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What are Kegel Balls or Ben Wa Balls?

Kegel Balls or Ben Wa Balls, are a type of tool you can use to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. We’d go beyond that, however, and even call them a toy because the effects they can have include tons of jiggly orgasmic feelings, and they’re a minimal effort exerciser. Even if going to the gym sounds like a total pain to you, Kegel balls facilitate a kind of exercise that’ll certainly help you gain ground in the bedroom, among other handy health benefits. But first, let’s start with the basics. 

What are Kegels? 

Your Kegel muscle is the muscle found along your pelvic floor, also known by its official name, the pubococcygeneus (PC) muscle. Have you ever had to pee really, really badly, but there isn’t a bathroom or suitable bush in sight? The PC muscle is what you’re clenching in order to stop urination. Bet you never thought you’d learn scientific terminology for “holding it in”! That squeezing motion is also the basis of all Kegel exercises, which rely on repeated contraction and release in order to grow stronger. 

Although Kegel exercisers tend to be marketed primarily toward those with vaginas, everyone can do them, regardless of genitalia. Healthcare professionals recommend Kegel exercises for a variety of different health benefits. Strengthening the Kegel muscle can help treat urinary incontinence, prevent vaginal prolapse, speed up vaginal recovery post-pregnancy, and treat inflammations in the prostate gland. However, even without pre-existing medical conditions, there isn’t a wrong reason to try them out. Try squeezing your pelvic muscles and holding that tension for three seconds, and then relaxing for three seconds. Repeating this exercise 10 to 15 times per session, over three to four sessions a day, is the typical recommendation, and you can multitask by doing your exercises while in class, on the subway, at your desk, or anywhere else, with complete discreetness. 

In addition to medical benefits, Kegel exercises also can have a powerful effect on your sex life! You may notice while doing Kegel exercises that the tightening motion is very similar to contractions that occur in the body during climax: stronger Kegels make for stronger contractions, and often ramp up the explosive potential of orgasms – quite the reward with very little effort required on your part!  Furthermore, while Kegel exercises will not make the vagina tighter, they do allow for greater control of the vaginal muscles.  Strengthening your Kegel muscle can also help give you better control of orgasms and ejaculation, which is why we recommend them as a basic tool to address premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and difficulties orgasming in general. 

Painless, effortless and incredibly beneficial, these exercises are some of the easiest ways to increase sexual pleasure without tremendous cost or risk. 

Pelvic Floor Muscles
Graph: Kegel Ball & Muscle Guide – PB Muscles

When To Use Kegel Balls

Although you can do Kegel exercises on your own without any tools, Kegel balls are helpful because they don’t require any concentration or forethought – no need to count sets or seconds, much less remember to do them at all. These useful balls directly stimulate the Kegel muscle, which is especially helpful for those who have difficulty isolating their Kegel muscle, which forgoes much of the benefits. Kegel balls are body-safe hollow balls with tiny weights inside of them that are inserted into the vagina and left there. Once they’re resting inside of you, the weights will bounce around, and the kegel muscle will involuntarily contract as a result of this movement. While it may sound daunting, it is actually quite effortless, as the contractions are not uncomfortable, and you might find yourself wanting to wear them out and about all day. They’ll just be your little secret when you hand documents to your boss or stand on an escalator – your jiggly, orgasmic little secret. 

When inserting Kegel balls, particularly for the first time, it helps to lie down with your legs relaxed. Apply an ample amount of lubricant to the balls (preferably water-based, as silicone lubes could break down your Kegel balls if they are also made of silicone), and slide them in one by one at a speed that is comfortable for you. If you feel pain during insertion, but don’t normally have pain during other kinds of penetration, try masturbating for a little bit beforehand to warm yourself up, especially if your Kegel balls are quite sizeable. Push them upward, similarly to how you might push in a tampon, as far as they will go comfortably. Once they’re in, just stand up and go about your business. 

Where To Buy Kegel Balls

There are so many different varieties of Kegel balls out there, it can be overwhelming to choose. Some are sets of balls attached by a string, some are made of metal or glass, and they come in a variety of weights and sizes. This is where the distinction between ‘ben wa balls’ and ‘Kegel balls’ becomes relevant, as ‘Kegel balls’ typically refer to larger balls with a string, encased in hard plastic or medical grade silicone, but both exercisers are effectively the same. 

