Choosing Your First Sex Toy!

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Buying your first toy can be so exciting, it opens up a whole new world of pleasure and fun. And for those who have never had an orgasm before, buckle up cowboy you’re in for a wild ride!! There’s so many different toys out there on the market ranging from beautiful bullets, thrusting rabbits, butt plugs with tails, and even dildos shaped like rockets, you think it – you can get it my

Rabbit Sex Toys

Rabbit vibrators are made for dual stimulation, they are perfect for any beginner to the toy world and range in sizes, colours, speeds and shapes. Your typical rabbit consists of a long shaft to be used internally, while attached to the end of the shaft lies a clit stim function usually mimicking the ears of a rabbit. If you’d prefer something to focus on the G Spot plenty of rabbit’s
have a nice curve or bulge on their shaft to help massage that area. One thing to keep in mind when buying a rabbit is that not every rabbit will work for you, some might be too big or too small, won’t sit on your clit or won’t have enough strength. Really think about your body and have a hands on feel of all rabbits before you buy. I recommend any Evolved bunny, they are amazing for their price, warranty protected and have enough variety to find the right one for you.

Vibrating Bullets

The good old bullet, you can never go wrong with one of these in your toy kit. The vary in shapes, sizes and speeds. A bullet looks exactly like the name. A bullet can be used on the clit, and if long enough internally. They should be cherished, these little guys work so hard to make you orgasm, so in return make sure you keep them charged so they have maximum power, and
always clean every toy with toy cleaner after use. I recommend any NU Bullet, they pack a punch and have a huge variety of shapes.

G Spot massager

Your G Spot will give you a whole different orgasm to a stand alone clit orgasm. If you can find the right toy, releasing this new power is going to be life changing. There is a huge variety of shapes and sizes when it comes to stand alone G Spot wands. They have different sized bulges, thickness and density. If you need to push hard on your G spot to get it going I recommend the Cosmopolitan G Spot Romance, if that’s not an issue for you go with the NU Sensuelle G. The Sensuelle G is very unique because it also contain a massaging ball in it’s G Spot bulge. If a bunny doesn’t work for you, you can always pair your g spot wand with your favorite clitoral bullet for the best experience ever.


Dildos are great! They can be suctioned onto the wall of the shower, come in all shapes and sizes (like literally any size), and some even vibrate! A dildo is a great choice for someone wanting that little bit extra, without too much. Because most are non vibrating they are great to have to add that extra spice when using a bullet. Some come in a strap on form, so if you want to use your dongs with your partner you can! Ensure you use lots of lube and take it slow at first to warm up. I recommend any Tantus or Fun Factory dongs because they’re all made from good quality materials and have enough variety to satisfy anyone.

Anal toys

If anal is something you haven’t done before, toys are a great way to start. There is such a huge variety of plug shapes and sizes you will always find something to your taste. While most are made from silicone, if weight is something you’re after try a steel plug. They’re awesome to use during sex because even the smallest ones feel so much bigger because of their weight, and the pressure added to anal area is an awesome sensation during vaginal sex. Some plugs vibrate, some don’t. Make sure you have an idea in your head of what you want. Explain to your sales assistant what that idea is and they’ll be able to help guide you in a safe direction.

Lube is an essential when playing in the anal area, it will help keep your partner comfortable and make things glide in and out. I will always recommend the B-Vibe plugs. They have an amazing variety, and the best anal training guide set ever!

All in all, this should be a good guide to help you understand what’s what and what the possibilities are. Just remember your lube, toy cleaner and your hands! These will guarantee that you’ll be arriving at pleasure land in no time!
All of our OH ZONE adult stores are stocked to the brim with huge variety and our staff are always happy to help you!

8 Amazing Strap-on Dildos and Harnesses for Couples

Woman pegging

Though strap-ons are extremely versatile toys, they’re usually ignored by the mainstream community and seen as something taboo. But the perception of strap-ons is slowly changing, as they’re not only designated for same-sex female couples. If you’ve flipped through the strapon personals, you probably noticed strap-ons can work for any combination of partners, regardless of gender.

The beauty of strap-ons and harnesses is that they come in a variety of shapes, and sizes. Whether you’re a beginner or have used a strap-on before, we want to show you the eight best strap-on dildos and harnesses for couples.

Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Beginner’s Strap-on for Him

If you’re just starting out, then get yourself a strap-on kit. A kit will provide you with the basics for a smooth ride. If you’ll be using the strap-on for pegging, Pipedream has the perfect strap-on for him. As your first strap-on, you’ll get an adjustable harness, as well as small dildo made of flexible material. The dildo itself is slightly curved, so it’ll hit the P-spot just right.

