Restraints and Ties: The What, Why, and How Guide

Bondage and BDSM can be exciting and adventurous.  But for those new to the world of restraints and ties, it can also be intimidating. This comprehensive guide will delve into the different types of restraints, how to use them, safety tips, bondage knots, the best BDSM restraint sex positions, and more.

By the end of this article, you’ll be well-equipped to confidently explore the world of restraints and ties with your partner.

What are Restraints and Ties?

Restraints and ties are essential tools in bondage and BDSM play and are used to restrict and control a person’s movement.  They can range from simple handcuffs and ropes to more advanced bondage gear like spreader bars and suspension equipment.

Restraints and ties can be used to enhance the power dynamics between partners.  They increase trust and communication, and create thrilling and unforgettable sexual experiences.

Types of Restraints and Ties

There are various types of restraints that cater to different interests and comfort levels.  Some popular options include the following.


These can be made of metal, leather, or fabric and are used to restrict wrist movement.  Handcuffs can be used for simple restraint or incorporated into more complex bondage scenarios.

Ankle Cuffs

Similar to handcuffs, ankle cuffs are designed to restrict movement of the legs.  They can be used in combination with other restraints for more advanced bondage play.


Shibari or rope bondage is an ancient Japanese art form that involves intricate and beautiful knot tying.  Rope can be used for simple or complex restraint scenarios and offers a wide range of possibilities for creative bondage play.

Bondage Tape

This versatile tape sticks only to itself, making it perfect for quick and easy restraint without the risk of damaging skin or hair.

Spreader Bars

These bars are used to keep the legs or arms spread apart.  They expose the wearer and allowing for deeper penetration or more intense stimulation.


Restraint systems used to secure the hands and feet together, typically behind the back.  As such forcing the wearer into a vulnerable and submissive position.

Collars and Leashes

Often worn as a symbol of submission.  Collars can be used to control and guide a partner’s movements during bondage play.

Chastity Devices

These devices restrict access to or arousal of the genitals, further intensifying the power dynamics between partners.

Suspension Equipment

Advanced bondage enthusiasts may explore suspension, where the body is held in the air by ropes or other restraints.

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How to Use Restraints and Ties

When using restraints and ties, it’s essential to prioritize safety and communication.  Discuss boundaries and consent with your partner before engaging in any bondage play.  Establish a safeword that can be used to stop the play immediately if necessary.

Safety Tips for Using Handcuffs and Other Restraints and Ties

  • Always ensure restraints are not too tight, leaving enough space for one finger to fit between the restraint and the skin.
  • Frequently check for any signs of discomfort, numbness, or discoloration, which could indicate a lack of circulation.
  • Have a pair of safety scissors on hand to quickly cut through restraints in case of an emergency.
  • Never leave a restrained partner unattended.

How to Tie Bondage Knots

Learning how to tie secure and safe bondage knots is crucial for enjoyable and safe bondage play.  There are many resources available online, such as instructional videos on YouTube or websites dedicated to Shibari.  These can help you learn and practice various knot-tying techniques.

Best BDSM Restraint and Ties Sex Positions

Incorporating restraints into your sex play can open up a world of exciting and pleasurable positions.  Some popular options include the following.

Spread Eagle

With the wrists and ankles secured to the corners of a bed or other flat surface.  A submissive partner is left exposed and vulnerable for the dominant partner’s pleasure.

Frog Tie

In this position, the submissive partner’s legs are bent and tied to their thighs.  This forces them onto their knees and leaving their genitals exposed.

Chair Tie

A submissive partner is seated in a chair, with their wrists and ankles bound to the chair’s legs or arms.


As mentioned earlier, this position involves securing the hands and feet together, typically behind the back.  This forces the submissive partner into a vulnerable and submissive position.

Choosing the Right Restraints and Ties for You

When selecting restraints, consider your experience level, comfort, and personal preferences.

Beginners may opt for adjustable cuffs made of soft materials like neoprene or faux leather.  While more experienced users might prefer leather or metal cuffs with buckles or lock mechanisms.

If you have sensitivities or ethical concerns, look for vegan-friendly or hypoallergenic options.

