Love & Sun Moon Lake

Mi and Jael, were two young people who grew up in the same region Nantou County in Tapei, but with Sun Moon Lake between them, they may as well lived countries apart, because they had never met before this day. As as fate would have it today was the day that they would see each other but it certainly wouldn’t be the last, whilst fishing on the opposite side of the lake, Jael happened to see a beautiful young woman washing her shiny, silken long hair in the lake, he had never seen such a striking example of woman hood, in all of his life, her sleek body and perfect skin, made him realize that he was missing out on a lot in life. She looked up at him from under her wet dripping hair at him and simply smiled, such a sweet, innocent smile, Mi was totally unaware that the water cascading down from her ebony locks had made her shirt transparent. Jael could see through the material to the very essence of her, her pert rounded breasts, a hint of her slim body and she the fact that she was totally unaware of the pure power that she held over Jael in that moment, was astounding, she innocently waved to him and walked away, he watched her move, such grace, the sway of her skirt as her legs moved showed Jael, what her figure was underneath the clothes. Jael decided that he wanted her, he had to have her no matter what the cost..

Tapei Lovers
Nantou County


Even though their families lived on opposite sides of Sun Moon Lake, Jael had never seen this beauty ebony haired beauty before and needed to meet her, he wanted to know her, he wanted to talk to her, hell he knew he wanted her, who wouldn’t, however, the stringent protocols of the tribe meant that for there to be a meeting he had to ask the chief of the tribe in front of his parents and Mi’s father. Mi and Jael, were members of the Thao tribe, this clan had lived on the shores of Sun Moon Lake for centuries, women were promised to men by their fathers. Jael learned that Mi was supposed to marry another man, much older and a tribal elder, his important high position, meant that Jael could never have Mi for himself. It was an impossible situation for Jael to imagine Mi with another man, it was unacceptable to him. He had to do something, how could he see her and not want to be with her.

A few days later, Mi was back washing her clothes, at the lakes edge when Jael went to take some fish that he had caught to one of the elders his parents cared for, he walked past her, she smiled and he said ‘hello’.  Mi seemed to be upset and he asked if she was okay, with that she said, “how can I be okay, when I have to marry someone I don’t love,’ she forlornly exclaimed ‘ I don’t want to do this”!

Hhe felt terrible for her, his passion for her was growing and he wanted Mi for himself, he had to do something and soon otherwise it would be too late.

As luck would have it a few weeks later, Jael was on the lake again, it was a cloudy day, with a few showers around, he had been out for a while but hadn’t caught any fish, Jael decided to try another part of the lake, more isolated that no one really went too because of the rocky shore line and inaccessible cliffs above. Whilst he was there the heavens opened, the rain was torrential and the waves started to pick up on the lake. He headed for the shore to try and find shelter, the lightning and thunder were quite frightening. Jael, got out of his boat and ran up the rocky shore, where he found a small cave hidden behind the rocks, he went in absolutely drenched, he took off his clothes, totally unaware that he was not alone.

Further in the back of the cave was Mi, this was her hiding place, a place of safety to get away from the impending marriage and everything that went with it and more importantly, somewhere that her parents didn’t know where to find her. Mi had started a small fire and was cooking some rice over the fire, she looked up after she thought she saw movement at the entrance of the cave, then she saw Jael, she wondered at his incredibly chiselled body, Why do I have to marry an old man she thought when I could have someone like him, a man to love, look after and to give me everything a woman wants.

At that moment, Jael realized that someone was in the cave and he couldn’t believe his luck when his eyes adjusted to the dark and saw Mi.  That the gods had put them together, alone and that there were no elders eyes on them.  With a start he realized he was naked and hurriedly he started to dress as he didn’t want to scare her. He then walked towards her and spoke softly to her, “Hello Mi”, ‘Please sit down’ she replied. He drew a deep breath and thought to himself that if he didn’t ask her to be his woman then and now that it probably wouldn’t happen.

