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Most of the men out there have a problem of being friendly meeting gay men. In this article I will introduce you to some tips that can help you find that guy for a casual sex or your future partner. After you use dating applications like OK Cupid or Hornet, you’ll need to use these tips to do your best.

Meeting Gay Men

The first tip is to be hopeful and happy with yourself. You will have more success in a relationship if you have learned to accept yourself and be happy within you and your life. You should always remember that by walking on earth’s every area, every corner and every situation can hide a potential date or future loving partner. Always keep your eyes open and do a scan of the environment wherever you are. Whether you are in a bank, a supermarket, or the subway. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t looking for guys every second and it surely doesn’t make you a desperate person. You never know what guy you will meet. Maybe there happens to be an interesting guy around you. Just remember though, that you need to be happy within yourself and being single. The smell of desperation can be distracting.

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The second tip is always to use eye contact. The art of eye contact is essential for meeting a person. If you see someone you find interesting, look at them. Not in a rude way but in the kind of way that you show that you are interested. The eye contact it’s about making a connection with your eyes and his eyes. If you get eye contact in return, then you need to make the next move.

Keep Smiling

The third tip is to keep on smiling. Once you’re connecting with the eye contact, smile. Smile and let him know you are appreciating his eye contact and soon, his company. At this point, if you are smiling and looking at his eyes, an available, single gay man who is interested will come on over to you. If not, because of some situation, find an excuse to start casual conversation with him.w

There’s always a reason to start conversation with a stranger. Always do your best to take the lead and introduce yourself. Showing them the effort you are going to, will help the share the mutual feeling back to you. Talk about the weather, make a joke or make fun of another stranger together. If he doesn’t respond, or he’s boring, then move on. No harm done. There’s probably another guy waiting around the corner, at the bank, ready and eager to meet you and talk to you.

It is highly unlikely the other individual will be really open towards you straight away as they have just begun being acquainted with you.  I comprehend you may feel exposed uncovering stuff about yourself too early. Many modest individuals and self observers withhold individual data until others particularly request it. Only tell people intimate details about yourself if you would like to as giving your trust to an individual you have just met is a big step. First try talking about basic topics like your interests and hobbies.

Good Vibes

Always use warm and friendly vibes. Men want men to ask them out that make them feel comfortable. Always be warm and friendly. Even if you are shy, you can offer a smile to the guy that’s watching you. Think about walking into a room or down the street with a warm and friendly smile and a lot of confidence and watch men respond accordingly. Focus on showing the confidence and kindness you already have. As it were, don’t say they have a pleasant shirt on the off chance that you truly don’t give a poo about their shirt. Simply be a division more attentive and you’ll for the most part discover something about the individual you can really respect and remark on.  On the other side of this guidance, don’t be an entryway mat. Ensure you’re likewise self-assured and take care of your own needs.

You can also be the one then to try and create future meet-ups with your new friends of acquaintances. A lot of people don’t arrange outing or event’s but they are more likely to go to an organised event if they are invited. You just have to put yourself out their and take the initiative.  We as a whole need to interface with others. It’s an essential human need. What’s more, when you’re not certain how to be cordial, it can unavoidably damage your self esteem.  Simply recall that, you’re not the only one in feeling along these lines. Not every one of us were sufficiently fortunate to grow up being normally friendly. Take it continuously and attempt only one of the above recommendations at once. In the end, with a little exertion, you’ll discover individuals will begin to warm up to you quicker.

By following these simple tips, will give you the chance to meet lot of gay men. I was in the position you are. I was shy and introverted. I didn’t have the balls to go and talk to a stranger because I was afraid of rejection. Now that I have increased my confidence and I said to myself that I am in charge of myself and who to meet, things change to the better. Now you can too.

How To Gay Cruise

Friendship Group

How gay men approach online dating ranges from a past time to a eight-hour-a-day obsession. Manhunt and Gaydar chatroom’s have replaced Perez Hilton, even  Kylie Club sites in queer bookmarks on web browsers.  Time spent online could be better utilized  in the real world. Gay men are losing their natural instincts to cruise. Living through our avatars – wellhung9, thickpound4U and other alphanumeric gems – we have lost touch with the ability to pull a man out of the frozen peas aisle of Cole’s and into our beds. Here are some hints on How To Gay Cruise the real world:

The Man Scan

Put your eyes to work by scanning for trade within your line of sight. While looking ahead set your gaydar to stun and see what possible trade is around. Keep it subtle and use that peripheral vision. You don’t want to scare away the trade.

The Crossover

The moment when a man who has set your gay scanner off and meets your eye. That fleeting exchange of eye contact is crucial so keep it brief, sexy and confident. The wrong look may suggest you are a whore looking for a fast fuck.

The Look Back

The look back should be carried out while you’re still in motion. Discreetly turn around to see if you made an impact. When the look back is there slow down until you come to a halt and slowly ease against the nearest pole, wall or other fixed object.  Continue the eye contact.

