Pussy Overlooking Kampong Glam

Sultan Mosque at Night

“The world is a beautiful place, with beautiful people. Walk around it and you’ll clearly see the truth.” This is one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite university professors Don Pope. His lectures are some of the things I miss the most of university life to date. His mode of lecturing was uniquely incredible, approaching each student with the flexibility that is rare among our other professors and lecturers. His sense of humor was one of a kind. But most of all, he natured my writing skills to bring out the best in my ability to write.

There is one other person that I missed every moment for every day we stayed apart since immediately after graduation. This somebody was my Singaporean college lover Lisa Sanders. Lisa and I rarely spent time apart for the little time we were together in college. I met her one night in my friend’s party approximately five months before the end of our college. She was hanging out around her friends, and I had to use every tactic I had to fish her out from the pack. She looked sexy in the red laced dress she wore that night, and her long Asian hair. I knew I had to fuck her that night.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t manage to get into her pants that night. She even denied me her phone number. The next day, she knocked on my door dressed in a tight short yellow dress, and guess what, she had no panties on. You can tell what transpired that day. We skipped all the classes having sex the whole day. That was the beginning of the best sex life ever. Her pussy was tight and fresh, and she moaned so gently with her sexy voice whenever I rocked her sweet Singaporean pussy. Anyway, after graduation, Lisa moved back to Singapore.

I visited her in Singapore twice before I had to stop after I lost my job and I couldn’t afford the trip for sometimes due to financial reasons. The two occasions that I visited Lisa, she took me around her home city Kampong Glam and I loved everything about it. Being the adventurous woman that she’s always been, I remember her daring me to fuck her in one of the eateries’ rest rooms situated along the Bussorah Street near Sultan Mosque. I loved the idea. So I looked around and when the area was deserted for a minute, I grabbed her into one of the stalls in the gents and locked the door behind us. I pressed her against the wall and gave her a superb quickie that she keeps talking about till today.


Singapore Professional Woman
Photo: Singapore Model


Last summer we had a chance to meet again. I work for a reputable travel magazine in LA now, writing about the world’s most fascinating travel destinations. That way, I travel a lot around the world, but I had never had the chance to go to Singapore since I landed my new job. I finally went there last summer, and I had the greatest time of my life for sure. I was assigned a project to work on by my boss, which required me to stay in Singapore for a whole month. Lisa was more than pleased to host me. She had broken up with her Singaporean boyfriend and she was glad my trip was timely. She always told me how much she missed my big American dick.

She came to pick me up at the Singapore Changi Airport when I landed. She was carrying a placard with my name written in bold on it. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Lisa had become even more beautiful within the two years that we’ve been apart. She was smiling wide and she smelled so fresh with the Arab perfumes that she was fond of. She dressed like a really horny woman waiting to be plowed. Her butt was fuller than I could remember and her tits so firm and erect. I had a problem controlling the hugest boner in my trousers.  After minutes of hugging and kissing, we drove off to Kampong Glam and Malay where she lives with her family. We spent the twenty minutes’ drive with our hands in each other’s pants. She was as wet as fuck. It was too early to meet her family, so we drove to my hotel room as our first stop point. First, we had to quench the two yearlong thirst that we both had for each other before anything else could transpire, and my hotel room was the best place to do it.

I couldn’t help noticing the beauty of this amazing city, though my lust for Lisa’s pussy overshadowed the beautiful scenery of Kampong Glam. I had instructed her to book a hotel room somewhere near Malay Heritage Center, and now I realized she had chosen just the right place. She led me to my room, and when she opened the door and we got it, she locked it and pulled me to her chest. That’s when I realized she was dying to fuck me. I was dying to fuck her too. I could hear the sweet Arab music playing everywhere, and the voice of the early morning birds clouding the air to welcome a new day into this exemplary little city.

Meanwhile, nothing could be compared to the warm tender kissing from Lisa. I kissed her back with the same enthusiasm, and I could feel her heart beating fast as we removed each other’s clothes. I took off her jeans shorts and her red thong made me even hornier. I rubbed her pussy gently while sucking her erect tits. She moaned loudly, with her hands locked on my dick and balls. Before I knew it, she was down on her knees sucking my dick like she had missed it for decades. I could feel the warmness of her mouth on my dick as she licked it, lubricating it with her saliva. I wondered where she learned to suck a dick so well, but I had no time to ask. Probably in America, I thought. I knew it was my turn to taste her pussy juice, so I carried her gently to bed and sucked her delicious wet pussy, licking her clit and pressing my tongue into her Arab pussy until I heard her scream my name. That’s how I knew it was time to fuck her.