With all types, your top priority should be making sure they’re body safe, since you’re going to be putting them in and out of yourself on a regular basis. You should ensure the materials are non-porous: avoid rubber and jelly, and lean toward silicone, glass and metal. Make sure the string is not a braided cloth string, which quickly turns into a very nasty bacteria trap. If it has a string, it should be completely silicone coated. 

In terms of size and weights, it comes down to what you feel is the most comfortable for you. Many manufacturers sell sets of Kegel balls with a gradation of different weights, so that you can get used to keeping the lighter ones in before you move to the heavier ones.  The heavier the ball, the more effort is needed to keep it in, and the more of a work-out your vagina will get.  It’s recommended that beginners try wearing Kegel balls for half an hour, three times a week. Like with weights, you can increase the time as your vagina masters your current difficulty JeJoue Ami, Lelo Luna Beads are some great examples. Of those, Luna and The Kegel balls also feature interchangeable ball weights, so that you can use the same basic harness system to mix and match weights until you find what works for you. If you have a shortened vagina, you may find that solo models, which incorporate only a single ball, fit more comfortably. All three of the above sets have solo options. Duo models are also typical. We love Fun Factory’s SmartBallsfor their jiggle factor. While some models are specifically recommended for post-childbirth bodies, the reality is that any of these Kegel sets can be used in any vagina they feel comfortable in, regardless of your childbearing status. 

We’re also excited about the Aneros Peridise, the first unisex Kegel exerciser available for all bodies! This tool is inserted anally and held with the same Kegel movements. (Please note that you should not put Kegel balls into the anus! Vaginal Kegel balls are not anus-friendly, as they lack any kind of flared base, which means that they will get stuck in there … and you will have to wibble-wobble your way to the ER and explain yourself.) 

Kegel Balls Other Information

It’s not unheard of for people to orgasm just from having their Kegel balls in and moving around because they are just that awesome. Jumping up and down, running and riding a car or bus can all add to that delightful ‘jiggle factor’ that makes your Kegel muscle contract like you’ve just had a quickie instead of a typical work commute. There are lots of things you can do with Kegel balls inserted. Try keeping them in while you stimulate your clitoris, or using the anal exerciser while masturbating. 

Finally, don’t confine your Kegel exercises to pre-coital activities alone. Try actively doing them while having sex, and see how that feels. It’s a great way to spice up one’s genital repertoire. From a tightening, pulsating vagina to a stronger, harder erection, Kegel exercises might be just what the sex doctor ordered.

About The Author:  Terri is a qualified Nursed who works as a consultant at the Oh Zone Store, Penrith.

Tighten, Tone & Enjoy With FunToys Geisha Balls

Kegel, pelvic wall, geisha balls, ben wa,

The pelvic floor muscles are the foundation for the core of the body. They help stabilize the pelvis, and they support the organs of the lower abdomen, bladder, and uterus. You can think of the pelvic floor muscles as a web of interrelated muscles, tendons, and ligaments that form a supportive hammock at the base of the pelvic bowl. One of these muscles, the pubococcygeus, also known as the PC muscle, goes around the openings for the urethra, vagina, and anus. When the pelvic floor muscles are weak or damaged, the integrity of these openings can be compromised.

Childbirth, chronic coughing, aging, and inactivity are among the causes of weakened or damaged pelvic floor muscles. A weak pelvic floor can lead to problems like incontinence, diminished sexual enjoyment, and a dropping of the organs into the pelvic muscles which is the case with problems like a prolapsed uterus or bladder. So! As you can see, it is extremely important to maintain and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles! This is where kegel exercising comes in (named after Dr. Kegel), that is highly recommended for strengthening the pelvic floor.

Sex Toy: Funtoys Geisha Ball


Geisha Balls:
A product that I highly recommend to use for kegel exercising is Funtoys Geisha Balls. They’re a bright and beautiful 5 stage system of muscle training, made from body safe materials. Inside the box, comes 4 different colour/weighted balls, a special silicone strap and a user manual. The idea is that you start with the combination of smaller weights and gradually increase in weight as you become more advanced.

What do you get from using Geisha Balls?

  • Strengthened vaginal muscles
  • More intense orgasms
  • Improved bladder control

It should be noted that prior to performing Kegel exercises, it is recommended to empty the bladder completely. Kegel exercise should be performed up too three times a day for optimal results (note: this has been the general consensus online). In some cases, it takes up to 12 weeks of practice for individuals to notice any change in their symptoms! So remind people to stay patient! Like anything, it’s not going to be an overnight change.
Furthermore, once more experienced/advanced, you can wear your Geisha Balls anywhere! I would recommend starting at home though, to save the embarrassment of them falling out at the shops or whilst walking down the street… can you imagine?!

