Do Male Periods Exist?

Don’t you want to do anything? Would you lie down all day if you were given a chance? Is all you want have a bar of chocolate or junk food? Do you feel tired and/or nervous? Did you get bored since you think that I ask a lot? Yes to all questions above?

There is a single explanation for you guys, you are on your own Male Period! Do Male Periods Exist? Yes, you did not read it wrong, male period otherwise known as Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS) which is almost the same with menstruation psychologically, but different from that physiologically. Obviously, we don’t bleed or don’t have menstrual pains which are great advantages and I really appreciate women’s resilience when I think about them bleeding for at least 3 days in a month with all those pain, still we are human beings with hormones as well as women are. I experienced these changes or fluctuations in my body/psychology in the last week and I wanted to write this article at that time, however, frankly saying, I was so nervous that it was impossible for me to even think about this sexual health topic. I experienced such things before, they were soft ones though and I was good at finding reasons for my state of mind in the past but this time there was no “reasonable” reason to feel in that way.
Do Men Have Periods
Photo: Male Period
I gathered some information after a little bit of research for Do Male Periods Exist. Actually, there is not much research specifically conducted on this topic. There are few made in 70s, and nowadays the most popular one is a book “The Irritable Male Syndrome” by Jed Diamond which is “based on his 35 years of clinical research and responses from nearly 10000 males” says on his website. On the other hand, this, whether males have periods or not, is still a debatable topic for scientist/doctors and I don’t want to discuss that part of the topic. However, there are some points that I want to highlight. Let’s have a look at what we know. As everybody knows, both women and men have both estrogen and testosterone. Each gender has certain amount of those hormones; estrogen is higher in women, testosterone is higher in men. Just like women experience monthly the rush of estrogen, it is believed that men experience testosterone in a deficiency so this gives men more emotional times. This is not the only fluctuation in our hormone levels that we have. Apart from monthly changes, men experience changes in their hormone levels 2-3 times in an hour as testosterone rushes in every 15 minutes. That’s why we are always horny, so blame it on the hormone.
Secondly, testosterone level is in the highest level in the morning and then gradually decreases. That’s why we have morning erections and want to have sex crazily in the morning than any time of the day. So, here is a little tip for you ladies: talk to him in the evening if you need to convince him for anything you want to have as he has lower testosterone in his blood than usual. Thirdly and lastly, we have yearly cycles as well. Testosterone level is higher in Fall and lower in Spring, that make sense now about why men have summer love. I also want to share the results of a survey conducted by VoucherCloud with you. VoucherCloud asked the respondents of around 2400 (50 % male, 50 % female) if they suffer the same side effects of menstrual cycle of women including tiredness, cramp and increased sensitivity. The results shows that 26 % of men experience these feelings on a regular basis and 58 % of their female partners believe them and also men mentioned general PMS-related symptoms such as constant hunger to general irritability. Additionally, 43 % of female respondents say that they offer support to their partners in this period of time, while 33 % tells their partner to “man up”.
Here is the problem! We don’t have to “man up”. We are hormonal human beings just like women and we have right to have our own special time and to express our feelings freely in a way we’d like to do it because it is natural. However, it is really hard for us to feel free in this environment. Women can talk about their cycles among themselves but a man cannot say anything about what he feels. In those cases, you are more likely to be labelled as “Faggot!” Nobody will think that you may need a little warm smile or a candy bar.
Please understand that the more we find out that we are similar, the better we would be. Break taboos, express yourself freely, embrace each other.

Author:  Goki is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres


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