Odeco Oh Boy – The Ultimate Smart Kegel Balls

Kegel balls are a great sex toy for both experienced and beginners erotic play and Odeco have outdone themselves with the Oh Boy Odeco Kegel Balls.

They are specifically designed to assist women to exercise their pelvic wall and floor strengthening the muscles and improving the sexual health of the person.  But they can also be used in anal play.

Odeco Kegel Balls

The Odeco kegel balls are incredible to feel with their softness and flexibility allowing for penetration anally and vaginally.

You can also use them as a couple.  Their anatomical design enables you to reach your sexual and pelvic goals in stages.  As each sphere comes into your body will moan with pleasure.

How about enjoying its waterproof capabilities? They are very discreet, soft and very easy to use.

Some women will even wear Odeco Kegel Balls when going out in public.

This manufacturer uses the best silicone for their high-end products, which adapt quickly to body temperature making the sensation of pleasure multiply by 10.

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Oh Boy Smart Balls serve two essential functions. 

To bring pleasure and as a way of sex therapy.

Choose these not only a matter of pleasure but of sexual wellness.  Imagine experiencing the joy when everyday movements such as walking will make gentle vibrations occur driving you crazy at every turn.

As for the benefits to your health, these balls are a perfect exercise to exercise the pelvic floor, especially after pregnancy or because of age.

With the vaginal strengthening it will allow your orgasms to be more controlled and enjoyable.

We also recommend Odeco Kegel Balls as a perfect sex toy for foreplay.

Make sure you use a little lubricant as it will make it much more pleasant.  Couple them up with a vibrating sex toy.  They work especially well with a clit-centric device and will drive you absolutely wild!

sunset holidaying couple with odeco kegel balls
Photo: Sunset Couple

Odeco Kegel Balls Help Evey Woman Find All Corners of Pleasure

All in all, Waterproof Smart balls are designed to help every woman reach all corners of pleasure.

Plus, it will fully help to strengthen the muscles of your pelvis.  Kegel activities are basic hold and-discharge practices that you can do to make the muscles of your pelvic floor more grounded.

Your pelvis is the range between your hips that holds your conception organs. The pelvic floor is truly a progression of muscles and tissues that structures a sling, or loft, at the base of your pelvis.

Finding the Best Odeco Kegel Balls

Getting the best Kegel balls can convey a great deal of erotic sensations and working out a kegel exercise regime will have massive health benefits.

The immense scope of medical advantages aside, an awesome sexual coexistence begins with a solid and strong pelvic floor.

Compressions that cause such a great amount of delight amid climax are really the contractions of your pelvic floor muscles.  So a strengthened pelvic floor implies that achieving climax is faster, simpler and climaxes will be much more intense.

Five minutes of Odeco kegel balls exercises per day

This will have a profound effect on your sexual performance and will bring about fantasy and pleasure without exception.

Some best foreplay tips for sexual pleasure would be using your kegel balls.

Allow your lover to slide them in and out giving him the joy of seeing your passion grow. Perhaps he may be lucky enough to see you climax with Odeco Kegel Balls too.

odeco kegel balls
kegel ball exerciser

Odeco Echo Review

Once more the House of Odeco surprises us with a vibrator that is both elegant and easy to use especially with its handy hole at the base.

Coming in an orange and black package with clear clam-shell in between so that the sex toy can be viewed whilst it is still boxed.

So let me tell you a little more about this marvelous adult toy.

The Echo is simple to use with one control button on the base.   It is powered by 2AAA batteries and to turn it on simply keep the button pressed down for 2-3 seconds and it will begin to vibrate.

Simplicity is choice as far as I am concerned.  Rather than fiddling with 2 or 3 buttons that will certainly interrupt mood and enjoyment.

By simply pressing down quickly on the button you can scroll through 3 Pulsation modes with 4 intensity choices.

Odeco SexToy Sale
Echo Odeco

Features of the Odeco Echo

Control button and a line at the base of the toy light up so even in the dark you will easily find your friend and know how to control him.

Made up of 100% phthalates free medical silicone that is body safe ABS and complies with CE, RoHS and FCC certifications.

Shaft has five gentle ribs on it for extra amazing sensations whilst using as you gently pop through each ripple. Echo is touted as being ‘splash proof’ by the manufacturer so I think it would be reasonable to say that it cannot be used in the bath, spa, pool or shower.

Optimum Control

The O handle at the base is position for optimum control whilst using with the whisper quiet motor ensuring that the romantic mood remains throughout.

It is 178cm long x 55/34mm and weight a light 132grams.  The finish is a non-porous matte silicone with a shiny plastic like handle.   With fresh batteries the toy should give 2+ hours of continuous use.

A novel little feature is that with each unique pulsation, the long light strip around the ring will flash in time with the vibrations.

Base also acts as a great handle for extra thrust during use or to hang the toy when in storage.

Smooth to the touch

Water resistant silicone body of this vibrator is seamless, much like the orgasms it will produce! Enjoy amazing ribbed stimulation!

Imagine the feeling of soft and sensual silicone as you pop in each gorgeous ripple.  With seven thrilling stimulation functions you’ll love the sensations that this vibe brings.

