Being Bound and Dominated By My Wife!

Man Wearing A Chastity Device

Wife BDSM Fantasy

I am one of those men who have been fantasizing about getting bound and dominated by my wife. I love being her slave; I love calling her my Mistress, my Goddess! I love that feeling of submission that clouds my mind and whole body whenever I am requesting her to unlock my Ridem Tiger so that I can go get a shower. It is a feeling that makes me orgasm!

Before I bought my first male chastity device, I longed to be locked, loved and owned by my Wife, and when I acquired it she also started enjoying satisfying my long-time fantasy. She loved that I have had such a feeling. My Ridem Tiger has helped our sexual life a lot by bringing us closer intimately. Wearing My Male Chastity Device causes more sexual arousal for my wife!  Whenever I am wearing my Caged Dragon or Ridem Tiger all day long, it means that I actually get more sexually aroused for my Wife because my mind always returns to the holder of my key; my Mistress; my Goddess!

Each and every time I visit the washrooms and see the lock-up on my genital area, I am reminded of why my body belongs to my wife. The male chastity device is a constant reminder of my obligations to my wife; I never forget about her at any one moment during the day. These few years I have been wearing this device, I have been able to appreciate my wife and the pleasures she gives to my body whenever we are together, even more! I have completely stopped masturbating. Before I started using my male chastity devices, I was so addicted to masturbation. This frustrated my wife a lot when she discovered my addiction. She always complained why I was doing this yet she always tried to pleasure me as much as possible. So, when we decide to buy my Caged Dragon, stopping masturbation was one of the things we discussed.  At first, I would get very frustrated on being unable to touch myself as I had been used to. But with time I was able to appreciate the importance of stopping this addiction and it slowly left my mind.

Ridem Tiger Chastity Device

My Chastity Device does not really restrict my erection. Getting aroused is not really important at all when I am wearing a male chastity device. But erections are natural, and when hormones are stirred up, the penis will just get erect naturally. In fact, we wear chastity devices primarily to avoid doing what we can do when an erection happens! That is the reason why I wear a device that is always comfortable enough not to severely restrict my penis if – and when – a natural erection occurs my Caged Dragon or Ridem Tiger does not make me feel pain or any much discomfort whenever I get aroused. The cages are made in such a way as to allow an erection to push it away from my body because the root of my penis remains outside the cage.

Regular wearing of a Male Chastity Device gives me Better Control over my body. Regular wearing of a male chastity device and experiencing less orgasms over time means has mentally tuned me to have a better control over my other erogenous zones like the neck, nipples, ears, balls and even the anus. Trying to maintain chastity through orgasm denial has helped me become a more tender, more sensitive, more considerate and more passionate lover.

When Wearing My Chastity Device, I have discovered that My Penis is not the only thing that matters!  I have been able to gain a better appreciation that my penis is not the only thing necessary for good sex. I have learnt to enjoy the pleasures of my own body without necessarily having an orgasm or a direct touch to my penis. I have been able to become a better lover to my Wife by discovering whole new ways to excite and arouse her body. Overall, I have discovered how my pleasure is found in my Wife’s pleasure. Pleasuring and pleasing my woman has been my ultimate reward; a reward that has earned me a lot of release and even helped me orgasm at times!

My Male Chastity Devices have helped me become more productive.  Since I started using the Ridem Tiger and the Caged Dragon, I have been able to control my feelings in such a way that I do not waste a lot of my time, money and energy with other women like I used to doi before. This is not because I am only restricted from doing so but because my mind has been accustomed to only think of my Mistress and Goddess, the holder of the key to my bondage!   Whenever I travel out of town for business transactions; I only think of my Wife whenever I get aroused. And when I am back home, I can’t wait to make love to my wife!

Dragon Chastity Device

I have no bad reactions which are allergic whatsoever which is why I really love wearing my male chastity devices! If you find your skin becomes irritated you can frequently use lubricants around the cock ring to help keep these device’s from producing to much friction against your body. Your body will eventually get used to using the device’s. It will make you pride about your self control and you will start to behave like a grown up man while releasing maximum sexual potential on your partner. As a partner there is no more need for you to engage in oral sex with him. He will be quite happy about the release of his sexual tension. He will play with your body and tease you with a stronger and harder erection that will satisfy you till you fall asleep in your bed. Its important that you measure your male chastity device correctly and you will be in wonder when your friends compliment you about your attentive and wonderful partner. They will be jealous of your committed and strong relationship.

