Not a Programmer But Desperate to Build a Site Like OnlyFans? [Here’s how]

fans only

OnlyFans needs no introduction, especially in 2021. With the humongous growth the platform exhibited between 2020 and 2021, almost every porn viewer might have heard or come across OnlyFans at least once in the past year!

Since you’re here, it’s pretty clear that you want to build a website like OnlyFans. That’s great because this read is all about how you can build a site like OnlyFans without having programming or designing knowledge. And most importantly, without spending too much money!

Before we get into the steps, let’s have a quick overview about OnlyFans – the size of the platform and its business model so that you get an idea of what exactly is that you’re going to build and the potential that it holds!

Quick OnlyFans Statistics

  • Thomas Stokely, OnlyFans chief operating officer, said that during May 2020, OnlyFans had around 7000-8000 new content creators every day.
  • Between March 2020 and August 2020, OnlyFans had more than 20 million new registered users.
  • As of .now, OnlyFans has given more than $2 billion as payouts to its creators.

And the minute you’re reading this, there’s someone new signing up for OnlyFans and the platform is making more money. This is how huge OnlyFans is!

With the massive success of OnlyFans platform, no wonder why many new onlyfans alternative platforms have given birth and I must say they are doing pretty great!

And according to the recent news, Onlyfans is in talks to raise new funding worth $1Billion!

Now, to the business model of OnlyFans!

OnlyFans Business Model

Put in a phrase, OnlyFans is a subscription-based membership platform where adult models can sign up and create content.

On the other hand, users have to subscribe to a membership plan to view the creator’s content. Models can also sell merchandise within the platform, make revenue via premium photos, videos, 1-1 chat and more.

And for every sale/dollar the models make, OnlyFans takes a 20% commission. Since the platform usage is very high, the revenue is equally high as well!

That’s how OnlyFans works and makes revenue! Now that you’re clear about what OnlyFans is and how it works, let’s look at how you can build a site like OnlyFans.

How to Build a Website Like OnlyFans in 5 Simple Steps

Before we get into the steps, let’s look at the available options to build a site like OnlyFans.

  1. Building it From Scratch
  2. Using Tailor-Made Solutions

Building It From Scratch

You might think this is going to be the ideal way, but it is not! Building a site like OnlyFans from scratch takes hours and hours of time, effort and costs.

The phases you would come across include

  • Designing
  • Front-end & Back-end Development
  • Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Deployment

Based on the features OnlyFans has and the procedures involved, you’ll be facing a bill that’s close to $40,000! And the entire process takes somewhere between 3-6 months!

That’s something not you or anyone would prefer! So, let’s look at the second method.

Tailor-Made Solutions

This is where you’ll be using pre-existing solutions to build a site like OnlyFans. You save huge time, effort and money in the process. Also, there’s no need for you to have programming knowledge or designing skills.

Speaking of such solutions, there’s Xfans – an OnlyFans clone script with which you can build a site exactly like OnlyFans. The solution is 100% customizable and white label – no forced branding.

We’ll be proceeding with the second method.

Step 1: Choose a domain name for your website. When choosing the domain name, make sure it reflects the nature of your business. For example, the name OnlyFans tells us that it is a place only for fans.

You get the idea, right?

Step 2: Once you’ve purchased your domain, it’s time to find a hosting provider for your website. There are popular hosting providers like HostGator, Hostinger and more. Also, make sure whether the hosting provider you choose allows adult website hosting. When done, connect your domain to the hosting provider.

Note: When you go with xFans, you don’t have to choose a domain and a hosting provider separately. When you head to m3server, you can choose a hosting plan and during the checkout process, you can claim your free domain. 

Step 3: Now that you have your website, it’s time to install the chosen script on the server. Since the tech team takes care of this step, you don’t have to worry about it!

Step 4: This is where you’ll be customizing your website. You can put forth your requirements to the development team and they’ll pretty much do everything for you – colors, additional website functionality and what not?

