Miss Bi Sex Toy Review – Get Off With Fun Factory!

The Miss Bi sex toy is a true delight. Engineered just like all the other award-winning Fun Factory sex toys that hit the right spots over and over again!

Delightfully made and designed with consideration, as are all the award winning sex toys from Fun Factory from Germany.  As it is a dual motored vibrator, I was expecting amazing clitoral excitement and also vibrations coordinated around the G-Spot.

Miss Bi Sex Toy

There is a the ability to control these motors which permit you to be inventive with the vibration styles and discover one that suits you best.  I surely found the settings interesting and I couldn’t wait to test it out!

Fun Factory Miss Bi is formed superbly for ladies, enriching your encounters with the adaptable and wide augmentation so that it truly does hit the right spots!

G spot stimulation

The Miss Bi is stunning and stout with a bended tip for g spot stimulation.  A more full shaft implies it gives delight to the vaginal opening more than inside as this is the place where the most nerve endings are.

It’s clitoral arm is full and adjusted and is extremely adaptable and pliable.

I am fortunate enough that most rabbit vibes tend to fit me.  Though many ladies discover the ears aren’t angled to ergonomically to their particular body types.

Miss Bi Fun Factory

Fun Factory are Legends

Be that as it may, I think Fun Factory are legends.  They have made the clitoral arm adaptable enough so you can position it on your clit with varying angles.

Miss Bi has two vibrating motors one in the shaft and one in the clitoral arm.  Both are controlled by their own particular button.   It has 6 vibration intensities 3 on every engine and 6 vibration modes.

How is the Clitoral Arm Controlled?

The clitoral arm is controlled by the button directly above the FUN button on and the shaft is controlled by the control above that one.  To turn on you press the FUN button.

Then you can press every button to go through the modes and vibration speeds for each motor. Hold down the FUN button to turn the toy off.

You can also program Miss Bi to start up at your most loved setting so that when you squeeze fun it is ready to go.

Miss bi sex toy
Fun Factory Miss Bi GSpot Vibrator

Experiment with the Vibration Settings

When I was experimenting with all the distinctive vibration settings I was so awed in what Fun Factory had made.  There were some truly serious high settings and some that truly tease.

You would prefer not to go out once you’ve got one of these!

The decision of having both engines on and given the diverse vibrating modes a whirl are simply overwhelming.  In different sex toys you have the motor only on the principle shaft of the toy.

Play through all the settings

When using the Miss Bi toy I was playing through the settings.  So before the end of testing all of them out you should truly have found the perfect setting and be spent.

The more powerful vibration settings are rumbling and should be able to get an elephant off.

Miss Bi is rechargeable and waterproof

Through fun factory’s snap n charge magnetic charging design.  It is also 100% water proof which is a reward considering the entire G Spot orgasm thing.

It may get somewhat wet if not drenched for those a-spot squirters out there.

The handle has a circlular opening for simpler levering.  Fun Factory have as of late begun using this design on the revamped items and I think it makes for easier grip/thrusting.

Simple to Use

It’s truly simple to use as they stand out from the toy.  So you’re ready to feel them.  I’ve seen on different items, that the settings were very difficult or badly positioned to change as they were firm.  You couldn’t exactly feel for them without stopping what you were doing which is a real turn-off.

There is a key lock setting, which operates with a single touch!  So you won’t be concerned that in your bag it’ll turn on and your bag will be vibrating at customs.  Or your kids jump in your bed and ask what is vibrating.

Miss Bi Sex Toy hits the right spots for me.

The girth feels amazing when it is inserted and the bended tip pushed against my g spot with the girth filling me up touching every last bit of me.  It’s level clitoral arm was light and didn’t press too hard on my clit.

My body loved this feeling. The Miss Bi stroked everything that needed to be touched and did it with a masters expertise.

When I used it I reveled in the moment and then decided to complete my orgasm.  I shook the vibe side to side against me the shaft totality pressing my spots inside me whist the clitoral arm did it’s thing.

It was an orgasmic experience with the Miss Bi genuinely winning a spot in my sex toys collection.

miss bi sex toys
Fun Factory Share Strap-On

Have Heaps of Fun With The Factory Share!

Most of the strap-ons I have owned have been bulky, sometimes uncomfortable to wear with panties and a harness made from varying materials ranging from cheap plastic to expensive leather.

I found the harnesses to be either look really bad or look really good but no matter how they looked.

The harness material or how it was made somehow never fit me properly or hurt me when I moved to much from chaffing.

Sometimes I found myself turned off from the amount of effort I personally had to go through to help my partner experience sex.

Unless purchasing an expensive strap on, most of them ended up falling apart at the seams after a couple of uses.  I burned through a lot of money and owned a lot of harnesses.

Then I Discovered Fun Factory

I saw the Fun Factory Share. I’d heard of Fun Factory and I knew that they are a premium brand from Germany.  German products were usually made quite well.

Fun Factory brand is very well know for their quality and innovative products.  I own the stronic zwei which is a ‘pulsator’ as opposed to a ‘vibrator’.  It has lasted me well over a year and I still get a kick out of being ‘pumped’ by this amazingly strong sex toy.

I Digress – Getting Back to Fun Factory Share

At first I had no idea what I was looking at when I saw the Fun Factory Share.  It was some sort of double sided dildo.  I’m going to be honest, I didn’t really understand what it was meant for until the consultant explained it to me.

I was pleasantly surprised when they told me how it worked.

Unlike most of the others this sex toys it does not require wearing hideous looking panties or a harness. Fun Factory Share fits to the natural contours of your body.

So with excitement I purchased it expecting for the worst but hoping for the best

Miss bi sex toy
Fun Factory Sex toys

Getting the Share Home

So I bought the share and on getting home opened the package.  The material was amazing as although it was silicone it was very soft and bendable.

My first thought was how in fact is this going to work?

The Fun Factory Shares shape is different. There is a joint in the middle which is flat but flexible that is meant to sit comfortable on a woman’s skin.  On one side is that and the other side is a curved G-Spot Dildo that is ergonomically designed to fit inside a woman’s vagina and stimulate the g-spot when engaging in sex.

This is what keeps the Fun Factory Share in place.

It means you can both please each other at the same time as you are both technically using the sex toy at the same time. On the other end it is a phallic shaped dildo that is used as the pseudo strapped on male anatomy.

It’s meant to feel like owning your own penis.

Miss Bi Sex toy
BUY NOW: Fun Factory

At first I had my doubts

I wasn’t sure it would be effective.  But once I tried it, it more than stayed in place but it got me off also.  When you begin using it, you will work out different ways to enjoy sex together.

You can move it in different motions, strengths and apply different amounts of pressure to get just the right feeling.

This is novel and quite enjoyable

My partner and I just simply loved this fact and tried it over and over again on each other.

The share comes in three sizes XS, XL and Regular Share.  We tried the regular which was just the right fit for us the dildo portion being roughly 6 and a half inches.  It was a great way for us to ‘share’ an intimate bond together.

It is so nice to be able to pleasure my lover in a way that connects us both together.

The stimulation of the natural vibrations we both create can be felt along the shaft of the Fun Factory Share.

Fun Factory share is water safe and can be used for sex in the shower and is very easy to put in and put out.  It is extremely comfortable and I highly recommend this great Fun Factory Share Sex Toy.


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