Electro Stimulation Guide For Beginners! Spark Your Interest

Have you had shocking sexual experiences? Well let me tell you I love electro stimulation so I often have them. Spark your curiousity with a shocking good time.

It may not be your cup of tea and you prefer a standard vibrator.  For many newbies out there and those that do now want to experiment more, then good for you.

Electo stimulation – Spark Your Curiosity 

However for me the standard toy felt pretty good but I wanted to explore my sexuality further and see how far I could go in the pursuit of erotic happiness.

I turned to electro stimulation a few years back after trying out one of those tighten your abs devices that pulsed through an electric current.

It fascinated me watching my muscles react to these involuntary electrical simulations.  If you tried them and like me continued to turn up the power to see how much I could take – it became a bit of a game really.

So thinking about this I wondered how my genitals would react to such impulses and what devices could be added to my sex play.

Reading up a bit about it on the net there was a lot of foobaa out there of people plugging into their power sockets and electrocuting themselves.

So  I decided not to try and create something but buy from a reputable manufacturer.  They are definitely different to the electricity you get from home from Energy Australia.

History of Electro Stimulation

Some people like to be slapped.  Others like clamps on their most sensitive areas.  But something that has become electrifyingly more popular and that actually might come as a shock to you is Electro Stimulation play.

The art of zapping oneself or others with a current of electricity for pleasure or various other positive reasons has been around since way back in the 18th and 19th century.

There were probes made to pass electricity through it but unfortunately it was extremely dangerous. I can only imagine how many failed experiments and casualties must have occurred to bring us proper safe Electro Stimulation play.

How is it Classed?

Electro-Stimulation is currently classified as BDSM. But with popular products like ‘MyStim’ and ‘ElectraStim and attachments’, we are slowly getting to the point where that Electro Stimulation play is just as normal as vibrating toys.

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I Personally Love Electro Stimulation

Which is not necessarily a good thing.   Maybe because of the store’s carpets I work in I tend to unknowingly build up static electricity.  So when I go to touch the DVD cabinet I get a massive shock.

In my mind i can’t imagine it being a pleasure as much as it is torture. But anway I went and did some research on Electro Stimulation and I must say that my initial opinion has been altered.

I looked at E-Stim the same way that I would imagine being tasered would feel like.  Or that one time when I was at my grandad’s farm and accidentally touched the electric fence.

But most E-STIM toys have a vast range, so you can start off very weak if you like and then gradually build resistance with it.

Main Electro Stimulation Types

There are three main types of Electro-Stimulation.

Pulse Style Electro Stimulation

They are devices that send out a waveform pulse that is specifically designed to stimulate nerves and muscles.

These can be used for both medical and sexual purposes and are said to be the safest form on the market.

Electrostatic Electro Stimulation

Then there is the electrostatic that incorporates high voltage to create a spark that will ‘jump’ the body.

These are for the hardcore users.  They are reportedly the most dangerous form as intense heat is caused by the spark causing red marks and/or burning of the skin.  Damage to skin is more susceptible to skin cancers and those with a weak heart run the risk of a heart attack.

AC/DC Stimulations

Which are usually home-made devices or those used for livestock and include cattle prods, phasers, homemade appliances tweaked to cause a shock.

They can also be very dangerous and should only be made by those that aware of the currents, isolation and basically electricity as a tool.

Starting out – those wishing to incorporate Electro-Stimulation in their shocking sexual experiences should use the Pulse Style.

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Electro Stimulation Electrodes

So let’s assume that you are like me and go for the device that sends pulse waves.  It works on the basis that there is a flow through and between two places on the body.  These contacts are called electrodes.

A pulse of electricity can work one way through the body which means you will only feel the current leaving the body.  This is referred to as monopolar pulse.

Then there is the bipolar pulse that will allow you to feel the current at both points equally.  This is because the electricity will try to find the shortest path between the two electrodes.

Often people that play with electrodes will use a conductive gel and electricity transfers better on wet or damp surfaces.

Dry skin is fairly resistant to electricity so to get the most from your experience use a conductive gel, water base lubricant or even water.

The less resistance offered will mean the more intense and pleasurable will be the current.

People that like more pain than pleasure whilst experience erotic Electro-Stimulation play should use a small electrode and the current felt will be more intense.
The larger the electrode the more the energy is dispersed in the larger mass meaning that the sensation will be felt over a larger area but with less ‘shock’.
Most people use two electrodes placed between the areas that they wish current being felt – like base of the genitals and top of shaft. However others also like to use numerous electrodes over various parts of the body.

Electro Stimulation Sensations

What amazes me is that depending on where you shock yourself it will feel different.  For example if you used it on your arm it will give you different sensation then if you put it on erogenous zones.