What I Love About Fun Toys Geisha Balls:

  • The strap is silicone, not material like LELO’s similar version
  • It’s colourful and pleasing to the eye
  • Its ridges would also make it stimulating whilst in use
  • There are 4 different weighted balls providing lots of different combinations of weights

The Funtoys Geisha Balls the silicone strap allows for a different type of exercise you pose in many positions and pull on the strap and force your muscles to resist and pull back on the balls strengthening them in other ways rather than the set and forget method and the geisha balls trump the Lelo Luna Beads tenfold. I have all sized Lelo Luna Beads and I far prefer the geisha.

Strengthen Those Pelvic Floor Muscles With The Funtoys G-Balls 2

G-Balls 2 are Kegel Balls or Ben Wa Balls made by adult brand Funtoys. Funtoys G-Balls 2 that are used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles of women through daily kegel exercises.  It is extremely important to maintain and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles due to sexual functioning, continence and body control. The pelvic floor muscles are described as:

“The pelvic floor muscles are the foundation for the core of the body. They help stabilize the pelvis, and they support the organs of the lower abdomin, (your bladder and uterus). You can think of the pelvic floor muscles as a web of interrelated muscles, tendons and ligaments that form a supportive hammock at the base of the pelvic bowl. One of these muscles, the pubococcygeus, also known as the PC muscle, goes around the openings for the urethra, vagina, and anus. When the pelvic floor muscles are weak or damaged, the integrity of these openings can be compromised. Childbirth, chronic coughing, aging, and inactivity are among the causes of weakened or damaged pelvic floor muscles. A weak pelvic floor can lead to problems like incontinence, diminished sexual enjoyment, and a dropping of the organs into the pelvic muscles which is the case with problems like a prolapsed uterus or bladder.”

Funtoys G-Balls 2 comes in lovely, cute, fun and simple packaging. Yet still, maintain an air of luxury. Inside the box, the first thing you see is the Funtoys G-Balls 2 sitting on a white throne, where the charger, storage bag and user manual is tucked discreetly away underneath. Damn, I love a good storage bag as it is one of the first thing’s you look at when you open your drawer to get the product out.

Funtoys G-Balls 2 are velvety smooth so it does not have any friction during insertion. It has a silicone string to make for easy removal, remember to pull it out slowly as to not shock your body. Whilst the actual vibrations are quite strong, from what I found in my testing, there is only one level of vibrations which would make using this toy as a clitoral stimulator, not my first choice. The Funtoys G-Balls 2 has been designed for only one thing is mind, kegel exercising, and it is incredible at what it is designed for!

Sex Toy: Funtoys G-Balls 2



So to get the best use out of this product the first thing you would do is either go into your app store,  google play or iTunes’s application store, which is fantastic! Download the Funtoys G-Balls 2 app which should only take a few minutes depending on your internet connection. Sign up and sync the Funtoys G-Balls 2 to the application which is incredibly easy to do. Then once that’s all done turn your toy on by holding down the tiny power button at the bottom of the toy and that should sync it to your app. Now you’re ready to go! (if you’re not to keen on the app that is fine you can still easily use it without, the toy will adjust to the squeezes you give it once it’s inserted).  You start at “Entry” level and begin the exercises. There’s a little cartoon lady on the screen who is wearing work out gear, giving you instructions on what to do as well providing you with little spurts of praise when you complete levels or hard parts of a workout. This is terrific as this is the first time I have come across a kegel product that has its own application. Insert your toy until it feels nice a comfortable, give a few squeezes by tensing and you should be able to feel if it’s in the correct position. You shouldn’t feel like you’re about to pee while squeezing so if you do move it around a bit till it feels right and participates in the exercises.

There’s no cheating this app so you’ll have to start from entry level and work your way up, it will send you badges and updates as to how you’re going and when you level up. There’s also a girl who will sit there smiling at you in your notifications if you don’t continuously do your workouts to remind you that you’re being lazy. She’s awesome though because she’ll also talk you through your exercises e.g reminding you when to breathe when you are working out so please don’t hate her, she only wants what’s best for you and your vagina! The application comes with 6 individual training programs including beginner, new mum, hot lover, baby plan, honeymoon and muscle recovery. I also love that it has a little squeeze meter on the side so you can see how hard you are squeezing and if you need to work a little harder to be giving your body a proper workout.

