Minna Ola Sex Toy Review – Oh La La!!

After finding many sex toys troublesome when it comes to couple’s sex play, the group behind the Minna Ola set out to design the world’s first adjustable vibrator.  Meet Ola, the name inspired by the exclamation “Ooh-La-La!”  An innovative sex toy so it will be great to do a Minna Ola Sex Toy Review and see what the buzz is.

Minna Ola lets you explore different areas of your sexual erogenous zones that prompt an exciting time.  What’s more, knowing all the more about what your body finds pleasurable and what satisfies it frequently means better sex.

Minna Ola customizes your experience according to your personal body rhythms and the strength of your touch. It’s so intuitive that it puts even an Apple iPhone to shame!

Award Winning Minna Ola

Being reasonably new on the sex toy scene, the Ola has won various sex toy awards.  Most notably as the main sex toy to win a Spark Awards for Design Excellence.

It’s molded like the best G-spot vibrators with a bit delicate squishy side toward one side.  On that same end there are two controls.  One is littler and the other is bigger. You press the littler one to turn it on and it vibrates one, a few times to tell you how charged it is.

At last somebody is handling the overall horrendous issue of vibrators using up batteries while you’re utilizing it.

It’s A Smart Cookie!!

So then you can push the squishy part with varying speeds and modes and the vibrator reacts by vibrating at the same time at distinctive intensities. In the event that you press the greater control it will flash. At that point you “tap” in an example, hold up and the thing rehashes the example back to you!!

Science! What’s more, it continues to do it back to you until you tap another example in. In the event that you press the huge control it secures the example and that way you can embed the squishy side of it into you.

Minna ola sex toy review
Minna Ola

A Minna Ola Sex Toy Review

It arrives in a scaled down form, the kind of tube you use to store posters in. What’s more, it has a little easy to use mount inside!  I adore sex toys that give you the means on how to store it.

It arrives fully charged!!

The truth is out.  It’s ready when it comes straight out of the package, which is wonderful as I despise needing to charge my sex toys up first time.  I just want to get on with it.  Truly can’t express enough how happy this made me.

Extensive Variety of Vibrations

The Ola has an extensive variety of vibration. At its least power it’s a delicate tickle and at its most astounding force it has a really decent kick.  I will concede I just use the highest setting.  Even there it doesn’t have the same oomph as other lavish toys from Lelo or JimmyJane. 

I like a truly a solid vibration.  It certainly packs enough punch if you’re looking for something good enough to do the job.

Minna Ola is also perfect for couples play.  The entire thing is waterproof so I got naked with my lover.  We both agreed that the shape was truly decent for sex standing up of the way it embraces against your body.  We also saw that we both got something out of the vibration remaining up by one another.


Do I love the Minna Ola?

It’s a bet each way!  New innovation truly is a piece of fun and I can’t simply go around hoping to have the capacity to place everything in my vagina and butt hole. It’s nice for a change to have something which predominantly allows me to pay attention to one area of my body at a time.

It allows my senses to focus deeply on the feeling of an orgasm rather than trying to something her or there. It is best used to reach your clitoris, easier without forcing your body to move in awkward positions.  Life simply isn’t reasonable like that!

Minna Ola is an awesome vibrator for any individual who needs a fun, particular, adaptable vibrator that is ideal for couples play.  But is not going to blow the socks off a seasoned sex toy connoisseur.

It is a great sex toy for people with sensitive clits.

minna ola sex toy review
Naked woman in lemons

Easy Peasy ‘Minna Limon’ Squeezy!

For some reason I haven’t taken the Minna Limon seriously so far.  It’s just too damn cute and adorable and so very tactile.  A cross between a stress ball and a cartoon network character.  It looks far too innocent to be a sex toy.

I am intrigued.

It is marketed as a couple’s vibrator that you squeeze to control, with the ability to compose and record your own patterns and intensity.  WOW!  As its name Minna Limon kind of suggests, it is the size and shape of a small lemon. It comes in teal and pink.

This sex toy is made of 100% body safe silicone.  It is air filled and puffy. The silicone is velvety smooth and silky with no drag. It feels divine and I simply can’t stop touching it. It’s soft and squeezable on two sides and with a firm base where the magnetic charging points are.

I love how the Minna Limon is packaged

It’s very cool, in a cardboard printed tube it sits upright on a platform with the charger, manual and drawstring bag underneath. You need a manual for this, but thankfully the booklet is really easy to understand.

The last thing I will mention before we get to the main event is the charger, which I am not that keen on. It sits on a small magnetic base and lights up like Vegas! Well not quite, but it could easily double as a nightlight.

The sex toy does flash when turned on to let you know how charged it is though, which is a great feature for anyone who has ever had a sex toy die on them halfway.

A Unique Wonderful Thing

The uniquely wonderful thing about theMinna Limon is its squeezable interface. There is a tiny valve on the bottom toy that you depress with a pin to re-inflate the Minna Limon if it loses pressure which can be a tad annoying.

Womens Sex Toy minna limon
Minna Limon

Using it it Easy Peasy Limon Squeezy

You turn it on and it has two modes, free play and loop. On free play, you squeeze it and the harder you squeeze the stronger the vibrations. When you release it stops. “Easy Peasy ‘Limon’ Squeezy!”

As we used to say when I was little.The loop lets you record an intensity or a pattern and play it back on a loop. I’ve never seen a toy that you could control in that way, except for their other toy “Ola” which uses the same idea. This makes the vibration intensity and pattern settings nearly infinite.

It’s range of the strength is excellent and the vibrations are very numbly, not as strong as maybe larger toys but for its size, it’s definitely impressively deep and numbly.  Vbrations are felt most at the little nub of the Minna Limon, which is perfect for those who like pinpoint clitoral stimulation, but you can feel the rumblings all over the device.

If you are using free play and squeezing a lot, you might get tired hands I guess, but that will teach you to set it on a loop for next time.

Just One Downside

The only downside about the technology in the Minna Limon is that you can only use your programmed loop once.  Then you have to re-set it again. I think this is a small price to pay. On free play, you don’t have to mess about scrolling through vibration settings to change it up and down during sex more than makes up for that.

minna ola sex toy review
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Is it just a couples sex toy?

Minna Limon is marketed as a couples sex toy.  It can obviously be used by partners on each other. And the free play mode allows you the same control as you would have with your hands. Your partner can keep guessing as to what you will do next.

You can even have competitions setting the best loops! Because it’s so squishy it won’t be uncomfortable between bodies during sex itself and both partners would benefit.

Other thing is…It’s SOO quiet. 

I read people say that toys are ‘whisper’ quiet. But this one really is! Even on high, you can barely hear it. You could definitely squash it between your legs on an aeroplane without drawing attention from your next door neighbour. Although with all that thigh squeezing they might think you need the bathroom.

It’s a Keeper

Well, there is not much not to like about the Minna Limon and it is very reasonably priced. It’s not waterproof, which might be a problem for some. Not me though. It’s a great first toy and a great addition to a collection of somebody with more experience.  It is an amazing sex toy for women. 

Why not check out our A to Z Sex Toy List for Women for other ideas.


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