One Toy For You & One Toy For Me!

Lovense Nora and Max Photo

Do you and your partner spend a lot of time away from each other? Do you rely on phone sex or Skype calls? Well, what if I said that there was a couples sex toy you could control via the app with not only a female sex toy but a male sex toy too. Lovense has developed two toys that can be paired together for couples play and controlled via an internet connection, Nora a rabbit vibrator for women and Max a high tech male masturbator. All you need to do is install the unique Lovense application to your smartphone that allows you to control each other’s sex toy.

You can also sync the sex toys physical controls where every move you make will be transferred to the opposite toy for their hands-free pleasure. The harder the male thrusts into the Lovense Max the more Nora will vibrate and rotate. Likewise, when the female thrusts into the Lovense Nora the more Max will vibrate and contract with air pressure. The toys will respond instantly no matter how far away they are from each other. Lovense Nora and Max can be paired in different combinations. For example, male/male, female/female or female/male. The sex toys do not have to be paired but used for masturbation. This makes it a great toy no matter your orientation or relationship status.

Lovense Body Chat Application

Lovense brings virtual sex to life with endless possibilities through the application named “Body Chat”. It is available to easily download on an iPhone, iPad, Android, PC and Mac devices. It provides local wireless control, long distance control, simultaneous sensation, record new patterns, music syncing and solo smart application controls. It has built-in voice call, to call and a text messaging system to make it easier to communicate with your partner whilst the sex toys are in use. The toys automatically pair with the other when you voice call or toy call your other half. You can use the application to sync with your own sex toy or sync it with your partner’s sex toy. The application will show you how charged the toys are, making it easier to know when it’s time to charge them. There are no mood killers here. The application is also updated regularly.


Lovense Nora Womens Vibrator Photo
Sex Toy: Lovense Nora Review


Lovense Nora

The Lovense Nora is a rabbit vibrator made from body safe silicone that is soft. The shaft is shaped with perfect curves for g-spot stimulation and has a clitoral mound which can’t really be felt. The shaft is slim making it easy to insert which is suitable for beginners. The insertable length of Nora is a comfortable 4.75 inches. The beads of the rotating shaft are pleasurably pronounced and pretty strong making it great for women who like internal simulation.

Nora is not a super powerful vibrator, she has medium vibrations that I compare with an iPhone vibrating. I recommend this sex toy for someone who prefers light to very little vibration. The vibrations are super quiet but the rotation function is pretty loud that could most likely be heard if the house was quiet. Although the vibration and the rotation functions can be used separately when your partner is using the app or if you are just using it for solo play. If your partner is controlling it via the opposite toy both functions will be activated simultaneously.


Lovense Max Mens Masturbator Photo
Sex Toy: Lovense Max Review


Lovense Max

Lovense Max is a high quality, rechargeable men’s masturbator made with a well thought out design. It offers not only vibrations but suction pressure via an air pump. There are three different vibrations settings that include low, medium and high. The vibrator is located at the base of the toy where the feeling is most concentrated. Unfortunately, it can’t really be felt as much through the rest of the toy. The tightness from the air pressure feels exactly like a vagina with kegel motions. You can control the pressure by a hidden air vent. Just like Nora, the vibrations are super quiet but the air pumps are again very loud, something you can’t really hide behind closed doors without some kind of background noise.

The entrance to the sleeve features a vagina that looks pretty lifelike with an opening, inner labia and clitoris. It’s made entirely of body safe silicone and has a lifelike feel. The entire sleeve can be removed for easy cleaning. You can also clean the interior of the plastic tube with water but unfortunately, due to the toys mechanics, the outside is only splash proof. 95% of men will fit into this toy.

Like Nora, Max can be used for solo play or couples play. It is controlled by the Body Chat application or can be paired with another sex toy responding to the physical controls of that toy. Max can be synced to music as well.


Overall the Lovense Nora and Max are great toys, that bring a sense of intimacy and closeness in an otherwise sex-less relationship or can be used to spice up your sexual lifestyle. I feel that the vibrations of both toys are best suited for beginners but if you can look past that then we have a winner.


About the author: Lauren is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres







The Customizable Vorze A10 Cyclone!

The world of men’s sex toys and masturbators is all relatively new to me. For anyone who has read my previous reviews, they may have picked up that I’m a pretty practical man. In the past, I have had friends recommend various sex toys to me and I always kind of figured, why bother when I can just have masturbated. After taking a closer look of what the Tenga Flip Zero had to offer my opinion did a 180 degree change and now I’m keen to take one for a spin. Tenga never did get back to me about my generous offer to take one home for a more “in-depth” analysis, I’ll email them again to make sure they received me first email.