Learning Rope Tying and Shibari

If you’re interested in learning the art of rope tying and Shibari, there are numerous resources available to help you get started.  Online tutorials, workshops and classes can be found through websites such as The Dutchy, Rope Sensei, and Shibari Academy.

How To Buy Restraints and Ties, Cuffs

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Handcuffs and restraints were originally designed for preventing a dangerous person from moving which ensured the safety of others. Now handcuffs and restraints are used in bondage roleplaying scenes by lovers and partners who are exploring their sexuality.

What is the Main Purpose?

Their main purpose is to prevent the submissive partner from moving their arms or legs.  This may interrupt a BDSM experience, which is controlled by a trusted dominant partner.

There is now a large range of restraints.  Including collars with leads, handcuffs, ankle restraints, nipple clamps, clitoral clamps, ties, spreaders and hangers.

These restraints can be combined together and used alongside other sex toys.  They might like whips, crops, ticklers or scratchers to create a complete BDSM scene of sensory excitement.

How beautiful and shiny these cuffs are that can be worn around the wrist or ankle.

Look and act like a slave whilst being manacled to your masters delight.

Most couples are unaware that they are already participating in BDSM by holding their lovers arms in the air during foreplay or sex.

For Couples Looking to Make Things Kinkier

Handcuffs and ankles restraints are a great way for people to dip their feet further into the world of BDSM.

These restraints are easy to use and are often first choice BDSM sex toys for most people.  They can also be combined with other products like ticklers or scratchers for sensory excitement.

For dominants who would like their submissive to indulge in comfort choose a material that is softer.  And for a more confined feeling choose a restraint made from harder materials like thick surgical stainless steel.

A submissive can find pleasure in wriggling in their restraints as the dominant partner is in full control of the situation.

Restraints and ties keep the submissive in place with minimal effort from the dominant

This way the dominant can focus all of their attention on the submissive.  There are many restraints and ties available including tape, rope, slings, hogties, binders, spreaders, hangers and handcuffs.

Dominants can definitely get creative that will have their lover begging for more.

It’s About the Look and Feel

The look and feel of the bondage sex toys can create an arousing and sexually charged scene. This is one of the reasons why Kinbaku and Shibari are extremely popular.

Both are used as a decorative and contemporary form of artistic expression which highlights different features of a person’s body.   A submissive person who is restrained is free from making important decisions in the BDSM scene.  This helps them to feel a sense of complete relaxation.

A BDSM scene may be controlled by a trusted dominant who understands the rules surrounding risk aware consensual kink.  In this way the submissive may also feel a sense of safety and security.

BDSM Restraints and Tiew Sex Toys
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Most handcuffs and restraints can be locked with a key where the submissive will have to beg you for their release.

Handcuffs and ankle restraints are made with different closing mechanisms. This is so people can choose a method of bondage that they are most comfortable with.

I’m a Beginner

If you are a beginner you can choose a restraint made with Velcro which can freely be opened and closed.  Or if the look of a steel cuffs is a massive turn on choose one that has a quick release button.

Why not try restraints made with a padlock and key?

Have some bondage fun by handcuffing your lover and hide the key in your clothing.  Make your lover search for the key using only their mouth as their hands are restrained behind their back.

Some couples go to the extent of making holes in walls and ceilings for extreme bondage play.

There are Some Easier Methods

These methods for sexual exploration with restraints and ties can be used to balance, stretch and flex a persons body into many different positions.

As the submissive is restrained, the dominant can do many things to their submissive.  They can use vibrators and masturbators on their lover for orgasm denial.

Use wartenberg pinwheels, spankers and whips on their submissive to deliver pleasurable pain and corporal punishment.

They can even dress their male submissive up in costumes and lingerie for forced feminization.

Why use Restraints and Ties

Have you ever wanted to spread your lovers legs apart and restrain their hands together behind their back or above their heads?  Handcuffs and restraints are the ideal BDSM sex toys to set up your roleplaying scene.

Being bound in luxury can be an incredible treat for a dominant and a submissive.  Handcuffs and ankle restraints allow the dominant to restrain their lover.  And to keep their arms and legs from getting in the way during a BDSM scene.

Spoil your lover in a bondage and submission session specially tailored to both of your sexual desires.

There are many different ways to restrain a lover, but the easiest way is to use luxurious restraints and ties.

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