Cloning Intimacy – A Personal Odyssey with Clone A Willy

I’d been daydreaming about using the Clone A Willy dildo maker since I first laid eyes on it in the store. Always on the verge of making my fantasy a reality, but last night, my excitement turned into frustration. Admittedly, the major mishap was on my end, yet the sex toy itself could use some packaging improvements for user-friendliness.

Clone A Willy

Now, the concept is undeniably intriguing. I mean, who wouldn’t want to replicate their own anatomy for their partner’s enjoyment, whether apart or together? That’s likely the primary motivation behind this ingenious sex toy. However, my motivation was a bit different. Call it narcissistic if you will, but I’ve always been curious about the sensation of penetration. Finally, Clone-A-Willy provided me with the chance to explore that curiosity.

A few weeks back, I eagerly purchased the Clone-A-Willy kit, rushing home to unveil its intriguing contents. The package held a vibrating bullet, a wooden stirrer, a thermometer, a bag of clay, and two containers of platinum cure silicone, ensuring a 100% body-safe experience. The instructions, adorned with illustrations, were multilingual and surprisingly clear.

Despite the guidance, I chose to bide my time until my flatmate jetted off overseas, aiming for some privacy before embarking on what seemed like a slightly tricky adventure. And boy, was I right. Let me regale you with the tale of what unfolded last night.

Sunday Evening – Desires Fulfilled Clone A Willy!

Picture a Sunday evening, the kind that whispers boredom. No desire to step out, Netflix fails to enthrall, yet a lingering itch for something, shall we say, unconventional? That was my mood yesterday, the perfect moment to dive into the Clone-A-Willy experience.

Pulling it from the drawer, I carefully followed the instructions. Before delving into the procedure, I gathered cardboard, duct tape, a disposable container, scissors, and hot water. For an added twist, a cock ring or penis pump was suggested – after all, a little enhancement never hurt. To set the mood, I fired up some adult entertainment (I’m not the type to conjure an erection from mere imagination).

The initial step involved cutting the cylindrical tube from the kit to the length of my measurements plus 5 cm, to be used during the clay sculpting. If your anatomy boasts a curve, fear not; the instructions direct you to a website for guidance. Following this, you divide the cylinder, tape it together at the curvature, and ensure a smooth edge for optimal contact with your skin, pushing the boundaries of your clone’s size. Employing a cock ring or penis pump during the process is an additional option for that extra oomph. Personally, I opted for a cock ring to maintain my erection and add a bit more to the proceedings – after all, why not?


Clone A Willy
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Making A Dildo Clone

Now comes the tricky part. The instructions read like a recipe: prepare 1 3/4 cups of hot water at precisely 32°C (90°F), mix it with the white powder, stir for no more than 60 seconds, pour it into your cylinder, insert your erect penis, and wait for the next 2 minutes. Sounds easy, right? Well, not so much, especially when you’re flying solo.

My first challenge was adjusting the water temperature. In a solo mission, it’s not as breezy as it seems. I brewed water, measured it – 70°C! Now, I had to cool it down on a sweltering summer evening with 30°C outside. Cue the waiting game.

It dawned on me why there’s a helper in the illustrations. A wingman (or wingwoman) is essential for this chore, to lend a hand—maybe more. As the clock ticked, my erection wavered despite the porn and cock ring combo.

In my west-facing, heat-soaked flat, the water temp finally hit 32°C. I swiftly mixed it with the white powder, adding water cautiously to prevent clumping. But here’s problem two: after 60 seconds of stirring, the mixture wasn’t uniform. Tempted to stir more, I hesitated—strictly forbidden per the instructions. Pouring the imperfect mix into the cylinder, I inserted my penis, and the doubts flooded in.

Questions buzzed: Is the clay safe? What if I can’t pull out? Did I tape the cylinder securely (thanks to my curve)? The clock ticking, my penis not hard enough, the mix dripping, and my attempt to clone my penis? A flop. Unanswered questions and a soft mixture – my endeavor was, alas, unsuccessful.

Had there been no hiccups, my post-Clone-A-Willy journey would have been smooth sailing. After liberating my member from the cylinder, the plan was simple: leave the clay on the bench for 4 hours, indulge in some self-pleasure festivities, then proceed to drain the water, fill it with silicone, insert the vibrating bullet, and wait for the magic to happen over the next 24 hours. Easy, right?

Alas, my attempt was not crowned with success, but I’m laying bare my missteps so you can sidestep them. A visit to the Clone-A-Willy website for detailed insights is highly recommended. While the instructions are clear, a tiny sample package in the kit would have been a game-changer. I was taken aback when I found the clay wasn’t uniformly mixed. A trial sample could have preempted this hiccup.

The kit’s reliance on additional items is a bit inconvenient. A thoughtful touch would be including essentials like a cock ring, a piece of cardboard, and a small duct tape. It’s about caring for your customers’ experience. Though I can’t entirely fault the company – it was partly my oversight.

Yearning for a unique experience, I’ve learned from my mistakes. The universe, perhaps, was signaling, “Not ready for this play!” Yet, a second attempt beckons. No more silly questions; I know it’s safe. This time, though, I’ll have a trusty companion by my side.

About the Author: By Goki a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres


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