Basics Strap-on Harness Kit with 2 Dildos

When you’re starting out, whether it’s pegging or strap-on sex, you want to have a good experience. This is a great starter kit for couples as it eases you into giving and receiving with a strap-on. The best part of this kit is that it comes with two dildos. They measure 6 and 8 inches, respectively,allowing you to work your way up gradually. The harness itself is compatible with almost any dildo, so if you want to use your own, you can.

Adam & Eve Scarlet Strap-on Set

If you’re introducing a strap-on to the bedroom, you probably want one that’s not too aggressive. The Scarlet Strap-on is stylish boyshorts panties with a subtle O-ring in the front. They’re smooth panties so you’ll feel good when wearing them, while the elastic band keeps everything securely in place. The set comes with two dildos; one is slim and black, while the other is wide and red. Both are rounded at the head for a more intense feel. It also comes with a pocket for a vibrating bullet – they’re the perfect panties!

Bikini Strap-on & Silicone Dildo Set

Some strap-ons come with more material, making it easier to control. However, if you’re looking for something a little sexier, a bikini strap-on will do the trick. Sportsheets Bikini Strap-on and Dildo set offers a 3-way adjustable strap-on and a shimmery purple silicone dildo. If you want a realistic dildo, you can always switch it up as it’s compatible with any dildo. The strap-on is ultra-feminine and sexy, easily spicing up any bedroom.

Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Platinum Corset Harness with Plug

There are a couple of different styles of harnesses, one being a corset. The Doc Johnson harness is a corset, meaning you’ll need to tie the strap-on harness up in the back. It’s a little time consuming, but if you’re looking for a feminine and sexy harness, this is the one. Another positive is that corset harnesses are usually more comfortable and is ideal for those looking for extra support and control. It’s adjustable and can comfortably fit up to a 50-inch waist. Lastly, it’s compatible with any size dildo and can support larger and heavier toys.

Lovehoney Perfect Partner Unisex Hollow Vibrating Strap-on

Lovehoney’s unisex strap-on is a great option for those looking to have some fun in the bedroom. The strap comes with its own 7-inch curved silicone dildo; it’s large enough to get started right away, and there’s no need to purchase one separately. The strap-on harness includes a pocket for a vibrating bullet that provides stimulation to the giver.

Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Double Penetrator Strap-on

Who said strap-ons could be only used one way? If you and your partner want to experiment with giving and receiving, then the Double Penetrator is a great option. If a female is wearing the strap-on, there’s a small vaginal plug that’s inserted, providing her vaginal stimulation as well. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, then try out a double penetrating strap-on.

WetForHer Tomboi Partner Pack

Some people aren’t into the design of a traditional strap-on and harness, which is completely understandable. Everyone has their own preferences. If this is the case, you can still enjoy the benefits of a strap-on without having it look like one. The Tomboi Partner Pack is designed to look like underwear, giving a softer approach to the strap-on. The dildo that comes with it is non-realistic and great for same-sex couples. However, you’re able to change the toy if you’re looking for something larger or more texturized.

Strap-ons can be a lot of fun, especially if you’re a couple looking to spice things up. Make sure you choose the right one for you and your partner’s needs and prepare yourself beforehand. It will take some practice to get used to using one, but after some time, you’ll love it!

When One Is Just Not Enough!

group sex
Ménage à trois, Two is always better than one, Teamwork makes the dream work, Orgy… Threesomes and how to get your partner to agree and how to have one without adding that additional one!
Go into most male banter sessions either at the pub, the gym, or a sporting field and you’ll find that the majority of them have spoken about having a threesome or have fantasized about it. To most males, having a threesome is the sexual equivalent of winning a grand final or championship. The day after when you tell your friends (Don’t be that guy) they will crown you ‘King’ or ask for proof as it is not a common act. So how do you make it common? There are multiple different ways that people tend to find their way into a threesome…
  • A couple is open having one so they invite a friend (Male or Female) to join in!
  • Drunk at a pub, one thing leads to another and you leave with two guys or two girls!
  • You search up your local escorts on the internet and they offer to see if you’d like them to bring a friend for an additional cost (Not speaking from experience!!!!)
  • You’ve spoken with your partner or your single and have always wanted to try it so you download the Feeld app which is designed to link like-minded people (Couples and singles) who are open to the experience!
  • Search online for your local swingers party
So how do you add that extra person one just isn’t enough?
Adding an extra person in some cases can be extremely easy as simply just getting your partner (Who is keen on the idea of threesome) to invite one of their friends into the bedroom. If you have a friend who is open to it, then stop reading this post right now and go do it! If your partner is hesitant in inviting someone else to join you in the bedroom… Reassurance is KEY. You need to remind them that it isn’t an emotional connection, however, it is more the psychical side and adding some extra herbs and spices to your sex life. Remind them of how much you love them and how much they stimulate your mind, body, and soul. Note: This must come from your heart, don’t bullshit your way through or you will feel guilty. Go to dinner and drinks with the person and if the three of you have chemistry, take the next step!
If you are single you have 3 simple options:
  1. Go to a nightclub, pub or a public place and try to connect with like-minded people
  2. Search online for escorts who offer the service
  3. Use the Feeld app or find your local swingers party!
What happens if my partner isn’t interested in adding an extra person but I am? 


