A Cuckolded Lifestyle Suits Me

Submissive Roped Man

One thing I have always loved about the concept of evolution is that it always seems to bring out the best in us, and other species too. As time goes by, human beings tend to break free from the artificial social prisons imposed by their fellow human beings which prevent them from expressing their true natural selves.  You often hear of gay couples, lesbian couples as well other people of all sorts of sexual orientations speak of their sense of identity, release and freedom that they have discovered. Has the world has gone crazy? Is it moral decadence? Certainly not. The concept of ‘coming out’ is more of a resistance, a revolt or some kind of prison break. I am sure you have also heard of cuckolding couples talk of their newfound happiness, unbridled ecstasy and contentment. It is the same with me. When I explain to a few friends of mine about my cuckolding lifestyle, they react with shock and astonishment. Some say am crazy, but many are those who have come to appreciate me for who I am. And no, I am not judging. Far from it. I only beg your indulgence as I explain to you why a cuckold lifestyle suits me, and why I am perfectly happy with it.

My Partner is now happy.  Human beings are sexual beings. Women are just as sexual as men are, or probably even more. Many women talk of the sexual frustrations they endure at home. In most cultures, the needs of women are treated as secondary to those of men. And when they seek help, they are advised to ‘persevere’. Things are really changing now due to women empowerment and feminism. I am not willing to go into the merits or demerits of both, but I have come to appreciate that I must do the things that make my wife happy. Why should she, a high-flying, assertive and dominant leader at the work place switch personas when she comes home? I find that absurd. This is where many people, both men and women bury their heads in the sand and live their whole lives pretending and unhappy as a result. Most women are naturally insatiable, and for them having one partner is impossible. Some are wired to be dominant, and some men simply like taking a back seat in a relationship. This is why am happy with cuckolding. We don’t have to live our whole lives as one big lie. We are happy being ourselves, and I am happy when I see my wife happy. That doesn’t mean that I live a sad, miserable life. Nothing could be further from the truth. I know you are probably wondering how that’s possible, which brings me to the next point.

Cuckolding Lifestyle
Living A Cuckolds Life

I and my Wife Find it a Great Source of Pleasure.  Now most men will agree that they get both jealous and instinctively excited when their wives are given attention by other men. Numerous studies have proven this. Why is this so? The  answer is that men are wired to compete and chase women. It’s only a natural phenomenon, which makes a man fiercely determined to please his wife. The result is passionate intimacy for the couple, all depending on how both of them handle the situation. The wife derives happiness from the man’s constant drive and desire to please her and the focus is shifted to their marriage. Cuckolding has saved many marriages from collapse since sexual frustrations are no longer swept under the carpet. This openness cultivates trust and is one of the reasons a cuckolded lifestyle suits me and is essential to the happiness of a marriage. So cuckolding is a natural aspect of human life, and more and more couples are embracing it. This healthy competition is what drives me every day, giving me great pleasure in the process. Perhaps we cause ourselves unnecessary pain by fighting our instinctive emotions.

It feels natural to us.  We have always been taught that a man is wired to have as many partners as possible, and that it is perfectly alright. But perhaps what you didn’t know is that the same applies to women too. For them it’s a form of natural selection, the desire to get the best genes from the best male species. This is why monogamy becomes unsustainable and divorce rates are skyrocketing. More people are cheating on their partners, and yet they are in a monogamous marriage. Isn’t that a case of applying double standards? A married woman, after some time, will get used to the body of her husband and will want to become more adventurous. This is a fact which is true for men too, and that’s why marriages are breaking. But this shouldn’t be the case if we are honest about our true feelings. This is why I am perfectly happy with sharing my wife as long as she is happy. It sounds a bit excessive, but we have never been happier. A cuckold a day shields a marriage from divorce, and the earlier we realise this, the happier we will become.

If you have been keen enough, you will realise that I am trying to be honest with myself, and it has made incredibly happy and contented in the process. As I said earlier, I am not trying to judge anyone or any couple. All I am doing is stating the fact that men and women are probably meant to have many partners. I sometimes wonder how one can be married to one partner for say, 10, 15, 20 or even 50 years for those who are lucky to live that long. Life has got to be more exciting than that. That’s why people are defying the traditions and daring to find happiness by fighting boredom and seeking adventure, but marriages have unnecessarily suffered in the process. The sexual powers of men decrease with age, while the reverse is true with women. Again this is a way of nature pointing to us that we need to come out and live our lives to the fullest. The above reasons why a cuckold lifestyle suits me are only mine, but other cuckolding couples will identify with most of them. So the next time you might be tempted to judge cuckolding as abnormal or evil, take a deep look in the mirror. You may just discover that innate desire to be free and to be happy, and that life is too short to spend your days in make-believe.


