will make sense.

The Satisfyer Pro Deluxe comes in a small white box with a picture of the product on, it isn’t a box you could use for long-term storage and there is no bag with the toy. It is the shape and size of an ergonomic computer mouse and has the small, oval, body safe silicone soft ‘mouth” indent that you hold over your clit. It is a champagne rose gold plastic.  The original Satisfyer Pro 2 looked a bit like a doll’s hair dryer. It was a kind of copper rose gold, which is a colour that is quite on trend at the moment but within a year could look very cheap and dated. The colour and design of the new Deluxe are far more classic and stylish.  The toy is charged with a magnetic charger and is wireless and extremely easy to use. The LED light blinks when it is charging and the first time charge will take around 8 hours. I couldn’t find any information on how much playtime you get, but I own the original Satisfyer Pro 2 and have not yet had to recharge it. I have used it multiple times.

Satisfyer Pro Deluxe Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Satisfyer Pro Deluxe


To use it you simply snuggle it under the labia gently and directly over the clit, you can use lube if you like but the toy almost hovers rather than directly contacts, so it isn’t a necessity. There is one well-placed button that you hold down for a couple of seconds to start it and with each additional press, the sensation intensifies. There are 11 intensities.

When you turn on the original, not only did it look like a hair dryer, it sounded like one. There is no way you could sneak a use of that thing it was really off putting, so much so that I could only use it in the bath. Thankfully both the old and new Satisfyer are completely waterproof, not just splash proof like some sex toys. You can actually submerge it.

The Satisfyer Pro Deluxe is so much quieter, 90% quieter in fact.  With the old model, it wasn’t a surprise that it was noisy because it was so incredibly powerful. This is where the original toy fell far short for me. I couldn’t tell the difference between setting 1 and 11. Both were akin to attaching a Dyson to your nether regions. Marvellous for power queens, but just too much for the average user. The sensation was so unique and perfect though I couldn’t stop going in for another try. It never got me to orgasm though because it was just too overwhelming. The sensation did make me more than smile though, although my clit did have to leave the room for a while to calm down. It also made me tell anyone who would listen that if they were the type who could handle the power then it was the business.

So it was to my sheer delight and wonderment, that when I turned on the new deluxe version and popped my index finger on the mouth of the toy I heard but a gentle hum and felt the soft beating of angel’s wings. I just knew my clit would no longer have to struggle against a whirlpool in the Atlantic Ocean, it would be happily lazing on the beach with the waves gently lapping at its toes. (Just to make it clear, my clit doesn’t have toes, but I couldn’t think of a better way to finish the metaphor). Yes, the first two settings on the Deluxe are absolutely perfect for me. They really are comparable to a real-life muff diving experience. There is a bit of a jump from setting 3 up to the next levels, all of which are pretty intense and it does get a bit noisier but it is only like your average vibrator.

This isn’t an oral sex toy everyone is going to love. I do.  If you wanted a Womaniser but couldn’t afford it, get this.  It is better and looks less like it has fallen out of Dolly Parton’s handbag. If you had the old Satisfyer but it was a bit too full on then get this. The changes they have made really do justify a repeat purchase.

What else is left to say about the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe? The suction head is removable so it is really easy to clean, and hygienic enough to share. If you have yet to try this type of vibrator, then I think this is the best toy of the bunch. This comes highly recommended.


About the Author: Emily is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres




Time To Spice Up Your Sexlife With This Gem!

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Sex Toy Image

The Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage is a men’s masturbator specifically made for oral sex. It feels like jello with a silky satin texture that is made from the patented material called the “Real-Feel Super Skin“. The  Real-Feel Super Skin has been made to feel as closely as possible to the act of sexual intercourse. The rounded bumps within it are made so men can experience textural sexual satisfaction when masturbating. There are two holes you can use for penetration but both of them offer the same feeling. The sex toy is also 100% body safe as it is made from a non-toxic material that is phthalate free. The product dimensions are 3 x 3 x 4.5 inches.

You will need to use a lot of water-based lubricants or use a high quality sex toy friendly lubricant like SuperSlyde where you will barely need to reapply it. Due to the lubricant creating a light sexual suction, it can be a little bit noisy but who really cares when you are having that much fun. This sex toy is amazing especially if you are looking to really spice up your sex life or if you would like to experience what it is like to use an affordable, travel-friendly, discreet fleshlight for the first time.

Putting on a show during mutual masturbation is a lot of fun especially when you use the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage. Allow your lover complete control over the sex toy and you will be able to experience complete pleasure without any fear of someone’s hand slipping and they won’t get tired from jerking you off. You are able two twist the Fleshlight in a circular motion for a unique experience.

Take over the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage and put on a show. Use your body by pelvicly thrusting into the masturbator almost as if you are having sex or use your hand for maximum control. It is not like the other fleshlight’s because it is made from clear plastic allowing you to see the motion of your erect shaft as it is being used as you pump back and forth.

Your erection will become the biggest it will possibly be. As you push it into your body completely, the silicone edges will mould to your body shape. The masturbator will not hurt you so you can use it as hard, as soft or as quickly as you would like to. When your erection pushes through the end, your foreskin will be pushed back completely, your tip will look almost like a mushroom putting on a display for your lover to see.


Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

One of the best blow jobs is when someone wraps their hand around the base of the erect shaft and jerks you with the movements of their mouth. Rather than using your hand, replace it with the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage. Not only will it take up more space than a hand, but you can also place your mouth as far down as you need to or relax comfortably on the tip of the penis. It is not every day a person will feel like they are having penetrative sex but receiving a blow job at the exact same time. For extra fun, you can slip it off and give a blow job, but when you get super tired or just can’t be bothered to slip it back on and they won’t know the difference. It is the ultimate sex toy for giving effortless blow jobs.

Once you have mutually masturbated or had some serious foreplay, you can begin to have sex. If you want to make sex more interesting, you can do different sex positions. Once you need a break or get tired, switch sex up and use a sex toy to masturbate with. Complete the job with the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage, when you are getting closer to the peak of orgasm it is recommended to masturbate with your hand and cum where you want to. This is because the tip of your penis may be too sensitive to experience too many pleasurable sensations.

It is messier than using a regular Fleshlight as the Quickshot has two openings rather than one this means there is nothing to capture the semen. Though clean up is a breeze, you can take the sleeve out of the plastic casing, turn it inside out for a full clean. Or you can simply run it under some soapy water whilst it is in the plastic case and the lubricant will run right off. To be extra hygienic, you can invest in anti-bacterial spray since the material is porous you can get a complete clean. It is easily stored away with dust getting on it, place it back in the clear plastic container so that is ready for next time.

I highly recommend the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage especially if your a beginner or would like to experience a fleshlight for the first time. It will open your eyes to a whole new world of pleasurable orgasms.