Just A Perfect Fit! Trans Products

Today I will be reviewing the award-winning trans products BUCK-OFF and KISS-X by Perfect Fit and Buck Angel. Just a perfect fit last year for Perfect Fit and Buck Angel won the XBIZ specialty product/line of the year award. And the outstanding innovation award for their product BUCK-OFF.  This year they won the XBIZ LGBT pleasure products company of the year.

Who are Perfect Fit?

Perfect Fit brand has been making products and winning awards since back in 2011.  Perfect Fit figured out that the transmen community had sexual wellness needs that weren’t being addressed by manufacturers. They got into contact with one of the most well known and respected transgender icons, Buck Angel.

They instantly collaborated to create the Buck Angel Line in 2016.

Buck Angel line so far only consists of 5 products.

The buck-off, kiss-x, buck-off/kiss-x attachment, fun boy 6.5′ and fun boy 4.5′.  But I’m sure we will see more in the future.

So the reason I wanted to review this product is mostly that I watched an interview with Buck Angel and the CEO of Perfect Fit, Steve Callow.  In this interview, they talk about the Buck Angel line.  Whilst explaining these two products Buck Angel claims that the KISS-X can be used without even actually being on testosterone.

I have plenty of male friends who would respect a product like this if it was to actually work.   So I got curious and wanted to see if what he said was true.  I took one for the team and purchased one for myself to put to the test.

Firstly, There is a Problem 

Before I get into the review I do want to point out my one negative opinion first.  So that I can get it over and done with.

Now, I’m sure I am talking on the behalf of most of my transmale friends.  But please explain to me and everyone else why you would go to all this effort to make such a fantastic product for all the right reasons.

And then shit all over it by putting the words “clitoral stimulator” on the packaging of the KISS-X???

Firstly, you had “FTM stroker” on the packaging of the BUCK-OFF??

You guys have released a second product to cater to the guys that have smaller growth.  Or have just started testosterone and honestly you’ve just made it look like you’re not respecting their bits!

I have never met a male who appreciates their parts being referred to as a clitoris.

So why would you do it!!!?  Gender/body dysphoria is a real thing.  I’m sure Buck Angel would relate to that.  So I’m not quite sure why they thought it was appropriate wording.

Please change the packaging of the KISS-X.

Rant over.

Just a Perfect Fit
Perfect Fit

Just a Perfect Fit with BUCK-OFF & KISS-X

The BUCK-OFF and KISS-X are FTM strokers made of Silaskin (a proprietary blend of TPR and silicone). Just like any standard masturbation sleeve, the inside has a different texture to its smooth exterior. There are ridges all through the inside for extra stimulation.  Because let’s be honest, if it was smooth it’d be boring.

Now like I said in my rant above the KISS-X was designed for guys who have smaller growth or are only fresh on T.  So obviously it is the smaller product and has a smaller hole to allow for better suction.

BUCK-OFF which is the original product has the bigger hole for the dudes who are pumping. Or that obviously just naturally have bigger growth.

just a perfect fit
BUY ONLINE: Perfect Fit

My Review

I must say this was a different experience! I’ve only used it once so far.  It was pretty damn cool.  But I do have ideas on how to make it a lot better, that I definitely will share with you at the end.

Buck Angel was not lying when he said people who aren’t on testosterone can use it.  If you identify as a female like myself, are interested in having a masculine experience and want to feel like you are jerking off, then this is the toy you want to try.

First few attempts might not be great

But once you’ve figured out where to place it so that it’s suctioned on right, then it starts to actually feel quite nice.  KISS-X is probably the perfect name for it. Because when you’re doing it correctly it literally sounds like it’s kissing you.

I recommend placing your fingers in the middle of the toy.  Just under the tip and moving them up and down in a jerking off motion whilst squeezing the tip at the same time.

These products were purposely designed to look like the top of a penis for the most masculine, visual experience possible.

Like I said though, there is an attachment that they have available as well.  It makes this toy vibrate! I will be purchasing Perfect Fit  for myself because I love vibrations and I think for me it could make it a lot better.

My other recommendations on making it better are.

  • LUBE!(water-based only).
  • Arousal oil.
  • Pumping just before use.
  • For different textures, you could purchase a Tenga Egg and stick it inside either product.
what a perfect fit
Sexual Desire

How To Use Perfect Fit Real Boy To Desire !