Rocky Wearing The Bullwinkle Chastity Device!

Rocky's Bullwinkle

I have always said it every now and again we men may be the weaker sex when it comes to controlling our sexual desires. If a beautiful, lean girl who comes for my groin with steamy caressing approaches me, I will definitely give in. It will not take much persuasion and the society will consider that a situation out of the ordinary. In fact, it will be strange if I do not jump in and go for a reckless sexual experience with this lady. That is why I have always believed that I need some external influence to protect me from such a situation.  The Bullwinkle Male Chastity Device has been my friend in offering protection room myself. I receive a lot of attention and opportunity in my life to engage in reckless sex. However, this device keeps my desire in check. All my raging bed trends and overwhelming desire to get some fun episode of sex is well managed with this small, yet effective device.

I was shopping for a chastity device that would stand out to be sexy and effective in its function as well. I do not like the cage device that makes you look like an alien or a man that cannot be trusted by his wife. I wanted a device that looks like I took the initiative to wear it myself which is true and that would mean something stylish. I got hooked to the Bullwinkle Male Chastity made of steel. Wearing My Bullwinkle Chastity Device It makes my subtle cock look strong as steel. It is as if wearing a steel vest that has all the curves of the muscles and the six packs. I feel sexy and protected at the same time because I cannot have what I want.

Male Chastity DeviceThe Features of my Bullwinkle Male Chastity made me like it from the instant I took a look at this device I realized that it is well crafted and made to look sexy. The stainless steel glitters and glows. Because I love my cock, I give it the best impression housing and that is what my Bullwinkle Male Chastity gives. It is delicately crafted from surgical steel the kind that is used to make medical equipment. It is easy to sterilize and keep clean. It comes with a padlock that ensures that I cannot escape from my decisions even with the most tempting sexy woman. It has a length of 5.0 inches and an inside diameter of 1.5 inches. Then there is a right that measures 45mm in diameter.

It comes with a hole at the tip so that your can wear it while urinating.  Wearing My BullWinkle Male Chastity Device has helped better my relationship and here are the reasons why I have always had the attention of women and looked at it in a purely sex oriented manner. This has had a toll in my relationship. Almost every week after work, I had been having unhealthy, reckless sexual encounter with different women. My friends have not been helpful with this. My promiscuous behavior resulted to loss of trust between my wife and me. Most of the time, I never wanted to have sex with these women or I out rightly knew it was improper but their persuasion always took the better of me.

This device was my savior. It created the wall between my sexual accomplices and me. We would drink and book a room but when it got to the actual business, I could not do it. Talk of control. I took control of myself. My wife not only trusted me because she never found lipstick on me or because I came home early but because she always had the key with her. She has since had peace of heart. What a lovely women she has become.  When I needed a chastity devices, it is for purely chastity purposes. I am the guy that says that this raging bull needs to be kept in its cage because many desire it and should not have it for purposes that are more weightier than the anticipated pleasure and that is way I got from the device. The lock keeps me on hold and nowhere to go when I need it and that is exactly what I get. So when it comes to effective protection then I get it.  It is also easy to clean and care.

Like everyone else, I love my cock. It is my responsibility to take care of my precious epitome of my manhood. If I am going to wear a device consistently on my precious equipment, then it has to be safe and clean. This device is made of surgical steel. This is the best material for an equipment that is to handle delicate areas of the body. My Bullwinkle Male Chastity is made of the kind of material that does not catch dirt nor does it stain. It is easy to clean and from the design of the device when you piss, there are no places for it to stain. All the piss flows out.

