My Roller Coaster Orgasm – An Erotic Encounter!

I never really had the interest in living an ordinary lifestyle. I never dreamt about a white picket fence romance. Ever since I was young, I always dreamt about the guy’s in the movies who were charming, full of life, fearless and men of strong character. I wanted to know the characters that would have their houses filled with artifacts from around the world and everything they owned had a story of adventure. I wanted to live along people like Indiana Jones, Jay Gatsby, James Bond and even Lara Croft the Tomb Raider. If I ever came across them, I would fall at their feet, they would be my ultimate seduction.

Now as humans we all lead different lives and even in our life we lead multiple fronts. We have a different physical life, sexual life, emotional life and work life. To become a person of character you must try and reach out both consciously and sub consciously to the things you want in these parts of your lives and a whole you will become the person you want to be. You are probably thinking how does this link with sex, well here is my erotic story of My Rollercoaster Orgasm.

Along came Nadia who was the perfect soul.

She glowed with life. She breathed fun, positivity and love. Its like her face just shot out sun rays, I’m naturally white but I felt like a summer tan when I was with her.  Obviously what comes with all this is an even better sex life. The first time we had sex was in the back of my car after we had spent six hours at the beach singing songs and drinking corona’s. The sex was wild with the radio playing the background with that old smell of gasoline and sea salt. My car creaked quickly and we openly moaned and groaned.

Huge Frightening Roller Coaster
Image: My Roller Coaster Orgasm

One night we were drunk in the city and stumbled into the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre on Park St In the CBD. I’ll never forget it because I made one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. The bloke was telling Nadia and I about the famous couple’s sex toy the We-Vibe 4 Plus and how it came with an application where you can remote control it. To be honest it was right down our ally, it was tempting all of our sexual demons and we really wanted to use it straight away. It came with a remote that you could control, and a phone application for my iPhone. The case was so discreet as well, he explained it like being a internet modem or a hard drive. It was very easy to hide, lucky because I was still living with my parents. He told us you could use it in the bath and shower but the funniest part about it, was that you could take it out with you and use it publicly. When he said that without hesitation I said that we would take it. Nadia is infatuated with the colour purple, so purple it was!

Before we even got out the store, Nadia told me lets get an Uber to go home and put it on charge. I went to sleep then woke up to Nadia, in shorts, sneakers and a t-shirt with a smirk on her face. The couple’s sex toy was fully charged. Nadia laughed

“Are you ready My Rollercoaster Orgasm!“.

Three hours later I found myself with her at Luna park. The sun was shining and everyone there was fully invested in having as much fun with their friends as possible. No one even bothered to look at us. The We-Vibe was already in Nadia’s vagina, it sat their snuggly so she never had to worry about re-adjusting it. I went on a roller coaster with Nadia right beside me, I pulled out my mobile and turned it on. She clenched my hand and her face flashed with pure pleasure. She gently rocked back and forth in her seat, massaging her body against the sex toy. The wind flew her hair around, I changed the mode depending on the roller coaster. She couldn’t take it anymore and orgasmed whilst holding my hand. We ended up having the most intense quicky with the We-vibe inside her behind the big drop, all I can say that I love Luna Park! The We-Vibe 4 Plus is one of the best couple’s sex toys I have ever bought for my sex life, ever.

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