7 Advantages of Strong Pelvic Wall – Do Kegel Exercises!

Kegel exercises are one of the only types of activities that are especially valuable in enhancing bladder and inside control.  There are so many advantages strong pelvic wall muscles bring. When you strengthen that pelvic floor  it will help you effectively bolster your bladder and inside. These exercises enhances bladder and pelvic control and can lessen or stop spillage of pee and gut movements.

Like different muscles, the pelvic floor muscles get to be more grounded with a customary activity program.  Pelvic floor muscle activities are critical for both men and ladies.  As when we get old our bodies because it lose control from gravity. Sometimes also having a baby can cause pressure on your vaginal muscles tot.

By doing pelvic floor exercises to help keep your uterus in place. These exercises are also helpful to grip your partner more tightly during sex.

Having strong pelvic floor muscles can help you have stronger and better orgasms.

Advantages of Strong Pelvic Wall Muscles 

  • Enhancing your control over bladder and entrail capacity.
  • Diminishing the danger of prolapse (‘hanging’ of interior organs).
  • Better recuperation from labor and surgery (in ladies).
  • Recuperation after prostate surgery.
  • Expanded sexual sensation and orgasmic potential.
  • And social certainty and personal satisfaction.
  • Instructions to enhance your muscle control.
advantages strong pelvic wall
Kegel balls and exercisers

Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise Program 

It is imperative to accurately recognize your pelvic floor muscles before moving into a standard pelvic floor muscle exercise program.  There are numerous ways that you can take in more about your pelvic floor muscles.

  • How do you work out where your pelvic floor muscles are?

If you sit on the toilet to wee and you try to stop your flow mid-way through, these are your pelvic muscles.  Now don’t do that too often as you can give yourself an infection.  But this is how you know what muscles to use.  You know this you can do them anywhere, sitting in the car, standing at the bench making the kids there lunch, while you’re sitting down having a coffee.

Some people need reminders to do them so you can use reminders such as stopping at a red light in the car, put coloured dots around the house and when you see a dot it will remind you to do your exercises.

Just by getting doing these exercises more regularly you will find your muscles will grow daily.  Its like making an effort to go to the gym to keep all your other muscles in your body strong.  But you don’t need to leave the house.

  • How to do your exercises?

  • Sitting or standing squeeze the muscles that you used to stop your pee earlier.
  • You need to clench and hold for 5-10 seconds then release for 5 seconds.
  • Should try to do at least 10 in a row.
  • In the middle of your 10 do a quick burst of 5 pull muscles up for 1 second then down for a second.
  • If you haven’t used theses muscles much they will get tired so build up your work out slowly.  Try to get at least 5 sets done during the day.
  • Don’t hold your breath while you are doing these and let the rest of your body relax.
  • These exercises are easy to do, regularly, you will not be out of breath so you can do these exercises anytime you want to.

Maybe Invest in Some Ben Wa Balls or Kegel Balls 

If you’re still struggling to remember your exercises you could consider going to your local adult store and getting some ben wa balls or kegel balls.

I have found ben wa balls are helpful in making you do your pelvic floor exercise.  They are not a sex toy and they are not made to stimulate. What they are, are small weighted balls that are attached to a string so you don’t have to worry about losing them.

They are put inside the vagina and again like going to the gym you can do your exercise with them in to help strengthen those muscles.  These exercises are so important and nobody will ever know when you are doing them.

I know these exercises sound to simple.  But you will gain great benefits sexually and health wise if you are able to maintain your pelvic muscles. You will regain your personal self confidence in your day to day life and in your sexual life.

advantages strong pelvic wall
Women Can Improve Sexual Fitness with Sex Toys


advantages strong pelvic wall

Meet Uno & Duo, All Day Fun With These Balls!

Fun Factory is easily the most eye-catching brand in the store. Their colourful and quirky designs aren’t easily overlooked but one of their incredible products often is!

