Spicy Christmas Presents For Your Partner

A Spicy Christmas period can be intense and overwhelming. Once this is over, it can feel like you’re lacking things to do between Christmas and New Year. However, this can be a great period to set aside some time with your partner and reconnect. How you reconnect with your partner will be different depending on your preferences. A fun way to do so can be to try some new things in the bedroom.

Getting hot and heavy with your loved one in the bedroom after Christmas is a good way to spend some much-needed intimate time together after all the rushing of the past few months. You may be thinking, how can I initiate this? Or, how do I keep it interesting in the bedroom? Well, there are many ways to achieve this. But a great way is to buy a spicy Christmas present for your partner. Maybe check out these christmas sex toys on Santa’s sexy list.

We’ve got ideas for you ranging from small presents like handcuffs to bigger experiences like a naked massage in London.

Shower Steamers

We’re starting gently with some fun shower steamers. You simply place these at the bottom of your shower. And they fizz up to create a lovely-smelling steam around your shower.

They come in a range of smells and are perfect for creating a romantic and relaxing ambience. Showering with your partner is a great way to introduce more intimacy and skin-on-skin contact. If you don’t feel confident enough to initiate more intense sexual activities, shower steamers are the place to start.

Edible Massage Oil

A massage can be a romantic, loving experience for all the people involved. After all the Christmas stress, work and partying, your body needs some TLC. There’s no one better to give you this than your partner!

Buying them a massage oil is a subtle indicator that you’d like to spend some time together to bond and get closers. This is also the perfect way to find out what your partner likes and how they enjoy being touched. We’ve linked an edible massage oil, leaving the door open to all possibilities.

spicy christmas
Image: Happy couples exchanging Christmas presents

Kinky Truth Or Dare

There is nothing more exciting than a game of sexy truth or dare. Widen your horizons to endless options of fun and sensual dares. Or find out more about your partner with eye-opening truths.

Not only will this kickstart the intimate conversation for you. But it will also give you hot new ideas on how to tease your partner. Giving your partner and you a safe place to discuss kinks and new sexy ideas for 2023 will keep your sex life alive and kicking!

Dark Chocolate Body Paint

There is nothing more fun than combining art, sex and chocolate with your partner. Rich and semi-sweet dark chocolate is an aphrodisiac. So this will definitely get you both in the mood to do some exploring.

It also has hemp seed oil in it. So you’ll feel relaxed and in the moment after painting your partner’s body. It is the perfect way to get excited with your partner and spice things up!

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Spicy christmas

So, now we’ve given you some ideas for your partner’s spicy Christmas presents, it’s time to start buying them. When getting these types of presents for your partner, it’s important to think about what they’ve previously enjoyed in your sex life.

And what they’ve mentioned they’d like to try. Establishing an open line of communication is the key to having a great intimate time with your loved one. Practising openness and vulnerability will lead you to enjoy it more. On top of this, always make sure you’re communicating boundaries. Enjoy!

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  1. A little ways off before I get my jingle bells on – but some great ideas for the end of the years. Hoe Hoe Hoe!!!

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