Perfect Fit never seems to amaze me when it comes to their product range.  Especially because of their idea’s and the design and general quality that goes into their product design.

Perfect Fit Real Boy is a double sex toy kit.  It is unique and fascinating because it is aimed at both pleasuring males and females.  An ultimate couple friendly sex toy and should be stored in your treasure trove of favourite sex toys right alongside your vibrating cock rings.

Perfect Fit Real Boy kit comes with two different items including a dong and a penis sleeve.  But Perfect Fit does not compete with any other brand when it comes to penis sleeves. They excel and embarrass the competition.

Perfect Fit Real Boy Dong

Generally, there is not much to speak about when it comes to a piece of silicone molded into a penis that you can stick onto some surfaces (due to the suction cup).  But  like I said earlier.. Perfect Fit Real Boy embarrasses the competition.

This dong is 7 inches in length and is very thick.  What makes it so fantastic is that the silky sleeve is designed to go over it to add an extra half an inch of girth which is a significant difference.  This dong can be used in the shower and also in the bath because it has a suction cup.

Penis Sleeve just a perfect fit
Sex Toy: Real Boy Dildo Kit

Perfect Fit Real Boy Penis Sleeve

Definitely the best part!  Its sleeve can be used for so many different things.

  • Perfect Fit Real Boy comes in colours black or clear. Colour choice can also add to the visual excitement.
  • As an actual penis sleeve which will add 0.5 inches of girth to your penis. This is fantastic for those individuals who want to feel thicker without having to go through medical treatment or the process of penis pumping.
  • An added bonus and incentive is that the sleeve actually has a whole to pull the testicles through this means that 1.  It will hold the sleeve in place well and 2. the sleeve won’t slip off like a condom

 Perfect Fit Real Boy sleeve is exceptionally soft and gentle.

You will be very surprised by how it feels!  Although from the first sight you might think it doesn’t look flexible.  It really is super stretchy to fit almost anybody who tries it on.  Softness and the stretch of the sleeve make it for the ultimate pleasure experience for both people.  Ribbing just adds to the ultimate experience.

Sleeve can be used as a masturbation stroker

Due to the inside of the sleeve is ribbed.  This allows for the individual using it to actually feel a much greater sensation then rather just wearing a normal sleeve. Adding a nice warming lubricant to the mix and you have an amazing combination that will get anyone off in no time.

Turning the sleeve inside out and putting it either on the dong or the vibrator is a great idea if you would like extra sensation.  How? The internal part of the sleeve has ribbing so that whoever is wearing it gets a greater feeling whilst using it.

By turning the sleeve inside out you expose the ribs to the area you plan on stimulatin.  Providing a solid amount of extra stimulation.

Perfect Fit Real Boy sleeve doesn’t take away from the sexual experience but adds a whole new level of fun.

Cleaning is Easy

You can wash it under warm soapy water and allow to dry.  It is also best used with a water-based lubricant or the award winning SuperSlyde lubricant. Silicone lubricant can deteriorate silicone sex toys.

Perfect Fit Real Boy double toy kit is defiantly a fan favourite when it comes to versatile couples sex toys that can be used for multiple, different situations. I would defiantly recommend to both men/women and couples that are looking for a thicker and fuller experience!

Since it is a dual kit including a dong and a penis sleeve, you get to try the best of both worlds.

just a perfect fit
Sexy Man

Perfect Fit Fat Boy – Not Your Basic Cock Extender!

I’m a perfect fit fan.  I love a lot of their products and I think that they’re really well done.  The company has for a long time focused on quality male toys, and they’re continually branching out.

Perfect Fit produces cock rings, cock extenders, ball huggers, anal stretchers, strap ons and more.  There doesn’t seem to be a lot of male orientated toys out there, but there actually is.  It all depends on how you look at the toy and think outside the box according to what it would normally be used for.

For example, some rabbits could be used for anal and perineum stimulation, where the We-vibe classic shape can be used for prostate play, and PiA intercourse. A variety of toys on the market can be used differently to their ‘intended’ use simply because if a toy is marketed too broadly, then it might not sell as well.

Perfect Fit Fat Boy

The product from Perfect Fit that I’m going to be looking at today is the Perfect Fit Fat Boy. It is primarily designed as a stretchy penis extender.