The comfort of my device is one of its greatest strength. The size just fits what is needed for a chastity device this makes it comfortable. From the curves of the chastity device, my cock is well accommodated and fits perfectly in its normal way. Then there is the issue of comfort. It comes with a ring at that top that just holds me well. The positioning of the lock is also deliberately located not to interfere with the desired comfort.  Just at the joint of the tube and the ring, there is a hinge. On the hinge, you have a lock. The design of the device makes it flexible. I can shake my cock without worrying about any pain or discomfort. While I am safe and protected, I can move around the way that I would have normally moved. The ring that I have attached to the base of my balls when wearing the device makes all the sense when it comes the needed flexibility.

I have some tips on the care and use of the Bullwinkle that should work for anyone who desires this superb equipment.  I always take my time when wearing the device because it should be done right. Preferably in the morning when dressing up to leave the house.  I have always ensured that I clean it daily after work in the evening and let it dry overnight. Having it dry matters a lot.  I always leave the key to the lock at home. I do not need to have the power to redeem myself from my decisions and allow my wife to be the keyholder. Hopefully you got some useful information about chastity equipment that I have learnt from my Bullwinkle Male Chastity Device.



Use The Cock Crimper As A Male Chastity Device!

Pain Or Pleasure

Me and my wife had the perfect first time experience using the Cock Crimper Male Chastity Device.  Sex can be as daring or exciting as you and your partners are willing to make it. It may be an interesting fetish to delve into but it will be an experience you will never forget. Using the Cock Crimper Chastity device will make both you and your partner rekindle by sexual experimenting. By simply delving into a different type of sex toy that is made simply, you can experience a whole new world of pleasure. For some couples, mostly the old married type, just loving each other and doing the deed the basic old way enough, but for others, like myself, a little added bedroom dynamic, variety, and some dirty play are the only way to get going. That’s why the Cock Crimper Chastity device is my secret bedroom weapon, to get the best orgasm even it the most boring of occasions.

To any old married couples out there, we are no prudes around here, and we certainly know our way around sex toys. We know about all types of vibrators, anal plugs and my personal favorite, cock rings. If you choose to ignore the wonders of these chastity devices, let me tell you something: kudos to you if you can be satisfied the good old fashioned missionary way. Sometimes there is not much fun in the way of foreplay to build up the excitement, but you and your partner are simply missing out by not trying out different types of sex toys.

Double Ring Chastity
Cock Crimper Double Ring Male Chastity



Here’s the thing: I used to be wary of ‘all that bondage’ stuff before I found this baby, thinking it was all crazy and scary. I mean, who can judge, no one talked about it. But I was certainly missing out with the straight up vanilla sex, because let’s be honest, just the body and sweet words can only get you so far, and after seeing the same clothes, memorising my partner’s body from being in a long term relationship and hearing as well as saying the same words, you become closer, but the routine can become a chore to not only me but for her to. Using the Cock Crimper Chastity Device was my way to make our sex life more exciting.

That’s why my ears perked up and my eyes bulged as I came across chastity devices like the Cock Crimper online. Not going to lie to you, we may have been a little skeptical about it at first, what if it cut blood supply and all that. But we were also curious, and ready to try something new and reignite our relationship, especially in the bedroom.It was awkward at first, getting into character, pulling the thing on. We both had a bit of a laugh together as our personal character’s were fumbling our way into the BDSM, bondage and kink play world, a world we had never been in before.

But as soon as it was on, it was just on, and man was it arousing to see her excited face at the sight of my cock trying to get in and trust me, it was trying hard to not get excited but managed otherwise would not be able to do it. I could tell she was having fun, interrogating me, accusing me of all sorts of things while she got down to her panties. We didn’t go far that first time, as she was worried my cock couldn’t take it and I needed more training, but believe it or not, seeing her getting out of character and setting my gun free was just as exciting as holding everything back, and the sweet relief was the best I’d had in a while, if ever. I have became an instant fan, and so did she.

The Cock Crimper Chastity Device ring will never be put down for long again, and it will be the first of many other chastity toys just have a look on pinterest. The good news is , as we can play different games using different scenarios, it will remain one of our favorites. And if you’re afraid to surrender control, take my word on it, women are as hot, if not more, when they wear the sexually dominant pants.

Author: Theodore from Pine Creek



I Love Being A Cuckolded Man!