I turned her face down so that I could enter her vagina gently from behind. She lifted her ass to receive my dick, I teased her pussy with my dick once or twice before thrusting my dick into her. Her hole was tight and warm, and I loved it. I rocked her pussy in rhythm with the music playing somewhere near Malay Heritage Center. She moaned in pleasure with every thrust and pumping, and I could hear her demanding me to ‘fuck harder’. I changed the gear and rocked her pussy with the speed of an electric train. I grabbed her tits and she turned her head to kiss me as I pleasurably grinded her. Our tongues locked and I knew we were about to cum together. I could feel her pressing her pussy to my dick with each thrust. She was screaming louder and I pumped her even harder. I’m cumming, she screamed. She gave one loud pleasurable groan and I poured one huge load into her. That’s how we began our one month of pure adventure and pleasure together in Kampong Glam.





Review: Tenga Smart Vibe Cock Ring

Tenga Vibrating Cock Ring

You have wedding rings, engagement rings, love rings, promise rings and many other types. There is no doubt that rings often symbolize commitment and love. Even Beyonce said:

“If you like it, then you should put a ring on it.”

One could say the same goes for the famous cock ring, in my opinion, there aren’t so different. Usually they are bought to spice up an existing relationship and with a cock ring they are generally enjoyed exclusively by the couple who purchased it. The big difference is that cock rings don’t suggest commitment nor do they cost nearly as much.  They don’t just look pretty too, you can have some serious fun with cock rings and is must try for couples at one stage in their sex lives.  Now, when it comes to purchasing a cock ring you are bombarded with countless $15-30 rings and not just that, there are many premium cock rings. Yes, that $20 OVO looks very appealing in price terms and would definitely satisfy a beginner, or someone who is in a casual short term relatonship or someone who isn’t so sold on the idea of vibrating stranglers.  There is fortunately a premium cock ring out there that not only gives balance and options but also can be highly versatile.

Smart Vibe Cock Ring made by adult manufacturer Tenga is a Japanese made cock ring. Tenga Smart Vibe Cock Ring is absolutely stunning in more ways then just a cock ring. The uses for the Tenga Smart Vibe Cock Ring only end with the extent of your imagination but there are many popular sexual ideas about cock rings. The obvious idea is to use it upright as a normal cock ring but you can also invert it to vibrate the clitoris for immense pleasure for females or invert it on the scrotum for immense pleasure for males. It can also be laid flat on top of the penis shaft for added girth and internal vibrations during intercourse and like any other bullet it can be used on vastly different areas of the body, the nipples and perineum are just two examples.


Tenga Japanese Sex Toys
Sex Toy: Tenga Smart Vibe Cock Ring


Now the Tenga Smart Vibe Cock Ring itself is overall great, its comfortable and not to tight as it can stretch heaps catering for every size besides blue whales of course, the only downside to this is men who are looking for a very restrictive cock ring might actually find the SVR too comfortable……. The vibrations on the SVR travel very well through the cock ring which will aid in sending more blood to the area creating a harder hard on and make most men perform a lot better then previously before. This is great if you love having a very strong erection and can enhance you naturally to your fullest potential. Speaking of vibrations, Tenga Smart Vibe Cock Ring has 5 different intensity levels so that you have something to work up to. the vibrations are not whiny but rumbly and feels amazing without generating much noise at all. Two patterns are included into the vibration settings which is pretty low compared to some other bullets but in most cases the lack of patterns haven’t been an issue and the two that are included are great picks.

Now most cock rings can be argued that they all double as a woman’s bullet vibe but unlike the SVR, most of their shapes don’t allow for them to be properly inserted or even recommended due quality and safety. This is one the things that make this stand out from being ‘just’ a cock ring, the SVR would have to be hands down one of the best bullets out their to choose from.