I’m intrigued and quite open to the endless possibilities available in the enticing world of masturbation tools and today a Vorze A10 Cyclone has been placed in front of me. The Vorze A10 Cyclone comes in a massive box that has only the product name printed on it. It looks very sleek. What immediately caught my attention, is the whopper $650 price tag that comes along with it. With that price tag, this thing would need to be all types of amazing when you consider you can book a return flight to Europe for that sort of coin.

So I whip it out and this thing is huge! Not that, I’m talking about the sex toy! I suppose it’s no surprise that the Vorze A10 Cyclone is fairly sizable. As you would imagine with a price tag that large you would expect that a pretty serious amount of technology would go into it. It certainly looks like it’s from the future.

They come already recharged so people can begin using it straight away. I fire it up to see what’s going on. I find that it’s a large white cylindrical shape with a light-up control panel. I turn it on. Within the bulky exterior is a small chamber that starts to spin. I have got to say right from the get-go, I was underwhelmed.


Vorze A10 Cyclone Mens Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: Vorze A10 Cyclone


Is this it…? It spins. Although I can now see where the name Cyclone comes from, I can’t help to think it seems like a huge price outlay for something that merely spins around. I’m confused. I’m in two minds at this point because although I’ve never actually experienced rapid or slow spinning friction on my cock, I can’t actually rule this sex toy out for that very reason. I imagine that a spinning motion would become kind of boring when compared with the usual up-and-down motions that I’ve come to know and love. But am I missing out on something awesome?? Only time will tell, I suppose…

Also, it only comes with seven pre-programmed settings. To be fair, I would have thought something that cost’s this much would have more than seven modes. Having said that, after I start to read a few reviews I learn that it can actually be paired with computers and laptops to mimic what’s happening on the screen which sounds pretty sweet. I imagine it detects movement in the movie and replicates it, as best it can. For example, it may speed up when there is rigorous action happening which could be fun as hell. Apparently, it comes with a memory stick that you can use to create and store your own custom patterns from your computer and use with the men’s masturbator. This isn’t a huge selling point for me personally though.

BUT… Vorze A10 Cyclone is quite heavy… If you could sit back and watch an adult movie and have it do its thing that could be awesome. But it has been made to be positioned upright which means you’ll have to hold it the whole time. This wouldn’t ordinarily be the biggest deal, but I can already imagine this thing would become super heavy after a while. That wouldn’t even include if you were trying to pump it. Imagine trying to jerk it with a 3kg dumbbell resting on your erection.

Look, there’s no denying the fact that the Vorze A10 Cyclone could provide huge amounts of pleasure but I’m sceptical. To me, it seems to have really limited functionality. It just spins around back and forth which until I’ve tried it, seems a bit boring. It’s also massive which seems like a bit of a pain especially if you just fancy a quick pull before bed or something.

If you use it whilst watching an adult movie the Vorze A10 Cyclone will adapt its motion to what is happening on screen which would be a lot of fun! Although, I can’t imagine being able to find a comfortable sitting position to enjoy it if indeed I did find the time to settle in and watch a full-length adult movie. Although, you are also able to customise patterns which is a benefit but I’m not very tech-savvy. I really can’t imagine myself firing up my laptop to goof around with settings every time I feel like getting off. Aside from all that, the price doesn’t even include the actual masturbator sleeve, so if you buy the sleeve it will cost you even more.

This sex toy is a bit tricky. I’d say if you’re a technical guru, you have the cash to burn and you want to try something new by all means come down to an Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre and grab one. If you’re balling on a budget, I’d say stick with a Flip Zero where you’re basically guaranteed to have a good time but for less than a third of the price.

About the Author: Chris is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre







Time To Spice Up Your Sexlife With This Gem!

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Sex Toy Image

The Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage is a men’s masturbator specifically made for oral sex. It feels like jello with a silky satin texture that is made from the patented material called the “Real-Feel Super Skin“. The  Real-Feel Super Skin has been made to feel as closely as possible to the act of sexual intercourse. The rounded bumps within it are made so men can experience textural sexual satisfaction when masturbating. There are two holes you can use for penetration but both of them offer the same feeling. The sex toy is also 100% body safe as it is made from a non-toxic material that is phthalate free. The product dimensions are 3 x 3 x 4.5 inches.

You will need to use a lot of water-based lubricants or use a high quality sex toy friendly lubricant like SuperSlyde where you will barely need to reapply it. Due to the lubricant creating a light sexual suction, it can be a little bit noisy but who really cares when you are having that much fun. This sex toy is amazing especially if you are looking to really spice up your sex life or if you would like to experience what it is like to use an affordable, travel-friendly, discreet fleshlight for the first time.