The Southern Cross

While looking and leaning, move your hand slowly and casually towards your pockets and sensually re-adjust your package. If you’re a hit, this move says it all. If your gaydar was wrong, then you can get out of an embarrassing situation with the ‘I’m hanging a little to the left and need a slight adjustment’ defence that all straight men understand. If you’re on target and the Southern Cross has been well received, proceed to the next phase.

The Kill

It’s make-or-break time so prepare to move in. While you may have been sporting a poker face up until now, it’s important to initiate some positive facial expression as you begin your descent. A slight smile reinforces your interest and confirms you’re not crippled by Botox. Smile fleetingly, not longingly; you’re not completely out of Mormon territory yet. At five metres from target give a small nod; at three metres draw attention to your mouth by wetting your lips; and at zero metres say, “Hey, what’s up?” If the response is “One guess” then it’s fair to assume you will be having sex within the next 15 minutes. If the response moves to the weather, re-align the conversation by repeating the Southern Cross move at this close distance until you have re positioned your target to your bedroom.

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The internet has changed how young and mature gay men date. Hooking up in gay chat rooms, posting ads on gay websites, watching VOD for free, or being part of interactive free live webcam shows. Has made it easy for Gay Cruising Online. Phone clubs are available to join where you can listen to messages, leave messages, and talk live with other men. The anonymity of both the internet and phone lines often allows all of us to explore freely sexual fantasies without fear of being seen or found out. Sexual exploration (not exploitation) is healthy and fun; however, sexual exploration without proper knowledge can be challenging. For example, some guys might advertise that they’re into PnP (P&P or party and play). If you’re exploring other types of sex play, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into and what potential risks there might be before you engage in these

Here are some tips to keep in mind when cruising on-line or on the phone lines to make your gay cruising online more enjoyable and safe:

  • Keep a record of where you are going when going over to someone’s place.
  • Avoid giving out your phone number and address too freely to strangers.
  • If you’re inviting someone home and you live in an apartment, meet them at the entrance lobby. This way you avoid giving out your entry code and apartment number. It’s also easier to turn someone down if they’re not already in your apartment.
  • Don’t assume the person you’re hooking up with knows how to protect themselves from HIV transmission. Sometimes cruising from the comfort of your home might give you a false sense of safety. Just because you’re inviting people back to your place, or going over to other people’s homes, doesn’t mean you’re at lesser risk for HIV transmission.
  • The internet and the phone lines can sometimes de-humanize the cruising situation. Remember, you’re interacting with another person. Don’t be rude. Be aware of the language you use when responding.
  • It’s easier for other people to lie about themselves when you aren’t actually meeting them for the first time face-to-face. You can’t control this. Think in advance about what you would do if someone you cruised is not what he made himself out to be.
  • It can be easy to isolate yourself from the real world when you cruise online or over the phone. Look out for the following signs: you aren’t going out as much, or no longer hanging out with your usual friends. Make sure to keep your social interactions with others – be it friends, family or co-workers.

Why not try some of these online gay dating sites:

Hope you enjoyed this step by step guide on how to gay cruise.

Author: Ben is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Best Place to Find Gay Relationships

Today, people of the same sex are falling in love and getting into intimate gay relationships. Gay and lesbian marriages are increasing in number and especially in western countries. There are people who are opposed to this trend claiming that it is not cultural but still many others are pro-gay men and related kinds of relationships

Today if you were looking for free porn on the internet, you would come across numerous sites that offer such information, images and videos. Most of the videos that are found in these sites are related to gay massage and gay men in general. This is just one element that proves that same-sex relationships are now an in-thing in our modern society today. We, therefore, need to embrace such kinds of relationships because they are part of us instead of keeping blaming.

Most religious leaders across the world do not support the element of a gay or lesbian relationship. However, this opposition seems to be slowly being overtaken by the passage of time. Most of these relationships are tied to moral decadence in our communities. In any case, every human being on this planet has got something that they definitely believe in. There are some who think that same-sex relations are bad while others think otherwise.

If at all you are searching for information about same-sex relationships and especially gay men, the internet is definitely the best resource for you to use. There are plenty of websites on the internet which offer information that is tied to these kinds of relationships. If you search for free porn sites on the internet today, most of them would provide you with info and clips on gay men and gay bud. Probably such multimedia elements can help you to better appreciate the whole essence of same-sex relationships.

The other resource centre that you can use to search for such kinds of information in magazines. There are plenty of relationship-related magazine issues being released to the streets each other day. You can pick up or buy some of these magazines so as to learn about various kinds of relationships and especially regarding gay marriages.

If you can do your search well using online search engines, you can be sure that you will get plenty of information about these same-sex relationships which apparently seem to be increasing in popularity with every passage of the day.

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