Brent Corrigan’s Adult Movie Career

Brent Corrigan is often referred to as the most popular gay adult movie star in the world and with good reason.  His friendly nature makes him always willing to go that extra mile for his fans. A fine example of BrentCorrigan career is in “Moving Up”.

Sexy Falcon studs in Moving Up are making a move on the objects of their sexual desires in a penthouse condo overlooking the desert.  Stunning men of Moving Up are going down and having sex with each other in director Bruno Bond’s all-sex, Falcon Studios sexathon.

These guys have the bodies, they have the right moves, they have the desire, and they have the room with a view.  All that’s missing is a voyeur with high-powered binoculars looking in from afar, or you, for whom they are putting on the hottest sexual show.

BrentCorrigan Career in Adult Movies

Theo Ford is a horned-up six-footer with sculpted muscles who first hits it with mega-star Brent Corrigan.

Darius Ferdynand gets a piece of Andrea Suarez’ slim hips and swimmer’s bod. Theo comes back for more with handsome Brenner Bolton, who gets his hungry holes filled with Theo’s huge cock.

Darius returns with muscled Owen Michaels in a flip-flop sex that ends in a mutual jerk off where they shoot their loads at each other. Theo brings his talented mouth and amazing dick one more time for a final scene where he chows down on Andrea for an all-oral tryst in which Andrea sucks Theo like he’s never pleasured a man before.

In Moving Up, the action is as hot as the desert sun streaming through the windows and it’s all for you.

BrentCorrigan career UltraFan Photo
Photo: Brent Corrigan

Watch him having a quick dip in “Poolside”.

Poolside features the most stunning men sport huge hard ons in their swim suits, the heat stirring their desires, the crystal blue waters and other sexy men inviting them for a dip.

Poolside sex is steamy, sensual and satisfying. And, in Poolside 1, the first of two super-charged releases from director Bruno Bond, steamy sexual encounters heat up the screen when nine gorgeous men rendezvous poolside for the breathtaking outdoor action that Falcon is famous for.

Brent Corrigan and Darius Ferdynand share an intense connection with a high-impact flip flop. Anthony Russo provides oral and anal pleasure to Ryan Rose, resulting in a shower of cum for Anthony.

Bulging swimsuits can’t contain the lust

Between Josh Conners and Derek Atlas, and they reach a stunning climax together. Darius Ferdynand and Anthony Verusso trade eager blow jobs in the hot summer sun.  Brenner Bolton takes on Lucas Knight’s monster cock from both ends.  Climaxing in a deluge of cum into the turquoise waters of the pool!

Poolside guarantees to heat you up with All-American muscle, insatiable desires and the flesh filled sex in the classic Falcon style.

You’ll want to dive right in!

Brentcorrigan career
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Velvet Mafia 1 and 2

See him in a Falcon Feature movie that has won that many awards “Velvet Mafia 1” and “Velvet Mafia 2”.  ‘

Enter the world of The Velvet Mafia.  A world of sex, guns and betrayal! The Estate, an upscale, A-List bar in Los Angeles holds a secret: it’s the West Hollywood Gay Mafia headquarters. Warren Starr, the patriarch of notorious Starr family, and his ‘sons’, Cassio (Matthew Rush), Duke (Derrick Vinyard), and Jordan (Chad Hunt), hatch a plan to kidnap Fox Ryder.

Fox is the smoking hot young adult movie star discovered by Warren on an Iowa milkfarm.  Mason Avalon, the head of the Avalon Family in San Francisco, and ‘sons’, Tony (Erik Rhodes) and Brandon (Omer), cleverly lure Fox away from The Starrs with an offer he can’t refuse … but can only start a war …Will Fox Ryder have sex with them all in the end?

Find out in the conclusion: The Velvet Mafia Part 2.