To charge it up pierce the bottom with the end of your charger and it should fit in quite nicely and light up, now don’t freak out when you pull the charger out it magically seals up again. For the first use, they advise in the handbook to keep it on charge for 4 hours before you start using it. You get a year warranty, your Gballs are made of 100% medical graded silicone so they feel super smooth and fancy (make sure to use water based lubricant or a premium silicone if you prefer silicone lubes) and because of the awesomely powerful vibrations and patterns you can create by squeezing the bottom part of the toy you don’t necessarily have to use it as an exercise, I’ll leave it up to your imagination for that part.

Different toys have different sized weights on them so depending on whether you’re a beginner or heavyweight you’ll need to choose the perfect size and weight for you so you don’t do any damage in the process, just like going to the gym you wouldn’t just jump straight to the 50kg weights if you’ve never worked on your arms before unless you’re asking to hurt yourself. The Funtoys G-Balls 2 measure 31 x 83 mm and they weigh 54 grams so they would be perfect for either a beginner or a pro.

Overall, I absolutely love Funtoys G-Balls 2. The overall shape and size of the toy are perfect, the application is amazing and from what I’ve seen of the sex toy I’m finding it quite hard to fault it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to strengthen their kegel muscles for many reasons. Also FYI, by exercising your pelvic floor muscles you’ll be able to hold your pee pee in longer and you’ll have much stronger orgasms! Firstly, I love anything that tells me I’m beautiful, so thank you kind kegel exercise lady for telling me that I am every time I go to use the application. It always feels good to hear that at the beginning or end of my day especially since using this sex toy means I am enhancing my self esteem. I think it’s a really cute little touch to help people to do their best. Secondly, the actual layout of the app is very simple and easy to maneuver.


by Chloe Consultant AAdult Lifestyle Centres, Sydney

Jingle My Joyballs For Some Kegel Exercising Fun!

Kegel fun

Are you ready for an unforgettable sexual workout experience? Joyballs Kegel Exerciser is the best way to go about it my dear friends. Keeping my pelvic floor solid is vital to keeping up tight feeling in my vagina, and one of the most effective ways of doing that, according to what I have confirmed, is through the Kegel workouts. Though you can finish these exercises all alone, they are significantly more viable with the inclusion of some resistance, and Joyballs Kegel Exercisor does just that in the most circumspect way possible.

Kegel balls are normally used if a person has experienced the natural weakening on the vagina muscles. Sometimes our pelvic floors weakens due to the following reasons:

  • If you have just had a baby
  • Experience constant constipation
  • Hormonal changes through menopause
  • Constantly heavy lift objects
  • Become overweight
  • Experience excessive coughing
  • Natural body changes due to the aging process

Rather than letting our bodies take full control of our sexual lifestyle, we are able to choose to maintain our body. Using sex toys which help work your pelvic floor muscles through Kegel exercises will help maintain your vagina if you are having issues with a weak bladder or vaginal control. Even if you have not had any issues with your Pelvic Floor you can still perform Kegel exercises to maintain a strong vagina. If you can properly gain control of your muscles, penetrative sex can become even more sexually exciting as you can clench onto the pleasurable feeling and maintain a stronger orgasm.

Joyballs Kegel Exerciser
Sex Toy: Joyballs


For both you and your sexual partner, you will develop a much stronger and happier lifestyle together. It really is win-win situation for the two of you. Kegel balls have made people’s sexual lifestyles so rich and full of enjoyment that I fully recommend doing them to help yourself to. It makes sex feel incredibly mind-blowing with every experience for both partners. My sex partner agrees with me that our sex life has never been so full and satisfying ever since I had began working out my pelvic floor muscles.

  • Health Importance:

Designed for women by women, this device makes your PC muscles stronger while giving you equally stronger orgasms that will make you want to do it again and again. It is one thing that I seem not to be getting enough of and I would love to do it over and over again. Midwives and gynecologists recommends this product to be used for Kegel support, excursion of pelvic muscles, improved lubrication, fixing urinary incontinence, pregnancy preparation and recovery among many more uses.

  • Safe for Use:

Joyballs Kegel Exerciser is very safe for use. All the years I have used it, I have only seen the positive side of it and I haven’t experienced any dangers from its use. It is tried, tested and boast true functionality favorable to women of all personalities and ages. Joyballs Kegel Exercisor will tone your PC muscles, heighten your sexual pleasure, and substantially reduce stress of incontinence in your later life. From my own experience, I loved how it increases blood flowing to the pelvic area thereby calming you down and maximizing pleasure.

