My First Gay Experience

It seems strange to talk about it now – My Frist Gay Experience.  To take something so private and place it in such a public forum — particularly since I have lived my earlier life as a straight man.

My First Gay Experience

Keeping it secret is so important, but when I was younger I did have a gay sexperience !!  I imagine I must have been about sixteen, and had worked out that I had gay inclinations. Dwayne was nearly fifteen — we went to school together, although he was in a different year. We met at a at a school function.

He was everything that I didn’t feel I could be: confident, athletic, attractive and openly gay. I had been introverted, shy and in complete denial to my sexual preferences as I still am now … it was an upper class all-boys’ school and being gay was not really an option for me.

I tried to keep out of everyone’s way, that way now would notice me and no-one would question what I was about. No one knew, but my reticence and retiring nature were apparently as worthy of derision.

I Was Vulnerable and Desperate For Affirmation

Dwayne, I guess because he was younger than I was, didn’t have any of these preconceptions, hang-ups or false pretenses.  When he was around I felt more confident. He treated me like a human being and it was fun and completely liberating to be around him.

I was vulnerable and desperate for some form of affirmation that my true feeling were not bad. It was inevitable that I should fall for him.

The next year there was a school trip to Holland, and we both went.  There I developed a major crush on him and he showed me by his actions that he was interested in me. I still see him in my mind now and feel an astonishing fondness for him.

It Was Our Form Of Gay Dating

I didn’t really think it would happen but — even as I have become entirely comfortable with him on the holiday and our form of ‘gay dating’ that was soon to become more.  First we started exploring Amsterdam, walking along the lovely canals – we even took a boat trip in one of the glass roofed boats.  It was fun, invigorating – a new way of life was opening up.

At first we continued with the pretense that we were just two guy exploring a lovely Dutch city but it was obvious that a closeness and bond was developing between us.  The accidental brush each others hands that seemed to linger a few more seconds than normal.  The electricity that we felt when we were near each other.

The sun seemed to shine brighter on those spring mornings, the birds sang more clearly.  It was obvious to us both that we were not just good friend but we were falling in love.

I was a shy gay man wanting to pick up. I wasn’t sociable, and I found meeting people difficult. Yet, I was still young and very horny. What did I have to lose, and I was still horny. In a relationship.

I had no idea what to expect, what were the rules or what would happen. We hired a hotel room together. I sat on a couch next to him. Then a hand rubbed my crotch, and before I could blink there was fumbling at my jeans and my raging hard on was in his mouth. Exhilarating.

For a few seconds I couldn’t care about my hang ups. His mouth was so soft, warm and wet and he flicked his tongue around with practiced ease. I wanted this guy. My cock wanted this guy.

Sensing my discomfort, he grabbed my hand and led me away from the bench We both lied down and I began to stroker his hard on from his shorts. I couldn’t drop to my knees fast enough. My hands started caressing a surprisingly thick cock before I wrapped my hungry mouth around it.

A slight moan escaped both of us and he lent against the tree as I went to town, leaving no skin dry and UN-licked. Hands sliding up against firm muscles and I tweaked his nipples for some nipple play. He turned on the TV and turned it to a channel to watch some hot gay porn movies.

I was really enjoying my first time at the beat, and all I could think at the time was satisfying my urge and why I was so naive as to have not done this sooner. But now I am just a mature gay.

Mature Gay Relationships Fundamentals

Perhaps as a gay person, you have endured the challenges in finding your true love with another man in a homophobic society. Obviously, if you are into gay adult dating, it could be intense.

The majority of your peers experienced childhood in a period when homosexuality was unthinkable.  Even if you came out an early age and hid it.

There will be Mature Gays whom have only recently accepted who they are and have only just come out. Previously, there was little acknowledgement of it whatsoever. So it’s little wonder that Mature Gays have trouble finding partners.

What is a Mature Gay Dating Site?

You should consider a visit to Mature Older Gay Relationship dating websites. Especially if you are looking for mature gays to get together with. If you’re a young guy that enjoys and/or prefers older guys, there are dating websites for that too.

Gay mature dating websites are popular because they provide a safe haven for those who are not ready to reveal their identity to the world. These sites offer the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals seeking to have fun without the fear of judgment. Besides sexual orientation, these sites also bring together individuals with similar interests and hobbies.

What is Mature Gay Dating?

Essentially, gay mature dating sites serve as a central meeting place for the mature gay community, providing a platform to expand one’s options and connect with a diverse range of people.

Before committing, it’s important to explore all your options. With gay dating websites, the key advantage is that you can create a free account and browse through profiles without any charges.

You should only be required to pay when you want to connect with someone. If a website demands payment upfront, it may not be the right platform for mature gay dating. The website should allow you to view profiles and check out the user’s location, interests, hobbies, and preferences for a date.

Once you find someone you like, you can pay to communicate with them. There are many similar websites available, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one that suits your needs.


Older Men Hugging

Opting for a gay mature dating website to connect with Mature Gays is a wise decision. It eliminates the hazards that come with traditional dating and opens up a wider range of options.

The advantages of such sites are many, but the most significant is the abundance of choices it offers. Giving you the freedom to find a match that suits you best. If you’re seeking a long-term partner rather than a casual fling, it is advisable to explore gay mature dating websites for your search to be successful.