Jael explained to Mi, that he had asked about her, that he wanted her to be his wife, that from the first moment he laid eyes on her he had fallen truely and deeply in love and that all he could think about was her exquisite beauty, Mi was so happy to hear those words from him and told him that she felt the same way.

Jael, swept Mi up in his arms, kissing and loving her, she smelt so good and kissed him with such sweet longing that Jael, couldn’t stop himself he just had to have her, right there and right now, their passion for each other was incredible, hungry lips and hands, were everywhere, clothes were gone and two bodies were entwined on the sandy floor of that cave, Mi had kept herself for marriage, like most girls of the tribe did, but she could not help it her desires were so strong.   The first throes were passionate as Jael slipped his hard and erect penis into her virgin pussy and as he put pressure upon those lips with a small but audible pop and with a gasp Mi’s hymen broke and her virginity was lost forever.  He drove his cock in her and as hi erotic hunger increase so did Mi’s passion and her juicy pussy began quivering and she came and as she climaxed her canal throbbed causing Jael to cum also deep inside her.

They whole act had left Mi thinking how Jael’s throbbing manhood proudly taken her to a place of pleasure and pain that she had never felt before, it was incredible, the feelings that he had given her. When he came, her femininity had clamped around him time and time again, he gave her everything that he had to give her but now her desires had been sparked she wanted more.  She mounted him and he looked up to her in surprise.  She slowly stroked his chest and he began to sigh contently and she then went down on him taking his now erect penis into her mouth.  In her mouth she tasted her own cum and a metallic taste that must have been some of her virgin blood.  It turned her on and she took his cock deep inside her mouth.

Mi then again straddle him and pushed back and began to fuck him hard.  Harder than before bounding up and down on his dick with pure lustful abandon.  Harder and harder making Jael groan in ectasy.  She could feel his cock throbbing inside her and it caused both of the orgasm again together.  She lay down exhausted on his chest and they both drifted off to sleep.

Stormy Weather
Sun Moon Lake Storm


When they awoke it was night outside and the storm had not abated, they wouldn’t be able to get to their respective homes safely, they would have to stay in the cave by themselves for the night Ttime after time that night their passion felt no bounds, it was what they both wanted and needed and they fucked each time like it was the first time.  At one stage during the night, Mi thought, what if I fall pregnant, what do I do, I can’t marry another man, when I have Jael’s baby in me, I want him, his hands and his passionate manhood in me, he has made me a woman, I do not want to be another’s.

But they both knew that at daylight they would have to return to their villages and explain where they had been or did they? Why not runaway together, no one would ever realize that they were together, no one at all, they started talking about how to get away from their tribe, families and the reality that Mi was promised to another. The seriousness of what they had just done, started to sink in, Jael could be stoned for taking such liberties with a promised woman. They had to do something.

Mi didn’t want to go home she wanted to stay in the cave forever, she would have to explain to her parents why she was away from the family hearth for the night without a chaperone. But they had no food left, no hunting tools apart from Jael’s fishing lines and everything that was in the boat. They decided that they would leave for their respective homes early, if Mi was there at first light and explained that she had to seek shelter from the rain and storm, then it should be okay. Jael would say the same to his family and hope that when the opportunity was right that they could be together again soon and perhaps move away together.

When Mi got back to the village, her parents were waiting for her, she explained that she couldn’t get back because of the rain and lightning and amazingly they had no problem with it, they were glad to see her safe, they told her that she would be married in a week’s time, she just wanted to cry, how could an old man give her what she had last night, she wanted Jael. After her father left to go hunting, she asked her mother why did the fathers’ have to choose husbands for their daughters, why couldn’t she chose who she wanted. Her mother explained that it was tradition and it would be a blasphemy on her family if she did not go through with the marriage.

That night as she lay in her little bed, all she could think of was Jael, the love and the passion that they had shared. Why, she thought must I do what I don’t want to do, because I am a woman, I have no rights at all, tears welled up in her eyes, she decided to see Jael again the next day if she could, they had to do something.