For a few dollars more, you don’t just get a cock ring, you get the Tenga Smart Vibe Cock Ring which is a fully waterproof, completely rechargeable, long battery life and a million different sensations and pleasures for you to personally explore with your partner. The Tenga Smart Vibe Ring, the true symbol of love and the only ring you will ever need, just like a wedding ring it will change your sex life……. but for the better this time.


Sex Machines

Sex Machine

Everybody knows the tricky part of walking into a sex store and asking for something a little different like sex swings or sex machines. It is like going to the toilet in full glare of eyes from strangers– there is only a few things you can do in there and that; of course, does not include kneeling down to pray. Walking into a adult store I find is worse: there is not a range of options stranger eyes might assume you are out to do. Everybody knows you are taking care of your sex issues. And who would want people thinking about their sex? Definitely not me, I have never been that prepared to spoon feed people on what my sex life is like. You would not know how much relieved I was when I stumbled on adultsmart sex swings and sex machines for sale online.

The good thing about online purchasing and the reason we would all want it to stick is it saves you from the stare of judging faces sometimes. Nobody would mind walking into a clothes store to buy a new pairs of jeans, but most people would sure give a damn walking into a sex store. Sampling the available sex machines from the comfort of your home or from the little screen on your phone is more assuring and gives one the liberty to scroll through the whole range of devices. Furthermore, it is even interesting since one can do that with the spouse or the sex partner one is hoping to impress. I did this alone, however, since it too was meant to be a present for my girlfriend.

How did I come to make the decision to purchase a sex machine? And even if I have a reason to, what kind of birthday present is a sex machine? Purchasing a sex machine is not something that requires any justification and I will not be providing any other than I, feeling the need to improve the quality of my sex life. Many times one feels he or she is not really enjoying the sex even though he or she is completely turned on or in love with his or her partner. It would be better to talk it out with one’s partner. In my case, I had already done so. We had a chat with my partner- of course, not about the sex machines to supplement our sex but about our sexual fantasies. Slowly as the conversation opens up, you might come to the realization that you and your partner have a lot more in common than what you had initially thought. Everybody has sexual fantasies or preferences if you prefer the word and this should not be a secret especially when one is looking to have great sex. How do the sex machines and swings come about then? How did the conversation between me and my partner end up with me making the decision to get her a sex machine as a birthday present?

It happens that our sexual fantasies give us an idea of what type of sex we enjoy. In this case, sexual fantasies are more like driving signs along the road which give drivers an idea of what to expect. In my case, opening up to my partner about my sexual fantasies at first felt strange and shameful at first – considering the extent of my fantasies, but eventually came with relief having known she shares almost the same fantasies as me (which was a total surprise but brought us closer together). At this point I should add that there is nothing as relieving as finding a partner who shares the same fantasies as you. That means you were all thinking it, and one of you had to come out of the closet, the faster the better. And better it is for me now.

There are two types of men- and two types of women for that matter: those that love fetish and those that would not go fetish no matter the circumstance. And among those that love fetish there happens to be a division as well: those that would rather watch it and those dreading to have it part and parcel of their sexual life. I fall in the latter- and before you judge me, my partner does too. Well, as we know, there is nothing to rebuke about the sex life of two consenting adults. After learning of my partner’s sexual fantasies I began wondering what sex machine would best suit us. I would not want anything too fetish, for even I am fetish only up to a certain limit. Everyone has his or her ‘fetish scale’, if I may coin the phrase. Where was I going to start my shopping for a sex machine?

My Pleasure Love Machine (220V-240V)
Sex Toy: My Pleasure Love Machine


I was not going to go to a sex store by myself, which was assured. As already mentioned, I would not want to see the judgment in the eyes of people I do not know and much more importantly, I would not want those eyes coming in the way of my sexual life. I do not know much about the rights I enjoyed, but sure enough I do know I had a right to enjoy this. I had to bring up this conversation when in the company of my closest allies. That, I did.

There is not much one can learn about sex from friends other than exaggerated stories on their sexual experiences sometimes with partners they wish they had. That is all that came up any time I subtly tried to outsource ideas on the best sex machines that go with fetish. Even after being open to one of my friends, who seemed to me like a pro in sex machine education, nothing I could use came up. More emphasis was placed on the experience one gets on using the sex machine other than how or what machine fits the bill. In my case, I would not want my experience on using a sex machine come from the mouth of a probably not so experienced middle aged guy. If at the extreme my experience is to be enjoyed vicariously, and this is a joke I keep to myself, I would rather have a porn star or E.L James narrate it to me. That way, it would be more lucid.