Step 5: You’re almost done now. What’s remaining for you is to setup the bank account details, model split commission, a few tweaks here and there and you’re all set to make your site live.

Once when you get good with the promotion and your OnlyFans like site becomes popular, you’ll have new models and users signing up every day onto your platform – sure thing!

So, that’s how you’ll be building a website like OnlyFans! Simple right?

Final Few Words

If you’ve made it through to this part of the read, it shows how determined you are to build a site like OnlyFans. And here’s something great!

Building a site like OnlyFans is a great way to make a six-figure (and above). Statistically speaking, OnlyFans was able to grow their user base 100% in a couple of months! Such is the opportunity in the porn industry – it’s huge and all you need is to start off with the right foot!

So, what are you waiting for then? You know the steps along with the solution! Get going!


It’s All About The BDSM Collars

bdsm collar

With the rise in popularity in BDSM and wearable kink gear let’s talk about collars.


Collars are used for a variety of reasons in BDSM and play and it’s important to know the different meanings surrounding them. It is not unusual to pass a coworker who is wearing a subtle and discreet collar everyday and you might never know.


Collars aren’t exclusively used as a form of restraint, punishment or degradation.


Collars of consideration:


Often used for new relationships, a form of ownership, think of it like a stepping stone to a permanent collar between a dom/sub, master/slave etc. The training collar is as much for both parties to decide if this is the dynamic that they would each like to pursue.


Training Collar:


These collars are worn when in a dynamic when a sub or slave is being trained in the dynamic, whilst still a form and a sign of ownership and is up to the Dom/Master when the training is complete.


Protection Collar


A collar in any variant is a form of protection. A collared person is under protection of someone and etiquette should be followed accordingly. This affords the wearer the ability to be left alone by single dominants unless they have the permission of the collar’s owner to approach. This is a responsibility of the dominant or whoever is in charge of the collar is significant and should also not be taken lightly. We will go into this further down.


Play Collars


There are two ways that a play collar can be used.In terms of dynamic, this is the most relaxed form of dynamic collars, but still not simply a collar for being restrained. Play collars are collars where dynamics are enforced and utilised during kinky scenes as soon as the collar is placed around the submissive’s neck.They are helpful to prepare the mindset for the scene that is about to come. When the collar is on, the wearer is the submissive, they are in the space of a submissive and respond to the person who placed it on them as such and respect them accordingly. At the end of the play session, which doesn’t necessarily need to be sexual, and the collar comes off, this is the sign that the dynamic has finished and the rules that applied for while the collar was on, are now complete. This form of training, or boundaries can be good for people who need that added guidance, comfort, or security. Lt me circle back for a second in case anyone was confused when I said play didn’t need to be sexual. Play with a collar could be anything from sex, to impact, or or service such as waiting on a person, bringing them food or acts of service. But even, play could be going out on a date and following certain protocols and rules. The limits are endless. It is whatever you and your play partner design, but they are your rules.


Other play collars are actual “play” collars. The type that are used during play for playful reasons, for restraint, for tying up and leading around, for degradation and submission or pet play. These can cross over into any of the other types of collar wearing and sometimes also be a stand alone. You can like being choked or led around on a collar without being a submissive.


24/7 collars


This brings me to our permanent collars. Our 24/7 collars that are worn all of the time. These are special collars indeed and can carry many different meanings to individual dynamics. For some, a permanent collar is the equivalent of an engagement ring or a wedding ring. For some, it is ownership. What it boils down to, is that it is a promise between two people that they take each other to be trusting of each other as a Dominant and a submissive and to respect each other as thus and to follow the rules of their relationship. Again, whatever that entails depending on their unique relationship.

Some dynamics might have contracts written up. Some may have collaring ceremonies and invite friends and family to witness placing the collar around the submissive’s neck. A permanent collar cannot be placed without both parties deciding and agreeing to it.

