The Bionic Penises Two Week Erection

Andrew Wardle who is 44 years old from Stalybridge in Greater Manchester has spent his life as a virgin. He was born with an ectopic bladder that was placed outside of his body. When Andrew Wardle was a child he had restorative surgery that allowed him to urinate. However, the consequence of this procedure did not allow the development of a fully functional penis for sexual intercourse. At a 20 million-to-one ratio, the odds of someone getting this medical condition are extremely rare.

He thought he would need to persevere a sexless existence without a penis until he saw what had happened to another man named Mohammad Abad. When Mohammad was a child he had lost his penis in an unfortunate car accident. Mohammad received a life-changing surgical procedure that gave him a bionic penis in 2012. The procedure costs £70,000 and is a taxpayer-funded operation in the United Kingdom which is given free to all men who don’t have a penis. Unfortunately people within other countries may have to pay the full price.

Mohammad made news headlines when The Sun reported:

“The 44-year-old security guard from Edinburgh lost his virginity last year during a two-hour romp with sex worker Charlotte Rosen, who waved her £160-an-hour fee to bed him.”

After he had lost his virginity to the escort, Mohammad decided not to have sex for a while or until his wedding night. He was surprised to have received thousands of offers from women who wanted to experience what it is like to have sex with a bionic penis. In response, he said:

“It’s not that I don’t want to and I get offers, but I have been so busy with work. I work 14-hour shifts every day and by the time I get home I’m just too tired for sex.”

Bionic Penis Technology Photo
Photo: Bionic Penis Technology

After Andrew saw what had happened to Mohammad he decided that he should get the surgery to. Andrew Wardle starred in “The Man with No Penis” a TLC documentary and under went over 100 surgeries. He will be now able to receive a bionic penis similar to Mohammad’s which is made from grafting skin, muscle and nerves from his arms. It is fitted with barrels that load with liquid when pumped from a little sac introduced in his testicles, which is the manner by he’ll get an erection. This procedure allows him to be able to experience penetrative sex for the very first time in his life. Specialists at University College London are behind the groundbreaking system.

Andrew appeared on ITV’s “This Morning” hosted by Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. He wanted to educate people within the community to let them know that a solutions exists which allows them to participate in sexual relations.

Phillip Schofield asked:

“Would you say you were not enticed to state take it up to there..?”

Phillip implied he can choose a very large bionic penis size. In response, Andrew Wardle said:

“They don’t do it on sizes, they do what needs to be done from your arm muscle!”

The bionic penis measurements are based upon the size of the arm muscle that is removed. He told hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby he was confronting a possible humiliating symptom amid the testing stages. Specialists will turn the apparatus on, a procedure that will leave Wardle in the doctor’s facility for three days. For the first two weeks of receiving it, he should bear a two-week erection to ensure it works. He told them he may have to stay in doors and after the waiting time he will be able to have sex.

Andrew Wardle has been in a long term relationship for around 4 years. After the two had been in a relationship for nine months, she discovered his condition when she read about it in the daily paper. “I didn’t know how to react to it” she said. He wanted to receive this medical procedure so he would be able to have intercourse with his better half, Fedra Fabian. Fedra and Andrew are taking their time to work together to ensure his physical health and mental health are maintained during this important sexual lifestyle change.


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