Echo is available in a variety of colors Black, Green, Pink and purples as well as color combos of Black and White and Dark Wine and Black.

Read some of the Customer Reviews

‘The Echo isn’t would be a good choice for all levels of user because of its nonthreatening shape and size coupled with its simple vibratory options.’

‘Odeco Echo has everything you could want from a compact vibrator.  It will please both newbies and seasoned sex toy users alike because in spite of its small size the capabilities are tremendous.’

Odeco Larila
Odeco Larila

Larila Jacked Up My Sex Life

It is actually quite beautiful on the eye.  Made from a very soft and smooth silicone material and the model I chose was Dark Wine and Black.

Shaft gently bends and is a bit bulbous at the tip that would be for G-Spot stimulations.  The clitoral stimulator is shaped like a flower bud and the handle is made of a shiny Plastic Material.



Odeco Larila
Larila Vibrator

Odeco Larila Rabbit

It measures 198mm in length x 41mm x 32mm and weights 350 grams.   Shaft although stiff does bend so I imagine it will be perfect for the missus to position it perfectly for her body.

Instructions show that it complies with CE, FCC and RoHS certificates and that the materials it is made from are 100% body safe silicone materials. Larila has two motor.  One in the shaft and the other in the clitoral arm.

Having looked at the toy I placed 2AAA batteries in it to check it out. 

I was surprised at how powerful the vibrations were but it was not overly noisy like you expect from any sex toy under $100.

To turn it on I had to hold the power/mode button for about 3 seconds.

There are 4 vibrating modes and 3 pulsating modes that you can click through by depressing the mode/power button quickly.   To increase vibrations you hold down the + button until the desired level is reached.

And to decrease the power you do the same thing whilst holding down the – button.  For turning it off  you again press the power/mode button for about 3 seconds.

As easy as it is to use is as pleasing it is to the eye. 

Now having checked out the Larila Vibrator I left a a short positive review on Adultsmart as I am more than pleased with the purchase.  In fact I think you could say I am ecstatic.

Here is the review I left –

“I couldn’t really believe the price this was being offered after reading about the sale on adultsmart.  Where else can you pick up a rabbit vibrator for 20 bucks.  Item arrived the day after i ordered it so the service was amazing.  And after having unpacked it and checking it out it far surpasses my expectations. Hanging for the wifey to come home now so we can give it a twirl.”

After having left the review, Anna from Adultsmart asked if I would do a review of the product as she liked my writing and would give me a $50 gift credit for my trouble.

Well I am more than happy to endorse this product but will take the credit anyways to get some more goodies.

oh boy odeco kegel balls
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Conclusion of My Review

My wife came home about 6pm yesterday and with ulterior motives I had cooked dinner, set the table and had some nice white wine chilled on the dinner table.

She was already suspicious as this in not my normal Friday night routine, and it was not a special occasion, however she lapped it up anyway.

So I served her dinner and we polished off a bottle and half of wine so were both quite a bit tipsy when we finished dinner.

It was then that I presented her the Larila, gift wrapped and all.

She smiled and asked what was going on and I just chuckled and said open it up.   As she did a big grin came across her face and she told me that I was a very naughty boy and what was it that I was after.

Well the answer to that question I think anyone would know but I said to her I wanted to watch her get off.

Look we are not a prudish couple but to be quite honest I have never watched my wife masturbate.

We have regular sex and sure she plays with herself whilst we are making love and will often include a clit vibe or whatever whilst I am inside here.  But I have never actually watched her do it solo.

By this time I had a huge bulge in my pants but she told me she would love to but as she had just finished work had to have a shower.

She told me to go to the bedroom and she would be with me shortly.

Sam From Eden with his Odeco
Sam & Wife In Bed

Sure enough about 5 minutes later my missus entered the bedroom butt naked.  I never get tired of looking at her as she is quite beautiful.

Grabbed hold of the Larila that was on the bedside and put some lube on it as I sat on the end of the bed. Spread her legs and I could see that she was already turned on as she was wetter than Niagra Falls.

She fired up the rabbit vibe and even before she let it touch her clit she was moaning in pleasure.

Man was I getting a good view and watching her with her eyes closed I began to grab my dick too.

She then put the shaft in her now open pussy and the clit arm hit the spot she really started going crazy.

Fuck, she was moaning and yelling profanities in the nicest possible way.  I could see some pre cum on the shaft and on her thighs as she started pumping it in and out.

The bulge was starting to get painful so I stood up and pulled my jolly rodger out and started to give it a good tug.

She started yelling ‘I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum’ and as she did I could no longer control myself and started cuming spurting all over her.

Cum on her face and tits – all over.  And I thought that I was going to get in trouble from her as we had never done that.

However as she started coming back down she got the biggest smile on her face and said to me, ‘Come her you filthy boy.  You’re not going to get away with it that easy.”

As she took my cum covered cock in her mouth and began to suck it.

It was less than a couple of minutes before I was hard as nail again and less than 5 before I was inside my wife fucking her harder than I have ever done before.

Courtesy of James From Eden



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