Introducing Fox Ryder. Starring Falcon Lifetime Exclusive Matthew Rush and Falcon Exclusives Erik Rhodes and Roman Heart. Also starring Jason Ridge, Trevor Knight, Tommy Blade, Antonio Madiera, Cory Bolton, Richie Fine and Talvin Demachio.

During the armed kidnapping of Fox Ryder by The Starr Family, Cassio drops a dime on an Avalon family member. Duke pistol whips Brandon into the darkroom never expecting magnetic attraction for each other would explode. The star-crossed lovers soon rendezvous in a Hollywood Hills cabin, until tragedy strikes. In the end, the wrong person gets killed. A bloody turf war erupts.

A powerful secret gets uncovered.

And, Fox Ryder has sex with both families like a velvet hammer. Introducing Fox Ryder. Starring Falcon Lifetime Exclusive Matthew Rush, Falcon Exclusives Derrick Vinyard and Roman Heart and introducing Falcon Exclusive Brock Penn. Also starring Omer, Trent Atkins, Chad Hunt, Andy Hunter and Rodin Kohl.

Gods of Adult Movies

Mr. Pan knows a thing or two when directing the “Gods of Adult Movies”.  Since the beginning of time, the world’s great artists have painted, sculpted, and chiseled in stone their interpretation of the ideal male image.

Today we capture the most perfect male specimens on video for you all to worship.  Celebrate their sexual prowess in six scenes of ass-pounding, nut-busting action collected specifically for you, a true connoisseur of all-male, hardcore sex.

Behold the handsome faces, muscular physiques, washboard abs, huge bubble-butts, and enormous hard cocks. Featuring Adam Ramzi, Brandon Moore, BrentCorrigan celebrity, Chris Harder, Darius Ferdynand, Duncan Black, Gino Mosca, Killian James, Logan Moore, Ryan Rose and Sebastian Kross.

America’s Finest 

In 2014, Brent Corrigan starred in America’s Finest by Falcon Studios.  America’s Finest is an Exclusive production with a celebrity casting of American sexual firecrackers.

This tip top gathering of 10 entertainers is loaded with red-blooded sex studs who get down to do a portion of the finest flip slumping and butt-slamming you’ve ever observed!  These men have been matched up for five scenes of relentless abdominal muscle flexing, filthy talking, mouth stuffing and ass fucking.

They are all blazing with desire.

You will find Andrew Stark who shreds Brent Corrigan’s pants to get to his overwhelming opening.  Ryan Rose and Sean Zevran flip fuck in a mind boggling showcase of adaptability and physical skills.  Johnny V rides Derek Atlas until sweat dribbles and cum flies through the air.

Boomer Banks and Brian Bonds tangle in a frightful flip fuck that is loaded with spit, boot love, and succulent rimming. David Benjamin rules Shawn Wolfe with grimy talk, and they get into the activity with a gathering of enormous dildos adding to their tremendous enrichments!

These men are ‘America’s Finest.’   Most sizzling men on the planet.  Full Cast: Brent Corrigan, Andrew Stark, Ryan Rose, Sean Zevran, Johnny V, Derek Atlas, Brian Bonds, Boomer Banks, Shawn Wolfe, and David Benjamin .

In 2015, Brent Corrigan starred in Moving Up

By Falcon Studios.  Moving up features attractive Falcon studs who find the objects of their sexual cravings in a penthouse. The staggering men of Moving Up are going down and make the moves on each other.

In an executive Bruno Bond’s all-sex, Falcon Studios sex-a-thon. These folks have the bodies, they have the moves, they have the craving, and they have the stay with a view. All that is missing is a voyeur with powerful binoculars looking in from far off, or you, for whom they are putting on a sultry sexual show.

Theo Ford is a horned-up six-footer with chiselled muscles

Who first hits it with superstar Brent Corrigan. Darius Ferdynand gets some of Andrea Suarez’ thin hips and swimmer’s body. Theo returns to Brenner Bolton, who gets his ravenous openings loaded with Theo’s enormous cockerel.

