Sex Music – Two Things We Love

There are many things in life that make us feel good. Our favourite food, our favourite animal, beautiful scenery, good music, and sex. We can’t combine all these things into a single sex session, unless you’re really determined.  But we can look at the combination of sex music.

Sex and music; a relationship that I have not really given much thought to before now.

Studies have shown that listening to music makes the brain release the chemical dopamine which is the brains way of rewarding us when we do things it likes. Just the same as food, exercise, sleep and sex.

Music can be used as a stimulant in much the same way as we have ‘work-out’ music.  This stimulation increases our heart rate, breathing rate and our skins ability to feel (think skin goosebumps).

Sex Music and Dopamine

Since sex causes dopamine to be released into the system, and so does music, imagine the effects that you would have when you combine the two!  Alright, so it’s not entirely a cumulative effect.  But it does increase the dopamine levels when compared to one.

Let’s talk about the effects of music when exercising.

Do people listen to music when they’re exercising?  Well, a study in 2006 looked at the relationship between exercise and music. 

What it revealed was that people who listened to music when engaging in physical activity would exercise for a longer period of time than those that didn’t.  The reason being they felt less fatigue than there boring non-music listening counterparts.

It creates a focus on the task, as music in a way, shuts our brain out from other forms of distractions like atmosphere stimuli or even fatigue, body aches etc.

When we add Sex & Music it gives us the ability to zone out from our own bodies, tune out of our own thoughts and focus onto something which is more interesting. 

Music can in a way, create the feeling of the situation.

If you would like the situation to feel calm you can play some meditation music.  Or if you would like to add more romance into the event play songs about love.

Woman with Violin sex music
Photo: Woman Playing Instrument

Since sex is a physical activity, you can liken exercise to sex and combine the above listed benefits to your sex life. 

Keep Going for Longer with Sex & Music

Put simply, when adding together Sex & Music you won’t get tired as fast.  Meaning that you’ll last longer and because of the increased focus you’ll be more in tune with the various senses.  Some studies suggest that music during sex is actually not conducive to the development of fantasies.

As with any kind of study there are always counter studies that are done to contradict it.

The fact being though, that music makes us feel good means that for the majority of people it will have some kind of effect. 

There is a reason why restaurants will play music.

Firstly, to make you comfortable so that you spend more time there and hopefully spend more, and to create an atmosphere.

You’ll notice different people will gravitate towards different clubs, pubs and eateries because of the ‘vibe’.  Playing music would therefore be dependent on both of your tastes and whether you have shared tastes.  What stimulates your mind in terms of good music, may not stimulate your sexual partners.

There are a variety of sexual playlists of the best song sex songs of all time  you can check out online.  They’re said to be great love songs. I would probably be more inclined to go with something you both enjoy for the full effect of playing music during sex.

Your Brain will Link the Song to Your Sex Act 

You may find our brains naturally linking with the song because our brain will naturally try and reproduce the images the song says in our heads with the person we are being intimate with.  If the song was singing about how beautiful the person is, we may find ourselves paying more attention to the smaller thing’s about their body that we wouldn’t have noticed before.

Or if the song is singing about how much we love the person, we might spend more time showing your partner you passionately love them.

Sex music can place us into a sexual frame of mind.

These days there are many sex toys that have wave motion or are activated to the rhythms of music.  Perhaps you should add some music to your sex toy play?

sex music
band orgy

Sexual Exploration And Music

I had just turned 16 and was in full swing of the whole “teenager” thing. School wasn’t all that exciting.  I was very involved with various sports.  Obviously, girls showed some interest because of the teams I played for, but not anything special.

I had been dabbling with playing the guitar for a few years and that’s when the decision was made.  Its time to start a garage band.  I approached two of my close friends with the idea and they agreed wholeheartedly.

A search was on for a rhythm guitarist and a drummer, eventually, the spots were filled and we were off. One of the most challenging things was a place to rehearse as we played a rather strange eclectic mix of Grunge, underground and metal music.

Fred (we will call him), our Bassist, had just finished school

He started his own business and owned a medium-sized warehouse in an industrial area not very far from where we all lived.   We turned an aria of the warehouse into a rehearsal/studio.  This was ideal as we did not have to worry about neighbours complaining about the noise.  We were not limited to when we could practice.

Before long the news that we had started this “band” and that we had access to this warehouse in a rather secluded area spread like wildfire.

We grew more and more popular, with that our appearance changed, more suited to the expectation of everyone around us.  In my case especially what the girls wanted.

Long black hair became a necessity.

At this time I had all but given up on performing well at school and also dropped out of all sports activities I was involved in.  My goal was to focus on the music and enjoy the attention of the girls on the side.

Boy was I in over my head.

After just our first live show at a music bar, things changed drastically. Our practice sessions (which we had at least one every day after school, as two of the members had work commitments during the day) were constantly bombarded with kids of all ages.  Wanting to come an listen and indulge in the alcohol and weed that was free-flowing.

This is also where a lot of “questionable” females made there presence known.   Arriving in very “skimpy” outfits, to say the least, this I just could not resist.

So my ticket on the sexual experiences train was stamped.

Practice after practice I had to interrupt our flow as I would be given a “look” by a girl and just know that NOW would be the time.  We would slip off to the office area of the studio and we would go to town like there was no tomorrow.

Oh my God, we shagged alot.

Theses experiences with naughty girls were only topped by a couple of times that multiple girls would approach.

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Group sessions became the norm.

It didn’t take long for me to fall head over heels in LUST with one of these girls.  At that time I was 17 years old and our band was making a name for itself in the town were lived.  We had been invited to a few festivals and did a few larger shows at easter events and so on.  All the time keeping our weekly spot at the local underground metal bar.

One of these nights were busy setting up for the show, and during a soundcheck, I was approached by a girl.  She had become a bit of a groupie and wanted to boast that she had fucked a rock star.

I accepted and she dragged me outside.  We could not wait to find an appropriate place to succumb to the lust.  This is when she pushed me up against a glass window.

She dropped my pants and started sucking me off.

At some point during this activity I turned my head to see what building I was leaning against, to my horror (and a bit of pleasure) it was the side window with a full view of the kitchen to the local restaurant.

It must be the quickest I had ever pulled my pants up and started running.

After that particular show, the same girl and one of her friends invited me to there apartment for some nefarious activities. All of this came crashing down not long after I turned 18.  As work became a necessity and the band split up.

It was around that time that I also met my future wife.  And as they say, the rest is history.

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