What makes this different to others is that this brand has a space for your balls.  That’s actually what holds the entire sleeve in place.  It wraps over like a condom.  There’s a small snug ring for your balls to poke through which provide stability for the toy during intercourse.  Meaning that unlike a lot of other sheaths this one will simply not come off no matter how rough that you are with it.

What I have always liked about the fat boy, in comparison to others, is just how soft and squishy that they are.  They also come in various different sizes as well as colours; clear and black.

People underestimate this toy because they view it as simply a cock extender when it’s not.

just a Perfect Fit Fat Boy
Perfect Fit Fat Boy Thing Measurements

What Can it be Used For?

Due to the inner nodules of this toy which provide stimulation during sex this sleeve can be used as a men’s masturbator as well. Indeed, it can be used for foreplay before you wear it for intercourse! Lube up the inside (which you should do for comfort anyway) and use it as just a regular stroker.

It’s as soft as the Tenga eggs, and it makes for an amazingly subtle and sweet masturbator that can stretch to encompass your entire shaft. Because it is solid, with no hole at the end you’ll also find when used just right, that I can provide suction as a masturbator as well.

Cock sheath can also be used to add thickness and girth to any of your favourite toys as well. Especially useful if you have your favourite dildo, and it’s just not really cutting it any more.

What’s better is that this will work for any of your vibrators as well to increase their girth and size.

Four designs in the Fat Boy Range.

There are two fat boy thins – which are thin extenders which come in both a shorter length, and a longer length.  then there is the fat boy Sport, and the fat boy original both of which are super thick extenders.

It is extremely important that if you’re going to use this as an extender that you get one that matches up to your size in length. If you don’t then you’re going to have an air pocket at the front and it’s not going to work as well. Ideally, you want to get something that’s just your size, or a little smaller.

Remember the material is extraordinarily stretchy and will accommodate. Also, clients should be made aware of the fact that they need to be able to maintain an erection whilst using this toy.

if they’re struggling with prostate or ED, then they should look at getting a Male Strap on instead.

JUST A Perfect Fit Introduction
Butt Plug

This Tunnel Plug Is A Perfect Fit!

I have long been a fan of the Perfect Fit brand. They are sex toys made for men, by men so ergonomically and mentally they just fit!  Now if you have been wondering how it feels to have a plug, then I can tell you for sure that it is a wonderful feeling.

You might not believe this but keeping your hole wide open is a very enjoyable feeling.

This plug ensures that you are able to achieve this without experiencing any difficulties.  I can confirm to you that I have used it.  It does not in any way harm your body and quite the contrary.  Helps you relax and feel like just being there feeling it inside you and never having to remove it.

A great tunnel plug is one toy you cannot afford to miss in your bedroom or anywhere else where you go to relax and is a perfect fit.

This is unquestionably an intriguing sex toy.

just A Perfect Fit
Red Butt Plug

Using a Tunnel Plug

It is a lot easier then you think, and is not troublesome to use since the toy material is delicate and adaptable. You can effectively use the plug as it comes in several sizes and you will certainly not miss the perfect size for your hole.

Plug has been customized for the medium, large and even extra-large size where one has the discretion of choosing the perfect size they would like to use. Now I have used the medium plug and am now using the large sized one and I can tell you that the relaxation feeling gets even better as you continue to climb the size ladder.

Although I am currently feeling quite satisfied by this large sized plug, I still have plans to move to the extra-large size plug since I want to explore the limits of this amazing toy. Now its weight is very minimal and this makes it very potable.

You can place bigger object like long thin dildo into the opening to fill it in.

Your sexual partner can use a long slim dildo with a harness to fill the Tunnel Plug to give into you which will feel profound and exceptionally extreme almost like no other feeling you have ever experienced.

You can also use the Tunnel Plug as a warm to bigger objects like when you would like to begin to fist your sexual partner’s anus.

One amazing thing about this toy is that you can keep it in you for as long as you want.  Even when you are away from your bedroom and nobody will ever notice that you are wearing it behind you.

I for one have had it with me for a whole day

No one could even think that I had such a gadget in my hole. All you will have to do is to make sure that all your underwear can accommodate it.  Since wearing the tight inner wears and clothes will no doubt show the gadget.

