What Are Amputee Admirers? Their Amazing Sexual Desires Uncovered

What an interesting, diverse and wonderful world we live in. I am a massive fan of anything inventive, unusual or even just plain funny when it comes to sex. And I thought on this rainy afternoon I might search the web and delve into the world of Amputee admirers and lovers.

I could begin the post with a few “It’s just a bit of armless fun” jokes.. or “she was completely legless at the time” quips. But this one is a fetish that is no joke. With quite a big following, it even warrants a section of its own in our Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres adult movie catalogues.

So I thought I would do a bit of research and find out a little bit more about it.

What Are Amputee Admirers? 

Firstly let me tell you, there are a lot of fetishes including 10 weird sexual fetishes I have looked into and found very difficult to research. Every google search leads back to the same old overused article. Amount of stuff I found to read about this one though was far more enlightening. And is testimony to the fact that this isn’t as an unusual sexual preference as you may think.


If you fantasise about physically caressing, worshipping and spending intimate time with a stump then you might just be an “Acrotomphile”. They seek out partners with limbs missing in the same way I might seek out a partner with muscular legs.

Lovers of this fetish often describe amputees as having “cute little stumps” and that they want to “rub the nub”. They love the way breasts jiggle when a girl walks with one leg.  Girls describe seeing their man’s stump as a huge beautiful rigid cock.

These are normal people with an individual take on the human form. Generally they don’t wish to amputate a perfectly limbed partner for their own sexual pleasure.

bdsm guide to fetishes


Then there are the slightly more unusual Amputee fetishists labelled as “Apotemnophiles”. These are defined as those that are aroused simply by the missing limb.

Most ‘pretend’ to lose a limb themselves. Whilst some are aroused by the actual removal of a healthy limb. This may sound extreme. But having delved into their online chat forums, I can only liken this desire to extreme body modification.

I may wince at the thought of an innocent nipple piercing. There are a few out there willing to sacrifice much much more for their lovers or themselves. Then there are a few who crave the attention that a missing limb gives. To such an extent that they would sacrifice one of their own.

And those that think nothing of removing a limb to make themselves more attractive to their partner.

amputee admirers
Male Amputee Model Photo

Apotemnophiles seem to be the bane of the amputee’s life on the dating scene.

It seemed to be an ongoing concern for those missing limbs. That potential suitors were interested in only what was left of the body part and not the person attached to it.  Girls with big boobs will relate to that!

There are other big ‘phila’ names given to other subsections of this fetish too. For instance, an “Abasophile” looks at a neck brace, crutch or wheelchair in the same way most guys look at a push up bra.

If I had lost a limb, it goes without saying I would most likely think myself less attractive. And I would think the world felt the same way too.  In this age of transsexuals, pansexuals, sadists and masochists, why shouldn’t an amputee enjoy a sexual following too?

Those who find limbless people attractive fall into different categories.

Many view the stump as a very phallic object similar to a dildo that they literally want to fuck or caress. Indeed, there is a far greater demand for a missing leg with a stump at the knee than missing arms, hands or feet.

According to some studies that can be related to a latent homosexuality in men. More convincingly as far as I am concerned, it is the age old sexual attraction people have to someone helpless or in need.

This is just a more extreme version. Ideas of domination or caretaking often seem to come into play on the websites I visited while doing research. There are also some people who are simply aroused by the bizarre and abnormal.

There is Always Someone Who Will Find You Attractive

It is wonderful that regardless of who you are or how attractive you feel you are, there is always going to be someone out there interested in you. While you may think nature has short changed you by leaving you limbless. Nature also provides all the interesting people in the world that find that very thing completely desirable.

When it comes to sex, as long as it is consensual and involves mutual respect then bring it on.

One Reply to “What Are Amputee Admirers? Their Amazing Sexual Desires Uncovered”

  1. I want to to talk about a unique and beautiful community that celebrates diversity and inclusivity – Amputee Admirers. These are people who are attracted to, have a deep respect for, and find inspiration in those who have lost a limb. They admire the strength, courage, and resilience amputees embody, and often form supportive and loving relationships with them. Amputee admirers are not confined to any geographical boundaries or cultural norms. They exist all around the world, forming a diverse and vibrant community.

    Finding Amputee Admirers might seem like a daunting task, but in today’s digital age, it’s actually quite straightforward and thrilling! There are several online platforms where you can connect with Amputee Admirers. Numerous social networking sites, online communities, and dating websites specifically cater to amputees and those who admire them. These platforms offer a safe space for people to share their stories, experiences, and feelings, and to form meaningful connections.

    There’s no need to be shy or apprehensive! These communities are known for their welcoming, compassionate, and supportive nature. You can join discussion forums, participate in online events or even start personal conversations. This is such an exhilarating way to meet people who share the same admiration and respect for amputees!

    Remember, Amputee Admirers celebrate the strength of human spirit – they value courage, resilience, and adaptability. They see beyond physical appearances, making them truly special. So, get ready to explore this wonderfully accepting community of Amputee Admirers! It’s not just about finding love or friendship – it’s about discovering a community that celebrates diversity, embraces uniqueness, and above all, values the power of the human spirit!

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