You found your Mr. Right, against all the odds.

So what next?

Gay relationships may prove to be fulfilling and rewarding. They need concerted efforts and attentiveness in order to foster their growth and intimacy.  The following are points that make mature gay relationships stay rock solid. You should develop your own personal identity and from those experiences. Enrich your relationships when you keep on injecting some new life into them.

Communicate your needs clearly to your partner, even if you’ve been together for a while. Assuming they know what you want can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. Instead, you should practice being assertive and directly ask for what you need.

Why Is Communication Is Key In Gay Relationships?

It’s also helpful to regularly check in with your partner to assess the direction of your relationship and make sure both of you are happy with it. This will keep the lines of communication open.  Allowing you to address any issues before they become bigger problems.  This reinforcing the positive aspects of your relationship.

It is common for couples to experience a decline in the excitement and intensity of the initial phase of their relationship, known as the honeymoon phase. This is a natural part of relationship development and should not cause undue concern.

As the relationship evolves from a physical and sexual connection to a deeper emotional bond and friendship, it is important to maintain creativity and vitality in the relationship and sex life. Surprise your partner with spontaneous and playful gestures to show them how much they mean to you.

Gay Experience
MAG Story

Why Should You Compliment Your Gay Partner?

Evaluate your satisfaction with the roles you and your partner play in your relationship. One benefit of being in a gay relationship is the ability to be flexible with gender roles, unlike in heterosexual relationships where stereotypes often dictate them.

Discuss and negotiate these roles and tasks with your partner, taking into account each other’s strengths and abilities. Avoid turning disagreements into hurtful arguments by practicing anger management techniques and knowing when to take a break to calm down.

Learn how to come back together after cooling off to resolve issues peacefully.

How Should I Protect Myself Legally In A Gay Relationship?

To safeguard your relationship, it is advisable to consult a legal expert who can assist in obtaining essential legal documents such as power of attorney, wills, and beneficiary designations tailored to your unique relationship situation. By planning ahead, you can prevent potential problems that may threaten your relationship presently or in the future.

Find a balance between work, family, friends, alone time, and couple time, and not let a hectic schedule interfere with your relationship.

These are tips that will allow you to enjoy a long-term and satisfying Mature Older Gay Relationships.

Mature Gay Men Psychology

Gay men who are elderly are considered a minority in terms of sexuality. These men have typically lived a different lifestyle with their younger partners. During their youth, being openly gay was not socially accepted.  HIV was widespread and forbidden, and sexual segregation was the norm.

In today’s world, the gay community is more accepted and open. As people get older, they have to deal with health issues, death, loss, and financial instability.  These can have a significant impact on their mental well-being.

Aging gay men face additional stressors that can worsen these issues due to the discrimination they have faced throughout their lives. Richard G. Wight, Ph.D., from the Department of Community Health Sciences at the School of Public Health, University of California, Los Angeles, recently conducted a study to determine the factors that have the most significant impact on the mental and physical health of aging gay men.


Mature Gay Technology


What Did Wight Investigate In His HIV/AIDS Study?

For his study, Wight investigated information from one of the biggest HIV/AIDS studies in the United States, the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study.

In the study conducted by Wight, 202 men ranging from 44 to 75 years old were surveyed about various minority stress-related factors that affected them. The results showed that some issues, such as financial independence and physical health, were common concerns among both gay and heterosexual men.

Being gay was directly linked to feelings of depression, possibly due to the negative effects of perceived gay-related shame and the intense experience of HIV-related challenges.

Despite this, emotional support from personal relationships acted as a protective factor against depression in gay men.

The study’s findings revealed that gay men in committed relationships had the highest levels of mental well-being. This is similar to other discoveries, and since same-sex marriage has become legal in more states.  Further research should explore the positive effects of marriage on gay men.

The study should examine other mental conditions such as substance use and anxiety among this group of people. An issue of mental health in the gay community remains a concern.

Mature Gay Men Relationship Winery


Currently, homosexuality is widely accepted in the United States. It is fortunate that mental wellbeing among the gay population is currently at an unprecedented level.

Why Do Mature Aged Gays Make Great Partners?


In most cases, but not always, older individuals have a better understanding of the situation at hand.  They are more willing to share their knowledge with younger or less informed individuals, whether in a casual setting or during a formal meeting.


When a man reaches a certain age, he usually has a clear understanding of his desires and is unafraid to express them. This may be due to the realization that time is limited and he does not want to spend it in uncertainty.

Vocalize one’s needs and wants to avoid wasting precious time.

Developed physicality:

It surprises me that many young men are attracted to older bodies for various reasons such as gray hair, extra weight, and wrinkles. These qualities are sought after by younger men who are physically interested in a mature physique.


It’s a fact that some twinks and even some older people are interested in money. When in a relationship with someone who is financially stable, it can bring a sense of security during times of uncertainty. Personally, I often refer to myself as a sugar-free daddy.


A lot of young men are struggling to find career and educational guidance due to lack of support from their homes and society. Many of them may have faced discrimination based on their sexual orientation and are unsure about their future.

Older gay men who have gone through similar experiences can provide valuable advice and perspective.



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