Early the next morning, Mi went for a walk around the lake to her cave, Jael was waiting for her, she was so pleased to see him, she wanted the passion that he had given her, it was if she was addicted to that pleasure, once again that cave became their private place, the place where they could express their true feelings and give into their passion for each other. Afterwards, Mi told Jael that she had to go home, immediately, otherwise her parents might get suspicious and she couldn’t risk, them finding out, the consequences for her were just too horrible to think of, Jael told Mi that he would try and work out a plan so that they could be together always.

Fate is an incredible ally, Jael and Mi, didn’t know how lucky they could be, even the weather gods wanted them to be together, because that afternoon another storm whipped up, Jael noticed the village elder that Mi was meant to marry, in his boat, he was on the lake fishing, he wished that he wouldn’t come home, that was the only way that he could have Mi, the rain, thunder and lightning, was the worst that any of the villagers had ever seen, the waves in the lake were incredible. That evening a boat washed up on shore without the elderly fisherman, Jael couldn’t believe his luck, he volunteered to go looking for the elder, whether out of fear that he was still alive or joy to know that he wasn’t we will never know.

On the far shore of the lake not far from Mi and Jaels’ love cave, Jael found the elder, he was weak but still alive, Jael told the elder as he lay struggling for breath that he loved Mi and that he wanted her for himself, Jael expressed his horror that something so vibrant, young and sexy, could be promised to an old man.  That he could not give her the passion and pleasure that she deserved, that Mi’s sheer beauty was something to be appreciated by a younger virile man.

Blinded by anger the elder lunged up at Jael and tried to fight him, struggling for breath he had no hope, Jael laughed at him and told him that he had already tasted Mi’s passion, over and over again, the elder didn’t believe Jael, his rage grew wilder and wilder, Jael told the elder that he would not be going home alive and that he would not be marrying Mi. Jael watched the man just lay there his breaths were ragged, hopefully he would just die and then he could have Mi for himself. The elder though however seemed to be gaining strength and the love and passion for Mi overcame him and he plunged the elders head into the lake.  The elder struggled but after a while the struggling died down and the elder had drowned in the Sun Moon Lake.

Sun Moon Funeral
Thao Tribe Funeral


Jael returned the elders body to the Mi’s tribe.  The tribe thanked me for finding the body and allowing them to give him a proper Budhist burial.  They asked him what they could do to reward him.  He asked for the hand of Mi in marriage.  His request was granted and as the wedding had already been arranged for the following week between the elder and Jael – and Jael was the person responsible for finding and bringing back the elder for a proper burial it was thought fitting that the wedding should go ahead as planned with Jael as the substitute groom.

Mi and Jael were married a week later and instead of going to their new home for their first night together to consummate their marriage, they went to their cave, where the passion that they had previously shared, came again and again.They would no longer have to love in secrecy or not show their affection for each other, because they were now together forever, 8 and a half months later months later their first child was born … a son, they believed that was as a result of the first night of exquisite passion in the cave but no one in the village suspected anything.

Jael to this day has never told a soul that he committed murder to be with his beloved.







Sex Diary: The Ex’s Nickname System Part 3

Fireman Carrying Ladder Photo

…Continued from Part Two….. I’m almost ashamed to go on but alas there are more sex stories and they’re certainly of more interest to be told than left to float around in my head as memories.


A broad-shouldered fireman who put up with my drunken antics before I finally shoved him down the hall to the bedroom. Smokey had an irritated cough and as a nursing undergraduate, I immediately identified that it didn’t sound good. “All good” he said as we got down to business. Afterwards as we slept the alcohol off, he coughed regularly and his voice became hoarser throughout the night. As the night went on, it sounded more and more serious.

All hail the morning wood and away we went at it again which was fine enough up until the condom broke. Well, crap! That means a trip to the chemist for emergency contraception and then off to the sexual health clinic. It happens. I dropped him at the train station on the way to the chemist, he promised to be in contact. Needless to say I didn’t expect to hear from him again.

