Power of A Female Gaze!

One of the most striking details of a woman’s appearance, according to men – is the eyes.

Eyes can convey the whole range of feelings inherent in a person where love, disappointment, sadness and joy, delight and pain are neighbors. The look of a woman excites, intrigues, attracts men.

Therefore, eyes in self-presentation, which should radiate happiness and confidence, languor and bliss, are so important. It is with your eyes that you can show your sympathy or express your anger.

The person’s eyes reflect his or her spiritual beauty, as they say:

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul!”

And the living expressive eyes with sparks are the true decoration of the woman’s face. The view has many varieties: changing, languid, secretive, studying, glancing a man from top to bottom, intimate and prolonged directly in the eyes.

Your gaze should be open to communication, and not the coldly alienated view of the Snow Queen, which is then approached terribly.  Men do not tolerate arrogance, they have a protest in their blood to submission. The size, color, shape of an eye, framed by flirtatious eyelashes – favorably emphasize the female individuality.

A narrow strip of hair above your eyes gives a variety of looks. After all, eyebrows strengthen this game, as if shading and beautifying the eyes, give mobility to facial expressions. The fact is that a raised eyebrow makes the eye large and meaningful, giving an intrigue and expressiveness.

The same eyebrows give the person a unique charm, create an expression on a face and on them depends the impression that women produce on men. For example, breaking the eyebrows at the bridge of the nose, gives the look of mystery, and of a woman’s unpredictability in deeds.

Not expressive, lifeless eyebrows extinguish sparks in the eyes, reducing their depth.  Therefore, lovely women remember that when you play with a form of eyebrows, you not only update your image, but also attach spontaneity and unpredictability to your image, which fuels the hunting instincts in a man. Face is important, yet if you are one of those busty bikini models, you may have a different set of skills. When you “draw” your face in front of a mirror in the morning, play with your eyebrows, feel them.

However, unobtrusive movements of the nose in the context of the general facial expression mask the signals of your mood. Wrinkles of the nose, can express bitterness and rejection, no matter how you smile, and your eyes do not spark the brightest colors of love, these wrinkles will ruin the whole picture.

The general impression is already greased, the conversation is not glued together. You think that you have said the wrong word, you start to be embarrassed, but it’s all in the nose. Inflating the wings of the nose, intense inhalation can express both rage or excitement. In a certain context of conversation, it can be perceived as a sexual signal.

The visual contact serves as a hint of your openness for acquaintance and further meetings with a man. When your eyes meet for a moment with a man’s gaze, the “spark of emotional empathy of a man and a woman” flares up.

You both signal to each other about your readiness to establish a romantic relationship. The duration of the “conversation with the eyes” is extremely important, the specialists determined that it takes several seconds for the birth of a stable visual contact. If you take your eyes off before the spark breaks out, you will show that you are not ready to continue your acquaintance, and all the more so to establish any kind of relationship.

Otherwise, both you and the man lower your eyes only after

soulful eyes

“the spark pierces your soul.”

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