Double Barreled Fun With The Silverado Cock Cage

There are some natural feelings, which often are pleasant for a moment, but cause rather intense scenarios later on. The same is the case with erection of penis and various other activities associated with the penis. I also experienced the undue erection of penis in various scenarios, which not only embarrassed me in a public place, but also created uneasiness many a times. Many activities like Masturbation, erection, sex, etc., can just go beyond control for some people. I used to indulge a bit too frequently in these activities, which had an impact on my performance inside the bedroom with my wife.

Search for a product to control anxiety – I was desperately in search of a product, which could solve this very weird problem of mine. On researching over the internet, I found many such people who have similar problems. The intent of not betraying my partner for my sexual desire, which could pop up anytime anywhere made me research for some products that could help keep my feelings under control. After reading through a lot of articles and recommendations, I found out about Silverado Double Barrel Cock Cage which ultimately changed my life. It not only helped my sex life, but ultimately helped me with my premature ejaculation as well!


Not able to satisfy my wife and the uneasy public feeling just frustrated me a lot. I just decided to consider various recommendations and ordered this product, without informing anyone. I can tell you, it was one of the best decisions I had ever made. I was excited when I received this product and realized that it was a rigid cage that could prevent natural anxiety and restore it for 100% with my partner.
The Silverado Double Barrel Cock Cage is made of metal but is still very light. There are various sizes of Silverado Double Barrel Cock Cage, which can be selected based on the size of the penis. If you aren’t sure about the size, you can buy a medium size cock cage, which has a 5.5 cm outer ring and 4.5 cm inner ring. The external length of the curved portion is about 9.5 cm and the internal length of the curved portion is about 6 cm.  Honestly, I had never used such products before and had no idea about the sizes. But, I did purchase a medium size Silverado Double Barrel Cock Cage and it perfectly settled for my penis size.
The Experience
Initially, it took me a while to adjust, as it felt a little uncomfortable carrying a slightly heavier penis. But, later on in rather 2 or 3 days, I just got used to it. The Silverado Double Barrel Cock Cage is just so nice that it does not create a bulgy appearance, which many people like me are very particular of. Further, the light weight of Silverado Double Barrel Cock impressed me a lot, as in spite of having a metal construction, it became quite easy to handle after 2 or 3 days.
Various other experiences that deal with urinating or walking, playing, etc., were not affected by this so called anxiety shielding equipment. I was pretty satisfied with this aspect, as many such products as reviewed by many previous users created a lot of problem when indulging in normal day to day activities.
The Principle
The Silverado Double Barrel Cock Cage works on a principle of preventing erection. If the penis erects even slightly, the cage facility creates a pain sensation, which prevents further erection. Often due to excessive masturbation, erection, sex, etc., many people like me have to suffer various consequences. Slight pain during the erection process prevents all such problems, which follow up after a small moment of excitement. I am glad, I ordered it for myself as many women today are using this equipment to keep their men’s loyalty intact. But, after using this product for months, I was pretty satisfied and was able to give my wife utmost bedroom satisfaction, which was missing in my past life. I had no need or necessity to try another alternative for this Silverado Double Barrel Cock Cage. With so much happiness and satisfaction, this product just changed my life. I am in a better space today and there is far more love in our relationship.
I suggest people try out Silverado Double Cock Cage, as it is great and will help you get rid of some common problems you might face with your penis!


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