Once you have locked your partner’s penis with a chastity device he will become more helpful in and outside of your relationship. He will be at your service at any time of the day. He will know that the only way to release his penis is to please you. It is very nice to keep him away from the nasty and badly sexual relations with masturbation and enjoy him as much as you like. Are you interested in cuckolding?



My Erections Last Longer When Wearing A Penis Plug!

Albert Plug

When I married my wife three years ago, my expectations were similar to what other men anticipate; a lovely, lively, and unrivaled sexual experience. Everything appeared to be on course until the end of the first year when my wife started accusing of me of under-performance. Everything slid from bad to worse as I became unable to sustain an erection. For a period of one year, I passed through what I would refer to as hell until I discovered The Prince Albert Penis Plug with Glans Ring. This is my favorite male sex toy because it has rejuvenated my relationship completely.

The toy is a steel rod of 110 mm length and a ring of 35 mm. The toy requires you to slide the entire length into the urethra canal to generate utmost medical sex play. While the mere sliding and special feeling always leaves men feeling uneasy about trying this toy, I can attest to its effectiveness. Though I was equally skeptical, I gave it a trial and I have never regretted. When I got used to the insert able stainless steel in the urethra, it gave me a magical sensation that I have never gotten elsewhere. Here is the reason I hold to this toy so dearly.

First, the toy has helped me to have a longer lasting and more effective erection. While men usually have a single climax during an intercourse, women are generally wild and can experience multiple climaxes. If you fail to deliver this, chances are that you might be headed for trouble. The toy helped me to be able to hold an erection for a long time. After getting used to it, my wife was wondering what happened because I could blow her off her feet with multiple climaxes. Because of this, having sex has become explosive and mind blowing. She makes sure to prepare herself properly and have adequate interplay because I can give her multiple climaxes when the penis is still hard enough for more.


Feet Under Blankets

When the penis plug is inserted into the penis, it helps to draw attention of the entire body to the penis. Like many sex therapists indicate, sexual satisfaction is a game of the mind. The design of my favorite male sex toy is unique because it creates special cohesion especially of the penile muscles and entire pelvic system. This focus and concentration creates even greater harmony with other parts of the body. After using the plug my wife indicates that I feel like a monster and hard like a rock. In her words, she points that it is this sense of inferiority that she was looking for in our marriage.

Even though many people often find it difficult to convince their spouses to adopt toys, I found The Prince Albert Penis Plug with Glans Ring easy. Though this was driven by my relationship at the beginning which appeared headed to the rocks, I hold a different opinion. My ring could have worked even if my relationship was still okay. The toy helps a man perfect the art of keeping the penis hard and delivering great play. Whether you have just gotten your first girlfriend or you are married for many years, think of this toy and you will never regret it. Your woman will cling to you because the sexual experience she will get is immeasurable. Listed below are three things The Prince Albert Penis Plug brings to the table:

  • Style:

Penis Plugs act as a piece of jewelry for the penis. They are beautifying fittings. Penis fittings can emulate the look and style of having a punctured penis, they can offer a portion of the same advantages that men find when they do get penetrated. The great piece of fittings, in any case, is that they can be evacuated rather than left for all time.

  • Sensations:

Penis plugs and urethral sounds will take sensations to an all new level. Since these attachments deal with the nerve endings and make them more delicate, they work to blast away  run of the mill sexual experiences. Masturbation and oral sex while wearing a fitting will feel more prominent and much more fulfilling than they ordinarily do. These emotions alone are a reason that numerous individuals like to wear the fittings.

  • Sensation:

Since the fittings are empowering the nerve endings inside the penis, they elevate your sensations and yearnings.

Using penis plugs is an individual choice. When you have concluded this is something you want to attempt it is vital to locate the right one. You have a few alternatives including enhancing cock plugs and even those that incorporate male chastity devices.


How I Drop-Ship Adult Products In Australia!

Business Women Stockist

Xsales Australia is offering ways to make money using adult products that are drop shipped by the company. Selling sex toys and hot lingerie online is a good and profitable business. The products sell very well over the internet, since the majority of customers prefer their privacy and comfort of shopping from their homes. But how can one start a business without a large investment? The traditional method would require that you find a local supplier, purchase thousands of products to have in stock and store the items in a warehouse. Then you would have to sell them through a local shop or directly to customers. This is different though with the internet. When selling online you are only dealing with setting up a website and payment processing. To say the least this will not cost as much as a local business if done right. All that is needed is that the re-seller is at least 18 years of age and they can start earning by reselling the adult products within New Zealand or Australia.  I have started earning from reselling products from Xsales Australia, I have an online shop on Facebook and this is where clients send their orders.