Three days later he rang to ask if I had been okay after the emergency contraception. I noticed he wasn’t coughing so much anymore. It was then he told me that he’d actually had face mask crack whilst he was on duty as a fireman earlier that day and had inhaled enough smoke to cause serious irritation to his lungs. He’d collapsed at the train station and had to be rushed to the hospital. Smokey spent 24 hours in intensive care being helped to breathe. When one inhales enough smoke to require hospitalization and then disappear like a puff of smoke, it’s a certain inevitability you’ll be christened Smokey. Props to him for his performance given that he had serious issues breathing. A true hero fireman.


He was a lover of my girlfriend. His actual name was Leonard and he had an Austrian heritage with a mildly complicated sounding surname. Over drinks one night I asked if he would pay a visit any time soon. Kissy was confused as to who I referred to and in an attempt to sound his surname out, I hadn’t been able to remember his first name I managed to slur out loud “Linkenbrinkenfingertrickter”. I christened him with a name that gave fits of hysterical laughter, it was guaranteed to stick and it did.


Man Using Wii Photo
Photo: Man Using Wii – Sex Diary: The Ex’s Nickname System Part 3


Hook Boy

This delightful young gentleman graced my bedroom one night, nudged on by my girlfriend who said “Go on, let loose and enjoy yourself. Give a youngen a try”. You see, I’m not entirely fond to bed partners much younger than myself. Unlike my girlfriends who like to train and mould an enthusiastic younger lover, I’m not so keen after I had less than wonderful experiences previously. Hook Boy did not change my mindset.

He was exuberant and gets a thumbs up for that but it was steadily downhill from there. Hook Boy proved to be quite lacklustre when it came to foreplay and intercourse. He gave me an experience akin to me masturbating out of boredom where I’m just going through the motions. After I brought him to orgasm quickly with intercourse Hook Boy proclaimed “I’ll finish you off!”. “Okay, here goes nothing” I thought as he shoved two fingers inside me. I could not have imagined the horror that was about to go down as he proceeded to finger bang me. Suddenly I felt this claw that scrapped, yanked and pulled at my insides. “Ummm, excuse me, but what the hell do you think you’re doing there?!” I yelped as I tried to pull myself away. With a proud grin Hook Boy replied “Stimulating your G-Spot” as he attempted to continue. No… no… NO! That is no way to stimulate a G-Spot. It was now game over. I thanked him for his time and showed him the door.

Imagine for a moment what it feels like to have your internal organs pulled out of your body via your nether regions with a piece of barbed wire fashioned into a crude hook. You’re about close to what this sensation felt like. And that is how he became known as Hook Boy.

Wii Man

Around the time of the release of the Nintendo Wii when the console was still a novelty a new lover paid a visit to Kissy’s house. After the standard ‘break the ice’ beverage Kissy leaned over with a wink and whispered “So what would you like to get up to now?”. Wii Man pointed over at the Nintendo Wii and told her he’d like to play that for a while as it looked like fun. As Kissy sat there bewildered he asked “Do you have the ten pin bowling game?” Kissy set the console up and booted up the requested game. An hour of play later she lost her patience and told Wii Man in no uncertain terms that if he planned to continue to use his fingers on a remote instead of on her then it was time for him to leave. The penny finally dropped for Wii Man and they proceeded to get down to business. Kissy admitted the next morning that while he may have been good with the angle and power in the game, in real life it was all gutter balls.


About the author: Alicia is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres








Adult Vlog Interview With Chaney Cox The Rabbit Company

The Adultsmart Vlog was lucky enough to catch up and have a chat with Chaney Cox Brand Manager for the Rabbit Company a new and exciting sex toy company moving forward in leaps and bounds specializing in rabbit vibrators.  Have a listen to what she has to say –


Chaney says the company is taking a new concept and making it better.  From the company press

‘The Rabbit Company is the home of the Classic Rabbit Vibrator, Rotating Rabbit Vibrator, G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator, Beaded Rabbit Vibrator and Vibrating Rabbit Ears. All our Rabbit Vibrators are feature hypoallergenic, non-porous materials, FDA-approved velvety finishes, and incredible power. We include two powerful motors for independent shaft and rabbit vibration, and the USB rechargeable batteries offer up to an amazing 8 hours of run time! Are you ready for a REAL Rabbit?’

