Interview With ‘Big Al’ Alfaro

AJ “Big Al” Alfaro has helped thousands of men reach their male enhancement goals. A bodybuilding expert and seasoned male enhancement coach, Alfaro is a leader in the male enhancement industry. He has been featured on several national media outlets, including CNN and Men’s Health.
The Ultimate Guide to Male Enhancement was written based on more than 20 years of research, personal experience and training of thousands of men to improve their sexual health. Whether you’re looking to increase your size, your stamina or your hardness – this is the book for you!
Al: I got involved way back in the mid-to-late 1990s. I was writing an online training course and I wanted it to be a “whole body” regimen. Before publishing anything, I tested the exercises on myself with great results — so the initial course I published was pretty close to what I did in training.
When I started promoting my whole body course, there was an overwhelming interest in the “penile enhancement” portion of it. I was also contacted by men seeking help for issues like erectile dysfunction, psychological impotence, porn addiction and premature ejaculation. It was then that I decided to focus most of my efforts on the male enhancement courses and consultation services.
Al: I started teaching myself about physical training at about 14 or so. I took the hard approach and learned as much as I could, not just about working out, but also about nutrition, kinesiology, and biomechanics.
I was also very much into reading abstracts on studies done on the effects of tension and stress on the tissues, and on healing techniques like Rolfing massage. Studying these subjects gave me a solid platform on which to base my male enhancement regimens.
Al: When I first got involved in the male enhancement field, there was little information to be found on the subject. The most interesting information came from a few obscure studies, and from the internet forums where the pioneers of the field were essentially experimenting on themselves with different techniques.
The most effective techniques for achieving a bigger penis were the manual exercises, but those didn’t provide too much of a market for the big advertisers. What I observed was a proliferation of ads for surgeries, then pills, then variations of herbal enhancers like patches. The newest popular thing seems to be extender devices — although pills are still getting most of the air time.
Some of these things work and some don’t, but one thing that definitely works is manual penis exercises. They don’t get as much air time because the big ad companies don’t feel the profit margins are there, but once enough men start educating themselves on penile enhancement, you’re going to start seeing some serious attention paid to the subject.
I believe this process will be similar to the way exercise and fitness emerged into the mainstream, only it will happen more quickly. I also think there will always be some sort of gimmick for sale, but the most effective methods of achieving penis growth will eventually get the recognition that they deserve.
Q. What is your book “The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement” about?
Al: This book is based on my 23+ years of experience in the male enhancement field. It covers enlargement, stamina development, sexual health, sexual confidence, porn addiction, and more.
Q. Who is your target audience?
Al: Every adult interested in improving and understanding themselves- as well as their sexual partner(s). It truly has something for everyone in it!
If any of you are interested in this book it is available here at – Ultimate Male Enhancement.

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