Blindfolded Man

Cuckolding may be a silent fantasy, but rest assured it is very popular, especially among married couples. I was a ‘normal’ guy before I met my gorgeous 28 year old wife two years ago. Things were very casual for me. Dating one woman at a time and devoting my time to her. All was good for me, or so I thought. When I met Sheila, I thought she was too hot for me and wondered why she even gave me the time of day. Things sky-rocketed since meeting her at a restaurant I frequented every Tuesday. We became friends, then lovers, then engaged, and now married.  It never dawned on me that

I Love Being a Cuckolded Man.

Our sex life was okay, but definitely nothing to write a book about. I thought Sheila was satisfied with what I had to offer though I knew deep down she would have loved more. The thought would come to my mind every so often, but I shut

it down every time. This became routine till the day I came home with my childhood best friend I had not seen in over a decade. Sheila knew most of my male friends and never had a problem when any of them came over, even if it was to spend the night. Things were to proceed as they usually do; have a beer while Sheila made one of her delicious meals, eat the meal together, talk for a few hours over some relaxing glasses of wine and say our ‘good nights’.  This time round, during diner, Sheila started a conversation that sounded like a discussion at first but spiraled into a suggestion.

‘Bob, do you have a wife?’ he asked my friend.

‘I am divorced,’ Bob replied.

After expressing her apologies, she outright asked,

‘what are your thoughts on cuckolding?’

I almost choked on my food. Looking over at Bob, he seemed not to be offended and said he had no problem with it. A little into the conversation, it was crystal clear that Sheila wanted to have sex with Bob. The most shocking thing is that she wanting me to see her do it.Dual Chastity Ring

The bottom line is that I found myself giving into the idea, no matter how absurd I found it. But that wasn’t what surprised me. What did surprise me was how much I enjoyed the whole experience. my wife was on the couch all over Bob and I was on the opposite seat watching them. I found myself taking pleasure to the way she moaned and writhed her voluptuous body all over Bob. He made her make noises I had never heard before in all the two years we had been together. That’s when it dawned on me, I had never given her the kind of sexual pleasure Bob was giving her at that moment and that I love being a cuckolded man…….

The experience might have been uncomfortably new,

but the intensity with which I found myself enjoying it made me think of the possibility of making it a more permanent situation. I mean, Sheila was having one of the best sexual experiences of her life and I was getting multiple orgasms just by watching her with another man. I saw it as a win-win situation for both of us.

Shortly after the first encounter, Sheila and I had a discussion where she made me understand what a cuckold is. This is a world that I did not know existed, but found I enjoyed it very much. I learned the type of cuckold that enjoys watching his wife have sex with other men while I masturbated over the experience. There were other different types as well which Sheila happily enlightened me about. There was the bi-cuck who was into bisexuality and would enjoy having sex with his wife and lover. The sissy-cuck who was into wearing feminine attire while performing household chores for the wife in the presence of her lover. A chastity cuck enjoyed the wife using a male chastity device on him to prevent him from experiencing an orgasm while watching his wife have sex with her lover. And finally, there was the humiliation cuck who enjoyed, or at least tolerated, being humiliated by his wife in the presence of her lover.

I was a bit curious about the chastity cuck and the kinds of male chastity devices used for the experience. Something about being turned on to the point of coming but being denied the opportunity to do so really sent a rush through my spine. I think it was the control part of the whole situation, but I wasn’t sure. I just had to try it. Sheila and I talked about the whole cuckold issue, seeing as to how it would now become a regular thing, and came up with a few set of rules. For starters, she was to choose the men she wanted to sleep with. Secondly, I was to say something whenever I felt uncomfortable about a situation. She wanted me to enjoy myself as much as she was. Finally, whenever a chastity device was to be introduced, I was to speak if it hurt.

The first time she used a chastity belt on me, she had me lick her entire body. I almost had an orgasm but couldn’t because the belt prevented it. She then grabbed my balls which were filled with cum teasing and tagging. The pain and pleasure feeling was so good that I knew I would want to wear a chastity belt again.   Since then, Sheila and I have been experiencing different beautiful cuckold moments. If you had asked me a few years back if I would ever let another man have sex with a woman I love, the answer would have been very different from what I am doing today. I would have thought the situation would have made me jealous, but I found the sight of another man driving his shaft in and out of my wife while she made her erotic pleasure sounds very exhilarating. The sex after she is done with her lover is usually breathtaking. Our sex life has never been better since I worked out I love being a cuckolded man.

Male Chastity Is The Right Choice For Me!

