How to use a vibrating love egg with your partner

Things are not always as they look! This is quite a fit quote for a vibrating love egg because it’s the smallest of all sex toys but its size makes it a special sex toy! The small size makes it perfect to be used anywhere, a bus while traveling, a party when bored, and basically everywhere you want to use it. Most importantly, never consider that little thing to be any less stronger than a normal vibrator because ladies have not really been able to handle the strongest intensity that a vibrating love egg offers!


But, the main point to consider is can a vibrating love egg be used with a partner or only for some alone time fun! Well, contradicting the facts for all the sex toys there, this one is perfect for both the situations. Yes, you’ve read it right. In fact, this is a great sex toy to experiment in bed with your partner and make love to him in some wild ways.



Do you wonder how to use a vibrating love egg with your partner? Here are a few tips for that purpose:


  • Be creative

Basically, all the egg vibrators are considered to be of the penetrative nature and hence it’s a big confusion for how to use them while having intercourse. Penetration will still be an option but you’ve got another option too! Both of you just need to get that creative side out and try to use the toy for your uttermost fun.


  • Treat as any other vibrator

The least creative you could be is by treating this vibrating love egg as any other vibrator while intercourse. Though the vibrators are quite better for some purposes SVAKOM’S Elva Remote-Controlled Wearable Intelligent Vibrating Bullet Egg will not be any less than a normal vibrator here. It will stimulate and caress your Clitoris like any other vibrator and hit your erogenous areas fantastically!


  • Take advantage of the small size

Vibrators are usually quite huge in size and hence could be difficult to use while having sex. But, when you’re using a vibrating love egg, it’s quite different as its small and can be used in numerous ways. Like vibrators do the job pretty well, a love egg, when used properly, could be a major turn-on while having sex. Also, love egg has got an upper hand over vibrators because they’re used with a cable and that makes it quite easier to insert while intercourse.


  • Try it for the two way

Ever used a dildo in your anus while the dick was in the front? Must have felt great being locked at both the places? Now imagine a vibrating love egg instead of the dildo, and the sensations and stimulations that you’ll be feeling down there. This is the best way to use the vibrating love egg or you could try it vice versa too! Also, you’re not the only one to have fun in this case! Your spouse will feel great too as he will be feeling those vibrations through the walls of your vagina! For this purpose, SVAKOM’S Elva Remote-Controlled Wearable Intelligent Vibrating Bullet Egg will be perfect as it can be adjusted for the multiple intensity levels.


Egg vibrators are pretty simple yet most creative as long as you are ready for that challenge! The best part is that it covers all the perks for the vibrator if you use the SVAKOM’S Elva Remote-Controlled Wearable Intelligent Vibrating Bullet Egg because it has 5 intensity levels to adjust!


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