Darius comes back with ripped Owen Michaels in a flip-fuck that finishes in a shared twitch off where they shoot their heaps at each other. Theo brings his skilled mouth and astounding dick once again for a last scene where he chows down on Andrea for an all-oral tryst.

In which Andrea sucks Theo like he’s never pleasured a man.  In Moving Up, the activity is as hot as the betray sun gushing through the windows and it’s just for you.

Full Cast: Brent Corrigan, Theo Ford, Darius Ferdynand, Andrea Suarez, Brenner Bolton, and Owen Michaels.

BrentCorrigan career Shirtless Image
Photo: Brent Corrigan

In 2015, he starred in Vegas Hustle by Naked Sword.

What occurs in Vegas… occurs at the HustlaBall, the most debauched adult movie party on the planet! Some young men will effectively get a ticket. Will Cody discover the go-go man he had always wanted? Will Chris discover genuine romance with genius Brent Corrigan?

Discover which kid awakens stranded and which twink wakes up wedded. NakedSword has your favourite VIP’s get together to go to the most out of control end of the week in Vegas where today’s most sultry gay adult movie stars demonstrate to you their Vegas Hustle!

Full Cast: Brandon Moore, Brent Corrigan, Chris Harder, Cody Avalon, Fx Rijos, Levi Madison, Seth Santoro, Texas Holcum

In 2015, he starred in Magnums by Falcon Studios.

Everything about ‘Magnums’ is greater: their erections, their energy, their fabulous exhibitions. This incredibly suggestive, supernova fuck-fest from executive Nick Foxx includes a portion of the greatest and brightest stars to ever show up in the gay adult movie industry.

Magnums A-Team Exclusive Brent Corrigan and Pierre Fitch demonstrate their enormous enrichments and red hot exhibitions in the most expected matching of the 21st century – a flip flop for the ages!

Magnums rousing wonder with sparkling exhibitions from A-Team Exclusrent Coives Ryan Rose, Sebastian Kross, Austin Wolf and Derek Atlas, and also fan most loved Brenner Bolton.

Derek Atlas and Ryan Rose convey sizzling science in a sweat-filled, grasping flip-flop.

Compelling, rising star Sebastian Kross slams into Pierre Fitch to convey an inked-up show of fulfilling, built sex. Monstrous, substantial Austin Wolf and athletic stud Brenner Bolton turn it on high with a dangerous trade.

Super adaptable, Pierre Fitch features his aerobatic aptitudes in a singing top and base execution without-of-this-world Ryan Rose. With this measure of star power, a couple the world has ached to see and the absolute most fulfilling sex ever caught on film.

These “Magnums” will make your cum shots bigger than any time in recent memory.

brentcorrigan career
Brent Corrigan and JJ Knight in Pool Photo

Brent Corrigan’s Dreamy Adult Movies

Dive ‘Into the Blue’ with a cadre of gorgeous men in a luxurious private pool.

These studs are hot and as the temperature rises, so does their need for sexual satisfaction. Tony Dimarco directs seven toned, horny studs as they suck, rim fuck, and shoot enormous loads next to the stunning waters underneath the bright clear sky.

Seth Santoro shows off his oral skills with JJ Knight’s massive cock before JJ pounds Seth’s ass and delivers a load of cum to the face. Topher DiMaggio’s horseplay with Jeremy Spreadums leads to an intense fuck session in the soft green grass.

Topher shoots an epic load on Jeremy’s muscular bubble butt.

Ryan Rose and Seth Santoro trade head in the hot tub, and Ryan snowballs Seth’s load back into his mouth. Brent Corrigan takes Topher DiMaggio’s dick from both ends, then gets his chest covered with both their loads.

Ryan Rose spies Scott Riley’s round bubble butt and can’t resist putting his dick inside, pounding Scott’s hole and putting a load in his mouth.

For the hottest poolside sex with the sexiest men in the world, just take a deep breath and dive “Into the Blue.”

brentcorrigan career

Urban Spoker

Check out the award winning director Tony Dimarco’s “Urban Spoker” that stars Brent Corrigan and JJ Knight.