Like most BDSM tools, they usually derive from something relatively normal. Same goes for Electro-Stimulation, which used to be originally used for medical purposes before it was made into something sexual.

Medical Purposes for Electro Stimulation

There are plenty of medical purposes for Electro-Stimulation but its most predominately used to create muscle contractions for passive exercising.

This can over time strengthens muscles and promote healthier cell regeneration.  There are even products in our stores that help women improve their Kegel and pelvic floor muscles and they are in the form of vibrators (mystim and intimate love toy are good examples).

Because it promotes better cell growth while exercising the muscles, it has become wildly popular in toning body muscles.  And also being used for therapeutic massages which can help people who suffer from chronic muscle aches and the ever dreaded ‘flabby arms’

Safety Tips to Remember 

One safety tip to always remember is not to ever place electrodes where the current will be anywhere or more specifically through the heart as it could result in cardiac arrest.

You must always consider this as newbies tend not to think about this.   Guess what, if you were to place an electrode on your hand and one on your foot, the heart is between it.

A mistake you do not want to make.

Although it can be done it is not advisable to hook two people up with an electrode on each.  Accidents can happen again regarding current passing through the heart.

Another no, no that many people do is electrodes on the nipples.  Nipple Electro Stimulation is just plain dangerous. Don’t do it!!! It is too close to the heart.

Start Slowly

Two other safety tips I will leave you with are do not go straight in with a high level of stimulation.  Start slowly, increasing the voltage comfortably.

Doing it too quick can give you muscle cramp or spasms.  This will end what was going to be an exciting and explorative time to one that may take hours to get over.

Finally do not use Electro Stimulation on your neck or temples.

Safest Devices to Use

So getting back to the Pulse Devices these are by far the safest and better choice for erotic electric play.

Of them all, the safest will be those that are battery powered as there is never a risk that too much current will be sent through the body.

TENS was the original term that is the abbreviation for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It iswidely used and developed for medial therapeutic purposes.

TENS put out a wave form Pulse that can be adjusted three ways.  Level of current, frequency of pulse and width at contact and are generally a bipolar output.


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Electro Stimulation Devices

EMS which is short for Electro Muscle Stimulation

These are the devices I mentioned earlier that first got me interested being the ab-developers.  Generally they will allow a higher current than the TENS.

The EMS pulse can generally have multiple levels of current and width at contact.

PES or ‘Shock Boxes’

Specifically made for erotic play.  Most are mono-polar that limits but have adjustable frequency and width.

All of the above will come with their own connectors.  But I have found often that making my own or purchasing connectors/electrodes is a better option.


Besides the ‘mystim’ toy you can also get a whole range of different pleasure by using other toys.

ElectraStim’ is probably the most diverse range.  There are toys ranging from simple probe for external genital play to a fleshlight that passes currents through to your penis.

But I think the one I would recommend anyone interested in this series would be the wartenberg wheel.

Wartenberg Wheel

It excites me to think of an electrified pinwheel rolling along my leg or back.  According to many different sources it’s a definitely a must have from their collection.

Violet Wand 

Another very popular device for erotic electro play would be the violet wand.  A glass tube like device that passes arc of sparks from the tube to the skin surface.

If that sounds too direct you can use a “Body Contact” device,  This allows the electrical current to pass from the Wand through the controller making the entire body (and parts!) behave like an electrode!

Running electrified fingers over your body and experimenting with the many ways of using other body parts.  Even kissing and electrified oral sex is possible.

Keep Hydrated

Can result in electrolyte depletion which is easily treated with rest and keeping hydrated. Good excuse for Gatorade if you ask me.

Electro Stimulation by Gender

Obviously there are electrodes that are made with a man in mind or a woman.

The electrodes for a man include a cock ring, cock and ball, testicle, cock cage, penis plug.  Even anal probes as well as pads or clamps for other areas of the body such as the buttocks, legs.

Some people also like to use their piercings as the connector.  But as the width is very small it will mean that the current will be very sharp, especially with higher powered devices.

Women use most of the same devices as a man but also have a vaginal probe and electro-catheter.

Powering Your Pleasure

I recommend using battery operated power units.  Many hardcore users like to have their devices powered straight from an electrical output.

When doing so always make sure all connections with power are turned off when connecting or disconnecting the device.   Pack it away so no prying hands get an unexpected shock.

You can have a lot of fun having shocking sexual experiences and as long as you do so safely there will be no lasting side effects.

I hope you enjoyed this article and learnt more about Electro Sex.

Overall Electro-Stimulation is something that everyone should look into and possibly give it a try.  If the intense sensations from electricity are something that appeals to you then I say go for it.

I was on the fence and confused how someone would find it pleasuring.  But I’m no longer surprised and find it just as normal as someone wanting to be gagged and tied up.

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