Because these collars are permanent, and never come off there are many different alternatives that people can pick these days. Nowadays many people choose to wear collars that appear closer to necklaces so that they are able to wear them to the office or out in public daily without being noticed. Some opt for the eternity collars that are fastened with an allen key. Others can get subtle BDSM collars custom fit to enjoy the best of both worlds.


Collar etiquette.


A few things to know about someone’s collar.

It is very disrespectful to touch a person’s collar without first gaining permission, and even then only if necessary.

If a person is collared it is always wise to speak to their “Dominant first” as a show of respect.

A person wearing a collar should not remove their collar without asking their “Dominant” first.

Wearing collars can also be very fashionable, so we understand that it may be hard to know if someone is wearing one as a fashion choice or a protocol, if in doubt, ask them, or someone at the event. If the person who is wearing it doesn’t answer, that’s ok, they might not be allowed to answer. Please do not think they are being rude and press them. Move on. If their Dominant approaches, apologise and explain. But we always suggest, asking the organiser of the event first when in doubt. They will be able to vet the situation better for you.


Collars are a beautiful and fun way to share connections and feelings within the BDSM scene. Collared individuals feel quite proud to be owned/collared by their dominants and see it as praise and an honour to be asked about their collars.


At Your Service,



OhZone  Adult Shop Sales Assistant, Educator and Proudly Collared.

Is OF Worth It: Consumer Edition


Alright I know I talk about OnlyFans a lot, it’s what I do though, so my life is a whole lot of OnlyFans and Onlyfans related thoughts, I do not have enough braincells to think about more things… So, you get more OnlyFans blogs.

So, this one’s a little different, it’s not for my people thinking of being content creators, this is the people who are on the fence about subscribing to OnlyFans, wondering if it’s worth the money and my favourite sentence “why would I pay when I can get it on Pornhub for free?”. Which is a completely fair argument, but I have a great argument for the opposition, so let’s go.


Of course, we’re going to go through the obvious part first, which is interactions with your creators:
OnlyFans: This is the jobs of these people, they need to keep on their hustle and keep your attention, they will respond, they’ll be interested in your day, in your feedback, interested in your requests and open to trying new things for you. They really want you to be happy and content with what you’re getting from them. We really do care about making sure that your however much per month is getting you premium stuff that you’re happy with!
Big Corporation Porn: These people also have a job, but it is to create the porn, they get paid whether they respond to your comments or not, occasionally they will but it’s never sincere or personalised.


Customisation is a huge part of why people love OnlyFans as much as they do and why it has absolutely blown up, there’s nothing better than getting exactly what you want out of your porn.
OnlyFans: all you have to do is message us, tell us what you’re into and what you’d love to see, anything you can’t find on the internet you’re almost certain to find an OnlyFans creator who will be more than happy to create the scene or scenario for. Occasionally this does come at an extra fee, but personally if my subs are long standing and loyal it’s usually pretty cheap or free. It’s a small price to pay to get content that is custom tailored to your needs!
Big Coporation Porn: I mean, you can try your best, but it always takes a lot of searching and deep diving through porn sites to try find exactly what I’m after, and if you’ve only got a limited time to beat your shmeat that’s not always a super viable option, so sometimes you just go with the first video you see.


Now one of the most important points to make in my opinionis that when you pay for OnlyFans you know that you are watching content that’s fully consented to.
OnlyFans: Has an incredibly strict sign up process, you need multiple forms of ID, photos of you, photos of you with your ID, it’s insane and I’m thankful, it guarantees that your creators are of legal age and consenting to the process. These creators are doing it because they want to, because they’ve chosen to do it as a side hustle or job. Once the creator no longer wants certain posts or even their whole account taken down, they can do that, there’s no arguing, there’s no lawsuits, it’s just removed at your will.
Big Corporation Porn: There are prime examples with a simple google search of how loose these sites are with uploading content, there have been minors, videos of assaults, people not being able to have their content down, people tied into contracts, people manipulated into filming. It’s crazy to me that about anything can end up on the sight so easily, but it can take years to have it taken down, and even not at all. There are people that have been fighting certain sites for years over having videos of their assaults taken down and they can’t. Not knowing who has consented, who was manipulated, and if what you’re watching is even legal is a big deterrent for me in using large porn sites, so if a $10 a month fee can take out that guessing game, I am more than happy to do that.


