Why Is Little Chroma by JimmyJane So Popular?

Why is the Little Chroma by JimmyJane so popular? Is it the size? The features? The incredibly stimulating sensations that it offers? The answer is all of these things, and many, many more.

Wow! A Vibrator With A Replaceable Motor

Wow, I seem to be saying this word a lot lately and even more so after reviewing Little Chroma By JimmyJane. Every time I say it, it brings me back to my childhood, that feeling of excitement and joy, you just can’t beat it. And yes at the age of 47 I’m still saying wow and feeling that joy, which brings me to tell you about the Little Chroma by the sex toy company JimmyJane.

Little Chroma By JimmyJane

I’ve never seen anything like this before, a vibrator with a replaceable motor. The picture illustration shows the design, first we see the shell which is named the housing in the illustration, then we see the replaceable motor which is the exact size and shape of an AA battery, then the AA battery, then the cap which has a fully waterproof seal so you can use this little beauty fully under water.

Little Chroma By JimmyJane
Photo: Patented Replaceable Motor System

Again I have picture illustrations showing you the size of the JimmyJane Little Chroma up against a ruler, the dimensions are as follows the length is 130mm or 13cm and the width is 15mm or 1.5cm.

Jimmyjane Little Chroma Photo
Photo: Jimmyjane Little Chroma Measurements

The housing part of Little Chroma and the end screw on cap is made of stainless gold, platinum and double anodised aluminium materials which are 100% non-toxic. Whilst we are on this subject I must add that it does have a very low content of nickel so if you are allergic to nickel I would not recommend using this product. Most people may already know if they are allergic to nickel as you would break out in a rash from other items like jewellery that contain nickel.

What Are The Qualities of Little Chroma By JimmyJane?

Some other great qualities of the JimmyJane Little Chroma is the fact that it does not weigh much at all at the same time. It is very durable with a smooth shiny finish. It can also be heated up or even cooled to suit your preference.

The benefits do not stop here. Another fantastic feature is the hole it has through the cap, you can thread your own piece of selected material i.e. string, lace, leather, silk, satin, whatever you desire as long as it fits through the hole. This is to ensure safe retrieval of the Little Chroma when using it anally.  I’ve included a picture showing string threaded through the hole as example, and obviously it can be used wherever on your body that you desire.

Jimmyjane Little Chroma Photo
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The Little Chroma Can Be Immersed In Up To 6 Feet of Water

Cleaning of the Little Chroma, this is when I add another wow to my review. Looking at the picture I’ve added showing the housing part of Little Chroma, you will notice that the motor. The AA battery like Duracell that are housed inside the device when in use are removable also without any effort whatsoever.

Just tilt Little Chroma, the motor and the battery just slide out, therefore the housing compartment is so easily washed with mild soap and hot water inside and out. Be sure it is completely dry before reinserting the motor and battery.

Now let me ask you how many times you have said that word “Wow”? Because if you haven’t up to now, this next paragraph will definitely wow you without fail.

What is the Little Chroma By JimmyJane Wow Factor?

The JimmyJane Little Chroma has a 16 hour capacity on one, yes one, AA battery. It is very, very quiet and powerful even when immersed 6 foot underwater.

After doing a little researching on how to purchase a brand new motor for the Little Chroma. I found them online for as little as $20, now that’s a bargain.

What are important tips regarding the Little Chroma.?

If the cap is hard to turn which may happen if using your Little Chroma in places like salt water pools. Just lubricate the cap threads and the black rubber seal with petroleum jelly, never force it when screwing the cap on as you may damage the thread.

Another handy tip to keep in mind especially if there is long periods of time between using your Little Chroma. When using alkaline batteries, batteries can easily become corroded over time depending on the type of climate you live in. It’s always a good idea to store your Little Chroma in a cool dry place, away from heat and moisture.

If your Little Chroma works irregularly or has stopped working you could try polishing the ends of the battery and the motor. Try using an emery board or fine sandpaper to enable a better connection.

If I’ve missed anything that you may be wanting to know about the JimmyJane Little Chroma you may find the answers in the instruction manual.


Author: Ricky is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

How Does A Vibrator Work?

The world of adult toys is huge and one of the most popular categories are vibrators. But what exactly is a vibrator, and how does it work? What are the mechanics, types, and uses of vibrators?

1. What Is A Vibrator?

A vibrator is a type of sex toy equipped with an internal motor that generates vibrations. These vibrations, when applied to specific areas of the body known as erogenous zones, can stimulate sexual pleasure and often lead to orgasm.

Erogenous zones that vibrators commonly target include the clitoris, vulva, penis, anus, and nipples. Vibrators can be applied to any area of the body where its vibrations are pleasurable.

2. What Are The Inner Workings of a Vibrator?

The primary component of a vibrator is the motor. This motor is usually off-balance which creates a wobble as it spins, resulting in the characteristic vibrations of the device.

Intensity and type of these vibrations can be adjusted according to the speed of the motor, the size of the weight attached to it, and the position of the weight. A high-speed motor with a large weight will produce high-intensity vibrations. On the other hand, a slower motor with a smaller weight will generate softer vibration.

3. How Do Vibrator Motors Work?

Vibrator use pancake motors, which are compact but provide weaker vibrations. Others employ sonic motors or gyrating mechanisms. Vibrators need power and some vibrators plug into a wall socket, while others are powered by replaceable batteries or rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

4. What Are The Housing and Skin of a Vibrator Made Of?

A vibrators  housing acts like a skeleton, providing structure to the device. It is typically made of hard plastic or metal. The housing determines the sensation the user will feel.

On the other hand the skin is what separates the internal components of the vibrator from the user’s body. Depending on personal preference, a vibrator’s skin might be made of hard plastic, soft rubber, silicone, or other materials.

6. The Power of Vibrators

One of the major benefits of vibrators is their ability to promote orgasms. While only 18% of women are reported to orgasm from penetration alone, a vibrator can provide the clitoral stimulation needed to climax.

Vibrators can provide sexual pleasure and release in a consistent manner. They last as long as they have enough battery life.

7. How Do Vibrators Promote Sexual Health?

Regular use of vibrators is linked to better sexual health. Vibrator users tend to take more care of their sexual health and experience better sexual function. Studies show that vibrator use can help improve sexual desire, arousal, lubrication, erections, and orgasms.

8. How Do I Clean and Maintain My Vibrator?

Cleaning after each use is hygienic and will stop any possible adverse allergic reactions. Depending on the model, some silicone vibrators can even be cleaned in the dishwasher. Always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions

9. The Use of Lubricants with Vibrators

Using a personal lubricant with a vibrator can enhance the experience, making it more slippery and enjoyable. Water-based lubes with silicone sex toys as silicone- and oil-based lubes can break down the surface of silicone vibrators.

10. What Are The Different Types of Vibrators?

Vibrators come in a variety of types, each designed to stimulate different areas of the body or provide different sensations. Some common types of vibrators include:

External vibrators:

These are used on the outside of the body, on areas like the clitoris, vulva, penis, and anus.

Internal vibrators:

These can be inserted into the vagina or anus for internal stimulation.

Dual-stimulation vibrators:

These offer both external and internal stimulation simultaneously.

11. The Evolution of Vibrators

Vibrators have evolved significantly since they were first invented in the late 1800s. Today’s vibrators offer a wide range of features, including multiple speed settings, different modes of vibration, and even remote control capabilities.

With the vast array of vibrators available on the market today, there’s sure to be a vibrator that fits your needs.

Little Chroma By JimmyJane – A Vibrator With A Replaceable Motor!Save

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