  • Ingeniously Designed:

When I wear these balls, there is this uncommon incitement component that brings on delicate pleasure inducing vibrations to reverberate through them as an effect of the free falling weight inside. When I move the balls move too, making them to unpretentiously vibrate, doing so as additional unobtrusively. Since Joyballs have no engine or batteries, you can enjoy them in your shower, bathtub or in the swimming pool without any worries.

  • Recovery Tab:

If features an uncommon outline fusing a licensed recovery tab. I love the way the Joyballs Kegel Exercisor and its recovery tab stay carefully and gently tacked inside my body so that there is no swelling whenever I wear it under some underwear. Hauling them is as stress free as you can imagine and you only snare your finger around the recovery tab and gently pulling it out.

These Joyballs come in a variety of colors to suit your preference. Treat yourself to a variety of Joyballs in red, black, violet, pink, green or blue and you will agree with me that it gives the most pleasurable workouts imaginable.


This Little Yany Want To Excersize Your Pelvic Wall!

Tighter Pelvic Wall

The Nalone Yany Kegel Exerciser is a set of metal balls that may be used to improve your pelvic floor muscles. The Yany Kegel Exerciser uses a series of 30 and 40 gram balls which are easily distinguishable.

  • The gold balls are 30 grams in weight.
  • The blue balls are 40 grams in weight.

Since there are interchangeable weight you can switch and replace the weight as you gain strength.This means as your body changes, so will your Yany Kegel Exerciser and it also means you won’t be investing money in buying even more sex toys that may fill up your bedroom. You will be able to gradual changes the weight’s without noticing to much of a difference. You will be able to see upgrade in result’s as you gain muscle by the colour changes which will help you to work harder. By changing the weights you can create the best workout to your need so that you don’t continue exercising with weight’s that are to easy for you.  The Yany Kegel Exerciser can change weight from an easy 30 grams to a heavier skill set of 80 grams. Here are the Yany Kegel Exerciser ball mixes:

  • Two gold balls will be 60 grams in total weight.
  • One gold ball and one blue ball will be 70 grams in total weight.
  • Two gold balls will be 80 grams in total weight.

The Yany Kegel Exerciser is rather attractive in appearance and it easy to use. What I love about these kegel balls is that they don’t even look like kegel balls. You will have two of each of these balls paired with a series of Kegel tools that will help you to keep your vaginal workouts running quite well without being any more complicated to handle than needed. It only takes a few moments to get these balls switched out. These work with a series of locking mechanisms used to keep your balls protected and ready for use no matter what you want to get out of them. You can quickly get these balls added or removed as needed. These balls are made with aluminum materials that are very sturdy and easy to add. These are also made with strong silicone materials that are free of phthalates and will not irritate your body. The surfaces are also non-porous and are especially easy to clean off.

Increase Vaginal Strength with Kegals
Sex Toy: Nalone Yany Kegal Exerciser


More importantly, the surfaces are perfectly smooth and will not irritate your body. You can add these to your kegel routines to keep yourself comfortable. This works especially well when used with the instructions that this comes with so you can do the right pelvic floor exercises when getting yourself to feel your best.

The use of these balls will help you to get the best possible arousal orgasms. These will strengthen your pelvic floor and improve your overall ability to keep an orgasm ready when you want it the most. This works well with or without a lube. However, it is best to stick with a water-based lube when using these kegel balls so you will have a little extra control over your workout without being far too difficult to handle. A water-based lube will especially work well within your area to keep the balls moving fine so your workouts can be run as well as possible with no hindrances. Further, these kegal muscle exercisers are extremely useful post pregnancy and bringing everything back into shape quickly, and easily. They will help rejuvenate yourself after pregnancy

This all comes with a warranty that ensures that these balls will work for your needs for an extended time. A one-year warranty is included with these balls to keep them functional and as easy to handle as possible. The warranty is provided to you by the manufacturer. The Yany Kegel Exercise also comes with full instructions as prepared by a trained physiotherapist. You can use this information to figure out what exercises you want to use without being far too difficult to run on your own.

In review, The Yany Kegel Exerciser can make for a great material that you can use for your pelvic floor workouts. This is made with a strong setup that is easy to enjoy working with so why not Try the Yany Kegel Exerciser For Your Sexual Fitness and increased vaginal health.


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