For male partners who aren’t keen on introducing another male into the bedroom, your best option is to introduce internal toys and dongs into your toy box. will be able to provide you with a vast selection of realistic and non-realistic dongs and vibrators.
For Females who DON’T want to add another female into the bedroom (His my man and my man only bitch!)… don’t let him miss out! The best way to keep him happy without introducing another individual into the bedroom is to bring home a Fleshlight Ice. This toy is your best friend in keeping your man satisfied and happy as it allows him to experience the threesome without having one. The Fleshlight Ice is a clear masturbator which will allow you both to witness all the action, providing him not only with extra stimulation but visual stimulation also.

Remote Vibrators and their Effects on Long Distant Relationships

Long distant relationships weren’t as big of a thing a few decades back. These days, a lot of couples have to spend some time apart due to work commitments and live in different cities and sometimes even different countries. And, as you can probably guess, it’s nearly impossible to keep the spark in your relationship alive when you’re hundreds of miles away from your partner. A lot have tried, but most of them have failed. In this article, we’re going to dig a bit deeper into the primary reason why long distant relationships don’t work and then provide a suggestion that will definitely work for most of you.

What is the Main Problem of long distance relationships?

You might think that the reason behind the failure of long distant relationships is that the two people involved fail to give time to each other in the midst of their busy (and separate) lives. That’s absolutely false. Couples living away from each other can actually spend a lot of time with each other. They spend half their nights video-calling on Skype or watching Friends on Netflix Party. They talk to each other throughout the day and discuss how annoying a coworker is or what they ate for dinner. Giving each other time is not the main problem, the real problem is the lack of intimacy.

Let’s face it, most people like relationships because they like the intimacy. They would much rather watch a movie while cuddling with their other half instead of watching it alone with a bowl full of popcorn. And, no matter how much you try, it’s really difficult to achieve the level of intimacy that keeps a relationship alive if you’re in a long distance relationship. Wanting intimacy is one of the fundamentals of being human.  If you find yourself in a similar predicament during a lengthy time away from your partner, then we’re sorry to say that one of you might just decide its time to move on. But, don’t worry, where there’s a problem, there’s usually a solution. And, the solution to your problem is quite an uncanny one.

Remote Control Vibrators

It’s the 21st Century and there’s something called Long Distant Vibrators. That’s right, some amazing folks thought that couples needed something to help them feel closer to each other and reintroduce the intimacy that they would have otherwise. You can’t have sex over the internet, but, at least there are devices to drive you both to orgasm at the same time!

Remote Controlled Vibrators are pretty simple. They’re connected to an app which is to be installed on your phone as well as your partner’s. You control your partner’s toy and vice versa. If you’re feeling a little naughty, you could even leave the vibrator in your panties and your partner could turn the vibrator on at any time they wished!  This can definitely lead to some interesting situations.

Basic vibrators allows your partner to direct the vibrations, but there’s some vibrators out there that take it a notch up.  If you want to learn more about the basic remote vibrator options, check out this – Remote Control Vibrators – The Definitive Guide.

They come in packs of two; a masturbation sleeve for the male and a vibrator for the female. The two devices are interconnected in such a way that as the guy thrusts the masturbation sleeve harder, the motor of the vibrator inside the female starts to vibrate harder. You can even call your other half on Skype to really get the most out of the experience.  This is probably a little too complex for most couples and most will want to start off with something simple.  If you’re just starting out and want to start off with a vibrator for a female, I highly recommend the below option.

Sync Vibrators

We-Vibe Sync™

The We-Vibe Sync™ is a good example of a line of long distant sex toys. We-Vibe is an extremely reputable sex toy developer and they have a full collection of toys made just to spice up the sex life for couples (or create one if they’re not together). We-Vibe has it’s own app called We-Connect™ that makes the whole thing so much more convenient. There are quite a few other popular couple toys as well, but in our personal opinion, there’s none like We-Vibe.