Welcome to “Urban Spokes” a secret sex club for San Francisco’s hottest, horniest and most intense cyclists. Award-winning director Tony Dimarco captures the underground network of big-dicked, fast-moving bike studs who work hard and play hard.

When Rod Peterson’s chain breaks on a ride, Ryan Rose offers to help him fix it at the Spokes headquarters.

But not before Ryan uses both of Rod’s holes!

Messenger Griffin Barrows is star struck meeting famous application developer Brent Corrigan, and Brent is so impressed by Griffin’s riding abilities, he extends an invitation to join Spokes.

Connor Patricks nearly collides with a Spokes member JJ Knight, but instead of being angry at each other, they take the opportunity to collide JJ’s massive cock into Connor’s willing ass. On Friday night, Rod, Griffin, and Connor make their way down to the Spokes shop for their initiation ritual at the mercy of Spokes leaders Ryan Rose and Trenton Ducati.

Who will be the newest initiate into this elite riding club? Go for a ride with the ‘Urban Spokes’ to find out!

About Last Night

If you miss out on this fans meet and greet at Park Street Books you will be asking yourself “What About Last Night” that stars Brent Corrigan and JJ Knight –

The studs are all asking “About Last Night”. Find out just what happened when this bachelor party squad got lit and let it all hang out with super-hung husband-to-be JJ Knight.

The bachelor party gets rolling on a party bus and it doesn’t take long before this crazy night in Vegas gets seriously sexed up. These horny, ripped men throw caution to the wind and let loose for the sake of cocksucking, ass-rimming, hole-pounding action!

Ryan Rose gets so turnt up, he goes all the way with go-go dancer Topher DiMaggio.

Sucking dick and getting his ass pounded in the VIP booth!

When Sebastian Kross gets stuck outside the club, he heads home with Colt Rivers for hot and sweaty sex that leaves their balls drained and smiles on their faces. Jacob Peterson was feeling a bit left out of the action, but senses a hot connection with the driver, Alex Mecum.

In the back of the party bus, they trade blowjobs. Before Alex pounds the hell out of Jacob’s tight hole. In the early hours of the morning, best buds Brent Corrigan and JJ Knight make the most of their last opportunity to fuck each other’s brains out, with JJ using his enormous dick to stretch Brent’s hole before shooting his massive load down Brent’s throat.

Discover the passion, the heat and the intensity that happens on this final evening of freedom in “About Last Night” because anything goes when a bachelor and his squad hit the Vegas streets partying hard!

Check out the muscle bound studs experiencing “Deep Release” 

Slip into an exclusive, full-service spa, where the gorgeous, muscled clients and masseurs will do whatever it takes to deliver “Deep Release.”

Tony Dimarco directs nine of the hottest Falcon men as they indulge in sensual oils, soothing baths, and deep tissue massages. They quickly lead to intense oral, vigorous rimming, and passionate fucking.

After a luxurious soak, muscled Brent Corrigan’s bodywork session leads to a searing flip-flop with gorgeous masseur Jason Maddox.

Hanging out by the hot tub, Colt Rivers eagerly trades head with JJ Knight.

Leading both studs to blow huge loads in each other’s mouths. Alexander Volkov arrives for his massage from expert body worker Ryan Rose, who initiates an intense flip-fuck that ends with two massive cumshots. Brandon Rivers lavishes his client, Sean Zevran, with a full-service session, utilizing his hands, mouth, and ass to give Sean everything he wants.

Brendan Phillips arrives to give JJ Knight a rejuvenating salt scrub, but is thrilled when JJ makes a move on him, pulling him close for a kiss that leads to full-release oral, ass-eating, and fucking.

For the ultimate spa experience, join these gorgeous men for a “Deep Release” that will leave your muscles soothed, your ass stretched, and your balls drained!


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