There Is No Lite-Joy When You Get Your Anal Love!

The Joy-Lite Anal Love Masturbator is a sex toy for men that is to be used as an aid to masturbating making it more exciting and realistic. How does the Joy-Lite Compare to the Fleshlight masturbators and which is better? The Joy-Lite comprises of a hard three-piece case encasing the delicate cyberskin Insert. The case allows it to be transported anonymously and safely. The entire case does resemble a thick torch, however it won’t stand under close examination or have the capacity to pass itself off as a genuine light. Particularly if one of the top ends is unscrewed as that will reveal the passages that are contained within.

This sex toy is the precise, custom molded reproduction of a woman’s anus. If you are interested in enjoying masturbation as if it were the real things than a Joy-Lite Anal Love Masturbator will let you enjoy her most intimate behind in the most sexual way possible. The texture within the male stroker will consistently suction itself around you, giving an experience that titillates your sensations. The sex toy is made for the comfort and safety of your skin. It is created out of body safe materials which are phthalate and toxic free. The material will move, flex and adjust according to your body size. It is also made to be durable as long as you take the proper care and clean it after each use. Clean it with luke warm or hot tap water with soap after each use, to maintain the gentle nature of the product you can also use some fleshlight powder.  The stroker is safe to take with you as it can be packed up into it’s plastic covering.

The opening is more intricate than that of similar masturbators and the canal inside secured with customary tubular knobs around 18mm long and 6mm in measurement giving the feeling and appearance as though you’re going to embed your dick into a section lined with spines these projections are delicate and expected to stimulate your penis as you come to use this sex toy. The makers directions demonstrate that just water based lubricants should be used as the cyberskin may react negatively to oil or silicon based lubes.  With each Joy-Lite a 15ml water based lube is provided just in case you do not have any lube at home the first time so you will not be disappointed and have to go out to buy one.


Joy-Lite Anal Love Masturbator
Sex Toy: Joy-Lite Anal Love Masturbator


You have to be erect first before you can use this toy and the wide opening makes passage simple and it is amazingly tight and on close examination looks and feels close to a genuine butt hole. You have to use a lot of lube in it to really enjoy it to its fullest and it can get a bit messy. The toy feels exceptionally good and you can unscrew the opposite smaller end to adjust the suction that you like the best. The joy-lite is exceptionally long so it does not matter if you have a small penis or a huge cock everyone can enjoy the Joy-Lite.

Depending on how deep you penetrate your cock will get an amazing array of feeling courtesy of the ridges, canals and nodules inside it. It is a very fulfilling experience and when I got to the stage I wanted to come I had my whole cock inside it and was stroking off. As I came it felt amazing and warm, just like the real thing.

All in all I found the Joy-Lite Anal to be similar to but not exactly the same as the Fleshlight Forbidden Style masturbators. Whether it is better or worse I guess is up to each individual to decide and being a similar price it is really a toss of the coin. The Joy-Lite like Fleshlight has specific moulds of girls that have starred in Mark Dorcell productions so I guess if you are into Vivian, Anna, Claire or any of the other Marc Dorcell girls that would be the deal breaker. But at the end of the day. Cleaning of the is simple, simply slip the sleeve out and put it in the sink and run warm water through it for a wash – you can use a very mild detergent if you wish, then air-dry to guarantee the anal sex toy stays in great condition.


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