Putting on a show during mutual masturbation is a lot of fun especially when you use the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage. Allow your lover complete control over the sex toy and you will be able to experience complete pleasure without any fear of someone’s hand slipping and they won’t get tired from jerking you off. You are able two twist the Fleshlight in a circular motion for a unique experience.

Take over the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage and put on a show. Use your body by pelvicly thrusting into the masturbator almost as if you are having sex or use your hand for maximum control. It is not like the other fleshlight’s because it is made from clear plastic allowing you to see the motion of your erect shaft as it is being used as you pump back and forth.

Your erection will become the biggest it will possibly be. As you push it into your body completely, the silicone edges will mould to your body shape. The masturbator will not hurt you so you can use it as hard, as soft or as quickly as you would like to. When your erection pushes through the end, your foreskin will be pushed back completely, your tip will look almost like a mushroom putting on a display for your lover to see.


Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

One of the best blow jobs is when someone wraps their hand around the base of the erect shaft and jerks you with the movements of their mouth. Rather than using your hand, replace it with the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage. Not only will it take up more space than a hand, but you can also place your mouth as far down as you need to or relax comfortably on the tip of the penis. It is not every day a person will feel like they are having penetrative sex but receiving a blow job at the exact same time. For extra fun, you can slip it off and give a blow job, but when you get super tired or just can’t be bothered to slip it back on and they won’t know the difference. It is the ultimate sex toy for giving effortless blow jobs.

Once you have mutually masturbated or had some serious foreplay, you can begin to have sex. If you want to make sex more interesting, you can do different sex positions. Once you need a break or get tired, switch sex up and use a sex toy to masturbate with. Complete the job with the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage, when you are getting closer to the peak of orgasm it is recommended to masturbate with your hand and cum where you want to. This is because the tip of your penis may be too sensitive to experience too many pleasurable sensations.

It is messier than using a regular Fleshlight as the Quickshot has two openings rather than one this means there is nothing to capture the semen. Though clean up is a breeze, you can take the sleeve out of the plastic casing, turn it inside out for a full clean. Or you can simply run it under some soapy water whilst it is in the plastic case and the lubricant will run right off. To be extra hygienic, you can invest in anti-bacterial spray since the material is porous you can get a complete clean. It is easily stored away with dust getting on it, place it back in the clear plastic container so that is ready for next time.

I highly recommend the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage especially if your a beginner or would like to experience a fleshlight for the first time. It will open your eyes to a whole new world of pleasurable orgasms.

Cobra Manipulates Man Whilst Giving A Head-Job!

Fun Factory Cobra Libre Male Masturbator

When I first saw the Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2 I thought it looked a bit like one of those science fiction racing cars like in the movie Tron. I though at any moment one of the buttons would turn it into a toy car. Despite the fact that it looks like a toy car, it is a men’s sex toy made by the Fun Factory company. Fun Factory sex toys are made and designed in Germany, than imported over into Australia. Fun Factory provide some of the best high quality sex toys in the world.

The Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2 is a powerful vibrator for men with two powerful vibrating motors. It is not a men’s masturbator. It is designed for a man to put the head of his penis into the almost oral looking orifice where it is massaged by the dual vibrators. You can fit the majority of your penis in it, but don’t try to force your whole penis in there. It really is a unique male sex toy that gives a unique experience that I will attempt to describe.

First you must put some lubricant on the end of your penis as the mouth is made of silicone. I tried it lying down however I think it would be equally good standing up as you can use it in the shower to. I then turned it on by pressing the + for a few seconds and once it started vibrating I slipped my head into it. The shape of the sex toy allows you to easily hold onto it whilst you slip your penis head right up into it and it will produce a vacuum that will keep it in place. I never thought by looking at it, there would even be a vacuum feature but there is!

The vibrations are rumbling, deep and very noisy so it is not a toy you can use discreetly. You then basically let it do its thing while adjusting the speed and modes to what best turns you on. It is not like a masturbator that you stroke off with and slowly but surely builds you up. In some ways it is a bit disappointing as whilst your excitement is increasing you cannot thrust into it so it is very restrictive in what you can do. Even though you can’t move it around, you can definitely move your shaft the way you want, which makes the masturbation experience that much better. Whatever you do, just don’t move the Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2.