Caring For Rabbit Vibrator
Rabbit Vibrator Care



Review: Shots Toys Hiky

Shots Toys Hiky Photo

Hiky. The sex industry’s version of regifting a poorly thought out present in nicer wrapping paper.

Way back when the technology of clitoral suction was new, we had Womaniser and Satisfyer Pro 2. In all the chaos of the release of those products we overlooked the conquest by Shots Toys (you’ve probably seen it, it’s the little hair dryer looking toy on your tester stand). It was loud, battery operated and it just all round kinda sucked and not the way shots toys really wanted it to. Shots Toys have obviously recognised this and released Hiky which is a much nicer looking unit than Shot Toys The Conquest and the other suction devices out there.

The packaging looks like it’ll be a nice product, it isn’t discrete and I am doubtful anyone would use it for storage because it’s flimsy as. It has a pretty inaccurate blurb on the back, it states this product well overwhelm me with what? That it is compact and travel friendly: I don’t know where they got that idea from as it is rather large for its kind at 8.1 inches in length. The box contains just a charger and the product, there is no satin bag… what a riiiippppppp. I like the silicone coating on Hiky it’s silky and draggy all at once. Being silicone it is a bit of a lint magnet but its water resistance which makes it pretty easy to rinse the insertable end off and the cap can be taken off to wash. I also really hate the colours they come in weird eggplant purple, charcoal and the red is an absolute delight. I have eggplant but red is definitely my favourite. The colours are as sombre and morose, reflective of my feelings towards Hiky.

There’s a tonne of suction devices out on the market but Shots Toy’s Hiky has set itself apart by adding the option of vibrations. It’s dual-ended so you can use the vibrations on the suction end or the tapering handle as an insertable or external vibe.  The whole unit is ABS plastic covered in silicone, it’s really solid toy.

Basically, the pros of this product are:

  • Glorified shots toys conquest
  • Pretty OK vibes
  • Rechargeable
  • Body safe silicone
  • Actually quiet

I found it arduous to find positives with this product although everything I dislike about it is minor. I absolutely think the shape is less than well thought out as when in use it sticks straight up I feel like I am using a teeny tiny Fleshlight for ladies. I did not find it ergonomic or comfortable whatsoever when using the suction end. To get a good seal you need to apply the correct amount of pressure and balance. If Hiky is held in the wrong spot, gets top heavy and tiresome rather quickly.

Shots Toys Hiky Photo
Sex Toy: Shots Toys Hiky – Review


Insight into my life:

If I am using a toy it means two things

  1. I’m in a hurry and I’m already late or
  2. I ‘can’t be fucked’ literally I am feeling so lazy I just wanna rest my arm on myself and hold something there until I’m finished.

Hiky made me work rather hard.

Moving on to the next issue, what the hell is with the buttons? They are LITERALLY SO FRUSTRATING! Here I am undies around my knees (because the device is huge and I have to hold it vertically from my body) jamming at these buttons, the lights are flashing but nothing is turning on. I found the fact the on/off button still needed to be held down for 5 + seconds for it to even light up or turn the product off. It was completely idiotic and actually rendered the button useless. There is also an “A” button for suction and two vibration buttons that control each end, you also have to hold these down for 5 + seconds before anything happens. Shots call it intuitive because the functions are controlled independently; in most cases, I would agree this is an amazing feature but on this product, I found it unnecessary and disappointing. For a product that has so many functions at the very least, I would have expected a quick stop on/off button rather than the 5-second hold down.