I decided depending on the opinion of friends was not going to be fruitful in any way and I had to do something.  After overhearing a conversation at a local pub between two drunken fellows, obviously former school mates, shouting wildly about where to watch the best porn and what sex positions are best for everyone- I managed to make out the name of one of the websites they routinely mentioned in between their experiences with ladies and their future plans with their girlfriends. I made a mental note of it and planned to check it once I get to my apartment.

It was whilst searching with Bing when I stumbled on AdultSmart the name of the website the guys at the pub were talking about. Getting the perfect sex machine seemed to be a real task and I hoped this would lessen it on this Australian website, I said to myself as I entered the website to the sex swings section in my browser. How hard could it be… I had not finished the thought when a whole new world opened up on my computer screen. Quickly, I rushed to shut my bedroom door so as not to let in my girlfriend on the next birthday present which was now a fortnight away.

There is a whole new world of sex out there, and for the first time I appreciated the invention of sex machines. I even made a mental note to go through the history of sex machines later on. Man has always been inventive, it seems, and nothing boasts of his creativity than the range of sex machines available on adultsmart.com.au.  Scanning through the list of fetish sex machines, I set my eyes on something a little different- The Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Position Master that comes packed with cuffs. The lady on the cover of the box made it seem worthwhile and my thoughts had already replaced her with the naked body of my girlfriend. It seemed the right fit, and for only $67 – I did a price comparison and surely it was the cheapest I could find online. I could not believe I have been enjoying boring sex all this time when the price it would have taken to fulfill my fantasies was even less than $100. I had to get this pack.


Sex Cushion
Sex Toy: Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Position Master & Cuffs


After going through the details on the site, I placed my order. From then on, I had been the one answering door bells- just in case the delivery came in. My girlfriend obviously sensed something fishy with my recent change of behavior because it was quite unlike me to be so excited at who could be on the door. No one loves answering the door unless it is at your grandparent’s and you are trying to be polite. Then the consignment came in. It was about a week from my girlfriend’s birthday. My girlfriend was not around when the package arrived. That was a relief as I had the whole apartment to myself. Now all I had to do was unpack it and try the freaky thing I had seen in movies. I hoped this would impress her. The Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Position Master is not that level 100 of positional master apparatus available but it is fetish, nonetheless and fits the purpose of those trying out fetishes for the first time. It should turn anyone with the same fantasies as my girlfriend and I to get freaky and excited. I unpacked the bondage master from inside the box and stretched the nylon strap. Everything seemed fine to me.

It is not difficult to install the positional device, with the vivid descriptions on the pack giving one a clear picture on what is to go where and how it should be handled. For this particular set up, I had to have the wedge shaped pillow inflated, the cuffs in place held tightly by the heavy duty O-ring centerpiece. I imagined how this was going to unfold with my girlfriend. She would definitely be open to this, I thought. I could not wait.

On her birthday, things did not go quite as planned. Her big day happened to fall on a weekend and after attending a salsa sydney performance, my plan was to get some drinks so we can head out straight to the apartment where I would obviously surprise her with the gift after having a few drinks. Sex always came to mind after a few drinks.  We did get the drinks but on the way bumped into her classmate who happened to be with her boyfriend. We decided on a local pub where we had our fill for the night. It turned out to be an important meeting, with the two getting to discuss so much about their other life. It was four in the morning when we left the pub, and my whole body felt like a deflated balloon, unable to do as much as lifting my right hand. We separated and took a taxi home.

I had forgotten all about the positional master amidst the intoxication and getting to meet my girlfriend’s longtime friend, and even long ago forgotten that I had left it lying on the bed. I had earlier in the day opened it and left it on the bed hoping we would come in the middle of the night half-drunk and let the sight of it on the bed be our aphrodisiac. Now here we were, with me almost dead drunk with no energy in my being except that thought that kept pleading with me to get into my bed and be dead asleep.  She saw the machine on the bed and immediately could tell what it was. Slowly, she kissed me and began stripping naked with the little energy she had. She was obviously into this and her eagerness to strip betrayed her excitement. I recovered back to my conscious state and could feel the impulse to try out the sex machine now lying on the bed. I helped position her on the inflated pillow, raising her body into a wedge shaped position. I pulled the nylon strap and cuffed her hands onto them, crossly against her back. Now this is what is meant by me calling the Deluxe Position Master with Cuffs an aphrodisiac. All the time we were having fun, I kept thinking about trying out other products like a sex machine or swing and have The Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing next in mind before I go the whole hog and entice her to trying a sex machine.