Fun Factory Cobra Libre Males Masturbator
Sex Toy: Fun Factory Cobra Libre


However with patience comes reward and eventually I came and I must say it is one of the most intensive orgasms I ever had but again was frustrated as my basic instinct was to thrust but I had to let the sex toy do all the work for me. This actually would be the perfect sex toy for someone that was mobility impaired and I must say it is a little bit similar to the thought behind the Pulse however with the Pulse Guybrator you can also stroke off with it. All in all I would described the experience intensely satisfying yet at the same time frustrating if that makes sense.

It is not my favourite male sex toy to review with the Hot Octupuss Pulse and Fleshlights being my favourite but it is no way, shape or form something that I did not enjoy.  The Cobra Libre is 18 cm long, 8cm wide and insertable length of just 7.5cm. It is a fully rechargeable sex toy using the patented Fun Factor Click N Charge system that is interchangeable with most Fun Factory toys and is powered by any PDA or USB charger. It is well built and the exterior is made of a hard plastic whilst the ‘mouth’ is made of medical grade silicone. It has 8 different pulses and patterns and intensities.

It takes about 4 hours to fully charge that gives you continuous use of 2 hours. It took me close to 30 minutes to ejaculate so you get about 4 uses before you have to charge if my time is average. There is a charging light that pulses when taking a charge and stays on when it is fully charged. This also lights up when you are using the sex device. Cleaning is simple but do not submerse it in water as it is not water proof so will probably fry the electrical components.


By Sean a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

There Is No Lite-Joy When You Get Your Anal Love!

Male Orgasm

The Joy-Lite Anal Love Masturbator is a sex toy for men that is to be used as an aid to masturbating making it more exciting and realistic. How does the Joy-Lite Compare to the Fleshlight masturbators and which is better? The Joy-Lite comprises of a hard three-piece case encasing the delicate cyberskin Insert. The case allows it to be transported anonymously and safely. The entire case does resemble a thick torch, however it won’t stand under close examination or have the capacity to pass itself off as a genuine light. Particularly if one of the top ends is unscrewed as that will reveal the passages that are contained within.

This sex toy is the precise, custom molded reproduction of a woman’s anus. If you are interested in enjoying masturbation as if it were the real things than a Joy-Lite Anal Love Masturbator will let you enjoy her most intimate behind in the most sexual way possible. The texture within the male stroker will consistently suction itself around you, giving an experience that titillates your sensations. The sex toy is made for the comfort and safety of your skin. It is created out of body safe materials which are phthalate and toxic free. The material will move, flex and adjust according to your body size. It is also made to be durable as long as you take the proper care and clean it after each use. Clean it with luke warm or hot tap water with soap after each use, to maintain the gentle nature of the product you can also use some fleshlight powder.  The stroker is safe to take with you as it can be packed up into it’s plastic covering.

The opening is more intricate than that of similar masturbators and the canal inside secured with customary tubular knobs around 18mm long and 6mm in measurement giving the feeling and appearance as though you’re going to embed your dick into a section lined with spines these projections are delicate and expected to stimulate your penis as you come to use this sex toy. The makers directions demonstrate that just water based lubricants should be used as the cyberskin may react negatively to oil or silicon based lubes.  With each Joy-Lite a 15ml water based lube is provided just in case you do not have any lube at home the first time so you will not be disappointed and have to go out to buy one.


Joy-Lite Anal Love Masturbator
Sex Toy: Joy-Lite Anal Love Masturbator


You have to be erect first before you can use this toy and the wide opening makes passage simple and it is amazingly tight and on close examination looks and feels close to a genuine butt hole. You have to use a lot of lube in it to really enjoy it to its fullest and it can get a bit messy. The toy feels exceptionally good and you can unscrew the opposite smaller end to adjust the suction that you like the best. The joy-lite is exceptionally long so it does not matter if you have a small penis or a huge cock everyone can enjoy the Joy-Lite.

Depending on how deep you penetrate your cock will get an amazing array of feeling courtesy of the ridges, canals and nodules inside it. It is a very fulfilling experience and when I got to the stage I wanted to come I had my whole cock inside it and was stroking off. As I came it felt amazing and warm, just like the real thing.

All in all I found the Joy-Lite Anal to be similar to but not exactly the same as the Fleshlight Forbidden Style masturbators. Whether it is better or worse I guess is up to each individual to decide and being a similar price it is really a toss of the coin. The Joy-Lite like Fleshlight has specific moulds of girls that have starred in Mark Dorcell productions so I guess if you are into Vivian, Anna, Claire or any of the other Marc Dorcell girls that would be the deal breaker. But at the end of the day. Cleaning of the is simple, simply slip the sleeve out and put it in the sink and run warm water through it for a wash – you can use a very mild detergent if you wish, then air-dry to guarantee the anal sex toy stays in great condition.


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