Congratulations you have now wasted 15 seconds!! But after that you can finally attempt to masturbate. I don’t think I’m anatomically correct for Hiky, It just didn’t fit me well I didn’t appreciate how large the silicone mouth was and how I had to position my body to use it. From using the Satisfyer Pro 2 and Penguin, I had a high standard set and hoped Hiky could become the new clit-overlord with its added intensity of vibes but alas I was wrong. The vibes overpowered the suction sensation and confused my body. The vibration does not provide any stimulation where I need or want it too, it just dances around the boy in the boat and angers him. The suction end is now dubbed the doughnut of disappointment (DOD).  Their website suggests you use Hiky with lube (I went with my all time favourite water based lube Intimate Organics Defense) for me it made zero difference. I think for those looking to build a better seal it would be a great idea to throw a drop of lube into the mix. I tried without the vibration but the suction was too gentle as I couldn’t get it to fit. To the Hikys credit the suction is quite powerful, I used it on my lip for a laugh. This toy would be perfect for those who are into nipple play.

I refuse to do a totally negative review and I refused to let Hiky stand in my way of a good time. I look for the best in people and vibrators, Hiky had its faults but I discovered its secret talent – DUAL MOTORS! I turned Hiky into a makeshift We-Vibe Wish by turning the DOD end to the fourth setting which provides a sort or wavy, pulsey and heartbeaty pattern. Then I turned the insertable end on the highest setting which nailed it. I wouldn’t insert this if you paid me the clean-up of the four shitty buttons alone can go to hell and there’s barely any curve, I couldn’t disappoint any more erogenous zones for this review.

As you can tell I didn’t find Hiky an enjoyable experience but it shouldn’t deter people from buying it, as stated, I feel my body was ill-shaped and I don’t enjoy having my legs on either corner on the bed to fit a product. But what shots has tried to do here is respectable and commendable they have taken a product that is quickly saturating the sex-toy market and tried to give it a bit of extra oomph by making it a product that looks and feels high end with vibration. Hiky has its place with other Satisfyer and Womaniser products, it just doesn’t have a place in my sex toy box.

About the author: Amy is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres




Review: Romant Couple

Romant Couple Vibrator Photo

The moment I got home I decided to check out the vibrations on this baby, the Romant Couple. Let me tell you, bug-eyed with a big smile, I got pretty excited once I turned this smooth operator on. I would easily put this and other rechargeable toys from the Romant range up there on the throne of the powerful vibrators with gusto which is in my opinion *Singing Christina Aguilera in my head* what a girl wants, what a girl needs.


Twitter Face Photo
Photo: Twitter Face


Looking at my partner Josh and telling him we will be reviewing this product not only for anal, vaginal penetration but I think this is a great toy for those like myself that enjoy double penetration too. Well safe to say Josh’s jaw dropped with excitement when I announced that we would be doing all this and then some lol. I think he may love my job more than I do if that’s even possible!

The Couple comes in a pretty hot pink and groovy purple colour, with a little charge which helps us in Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres when demonstrating the product to customers, but once fully charged it can last more than 2 hours, depending on the vibration mode you use. Ample time for a lengthy session with yourself or a partner, without dying awkwardly in the act! Being USB rechargeable and 100% waterproof constructed of Medical Grade Silicone and ABS interior, you can use the Couple in the shower, pool, bath or spa for a different scene and experience too! For those interested in the sound of the Couple, it only reaches 49dB (decibels) it also means it’s quiet but the soft noise doesn’t hinder the vibration power in any way.

With the Couple’s ridges and bumps displayed in the most sensitive inner parts of the toy, particularly the cock ring intensifies the vibrations at the base of the shaft and the balls while also being slightly weighted at the base, the whole toy weighs 350 grams though so not ridiculous weight. The dimensions of the Couple are handsomely 188mm (L) x 82.5mm (W) x 78mm (H) which is something to get excited about, if you, like me enjoy a sizeable length and girth! The cock ring base is also great for those guys that like the feel of pressure without having a completed ring being too tight for their overall girth and obstruction during the most intimate moments.

Romant Couple Vibrator Photo
Sex Toy: Romant Couple in Purple – Review


This would also appeal to those that enjoy femme domination as the weighted pressure can also act as a beginner’s control weight training feature too!