Cheating Husband

The important question in my life in marriage was between sex and marriage, which one was more important.  In my case, it was not just about my marriage, it was also about my relationship with the women in my life.  Being unfaithful at times may be out of control.  In my case, it was out of control because my multiple sex partners would still come to me and my body would be pulled towards them. Then I got My Male Chastity equipment.  I realized that I was not giving my family the attention that they needed. I always quarreled with my wife because I was unavailable to help her with family matters. I also spent a lot of money entertaining my sexual partners and booking rooms. I remember at some point my marriage was in the brink of collapsing. We separated for two nights until a friend of mine suggested that we visit a relationship expert.

The relationship expert created the right environment for us to discuss our marital problems. Although I had been denying that I was having a parallel sexual relationship to my relationship with my wife, I discovered that she already knew. During the forum, she told me of various occasions when she got hotel receipts in my pocket. I confessed  to cheating and agreed to get help. The relationship expert advised me to change my mindset and focus on my responsibility as a father.

This did not work. I still got seduced back to my behavior and found myself reconnecting with my sex buddies. I lost control of my sexual behaviors. I Googled for solutions until I got an article that recommended the use of male chastity toys.  I got the equipment and started using it. I told my wife about the equipment and she agreed to hold the key for me. This equipment really helped my life and relationships when it came to abstaining. I would wish to get back to my past behavior because all my other partners were available and convincing, but because I wore the toy, I was restrained. I must say that my mind was already conquered. If I was to make the decision based on how I felt and thought, I would have been lured because I was willing to go the mile. However, I did not have the key.

My Male Chastity

Other than helping with abstaining, the equipment proved useful to blend with the human body morphological design. It is much more than any other solution that you may look for. It is convenient in many ways including the following.  The device  is  always with you. You strap the chastity equipment on your waist give your wife the keys and you are ready to live your well-controlled life. Being that the equipment is strapped to your body, you can move around with your friends, act like everything is normal but you will be rest assured that you will not involve in illicit sex before your guard is always with you in the most essential area. Better still, your partner will be confident that you will not be making mistakes because my male chastity key is with them. My equipment left my wife the keyholer with a peace of mind and I was also protected from myself because it was always with me.

Better still, your partner will be confident that you will not be making mistakes because my male chastity key is with them. My equipment left my wife with a peace of mind and I was also protected from myself because it was always with me.  Protects erection and sexual drive. The way to control your sexual drive is through the mind. I agree with that. From experience, the mind needs something to motivate it and push it to make the right decisions. The equipment does this. When I had the equipment on, my erection was controlled. Whenever I tried to have an erection, the toy restrained it. This way, my sexual drive was suppressed. Ultimately, my mind was withdrawn from whichever sexual desires that were coming up. I must say that this approach to sexual control is effective and unrelenting.

At first, I got equipment that held my cock tight. I could feel that my penis was constrained whenever I wore equipment. When I had an erection, it became painful and I was hurt. I had to get one that fit me properly and  there are many sizes from which I could choose one that I felt was the right size for me. I opted for one that was loose enough to let me feel comfortable but held me whenever I felt like having an erection. With such comfort, I did not even feel the equipment within me.

Concealable within I realized that most of my friends who stopped the promiscuous behavior wore the equipment under their pants. I did not know this before. They looked normal and wore the same clothes that they wore without any indication of an additional equipment under their pants. I only knew that my friends wore the equipment when I informed them of my development. I was surprised and promised to always keep my protector with me. Moreover, I can comfortable use it when going to the toilet without any challenge. I also learnt that they come in different designs and sizes. You can get any chastity equipment for various designs and that are made of varied materials. All you need to do is have an opinion of what you need.

Maybe you think its archaic or perverted but it works. You will agree with me that anything that saves your marriage and relationship is worth trying. I love the equipment because you can easily conceal it. This way, you may wear it without feeling the stigma that comes with the realization that you are wearing something that prevents you from indulging in non-permitted sexual behavior. My Male Chastity will not break when interfered with. However, it protects my marriage from breaking. It is the best equipment that has come my way because it has given me the trust of my loved ones and has held my family intact. My wife opens the lock for me and allows me to be free when she is around. Then I cannot deviate. She has thus trusted me again and our relationship has become more happy with the developed trusts.