Lazy Sex and Orgasms – A Guide to Mind-Blowing Sex

Disclaimer : This article about lazy sex & orgasms is a little bit silly and came about after drawing inappropriate stick figures out of boredom (see below & don’t ask) – but enjoy!

There’s no denying that our days are getting busier. Our personal time for ourselves and our partners is getting less by the day. That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on having sex or having a wonderful orgasms.

You are probably thinking how can you orgasm when your restless? If you’re tired or just want to go to sleep, or only have 5 minutes before work, there’s always a way to squeeze in that orgasm.  You can relax, have sex or masturbate without much effort at all. Lazy sex & orgasms could be exactly what the doctor ordered and they can also help you have a wonderful nights sleep.

Lazy Sex & Orgasms – My 5 Laziest Methods!

This guide is all about maximising pleasure with minimal effort, presenting five effortless techniques that promise satisfaction without the need for acrobatics or strenuous exertion. Whether you’re winding down after a long day or simply in the mood for a laid-back encounter, these methods are designed to deliver delight with ease, ensuring both you and your partner can enjoy a deeply satisfying experience, lazily.

1. The “Netflix N Chill” orgasm

The Netflix N Chill involves beginning a movie or TV show on Netflix and not being able to make it through without having sex.  It is important that you stay with the theme of the movie so that you can have an interactive experience and when you are finished, if you can stay awake, finish the movie too!!! Bonus.

Lazy Sex & Orgasms Guide - Types of orgasms
Cartoon: The “Netflix N Chill” orgasm

2. The “Spooning always leads to forking” Orgasm.

Every couple knows how to assume the spoon: Lie on your side with your guy behind you. Keep both of your torsos in this doze pose and lift your top leg. Have him shift his lower body into a half-kneeling position, entering you from behind.

Lazy Sex & Orgasms Guide : Types of Orgasms
Cartoon: “Spooning always leads to forking” Orgasm

3. The “fully clothed” orgasm

My personal favourite. Get yourself a body wand that’s strong enough that you don’t even have to take off your clothes!  Absolutely sensational but if you are a gusher can be a bit messy and would require a change of clothes it you are going out afterwards.

Lazy Sex & Orgasms Guide : Types of Orgasms
Cartoon: The “fully clothed” orgasm

4. The “public” orgasm

This one is on the rise – get yourself a WeVibe that your partner can control from anywhere and go about your day to day tasks!  Brings a whole new meaning to bringing home the bacon or if you are so inclined and being a bit adventurous take it to a them park and have an orgasm controlled by your partner on the scariest ride.

Types of Orgasms
Cartoon: The “public” orgasm

5. The “When you can’t be fucked to fuck” orgasm.

Get yourself a Fun Factory BiStronic Fusion and let the toy do all the work for you!  There are so many great sex toys out there that these days you do not need a partner or to put any effort in yourself you just need to get the right speed and mode and let your toy do the working.

Types of Orgasms
Cartoon: “When you can’t be fucked to fuck” orgasm

Lazy Sex & Orgasms can be just as fun as putting a lot of energy into sex. They can be more intimate as you may find yourself closer to your partner as they may be tired to. Having something in the side of your drawer when you need that extra bit of help can make your masturbation session more interesting a sexually enticing.

If you are struggling and need a bit of a kick up, women can use arousal gels to get their clitoris fired up with warm or cold sensations. Men can also spice up their lazy orgasm with a vibrating cock ring which will massage their balls or they can buy a male pulsator like the Hot Ocotpus to do all the work for them. Either way, lazy orgasms are just as relieving and can be even more fun than a “wide awake” orgasm.

The Art of Effortless intimacy – More Than Lazy Sex & Orgasms

Many believe that maintaining a fulfilling relationship requires an immense amount of work, effort, and sacrifice. However, below we will prove that there’s also beauty in the simplicity of nourishing relationships and intimacy with less effort and more enjoyment.

Maintaining a relationship shouldn’t feel like a chore, but rather a source of joy and fulfilment. With everyone being pulled in different directions by daily stresses and responsibilities, it’s crucial to find simple, fun, and realistic ways to connect with your partner regularly. This comprehensive guide will explore the art of effortless intimacy, providing you with easy-to-apply strategies for a meaningful relationship.

The Concept of Lazy Intimacy

Contrary to popular belief, the term “lazy intimacy” doesn’t imply negligence or lack of interest in your relationship. It’s about finding simple yet effective ways to connect and communicate with your partner, without the need for grand gestures or significant sacrifices.

Understanding the Importance of Regular and Sustainable Connection

Maintaining regular and sustainable connection with your partner is crucial in any relationship. It’s not about making big changes but rather about creating good relationship habits that are easy to sustain.

Strategies for Effortless Intimacy, Lazy Sex & Orgasms

Here are some strategies that can help foster a deeper connection with your partner without exerting too much effort:

Daily Conversations

Engage in daily chats about your day, sharing the highs and lows. This practice helps prevent misunderstandings and allows you to become more involved in each other’s lives.

Shared Interests

Watch a TV show your partner loves or participate in a mutual hobby. This practice not only provides a fresh perspective into each other’s world but also shows interest and investment in the relationship.

Small Gestures of Affection

Small gestures like open-eyed kisses or buying your partner something small but fun can go a long way in expressing your affection. These gestures can help deepen your connection and improve overall intimacy.

Shared Activities

Activities such as sharing a bath or enjoying a lie-in together at the weekend can provide quality alone time and help you feel comfortable being with each other, thereby improving overall intimacy.

Effective Communication

Make an effort to communicate effectively with your partner. This could include making more eye contact during conversations, echoing each other’s sentiments, or expressing negative feelings directly rather than showing them.

The Art of Lazy Sex & Orgasms During Lovemaking

Lazy lovemaking doesn’t mean less satisfying sex; it simply means achieving sexual satisfaction without the need for strenuous activities or complex positions. Here are some lazy lovemaking tips:

The Coital Alignment Technique (CAT)

The CAT is a small adjustment to the missionary position that can increase sexual satisfaction for both partners. It involves the man adjusting his position slightly so that the base of the penis rests directly on the clitoris, leading to more intense stimulation.

Bone-Idle Bondage

Bondage doesn’t have to be strenuous. Simple restraints or blindfolds can enhance sensations and transform an otherwise mundane experience into something truly erotic.

Sleepy Spooning

The Spoons position, where you lie curled up with your partner, is a perfect choice for lazy lovers. It’s gentle, cozy, and can be adjusted to increase stimulation for both partners.

The art of effortless intimacy is about finding joy in the simplicity of your relationship. It’s about making small yet meaningful efforts to connect with your partner regularly, without the need for grand gestures or significant sacrifices. By embracing the strategies outlined in this guide, you can cultivate a deeper, more satisfying relationship with less effort and more enjoyment.

Remember, the key to a successful relationship is not about making big changes but about investing in small, daily acts of love and care. Embrace the art of lazy intimacy, and enjoy a more fulfilling and satisfying relationship with your partner.

About the Author and Illustrator: Chloe is a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

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