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Maksulo Fetishwear

Delving into the daring world of Maskulo Fetishwear, we explore the distinctive style and quality that sets this brand apart in the realm of fetish apparel. A big thanks to our dear friends at Maskulo for sending us some products for review.

Maskulo was founded by Artem Smyslov and Bulat Barntaev in 2014 at Oktyabrskaya st, 52, Novosibirsk, 630099 Russia in Siberia – the coldest of places.  The brand name simply means “masculinity exposed’ and they are leaders in male fetish wears.  Two openly gay men in a country where homosexuality is technically illegal producing high quality products using the best materials with attention to the finer details for all you kinksters out there.  A selection of jocksraps, briefs, tank tops, boxers and many accessories that will hit the right sensual spots. They especially have a wide selection of different types of designer underwear!

Engaged Staff

‘Fun’ and ‘hot’ are words that can be used to describe these intimate clothes that will look sensational on you making concerted efforts to deliver clothes that will increase your sex appeal when worn.  All the crew at Maskulo are creative and courageous people that work for a basic human right for lifestyle and sexuality choices.

Benefits Of Male Fetishwear

Male fetishwear offers several benefits that extend beyond the surface aesthetics. Primarily, it empowers individuals to express their personal desires and identities boldly and without reservation, enhancing self-confidence and body positivity. Fetishwear can also invigorate relationships, introducing novelty and excitement into intimate encounters.

The use of materials like leather and latex not only appeals to sensory pleasures but also helps in creating a distinct persona, encouraging exploration of different aspects of one’s sexuality. Moreover, engaging in communities that appreciate fetishwear can provide a sense of belonging and acceptance, fostering connections with like-minded individuals.

gay man in crossdressing

A Sense Of Community And Identity

Wearing Maskulo fetishwear goes beyond mere fashion choice; it’s a powerful avenue for personal expression and community bonding. For many, these garments serve as a symbol of their sexual freedom and identity, enabling them to embody and celebrate their inner desires openly. Maskulo creates pieces that resonate with those who are bold about their kinks and fetishes, providing them with the attire that reflects their daring personalities.

Additionally, Maskulo fosters a sense of community among its wearers. By donning fetishwear, individuals can easily find and connect with others who share similar interests and lifestyles, whether at themed events, clubs, or online platforms. This shared identity helps to break down barriers of isolation and promotes a sense of belonging and acceptance within the fetish community. Through their designs, Maskulo not only outfits individuals but also knits together a tapestry of like-minded people who value sexual expression and individuality.

Maskulo Fetishwear Shipping

Maskulo is now shipped to many countries around the world and the brand is slowly becoming one of the most sought after by the LGBTQIA+ community with much press for Bulat Barntaev who became the first openly gay man to run for Russian Parliament in the nation’s history.  Bulat has openly criticized Putin’s regime, which of course is a great risk to his personal safety.

The first product we have reviewed is the jockstrap JS30 which is an attractive fetish jockstrap for men.  It has a neon codpiece which is held in place by black metal snaps and glows under black light.  The codpiece is removable that can be used to expose your erection for some quick sex-play or just if you want to show off a bit.  The straps make this extremely comfortable to wear and really look great on someone who is muscular or athletic.

Maskulo Fetishwear
Image: Men’s fetish jockstrap

Maskulo Fetishwear Sizing

The Maskulo brand is generous in sizing and the sizing chart is shown below.

Mens underwear sizing
Image: Maskulo’s bottoms size chart

What Materials Are Maskulo Fetishwear Made From?

The jockstrap JS30 is made from 90% polyester and 10% elastane. The color options are neon orange, pink, green and white. The non-neon strap part of each jockstrap is in black.  The materials felt sexy and the elastic straps contour perfectly to the body.  The codpiece is held in place by 3 snaps configured in a triangular shape that are easy to click on and off.  The codpiece is made of a foam filled material.

Maskulo fetishwear is distinguished by its use of premium materials that are specifically chosen for durability and comfort, making them ideal for extended wear. The brand primarily utilizes spandex, nylon, and neoprene, which are not only resilient but also flexible, allowing for a snug fit that accentuates the wearer’s physique.

These materials are excellent for creating the desired aesthetic of fetishwear, offering a sleek, tight look that enhances the body’s contours while also providing the necessary strength to withstand the rigors of fetish activities. Moreover, the tactile qualities of these fabrics contribute to the sensory experience, adding a level of excitement and stimulation that is integral to the fetishwear experience.

Maskulo’s commitment to quality ensures that each piece not only looks striking but also feels comfortable against the skin, allowing wearers to enjoy their attire without distraction.

Nightclubbing men's underwear
Buy Now | Men’s designer underwear

How Does It Feel To Wear?

Putting on some music I had a bit of a dance and then wore them for a few hours after. The jockstrap stayed in place and was extremely comfortable on.  The foam allowed my privates to breathe and thereby not get to sweaty or clammy.

A word of warning – hand wash the codpieces with a mild soap – do not get deodorant or any other alcoholic or thinner based liquids on it as they will cause color change and possibly make them non-neon under a blacklight.

Searching online the average price is around the $50 USD mark so it is very reasonable when compared with some of the other brands out there and with the great work these guys do for the LGBTQIA+ community, especially in Russia, I would prefer to support them than other companies just out for pure profiteering.

Why Maskulo Is Right For You

Maskulo Fetishwear not only provides an expressive outlet through its innovative and daring designs but also plays a significant role in advocating for and enhancing the visibility of the LGBTQIA+ community. By offering high-quality, bold fetishwear, Maskulo empowers individuals to embrace their true selves while fostering a supportive network that celebrates diversity and personal freedom.

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