I Love Adult Smart Articles

Writing Paper

I Love the Articles on Adultsmart adult blog it is one of my favorite blogs to read. I think a lot of people who are similar to me would agree that sometimes it is much more fun to read information that is tailored towards adults. The really cool thing about this blog is they have something for every kind of taste you can imagine. There are wonderful articles on the latest sex toys, sexual aids, dating and relationship advice, men’s issues and of course a lot of great information on women’s issues. It’s really a great place to learn all kinds of new things about myself. I’ve actually noticed that as I read some of the posts on the blog that I learn new things about myself that I had never realized before just like when I read from my other favorite current affairs site


What I really enjoy the most is that there are no boundaries on the Adultsmart blog. I have found other adult-related blogs in the past but a lot of them feel like they do not want to be too edgy, so they use a more conservative tone when talking about certain types of issues. But as an adult, that is not what I am looking for. I like to read information that gets straight to the point and piques my interest in a way that makes me want to keep on reading more and more.  That is a sure sign of a really great blog in my opinion!

But what specifically does the Adultsmart blog have that interests me so much? Well, that is easy to talk about. There are so many different subjects to choose from I can easily spend all day reading, and you will be able to do the same. So let’s take a look at some of my favorite blog categories so that you can get an idea of all of the great things you could be reading about, too.

Best Adult Shop

The best adult shop category on the blog is a great place to go for information on the latest sex toys, lingerie and other unique adult items that are available in the Adultsmart shop. But there are also some really eye-opening articles in this category that cover a wide variety of topics.

They have articles on the importance of great customer service, which as a consumer, is really important to me. They really seem to value their customers and love going the extra mile in order to make sure that if you are to order something from their shop, that you are fully satisfied.  There are also some other really helpful posts within this category that all sorts of people would find helpful. From great tips to finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other to insightful articles about domestic abuse and even reviews of other adult shops.

Couples Sex Toys

This is probably one of my favorite areas of the Adultsmart blog. Most of you are likely aware that there are a ton of different types of sex toys for men and even more for women. But many online sex shops and blogs do not have much of a selection or even any helpful information on products and devices that are meant exclusively for couples.  Something that I find really helpful are the product reviews for some of the more popular toys and devices. When I am shopping for a sexual aid I think it is extremely helpful to learn as much about the device as I can so that I can get the most use out of it.

The sex toy reviews on Adultsmart are in-depth and help to answer any questions I may have about a particular product, so I really love how they put a lot of time and effort on creating product reviews that are more than just a few short sentences.  I am able to really learn all about a certain sex toy or aid so that I am completely sure about what I am going to receive before I order it.

Dating & Relationships

What good are a lot of sexual product reviews and great advice if you don’t know the finer points of satisfying your partner? I love the dating and relationships section of the Adultsmart blog because there are a wide range of topics that serve to help me understand my relationships better. Of course, these articles are not your typical dating advice type blog posts that you can find on less adventurous blogs by any means.

I was reading a wonderful post recently on fisting that really opened my eyes to something that I honestly did not know very much about beforehand. I had never really ventured into the world of fisting before and always assumed it was something a little bit different than it really is.  The article helped me understand that there are techniques to this kinky act, and there are rules that one must follow as well. I loved reading all of the tips on preparation and what to do when I am ready to try fisting as well as some things that I may want to avoid. I honestly learned a lot from this piece because they are not afraid to explain things in full detail, all while using the type of direct language that I respond to the most.

But that’s not all, there is plenty more to learn in this fun category. From cock rings to vaginal health, there are articles for just about every type of person imaginable available. Regardless of which article sounds appealing to you on any given day, you will not be disappointed with the quality of tips and advice that can be found in the dating and relationships category.