Overall, it, to me, from a consumer standpoint, is a far more ethical and healthy way of consuming porn. It’s awesome to know that you’re supporting sex workers and getting content from people who love what they do, and that if they choose not to do it one day they won’t have to argue their way out of it. There are even some creators who have free pages and only charge for the totally X-Rated videos and pictures that they post, which is a good option for those who cannot fathom spending $10+ per month, you’re still getting some content without having to lock into paying money every month.


So, is OnlyFans worth it as a consumer? Absolutely! It’s the best way to get porn you love and that the porn stars love creating!


Georgia is a consultant at the oh zone adult stores.

Hitting On Women, A Guide

picking up women

So we all love going out and trying to find someone, whether that be a romantic partner (or partners, am I right?), or just a cute little one night stand. But with COVID-19 and the constantly growing and evolving of dating apps, we all might be a bit out of touch with how to hit on each other, keep it appropriate, and make sure everyone is comfortable. It can sometimes be a super fine line between having a good flirt and a laugh and being called the harasser of the day in the group chat. I’m going to go through a few “safe bet boundaries” where you can safely bet that it’ll come across creepy if you cross them.

Cat calling:

You’ll get the occasional woman who says they love being cat called and that it let’s them know they look good that day. But I can tell you right now the majority of women purely feel uncomfortable in this situation, it’s not fun to have people yelling at you from a car in any circumstance, but being yelled at purely to be objectified? It’s not gonna get you laid… As much as you think it might the chances are super unlikely. There’s something about men yelling out of a car window at me that just makes my blood boil, and the amount of times I’ve heard them yell out “she’s a bitch bro” after not responding or giving them the finger. Don’t be that guy.

Grabbing a Woman’s Ass:

Look, I really wish this was common sense but the number of times this has happened to me is simply unbelievable. I don’t particularly want to be grabbed anywhere without being asked first… Especially not my ass. This is a certified way to get hit in most regards. It shows a clear lack of respect for the person you’re grabbing, and honestly, I don’t know why people think that they have a right to do this.

Starting Up A Conversation:

This one is all dependant on how you deal with it honestly. If a girl’s busy doing something, probably not the best way to go about it (I’m talking to you: dudes who hit on women in the middle of a gym sesh, just trying to do their job, have headphones on.). If someone looks like they DO NOT want to be interrupted just ignore the urge to chat, you’ll probably not get a great response anyway due to taking them away from what they were doing. However, if you do go for it be mindful to respect their boundaries and take no for an answer if that’s what you’re presented with.  There’s only a few things worse than having a man not take no for an answer, and while you may think it’s cute and showing “persistence” this isn’t a job interview, persistence isn’t always good in the situation… A lot of women I know will start to feel incredibly unsafe in this situation and will not find your persistence charming at all.


I just really want to make sure this gets through everyone’s head… We are there to do our jobs, we are being nice to you because customer service is what we get paid to do, we are not here to flirt with you or be flirted with, unless you have the CLEAREST of signals just let us work in peace, please!  Maybe we sell sex toys but we are not there for you to live out your fantasies on us.

Social Media:

This is all so dependant on how you go about it, for example: hearing someone’s name once while you’re shopping at their place of work and then proceeding to find all of their social media’s, their phone number, and messaging them 3 times, not getting a response, messaging another 4 times, and then messaging over 20 times through other socials and then finally finding their phone number and messaging them via that when you don’t get a response is not the way to go about it. Yes, I am speaking from personal experience here, it just makes us very uncomfy, and even unsafe in our own work place sometimes, it’s not fun or flattering.

