How to Satisfy Your Lover with Foreplay

If you already love the foreplay experience, these tips will turn you into the ultimate lover in bed. Your lover will be screaming for more when she/he find’s out you really know how to give them more pleasure than they ever thought was possible. Listed below are 9 tips on How to Satisfy Your Lover with Foreplay:


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  1. When you give your lover a blow job, place the vibrator externally against your cheek. He will be able to feel the humming and vibrations alongside the blow job. Due to the extra pleasurable stimulation, some men may cum quicker then usual.
  2. Take your lingerie off. Wrap your favourite bullet vibrator in your panties. Gently massage the vibrator on his testicles, underneath his testicles, on his nipples and along the shaft of his penis. He’ll love the silkiness or softness of your panties and the gentle massage of the bullet vibrator!
  3. Massage a small amount of lubricant onto his perineum (taint) and gently massage the perineum with the rumble of a vibrator, this will give him an external prostate massage. It is important to let him know what you will be doing. You can ask him if he likes it before continuing to use the vibrator on that area or if he would like to increase the speed of the vibrator. A prostate orgasm can provide him with a much stronger orgasm.
  4. Place a bullet vibrator in your hands and give him a therapeutic massage between his inner thighs. Continue to massage up to the trunk of his thighs and his rear. Additionally, you are able to buy a massage mitt which has a pocket to tuck in a bullet vibrator.
  5. When you are receiving oral, have your lover tease your clitoris with a vibrator. Then slip the Vibrator into your vagina. Using a smaller sized vibrator allow your partner, easy access to give you oral. The vibrator will efficiently help you achieve a built up and powerful orgasm.
  6. Wear a hands free vibrator like a We-Vibe or Eva by Dame. Give up complete control of the pleasure by giving him the controller to tease you with different vibrating modes. The built up tension from not being in control will make the sexual encounter intense.
  7. Blindfold your lover or place them in bondage gear. Make this sexual encounter about him achieving an orgasm. You can prolong the experience for up to half an hour to one hour if you would like to. Explore every part of his body with your hands, mouth and body. From time to time, place a vibrator on low and massage his hypersensitive areas. Avoid coming in contact with his manhood. Have fun seeing his manhood twitch with excitement, become extremely hard, relax and become hard again. The visual change in his penis will turn both of you on to the point he will really need to cum. Touch his erection and give it a light massage until he begs to cum. You can now make him cum or remove his bondage gear to see what he would like to do.
  8. Retrieve your favourite sex toy from your hiding place and give it to him. Let him know you want him to help you warm up with your favourite sex toy. Have him remove your clothes and underwear. Let me rest next for you and cradle your back or neck with one of is own arms. For this experience to be very intimate, make sure you are face to face and in a natural position to let him explore your body. Whilst he is holding you, he can use the sex toy in his other hand. Letting him use the sex toy on you, will make him feel like an important part of the experience. (Some men want to be in the “catchers” position which lets them be up close and personal with a complete visual view of your clitoris and the sex toy being used.). It’s a terrific way to feel very connected when you are using a sex toy with your companion.
  9. For women, a tiny vibrator on the clitoris is pretty much a guaranteed orgasm. Our BONUS Hint #9. When you are having intercourse, put a tiny bullet on your clitoris while you are on your backside back, or when you are making doggy love style, or working for you, you on top, invert cowgirl… you name it, it works. You get the benefit for a clitoral orgasm from penetration which rarely happens. He provides the bonus of knowing you’d have an orgasm, so he does not have to worry and have that dreaded question. And, when female climaxes, her vagina tightens down on the penis and really can improve his experience! It’s a WIN WIN!


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