The shaft of the vibrator has spaced ripples on the underside, creating an awesome sensation on its own but teamed with some added arousal oil or warming/cooling lubricant to heighten overall sensitivity, it made feeling those ripples increasingly intense with every thrust. The rest of the probe is smooth and seamless which makes for incredibly easy insertion particularly for anal.

Touching on anal a little more, this is not a beginner’s toy for back door action, I would class this due to size and length as an intermediate to advanced toy for anal penetration and play, as the tip is akin to some of our more bulbous butt plugs that we stock which for a beginner and may be a little daunting to those just wanting to get started. However not to fear!! Teamed with an excellent anal water-based lube and some extra anal advice from our friendly and intuitive staff on pleasurable and serious anal preparation this can easily sway a beginner to comfortably purchase this toy, I managed to do this so anything is possible!

The functionality of the Couple is quite versatile, I managed to use the couple, shaft facing upward and downward. Think of it this way, using the couple pointed down (function buttons facing upward) would be great for gay users as the bulb tip would point toward the P-spot (prostate) during anal, in this position the cock ring would be attached to the shaft of the other male user with the tapered ends softy tickling the connective tissue between the shaft and scrotum.

Romant Couple Photo
Photo: Romant Couple in Pink – Review


Turning this product upside down and if inserted vaginally, the curved underside of the probe acts as a very effective G-spot stimulator teamed with those strong vibes to massage and awaken the areas that will definitely send you into outer space and orbit for a while after. I tried the Couple solo too and well, there was one point I had a tug-of-war with it as my kegel muscles decided to give the Couple a snuggle hug and not to let go! Fear not I managed to get it out! Clearly my vagina says yes to the Couple! I personally loved the cock ring as a ring pull, I found it very easy to control having this at the base. Hell, you could even use the cock ring as a bracelet to have your fingers free to fondle the magical clitoris and get even more “BANG” for your buck… literally!

The vibrations were that good it actually caused me to tighten internally with the kegel muscles. So another plus on the selling point meaning if there is a guy on the other end of this toy, he can choose to wear the cock ring or not while performing double penetration. He is completely free to thrust as hard, soft, fast and slow as he wants without obstruction while it is nestled in vaginally and ‘hands-free’. With DP, this is a massive boost in stimulation for both users. The straight and patterned vibrations to a total of 7 modes, that can be felt through the whole area (anal and vaginal) there would be no problem using the Couple to get to climax at the same time either with the almost effortless overall use of the Couple and it’s vibration intensity is definitely a love gun that you want to mess with.

In missionary position for DP, if the Couple is inserted anally with the power buttons facing the floor the curved probe will be pointing up pushing against the vagina which will make vaginal intercourse much more snug and tighter without resorting to tightening creams and serums, and at the same time getting that extra buzz to push the limits which will make a new experience for both users. Switching the Couple around (still anally) the probe is now facing the spine. The Couple will be tickling all the lower back area which in fact is part contributor to an intense orgasm as the nerves are being stimulated for total lower torso stimulation. If you’ve ever had a true orgasm, you’ll know what I mean! Once the spinal nerves are triggered along with the G-spot you’ll wanna use this toy every… single… time! Your own personal spinal tap!

The tip of the probe could easily be used for clitoral or perineal (gooch) stimulation too, although the most sensitive part of the clitoris is the central most part, it takes massaging and stimulating that whole area as the clitoris is connected to the labia and internally to the Urethra which means the Couples wider surface area at the tip should cover all of this. For the Perineum, stimulating this area with the Couple is really beneficial to first-time pregnant women. Stimulating the Perineum assists with lower chances of Perineal tearing, Episiotomy or perineotomy (surgery for tearing from child birth) so another target audience if you discover the customer is expecting their first child.

I honestly can’t fault this sex toy, since using it and learning much more about it I have sold quite a few now confidently and it really has made me more inclined to recommend the brand Romant to our customers in general as a really great toy. All Romant toys come with standard 1 year warranty, they’re affordable, well made and an excellent all-rounder toy.


About the author: Bree is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres




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