Fun Factory B Balls are such an understated product especially since they are extremely unique.  It’s obvious that Fun Factory has drawn inspiration from the classic weighted Kegel balls or their own smart balls. These weighted balls sit inside hollow ABS plastic spheres as the wearer moves the balls provide a vibrational like feedback.

Fun Factory B Balls are quite like the popular bouncer in butt plug form.

They come in two sizes the Uno and Duo.

So there is a size for every anal enthusiast from beginner to experienced! Fun Factory B Balls are a hybrid of anal beads, jiggle balls and butt plugs! Their design is spectacular as there are limited designs like the Uno available and I’m yet to find any product featuring two orbs like the duo!

Uno and Duo Both feature a tapered tip for easy insertion and a semi-flexible neck to make wear more comfortable.

advantages strong pelvic wall
SHOP ONLINE: Fun Factory

All about B Balls Materials

These weighted internal balls are encased in hard plastic spheres which are permanently fixed in Fun Factory’s signature silicone.  A silicone casing gives the toy a bit of texture around the weighted ball areas.

But this is the downfall of an otherwise fantastic sex toy.  As it does make clean up a bit tedious as special care will need to be taken in the grooves where the ABS plastic is exposed.

A T bar base which is predominant on all of Fun Factory’s anal plugs also featured on the Fun Factory B Balls.  This base fits securely and easily between the cheeks providing complete discretion.  Enough comfort for all-day wear.

Both the Uno and duo are safe to wear all day.

But the Uno’s smaller stature makes for a great all day plug.  Especially if you are just starting out in anal play.  And feel the length and size of the Duo may be a bit cumbersome for long-term wear.

advantages strong pelvic wall
Fun Factory B Balls Men Anal Toys

Uno is a small single orbed version of the Fun Factory B Balls

Its small stature makes it more plug like and perfect to use as an anal Kegel work out!

Your pubococcygeus or pelvic floor stretches out like a hammock from pubic bone to the tailbone.  Supporting the pelvic organs such as the bladder and rectum. Benefits for women are widely publicised.

Mens Pelvic Floor Health

But as for men’s pelvic floor health and exercises there is not as much information available.  A healthier pelvic floor for men aids in achieving a more erect penis due to the improved blood flow.

Erections are bettered.  Therefore they will be longer lasting, firmer, and they help to indirectly make the penis bigger!  Regular pelvic floor exercises can help men gain better control over their orgasms. Therefore they have an enhanced sexual stamina.

Their pelvic floor helps to support and control the bladder so practising Kegel exercises can alleviate urinary incontinence. Those that suffer from an inflammation of the prostate (prostatitis) will have relief from the symptoms when they practice Kegel exercises.

Mens Pelvic Floor Exercises with the B Ball

  1. Warm up! Lube up the B Ball and insert it. You can use a premium silicone-based lube like SuperSlyde!
  2. Count to five and contract the muscles in your anus around the base and lift! avoid using your butt, thighs or stomach muscles,
  3. Hold and count to five! And finally, relax those muscles!
  4. Repeat 10 times and when you feel yourself getting stronger you can step it up to 20 reps!
  5. Doing 10-20 reps 3-4 times a day you should see results!

Now men can get all the enjoyment of Kegel balls that women do when exercising their pelvic floor muscles!

Duo has two stacked balls

First one being minimally smaller than the second one for easy insertion and maximum stimulation.  They are much longer and boast that they will give you an undeniable sense of pleasure and especially fullness during use.

Being much longer than the Uno, the Duo is a better length for prostate stimulation.  With the right hip wiggles a hands free orgasm can be achieved.

Uno and Duo can both be worn during sexual intercourse or masturbation sessions.  But you can up the stakes by pressing your favourite wand on the base to provide an extremely intense sensation.  Whether it be Uno or Duo these plugs are perfect when providing some extra internal vibrations during a spanking session.

Fun Factory B Balls are great for solo or coupled play!


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