There are a lot of sex shops out there, however since the aim is to make a sale and get profits. I have turned to Xsales products because they are the largest adult product wholesaler I know, not only that I believe that they are the best adult wholesale store in the entire country.  Using my experience, I can say that the company is able to assist retailers like me. I was given a chance to achieve higher profit margin. The company offers premium products at prices that re lower than most competitors, making them attractive as business partners. So why should you choose for a drop shipping service? Well let’s take Xsales for example. Xsales I a great sex toys drop shipping company that is based online and includes everything that you need to get started. Xsales will include a domain name, a full feature eCommerce website, pre-loaded products and contents and will manage and maintain your website and customer support. Most importantly, your adult business is fully setup and ready to run when you receive it.

Dropshipper Diagram

I have been reselling items for more than 3 years now, and have found that the communication between Xsales and me the re-seller, like me is good. They have been able to maintain a good exchange of information; they listen to what I want, and what my clients want making it easier for me to have business dealings with them.  Orders are processed fast; this enables me to reach my target number of consumers for the month. There are very rare instances, where the products have arrived late.

They also have a huge inventory, there is no fear that I will be humiliated because I am not able to supply my clients what they need. If there are any damages on the product, there is a process that could be used in order to discuss it with the marketing team in order to get the item replaced. This type of business ethics is what has convinced me to stay with them for 3 years and beyond that. There have also been times, where I was awarded with discounted items, due to the advantage shopping on-line benefits that they are providing. I make money online using this simple process, it has enabled me to earn a decent living while doing it part time.

Xsales Company will eliminate any technical and financial requirements to the minimum. If you intend to run a business and sell sex toys or hot lingerie, this is the way to go. Xsales will keep the stock for you and will send out any to your customers any orders on behalf of you. So basically the drop shipping service that they offer is a supply chain management method in which a wholesaler offers their products to retailers like you on an as needed basis at wholesale prices. The wholesaler then, in this case Xsales will send the products directly to your customers whenever you make a sale and they will do so using your company’s name and details. You as a retailer you will have benefit from not having to pay upfront prices for buying stock and storing inventory, which in turn can save you thousand of dollars each month.


XSales Sex Adult Drop Shipper

Personally you will see all the retailer benefits on a monthly basis. You have the chance to work in a work from home business, with less money and hassle free. By having more time you can promote your business or design your own marketing that will attract new customers. In the online business, a retailer and a wholesaler can benefit from the cooperation of each other. Each has its benefits and with the rise of internet shopping nowadays, starting a business online has become a wiser choice.  You only have to pay for goods that you have sold and already collected the money from – so there is no outlay for goods.

What I did first was familiarize myself with the Shipping and Returns information of Xsales, after following the rules and regulations that the company has stated. I began starting my online sex shop. In order to be able to attract more customers I created a blog that tackled a number of issues that are related with sex.   The blog talked about general topics, but also included tips on how couples can spice up their sex life. I have then started reviewing products on Xsales  and have gone on explaining how the items are used and if they are effective or not.

Since Xsales Australia does not allow re-sellers use their logo, I have registered a new local company name to avoid confusion among customers. Choose them to be your sex toys drop shipping company that will offer its services and you will see that you will run a business in record time. Get ready to make some money.





7 Benefits of Dating A MILF!

Woman Red Dress

That rare breed of age and beauty, which so often draws out the passion and desires in all men. There is nothing more attractive and arousing than a hot mom. Well, to be honest i am kind of a perv with my many MILF desires when it comes to them. I have always wanted to have them in every way possible. I prefer MILFs than women my own age because MILFs have a wide range of benefits including:

