We Vibe 4 Review – Just For Couples

Let’s get into a We-Vibe 4 review.  We-Vibe 4 came fresh out of the box from Adultsmart being the improved rendition of the well-known We-Vibe couple’s vibrator.

It’s intended to be worn amid sex and give sexy stimulations to both lovers. It is an artistic design and assuredly designed for couples that love alternatives.  It’s double motored and intended to empower both the G-spot and clitoris of the wearer.  But also give stimulation to your partner as well. We-Vibe 4 is rechargeable, and 100% waterproof.

We-Vibe 4 Review

What’s Different About the We-Vibe 4? 

There have been some enormous changes to the We-Vibe 4.  Changes from the original are the silicone, the shape, and the remote.

  • Silicone

On the We-Vibe 4 is matte rather than the sparkling silicone like the kind that was on its predecessor.  This matte silicone is somewhat less grabby while its dry. But it appears like it needs more lubricant than the glossy silicone did.

  • Shape has changed a lot

We-Vibe 4 is smaller than the 3.  The insert-able segment is adjustable and more extensive. Though the external bit is bigger and has a slight bend, which is considerably more ergonomic. It bends less than the past models so it ought to fit cozily and have the capacity to give somewhat more weight when inserted.

  • Remote from this model

Has been enhanced a bit to make it more easy to use. There are more settings.  But the settings are a great deal less demanding to change. They are isolated and raised so you can change the controls on the remote by feel. Reach on the remote is said to be better than the original.

We-Vibe 4 arrives in a very nice box that contains the vibe itself, the remote, the charging dock and USB rope, alongside instructions.

Application to Control We-Vibe 4 review
Sex Toy: We-Vibe 4 Mobile Application
  • Charging Station

I truly like the charging station as it accompanies a top and it copies as capacity and a defensive case that can be taken when traveling.  USB string fits into the back of the charger.  It can be charged through PC or other electronic device with a USB port. Or you can get a USB divider connector so you can charge it anyplace.

An orange light will flicker when the charger is connected to and the We-Vibe unit is accurately set up and charging. Light will turn off when charging is finished. If the toy is not put correctly in the charger it will not light up. To fully charge the device takes 6 hours but gives continuous use of up to 3 hours.

  • Waterproof

As it recharges through USB magnetic device the sex toy is completely waterproof. So that when your using the sex toy, the silicone coating cover’s the entirety of the sex toy. This means there is no way of getting any type of water into the couples sex toy vibrator.

  • Other Remote Options

Remote is not rechargeable and is powered by a cell battery that ought to keep going for quite a long time.  We-Vibe 4 fits snugly in the palm of your hand so you can carry it secretly or use it to stimulate different areas of the body. We-Vibe 4 can’t be turned on and off by the remote. Rather it should be turned on and off by squeezing and holding the catch on the front of the gadget itself.

After that you can press the catch to run through the distinctive settings, which is a lot of fun to do. You can likewise utilise the side catches on the remote to change the vibration mode.  And afterward use the top and base catches to change the power.

You can also download the We Vibe app to your mobile to make your very own modes and control the sex toy remotely.

  • Settings

There are 6 settings that you can go through by squeezing the catch on the vibe.  Dual vibrators in the toy on the end of each arm. Vibrations are deep and rumbling.

I used the We-Vibe 4 with my husband and found that in some positions it was a little difficult to keep it in. My favorite position was doggie style which was also the position my husband got the most stimulation in.  I loved using the we-vibe. But I do not believe it delivers all the hype of being the best couple toy on the market.  But it is a bloody good one.

Sex toy rating is 4 out of 5.

sex with we-vibe

Try Something New To Spark Thing Up A Bit!

I bought the We-Vibe 3 as basically I didn’t have the cash to buy the new We-Vibe 4.   Had heard so much about it being one of the best sex toys for couples so thought I had to try something new with my husband to spark things up a bit.

Touted as being a premium sex toy I was delighted when it arrived in it’s bright packaging. I was surprised when I opened it as I thought it would be a bit bigger.  But it was made from a shiny and plastic feeling silicone which feels smooth, soft and provides a natural feeling.

Inside the We-Vibe 3 display box

Was a white cradle charger, some wires to plug into the cradle and at the other end to plug it into the power.  Funny thing when you are recharging it, your not actually plugging the device itself into a charger.  I believe it has a magnetic charger inside it which makes the sex toy fully waterproof.

Immediately I plugged it in to charge as I opened up the instructions. The instructions I found to be relatively clear and was glad that the booklet contained images.  As some of the positions are difficult to describe in the written word.

we-vibe 4 review
About the We-Vibe 4

Charging the We-Vibe

Instructions said to charge it for a full 24 hours before using it.  So I was a bit surprised by that as most of the sex toys I have owned fully charge between 2-4 hours.  I was disappointed that I would not be able to try out my toy the day I received it.

When charging there is a yellow light.  And the next day the yellow light was off so I take that to mean that the We-Vibe 3 was fully charged.

So now waiting for my beau to come home I picked up the We-Vibe 3 and played around with its controls to see all the different speeds and modes it had.

It fit perfectly in the hand and vibrations could be changed with the touch of a thumb on the control button.  Material felt smooth and the shaft was bendable in the middle.

We Vibe 4 Review
How to Use the We-Vibe 3

Using the We-Vibe 3

I then tried one of the first positions recommended in the booklet for solo play and inserted one end so that it was against my G-Spot and the other end on my Clitoris.  Then turned the unit on.

