Love Affair With Kitty!

Strokers are great. Fleshlights, Tenga Flip Zero, even those little travel eggs. But for a romantic like myself, there’s always that missing piece from the real thing.

No, not a hands-free experience like those offered by the Kiiroo Onyx 2 or the vibrating version of the Flip Zero.

Because at the end of the day, when you’ve taken a load off and the night gets lonely, you want someone to snuggle into at night. Someone’s hair to stroke, someone’s lips to kiss.

And that’s when Pipedream’s Ultimate Fantasy Doll ‘Kitty’ comes into it. This 5’6” babe has been the answer to all my prayers. She’s fully poseable, has lovely blond hair and perfect nails and best of all, gorgeous green eyes to gaze the night away to when chowing down a ready-made frozen lasagne with a cheap glass of plonk (the staple diet of the long-time single man).

Kitty doesn’t use up all (or any) of the hot water before me, doesn’t insist I leave the toilet seat down, nor care when various bodily noises escape my person. She loves me for me, and I her for everything she is.

Beyond having my way with one of her perfectly formed three orifices, nothing makes me happier than snuggling up behind her in bed, her hair pressed against my cheek, her soft skin calming me into a night’s rest. And of course, the smell of her Chanel perfume.

Only the best for my Kitty.

Some of my friends have asked me why I’d spend four digits on a love doll, to which I ask them how much they’ve spent on their partners just this year alone.

Yeah, that always shuts them up. Triply so if they have kids to boot.

One mate even asked if she talked, and I said why the hell would I want her to do that?! It’s not like she needs to tell me what she wants, because I know the only thing she wants in this world is me. Can anyone else say the same about their partner?

But now I hear you ask, how do my friends know that have this love doll? Because she takes pride of place in my house. Each morning before I leave for work, I love to pick her out a new outfit, and try different hairstyles on her, before standing her up (yes, she stands all on her own) at the end of the hallway, so her loving smile is the first thing to greet me when I get home from a long day of work.

After dinner, I’ll change her into her lingerie as we make our way to the lounge to chill with some Netflix. Definitely the next big bonus with Kitty, it’s always my choice of show! We’ll cuddle on the lounge for an episode or two, where unlike me being the big spoon in bed, instead I’ll let her wrap her arms around me as I lean back against her, my cheek cheekily pressed against him bosom. Sometimes we hold hands, sometimes she just gently touches my face instead.

But as much as I’m a romantic and love just holding her, I am still a man and Kitty has curves in all the right places I just simply can’t resist.

With legendary measurements of 36”, 24”, 36”, she is literally built to please. Her DD’s are soft and supple, and I’m always hooked on the amazing detail of her nipples (I cheat and rub a little strawberry lube over them to make them truly irresistible).

I’d love to tell you more, but as I said, I’m a romantic at heart and a real lover doesn’t divulge the details too much. I can say, without hesitation, that the initial cost outlay has been far cheaper than signing into online dating services, paying for ill-fated dates or spoiling a girlfriend before she dumps you months later via text message.

Sure, I don’t get out of the house much, because well, Kitty gives me everything I want and need, and I’d rather spend my time with her than talking shit out at some bar with people and their often bizarre views on the world.

The only downside to being with Kitty, as I see it, and having just passed yet another birthday, is what will become of her when my time comes? She won’t just be able to move on, to find someone to love her all the ways that I do. To give her all the attention she deserves.

Maybe I’ll get her buried with me…?

Kitty is available at the adult lifestyle center Sydney!

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