Attractive MILF

  • Economic stability and providence is always at the heart and core foundation of every relationship. It is why young ladies are always referred to as gold diggers to their professional attributes of first determining the net worth of a man before engaging in a binding relationship. It is this iceberg reason that first serves as a turn off to me yet am still due to leave the hustling era. In turn, I find solace in MILFS who are economically stable and are not able to take what money I have been saving
  • Experience definitely plays a pivotal role in my choice of a perfect woman. Young ladies love attention and the easiest way to achieve this is by being drama queens. I view this as a high notion of inexperience and immaturity. Older ladies are normally more reserved in the way the act, talk and dress. It is this level of modesty that serves as a turn on for me.
  • Neatness is an attribute that can never be overlooked by any man who is looking for a lady. The higher percentage of girls my age do not meet my neatness level standards. Most are normally preoccupied with beautification activities instead of other neatness issues. Nowadays it is not wonder to confuse a girls room with that of boy since the neatness part that was in the past regarded as a lady’s sixth sense, is now fast getting replaced by other petty issues.
  • Most movies and media nowadays are the main society drivers. I can’t blame myself for now preferring older women due to what I’ve seen and heard from various forms of media. After what I believe in after watching these movies, I for sure would not go for a lady my age since I’ve found them quite irresponsible. Adventure is always at the back of my mind.
  • I would not mind going out with an older woman since I perceive them to be better in bed. Nothing has me going than a lady who has proven skills in bed. Coincidentally, older women come fully packed for these sorts of needs. An older woman is the epitome of all that maturity has to offer and finding a girl my age with that personality is next to impossible.
  • It is the confidence that an older woman has towards approach of issues that I look out for most. Am moved when a woman approaches me rather when I always have to do the hunting. It this simple principle in which I’ve come to note that older women have majored on. She always goes for what attracts her and is not deterred by any barriers that society seems to have put up.
  • MILFS always come around with independence aura around them. It not the material stuff that makes them hunters, rather it’s the masculine body sculptor that interests them. With this, I would rather go for an older woman who is more inclined to my physical attributes rather than a girl my age, who is looking for another paternal figure in the name of a lover.

So whether you agree with me or not that MILFs are more attractive than silly teenagers you have to say that there are some definite advantages with dating a woman with a few year and miles under her belt.  Give it a try!! You never know what you might learn!SSave



An Affair With My Best Friend’s Mum

House Wife Watering

I didn’t ever think having an affair would be something I’d find myself doing. I didn’t think I was that type of person. I already feel awkward writing about this. I think we all have that one thing that we would all prefer just swept under the carpet and just forget about it. But it appears I’m the type of person who put’s it all over the internet, I guess I just really have to talk about it. I can for sure blame it on the devil and circumstances as I honestly had no intentions of getting entangled in a relationship frenzy with my best friends mother and it has for sure been that dark cloud hanging over my head ever since.

Tony and I met when I was twenty, right after we moved to their neighborhood and we instantly became friends. I became best friends with Tony pretty quickly. His mom was a single mother and was quite outgoing, this actually meant that we would hang a lot at their place; more so, the mum was also fun to be around. I unknowingly became more of a family member than just a friend. It soon turned out to me the his mother was becoming quite attracted to me can attribute it to the effects of her being a single mum. I could openly notice this just by the way that she behaved when I was around the house, she could do some small but very noticeable things that not just any mum would do for her sons best friend.


Lingerie MILF on Floor

I found her always glancing over at me when I was hanging out with Tony. She seemed to stare at my lightly muscular muscles and my tall body frame.  She was quite shy about it, always blushing and acting awkward when I caught her staring. I found myself wanting her to stare at me more and more. I loved the attention, and I found it interesting why she found me attractive. She looked at my hair and she appeared to really love it when I smiled. I found her offering me drinks and asking if I could help her out around the house. I really didn’t mind doing the extra chores.

Sooner than I had expected we started chatting but at this time it was more of how am doing and how my day was, just some plain generally stuff; however, at one point Tony seemed to notice this when his mother would call me to ask about him rather than call him, but at this point there wasn’t much going on so there was actually nothing to feel guilty about. Trouble brewed when he moved to a different town about six hundred miles away after landing a job and that’s when all hell broke loose. The mum now was way too lonely to contain herself and she insisted on me being around the house and helping her with some petty errands here and there.

Things got totally serious but I cannot wholly blame it on the mom as I was also physically and emotionally attracted to her. She was in her early forties and was beautiful to say the least more so she had taken extra attention in keeping her body young .The affair just took off like a rocket from honest flirting to frequent sensual escapades. She would invite me in especially on Sunday evenings when she knew there was no possibility of Tony popping in unannounced and things always culminated into sexual encounters that would end up with me spending the night at her place. Things ;however, took a different turn when my girlfriend started noticing a change in my behavior. As much as I was still very much attracted to her it would just turn out that I was unavailable as most of the free times I would find a reason to sneak away to Angela’s home .

Guilt got the best of me and I decided to end the relationship without waiting any longer. Tony doesn’t have an idea of what happened as at now and I would just honestly state that getting into a relationship with your Best Friends Mother is the worst thing you can ever do.