You need to take good care of the plug and must know that such toys need to be treated with a lot of care.  Making them clean after every time you use is one step to ensuring that you keep yourself healthy and safe.

I for one always make sure to wash mine with soap and water before and after. I have used the Tunnel Plug and although I have not been told by anyone I feel like washing it makes it perform even more effectively.

So make sure that you keep yourself healthy by keeping this wonderful toy clean. If you have not tried it by now, then you are probably missing out on one of the most efficient ways of getting to relax by keeping your hole open.

You will find all the instructions on the box on how to use

Since using it is very easy, you will not experience any difficulties in getting yourself to relax since the main aim of this tunnel plug is to make sure that you relax and feel amazing a task it accomplishes very well and it is a perfect fit.

Perfect Fit Tunnel Plug has extremely great reviews all over the internet compared to competitive brands.  Even with my speculative mind, it ended up being an incredible buy!

just a Perfect Fit Cock Armour Sex Toy
Perfect Fit Cock Armour Sex Toy

Cock Armour That Is Just A Perfect Fit!

Perfect Fit Cock Armour was purchased by my wife to add a bit of oomph to our bedroom play.

I was surprised when she opened up her shopping bag from visiting an adult shop.  I’m generally  not a great fan of cock rings as I pride myself on being a bit of a stud in bed.  Mostly I buy sex toys for the wife to use, not me. I like to take the time to pleasure my wife.  Never thought that their would be a sex toy for me that can be used during sex that would make it even better than what it was.

What it Looked Like

When it arrived I noticed that the design was different and the material whilst being soft was also shiny.  Ring allows for a perineum stimulator that seems to be the in-thing at the moment with cock rings and penis plugs.

There is only one size but it is stretchy enough to work fine with the biggest sized penises. The one I got was black but they are also available in red and clear.

Colour choices are very fierce and manly.

just a perfect fit
BUY ONLINE: Perfect Fit Cock Rings

Features of the Cock Armour

Material of the ring is said to be made or “PFBlend”, Perfect fits very uniquely designed material which is claimed to be durable, safe and stretchy and a combination of TPR and Silicone.

Perfect Fit made one of the best blends of materials for cock armour blending the feeling of strength, size and comfort. There is little detail as to what the ratio is of these materials.  But I found it to be nice and non-abrasive. Sometimes I find cock rings come with a certain plastic smell but I found no smell to the Perfect Fit Cock Armour.

Packaging says it is 100% body safe so you don’t need to worry about the degradation of plastic effecting your body.  Flexibility is good but still strong enough to restrict and restrain blood flow which is the most important aim of a cock ring to help the penis remain harder and last longer.

Just a perfect fit
Cock Armour

It is Well Made

There are no seams that I could distinguish.  It is very uniform throughout. There were no bubbles, imperfections, all in all it looked to be very well made for a men’s sex toy.

Shine from the Cock Amour made it ‘glow’ and looked good when worn as well. If you are a perfectionist and like only the best men’s sex toys the quality of this cock ring is very high and luxurious.

They say that size does not matter

When the package was opened it shocked me a bit how large it was.

Putting the Cock Amour on was easy as the material stretches giving enough room whether your penis be erect of prone. So it is up to you when to put it on. You can place the cock armour around both your penis and testicles, it will fit snugly enough against them without causing any discomfort.

When worn it forces the genitals and testicles forward giving them a larger and more pronounced appearance which is very attractive if you would like your penis to look huge. Look of Perfect Fit Cock Armour on is very sexually enticing and will be sexually stimulating when your lover sees it.

Cock Armour felt great during sex

It surprised me how much the perineum stimulator actually worked to increase sensations. I was surprised at how much my penis became harder and my erection lasted longer to please my wife. Although I am still not a great fan of cock rings I must say that wearing the Perfect Fit Brand did increase my sexual enjoyment and my wife said that it felt harder for her.

When ever I wear it her eye light up and she get’s easily excited. I feel like the Perfect Fit Cock Armour enhances my penis size a lot and places it on display for people to admire. My self confidence has gone through the roof and my wife is reaping the benefits. So how can you fault that?

Why not try the Perfect Fit Cock Armour and see if it does it for you too. Perfect Fit Cock Armour stand out from all the other cock rings in store.

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