Screaming O Orbit – Sexy Sci-Fi Geeks Love Cock Rings

Looking through our wide range of vibrating cock rings yesterday I found what I think are some cute and very affordable toys for the for the sexy science fiction geek in your life. Screaming O Orbit & Orbit Plus cock rings.

If you are not familiar with vibrating cock rings, this is the low down. If you or your partner (or both of you) have a dick, vibrating cock rings are one of the most fun – not to mention easiest to use – sex toys.

They are brilliant to use together or alone. You can find them in a wide range of prices, from around $15 to around $200, depending on how fancy and durable you would like your toy to be. Cheaper, battery-powered versions are very popular for couples on a budget.

First Let’s Talk About Cock Rings and What They Do

A cock ring is a ring worn around the base of the penis or around both the balls and penis, close to the body as possible. They work by constricting the blood flow to keep an erection harder, larger, and delay orgasm. So when it happens orgasm is stronger and more intense.

They can be made of various materials.

But the most common, especially for beginner users, is a stretchy silicone.  They can also be made from other materials such as steel or leather. But stretchy materials are easier to use for most as they easily fit many sized penises quite comfortably. While still constricting enough to stay in place and work effectively.

For steel rings, it’s necessary to measure the penis and find the correct fit for the toy to be usable. So stretchy is much more convenient. But there can also be a wide range of levels of stretching even among stretchy rings.

So I think it’s always a good idea to test how stretchy the material is before purchasing. Stretch and size combined will help you decide what is the right ring for you or your partner.

Screaming O Orbit Plus Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Screaming O Orbit Plus

Screaming O Orbit & Orbit Plus

These are made from a white stretchy silicone material with a fairly high level of stretch.  They are also highly reminiscent of sci-fi spaceships in their design and packaging, thus the name ‘Orbit’.

Packaging pushes the space theme hard in fact and it works rather well. “Three warp speeds and Pulsar Vibration,” it boasts. And it’s also waterproof, just in case it needs to make an emergency landing on an aquatic habitat for sexy times with space mermaids, one presumes.

all types of cock rings available
Shop Online: Vibrating cock rings

Vibrating cock rings differ from regular cock rings

They also provide stimulation for the wearer and the wearer’s partner by way of a small vibrator. Often a ‘bullet’ either inserted into or made as part of the ring.

In the case of the orbit the bullet is vertical. So if the wearer’s partner has a high clitoris, for example, this will have no problem reaching the right spot.

For clitoral stimulation, the idea is to have the ring turned so that the vibrating bullet is sitting on the top side of the penis. Close to the body so that while thrusting and grinding, her clitoris gets lots of hands-free stimulation. Many couples wedge a separate bullet in between them to attempt to achieve this. But it can be very easy for the bullet to fall out-of-place and leave everyone frustrated.

With a vibrating cock ring you don’t have that problem

Also the guy gets a lot more of the vibration on his penis, as the vibrations travel through the ring as well.  Now the shape and size of the vibrator on a vibrating cock ring is purely a matter of personal preference. Most people will find many shapes work well for them. But some do have a distinct preference so it’s something to take into account.

Orbit has one vibrating bullet, but the Orbit Plus has two.  One for her, one for him, as it were.  As well as one sitting on top of the base of the penis, another is on the opposite side. So it will vibrate against his balls or perineum, depending on how he is wearing the ring.

Many guys really love these sensations!

If he doesn’t, you always have the option of turning the vibrations on one side off. Versatility is always a good thing in a couples toy, I think.

Screaming O Orbit & Orbit Plus cock rings are battery-powered toys and you first set come included with the sex toy.  These are ag13 (also known as watch batteries), small round batteries that many smaller vibrating toys runoff.

To change the batteries, you will need to peel back the silicone from the bullet/s, and undo the battery compartment, replace batteries. Then place the bullet back in the silicone covering, rolling/stretching the silicone back into place. This gets quick and easy with practice.

I think Screaming O Orbit & Orbit Plus sex toys are really super cute and light-hearted and should be really popular.

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