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Today I will be reviewing the award-winning trans products BUCK-OFF and KISS-X by Perfect Fit and Buck Angel.

Last year Perfect Fit and Buck Angel won the XBIZ specialty product/line of the year award and the outstanding innovation award for their product BUCK-OFF. This year they won the XBIZ LGBT pleasure products company of the year. The Perfect Fit brand has been making products and winning awards since back in 2011. As soon as Perfect Fit figured out that the transmen community had sexual wellness needs that weren’t being addressed by manufacturers they got into contact with one of the most well known and respected transgender icons, Buck Angel. They instantly collaborated to create the Buck Angel Line in 2016. The Buck Angel line so far only consists of 5 products. The buck-off, kiss-x, buck-off/kiss-x attachment, fun boy 6.5′ and fun boy 4.5′ but I’m sure we will see more in the future.

So the reason I wanted to review this product is mostly that I watched an interview with Buck Angel and the CEO of Perfect Fit, Steve Callow. In this interview, they talk about the Buck Angel line and whilst explaining these two products Buck Angel claims that the KISS-X can be used without even actually being on testosterone. I have plenty of male friends who would respect a product like this if it was to actually work, so I got curious and wanted to see if what he said was true and took one for the team and purchased one for myself to put to the test.

Before I get into the review I do want to point out my one negative opinion first so that I can get it over and done with. Now, I’m sure I am talking on the behalf of most of my transmale friends but please explain to me and everyone else why you would go to all this effort to make such a fantastic product for all the right reasons and then shit all over it by putting the words “clitoral stimulator” on the packaging of the KISS-X??? Firstly, you had “FTM stroker” on the packaging of the BUCK-OFF?? You guys have released a second product to cater to the guys that have smaller growth or have just started testosterone and honestly you’ve just made it look like you’re not respecting their bits! I have never met a male who appreciates their parts being referred to as a clitoris… So why would you do it!!!? Gender/body dysphoria is a real thing and I’m sure Buck Angel would relate to that so I’m not quite sure why they thought it was appropriate wording.

Please change the packaging of the KISS-X.

Rant over.

Sex Toy Review
Perfect Fit


The BUCK-OFF and KISS-X are FTM strokers made of Silaskin (a proprietary blend of TPR and silicone). Just like any standard masturbation sleeve, the inside has a different texture to its smooth exterior. There are ridges all through the inside for extra stimulation because let’s be honest, if it was smooth it’d be boring.

Now like I said in my rant above, the KISS-X was designed for guys who have smaller growth or are only fresh on T so obviously it is the smaller product and has a smaller hole to allow for better suction. The BUCK-OFF which is the original product has the bigger hole for the dudes who are pumping or that obviously just naturally have bigger growth.


I must say this was a different experience! I’ve only used it once so far and it was pretty damn cool but I do have ideas on how to make it a lot better, that I definitely will share with you at the end.

Buck Angel was not lying when he said people who aren’t on testosterone can use it. If you identify as a female like myself, are interested in having a masculine experience and want to feel like you are jerking off, then this is the toy you want to try. The first few attempts might not be great but once you’ve figured out where to place it so that it’s suctioned on right, then it starts to actually feel quite nice. KISS-X is probably the perfect name for it because when you’re doing it correctly it literally sounds like it’s kissing you.

I recommend placing your fingers in the middle of the toy, just under the tip and moving them up and down in a jerking off motion whilst squeezing the tip at the same time.

^^ just in case I’m not making sense.

These products were purposely designed to look like the top of a penis for the most masculine, visual experience possible.


Like I said though, there is an attachment that they have available as well. The attachment makes this toy vibrate! I will be purchasing Perfect Fit one for myself because I love vibrations and I think for me it could make it a lot better. My other recommendations on making it better are.

  • LUBE! (water-based only)
  • Arousal oil
  • Pumping just before use
  • For different textures, you could purchase a Tenga Egg and stick it inside either product.

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