I’m not saying don’t ever try to flirt with a woman, but honestly almost any of these methods are going to get you a swift no or a pissed of look. Just learn how to read the room, don’t assume a lady is enjoying the conversation and interaction just because you are, that’s not how it works.

It can be a weird and difficult field to go through, but honestly as long as you’re respectful of women and boundaries it isn’t too much to handle! Best bet, compliments (not about tits and ass), be respectful, be nice, take no for an answer if need be, and just don’t be a dick, plain and simple.


Happy flirting!

My OnlyFans Experience

only fans income

Another OnlyFans article? By the same person? What a crazy idea, it’s almost like my life is work and then sexy work!

I’ve been an OnlyFans creator for about 6 months now, did I start due to the pandemic? No, I started because I made an impulse buy of lingerie that was way out of my budget and decided I’d make the lingerie pay for itself, which is incredibly on brand for me as a person.

When I started I had about 2 toys and a few sets of lingerie, and took your standard nude selfies that you’d send to your tinder matches or your boyfriend; let me tell you how I’ve stepped up my game to keep my fans coming back ?


One of the first things I bought for my photos was a ringlight, it’s only small and I will be upgrading in the new year. Believe it or not LIGHTING IS EVERYTHING, this will change your photos in ways you won’t believe. Having a ringlight means you can choose where the light is coming from and how it will hit you, meaning you can choose exactly how your body looks on camera.
I also bought LED strip lights, being able to change the background colour of my shots is so fun and different, it can give the same outfit a tonne of different vibes with the click of a button. It also removes the need to have a ceiling light on, which removes having light shining directly down on you which isn’t flattering on anyone. They’re also super cheap which is awesome considering how much money you’ll make off them.

You need to get good at adding photos, removing shadows from where you don’t want them, fixing the lighting, removing blemishes if you want to (I find that my audience likes the more natural vibe because it makes it feel more realistic, but that’s just my boys).


Not everyone realises this when they start but you do need to be in touch with your subscribers, they’re not there just for the porn and the photos, as men always say “you can get that for free”. These fans usually love feeling connected to you so you need to be interacting with them, responding to your DM’s, doing deals for your top paying subs, gifts every now and again. Just keep in touch with them, make sure they feel special, after all they are paying for your content and bills.

Keep your personality:

My content isn’t always super serious and sexy, sometimes it’s me dancing around, having a laugh, just looking cute.
I once made $150 by telling people to tip me if they thought I was “smexilicious”, I posted it as a joke and they came through, maybe because they love to pay me, more than likely because I’m having fun with my content.
Occasionally I post photos of me with my car because I like my car, I love feeling like someone from The Fast & The Furious.
It’s just important to keep your content you, it’s what sets you apart from everyone else!


My outfits are usually mostly black, I used the same lingerie over and over again, but now I have that many I can rotate through them and no one realises I’ve worn them before. My go to is usually bodysuits because they flatter my body nicely and they’re easy to switch out of because I take a month’s worth of content in one night most times.
Recently, however, I have started leaning into lighter coloured two pieces, I have braces and glasses so leaning into the teen category really does boost my numbers sometimes, and it’s just a nice change from constantly being all black everything!


If you can’t hold a conversation there’s really no point, these guys want a connection as stated above. Being able to check in and tell them how your day’s been, ask them how there’s has been, talk about stuff like you know them is going to get you so far.
If these guys are sending you DM’s and getting one word responses or left on read constantly they really aren’t going to be happy, afterall they are paying a certain amount every month to be a part of this and it’s not all about the content.


I think the most important thing I’ve learnt so far is to keep doing new things, keep switching it up so that everyone’s having fun (including me!!), it’s work and it can be tiring sometimes; but as long as you’re enjoying it and keeping them happy it will be one of the easier jobs you can do.
I always have an extra bit of income (how much extra I have that week is dependant on how hard I hustle), and have an excuse to be hot and have a good old fashioned orgasm. ?

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