Woman Using Tablet
Photo: I Love Adult Smart Articles – Woman on Tablet



Who doesn’t love the sexiest lingerie? But if you think reading the articles in the lingerie category is going to be boring, you may want to reconsider. These articles are not just a few pictures of some boring lingerie with a few sentences about feeling sexy like you may find on other blogs.  There is a wealth of information in this category ranging from lingerie for women and men as well as some techniques to use in order to get the best results after you have ordered your lingerie. And if you love costume play and other types of sexual aids that make a perfect complement to your lingerie, then you are going to love reading these articles every bit a much as I do.


Don’t get me wrong. I love the kinkiest sexual toys and articles any day of the week, but I also really love to laugh and be entertained. I always check out the humor section of the Adultsmart blog though because there is so much to love there. One of my favorite articles on the site is about the 10 worst pick-up lines and it is really funny. Sure, these pick-up lines are corny and awful, but that is what makes them so funny and enjoyable to read. Sometimes it is nice to just laugh at the world around us instead of taking it so seriously all of the time. This section of the blog is still growing, but I look forward to reading some great things on it in the coming weeks and months.

Surgical Sex Toys

If you are into sex toys and devices, then this is a must-see section of this incredible blog. Plastic and rubber sexual aids are a lot of fun, but there is something much more exciting to me about some of the surgical sex toys that I have read about on Adultsmart.   One of my favorite pieces is the one about medical sex toys.  I think my favorite though, was about this device called a wartenberg wheel. At first look, this device looks like something you may torture someone with. It is basically a spiked wheel that is designed to test nerve reactions by doctors.   And since the human body has many nerve endings, in many places, this device makes a unique and exciting sexual aid unlike anything else you have ever seen. Before reading this blog post I had no idea that these devices were being used in a sexual nature, but now that I know I feel a lot more enlightened about the world.

There are surgical sex toys that are a little frightening at first look, with spikes and sharp pointy parts, and there are ultra-smooth stainless steel sexual toys that look much less sinister. Whatever your personal taste is in regards to sex toys, you are sure to learn something eye-opening when you check out the surgical sex toys section of Adult Smart.

Male Masturbators

I have to admit, this is my favorite section of the blog by far. I truly had no previous notion that there were so many sexual masturbators that are made specifically for men until now. And let me tell you, when I first read about toys like the lingox I was blown away by the quality and sophistication of the product. The material used to make this device appears to be extremely soft and lifelike which is exciting.  Another thing that I love about this section is that on many of the product reviews and write-ups there are accompanying videos from the product manufacturers. Sometimes it is not always inherently clear how a device is supposed to be used for the best result, so a video showing the most important features and benefits is really helpful to me.

So if you are looking for the newest male masturbators that are a bit different from what you may have seen before, I highly recommend finding the male masturbators section and reading as much as you can. I love reading this section to see what the latest products for men are and surely you will too.

Erotic Stories

Have you ever read an erotic story that was so good that you could almost feel yourself right in the middle of the action? The erotic stories section of Adultsmart is filled with stories like this. I think that as human beings, we feel some need to be able to live through the eyes, ears and thoughts of other people sometimes. And when reading a wonderfully told erotic experience this becomes very addicting to me.

I honestly could read these stories for hours and would not grow tired of them. What I love is that there are articles for every type of person and personality. From stories about public sexual acts that have been witnessed to fantasies that have come to life for a few lucky people, there is simply no shortage of really entertaining reading in the erotic stories section.

It’s not all just stories though, there are a lot of tips and tricks that anyone can use to enhance their sexual encounters and live a more exciting life. I really loved this one piece on sex outside of the bedroom because it gave me some new ideas on places where I could fulfill some of the fantasies that I have always wanted to act on but never have tried.

Entertaining Read For All Types of People

When I am in the mood to read something for my adult tastes, I love coming to Adultsmart to see what is happening in the world of sexual encounters, toys or any other adult related topic I am in the mood for. This blog has so much information it’s hard to choose what I am going to read most times, so I usually just pick a category and see what looks good that day.

There is wonderful information for all types of people too, which is the best part. It does not matter whether you are gay, straight, bi, lesbian or into any number of fetishes. There is going to be something for you to read and enjoy at the Adultsmart blog.  Whether you are looking to be entertained for a few minutes or if you want to learn all sorts of things that you did not know before, I assure you, you will not have a difficult time in finding something that will delight most all of your senses.