Closing Thoughts

We said this at the start of this article, it’s impossible to keep a long distant relationship alive for more than few months. There will come a time when one of the two people involved will decide to look in other directions for the fun that they’re missing out on. While long distant vibrators might not be the most perfect alternative to sex, they’re more than good enough to keep a relationship as well as the intimacy alive. So, there’s no other way to say this, if you want to keep the bond with your other half thriving, you desperately need long distant sex toys.

The Sex Rabbit That Changed My View on Vibrators

Happy Rabbit 2 G-Spot Curve Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

A week ago now I received a Lovehoney happy rabbit G-spot curve to review, I was so excited as i’ve never had anything like it and being one of the best selling style of dildo’s in Australia I wanted to find out what all the fuss was about.

I could tell I was in for lots of fun, I was aware of the features of this product. It has  2 separate motors which is unusual when it comes to other rabbits, it has 15 x vibration modes (3 x speeds and 9 x patterns in the shaft, 3 x speeds in the ears). That’s a lot of different combinations that i could use and i knew that i was going to have to go through them all! What’s also great about this toy is that It doesn’t have any latex or phthalates, this one is made from a beautiful velvet like silicone. It can be submerged in water and also comes with 1 year warranty.

I love companies that package their toys in such a way that it feels like your unwrapping a present. You know that you’re in for a great toy when the box is nice. Some companies don’t put in a lot of effort when it comes to packaging, but i kind of feel that unwrapping the packaging, opening it up is all part of the experience when it comes to the receiving of your new toy. When you open it up, the first thing that i noticed was the colour! I know some people prefer neutral colours so it’s good that you can buy them in different colours but I was over the moon when I got a bright purple one. The colour was like a velvet royal purple totally my style and the silicone feels so luxurious and smooth to the touch. Other colours are Black & Bright Pink.


Happy Rabbit Packaging for Classy Adult Toys
The Packaging of the Happy Rabbit is simply stunning

I asked myself before inserting it, “Is this too big”? (just because of the actual length I wasn’t sure exactly how far it would go in and was unaware of the dimensions at the time) Also unsure of what my preference was and knowing that I’ve never actually had sex with someone that big lengthwise. To my surprise it felt so realistic obviously not with the vibrations but in terms of the comfortability. I didn’t feel uneasy AND I didn’t need to adjust it, just fit perfectly with my G-spot without having to manually curve anything. I started playing around with the different speeds and programmes but I could always feel this deep rumble almost as if it was pulsating inside AMAZING! and I couldn’t hear a thing, it’s definitely the quietest toy I have.

I’m really not much of a pattern person and I actually never used the patterns with my previous toys however with this rabbit I enjoyed 8/9 of the shaft patterns and actually got off and that’s because it still maintained the strength in the vibrations and doesn’t seem to compromise on the power of the pulsation.

The Rabbit Ears! Goddamn. It’s a very interesting sensation having your inside and clit simultaneously stimulated. The ears are thick which I prefer because I could just imagine having smaller ones that wouldn’t be strong enough to create the proper deep vibrations that drive us women crazy. They are also quite flexible so I could adjust them to where it feels best for me.

If I was going to say two negative things about the product it would be the handle, I just think its not super comfortable to hold, the base is circular and the Circumference is 4.75 inches which makes it hard for me to have a really good grip only because i have smallish hands but in saying that you could also keep it upright and use it that way which i only just realized when i was writing this.. The second would be that your partner might get jealous.

I’m being picky too this is for sure my favourite dildo.


Beautiful Purple Rabbit Vibrator
The Happy Rabbit Unboxed

With everything i’ve said I would also recommend reading the instructions before using it just to understand how to correctly use the buttons to get the full experience. I was just keen to get into it but had a semi hard time figuring out which button does what so always take a few minutes to briefly read the little booklet.

Product Design

* Base diameter: 2 inches

* Base type: Flat

* Circumference: 4.75 inches

* Insertable Length: 5.5 inches

* Length: 10 inches

* Controller Type: Built in – push button

* Power Type: Rechargeable

* Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns

* Contains latex: No

* Contains phthalates: No

* Flexibility: Flexible

* Material: Silicone

* Waterproof: Submersible

Overall, I never thought I’d be so impressed with this toy. It outdid my expectations and it’s great for solo use, I am one very happy women with an operational and versatile orgasm machine for life! I wish this was my first toy instead of investing in lifeless dildos

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