Keeping hold of the button for about three seconds the vibrations started up until I got it to a speed that I was comfortable with.  Then I pressed the other button to experience the different modulation patterns available. Within minutes I was having a very pleasurable orgasm.  After I cleaned it and put it away waiting to have a bit of play with my husband.

When my husband came home we began with some foreplay.

I placed some lubricant on the We-Vibe 3 and inserted it inside of me.  Following the instructions again and placed the we-vibe 3 in a similar position.  My husband then tried to enter me underneath where the shaft was touching my G-Spot.

We used plenty of lubricant but it still felt that the we-vibe was moving in and out of me with my husband’s strokes.  It was pleasurable but not as much if it was somehow more fixed inside.

An issue I found is more one of physical crisscross.  Despite the fact that the two finishes are named as “clitoris” and ‘g-spot’, they discovered neither whilst doing the act.

We decided to use it some other ways and had quite an enjoyable night but not as perfect as I first hoped.

 My opinion on the We-Vibe 3

This is a great vibrator to get yourself off on, wrap around your partners cock or use for a bit of foreplay. But doing it with it inside me just did not tick all the boxes.

I give it a thumbs up.  But using it the way the instructions suggest was more a 50/50 rating review.  I have a feeling the matte finish of the We-Vibe 4 or the tightness of it might fit the human form better.  It also has a We-Vibe application where you can control the modes on your mobile.

Overall the We-Vibe 3 was wonderfully exciting yet surely not ‘momentous’. I look forward to trying it in a couple of different situations and my opinion may improve or not.

we vibe 4 review
We Vibe Bullet

Rattle Your Teeth – Powerful We-Vibe Tango 2!

Massive Cult Like Following

We-Vibe Tango is a marvelous women’s sex toy. It is a bullet for clitoral stimulation and is one of the most powerful one’s that we have seen so far.

When we mean the We-Vibe is powerful we mean that it can rattle your teeth. Due to how strong, earth shaking, body safe and quiet the bullet is, it has developed a massive cult like following.

It is that popular!

Tango is made of hard ABS plastic which is thoroughly body safe and non-permeable.  ABS plastic transmits vibration extraordinarily well through the tip of the bullet for precise, pin point stimulation. Inclination of the tip allows you to to place different amounts of surface area on your clitoris. We-Vibe Tango is about as long and more slender than a container of lipstick. You can get attachments for the Tango to turn it into a different type of sex toy all together. It comes in two colours; blue and pink.

We-Vibe did something very different

Where most brands in the adult industry couldn’t.  We-Vibe saw that most ‘finger vibrators’ were cheap, a struggle to turn on, made from unsafe material, loud and unforgiving to use.

Most other bullets have a thick silicone layer hosing the vibrations down so they are not as powerful.

What We-Vibe made is a rivalry to all other vibrators.

So if people find a bullet vibrator that may be better, they will compare to the Tango to see just how different they are. This doesn’t mean it is an impeccable adult product.  It just means numerous sex toy devotees are willing to look past its imperfections.

we-vibe 4 review
Achieving Mind Blowing Orgasms

If you have a weak clitoris 

This bullet vibrator may not be for you but there is a low setting that you may enjoy.  Though if your not used of strong sex toys it will feel like a jackhammer beating you.

If you love this bullet, you can place a piece of cloth above your clitoris to lower the intensity of vibrations. For example, you can use it above a bed sheet or through your lingerie.  When your clitoris is ready for a higher setting you can simply remove the cloth.

To have some fun with this bullet, you can hold it in the palm of your hand.

Turn the bullet on to its highest setting and feel the exceptional power going through your fingertips. You can now use your finger as a vibrator.

This means not only is the vibration slightly softer but you can use your finger to masturbate with. Yes, sometimes on the days were you want one of the best experiences, do this!

It is one of the most exciting orgasms you will experience.

To use this We-vibe tango bullet vibrator when your having sexual intercourse you can place the bullet on a man’s frenulum on his penis or perineum.

Again the strength of the vibrator may be to much, so place a piece of cloth between him and the vibrator to lower the intensity. This will also help to give him a completely different types of orgasm he may have never had before.

You can also use this vibrator on peoples erogenous zones to stimulate areas like the nipples or the areas of the body which may make them tingle with excitement.

we-vibe 4 review
We-Vibe Tango 2

What’s Different? 

It’s not simply the size, shape and material that We-Vibe chose to extend from the customary outline.  They kept the single push-catch control model, and I wish they hadn’t.  I’m the kind of individual who likes to change to higher speeds.  And after that back off again so no less than a (+) and (-) catch is essential in a toy for me.

That being as it may my Tango and I have become inseparable

I will deal with the not so user friendly controls in light of the extraordinary strength in its vibrations. Begin to get fidgety if I don’t know precisely where it will be, it’s so small so could easily get lost (God Forbid).

It is my go to toy when I just have to orgasm and it has traveled the world with me as my trusted companion.  So, I would prefer not to let you know the Tango is flawless. But with every last bit of its admonitions I can’t overlook that it is the most unfathomably capable tiny vibrator out there.

Besides, with all the things you can do with this lipstick styled vibrator the We Vibe Tango is the one you have to get.   I got mine from Adultsmart online.  Why don’t you?

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