Importance of Sex Education

Equality In The Playground

Teaching sex education has always been a sore point for educational institutions and parents alike. Neither particularly want to do it, and when it is done, they blame each other for inadequate teaching, or improper inappropriate teaching. Combine that with a litigious society and the focus then shifts away from the importance of teaching our young but about protecting ourselves, assets, and reputations. Take for example the recent heat in regards to the Safe Schools issue, which doesn’t even necessarily cover sex per say, but gender and body issues. Thinking about my own sexual education, I knew enough to understand where the dick went, but it was emotionless, detached, and focused on reproduction. Sex was a form of reproduction, there was no pleasure in it, and it was about achieving climax and about and getting the deed done. Here are a few things that they don’t teach you in sex ed.

Hands with Love and Condoms
Photo: Sex Education

  1. What a normal healthy cock, vagina and ass look like: Confidence is a huge thing to a teenager, and when your body is going through so many changes at a rapid pace it’s easy to get lost in everything. By teaching that everyone has different shapes, sizes, and all sorts of things in between it would do wonders to boost a young person’s confidence. It is also a precursor to sexual health, and by acknowledging normality, you can then understand when something is wrong.
  2. Porn is by no means an accurate depiction of sex: Young adults consume pornography. We can like it or hate it, however it could be easily argued that the consumption of porn revolves around curiosity, a lack of positive and useful sexual information. People need to know that there are different cocks, asses and vaginas and not everything looks like porn. Nor should sexual activity mirror porn. Pornography should be understood to be a performance, and whilst young adults recognise that films and TV shows are a performance, it’s never explicitly stated that pornography is also a performance.
  3. I am a 28 year old gay male: I came across a catchy title on the gailygrind a few months ago along the lines of Hot, Naked and how to check your balls. The guy looked cute, so I clicked. I then watched a video on how to check your balls for lumps, which could be cancer. That’s an enormous amount of time whereby I didn’t know how to check my own balls for cancer. The same can be said of women and spending time with a mirror and having a look at what’s going on. You aren’t taught that – and that’s an important part of sexual health. With the American Cancer Society stating that one in every 263 men will develop testicular cancer at some stage in their lives, it’s important that these kinds of things be taught.
  4. Sex and Pleasure: One of the primary reasons we even have sex is for pleasure, yet we aren’t ever taught that. This is probably considered the ‘riskiest’ of sexual health education because it is often seen as the promotion of sex. But it’s a part of sex. Humans don’t just have sex to reproduce, we have it because we find it pleasurable, because it’s intimate and because orgasms, ejaculation, sex are incredibly healthy for an active body and mind.
  5. People have sex with other people regardless of their sex and gender.
  6. Relationships are a part of sex: As mentioned above, sex is not just about reproduction. It’s about intimacy, relationships and partner ships. When leaving the emotional side of sex out of the equation, you’re setting people up to get hurt. On that token, Consent is rarely mentioned. Considering the importance of sexual consent, and the continual bandying about of the term ‘Consent’, you’d think that we would spend more time determining the idea of consent and what that means in a sexual context between sexually active persons
  7. Condoms and safe sex: Yes, safe sex is covered. But the amount of people that do not know that there are different sized and shaped condoms defies belief. A lot of people have grown accustomed to not wearing condoms because they had continually broken. Condoms break for three reasons, incorrect size, not using lubricant, incorrect use and/or storage.
  8. Confidence: Sexual confidence is an important part of sexual relations and mental health. All of the above lead to a confidence within yourself as a sexually active person. Without that confidence, you become a little lost and it’s easy to fall to the side in that time.

The point here is that sexual education is an important part of growing up. Yes, we didn’t get that as we grew up, but is there not a small part of you that wishes you had been a little more prepared? I don’t think there is anyone that would actively say no. Life is already challenging enough, and half the problem with sexual education is the level of awkwardness we perceive around it. We, as a society, spend far too long trying to protect the innocence of our young that we forget that they have grown up. Many people argue that by exposing them to sexual education and sexual health that we open up their minds and they will make mistakes, but the point is that we all make mistakes. How informed you are when you make it, is the difference.

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