Am I sexually normal? A Question Asked By Millenials

Am I sexually normal?

The amount I hear this is absolutely insane. I’m actually saddened to know that sex education is so flawed. Almost everywhere, not just millenials but even grown adults ask

“am I normal?”

“is this normal?”

“is my body normal?”.

For Pete’s sake what is normalcy any way?

Now, I won’t say that men don’t ask these questions or have these worries.  But I will say that an overwhelming majority of the time I hear this question it is from women, Or men asking if something their girlfriend or sexual partner does is normal.

Am I sexually normal?

In an age where porn is so rampant and Instagram models with perfectly sculpted bodies. Body image editing going crazy, it’s understandable to be a bit confused on how bodies should look.

Not to say that porn stars and influencers ALL have work done.

It is now ‘normal’ for people to have work done.  Whether it be surgical or just the old botox injection.  What we seem to fail to understand is we are all different.

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What is the ideal standard of beauty?

I’m not here to body shame anyone. You are all stunners ,and if I had the money I’d fix some of the parts of me I don’t like too!

But still, these questions come up so often because we see these perfect people. With all their perfect bodies looking flawless. We hardly ever see everyday people and the true diversity of how we are created. Why don’t we talk about what happens with our bodies naturally. We all sag, wrinkle and age.

Are we not all setting ourselves to be disappointed and fail?

So we all sit there with all these questions in mind, when realistically there’s people out there just like you. I think having these conversations is important to take some of the overwhelming pressure to be perfect away.

Of course I will be talking from the perspective of a woman.

Talking about the insecurities of women because I am, in fact, a woman. That’s what I know best!

Am I Sexually Normal
Pexels Roylaty Free – Mike González

I Don’t Think My G-Spot Works, is That Normal?

For the last few decades the narrative of this crazy little spot a couple of inches into the vagina has taken hold of everything,. Since the media got their hands on it it’s been G=Spot this, and G-Spot that. Amost as if it was the most important part of sex…

In reality researchers have found that there is little evidence to back this up at the current time. One guy said there was a magical spot for orgasms and we ran with it. Don’t feel weird or crazy, don’t stress yourself out trying to find it, and unlock this new realm.

The truth is SOME WOMEN DON’T HAVE ONE. And that’s completely okay. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Find what works for you and focus on your pleasure, rather than trying to find an elusive spot that you might not have.

My Vagina Looks Like ____, is That Normal?

My stance on this is so strong these days. There are so many different ways vulvas look, there’s no “normal”. The only reason we have the idea of normal is because of what we see blasted all through media and porn.

Don’t get me wrong, I love porn as much as the next person.

But do I think that it presents an unattainable standard? Absolutely.!!!

We have vulvas that are perfectly smoothed, no bumps, no hair, nothing. Not all of us can afford or want lazer, and that’s fine too. The hyperpigmentation that can occur is totally normal.

Is it shocking the first time you see it? Hell yeah!!!

But it’s normal as hell, all of us have a slightly to hugely different colour on our genitals compared to our skin. This normal as hell!

Is My Penis Size Normal?

Now this one is for the guys!

I know so many of you are out there stressing about your penis size and let me just tell you NO ONE ELSE CARES. People are happy with an average penis. They are happy with a smaller penis, some people are happy with a huge penis.

Honestly, as long as you are working to please your partner, the same way they’re working to please you, it’s not an issue at all. I know this won’t cure the insecurity but fun stats

  • Every time a woman searches “penis size” 170 men search it
  • 40% of women that make that search relate to a penis size being too biig for them
  • 10% relate are further categorized to a penis being too big and hurting them

So please, men stop stressing that we’re concerned with your size, it’s just you I promise.

I Have to Do _____ So Me/My Partner Can Cum, is That Normal?

This one is always fun to me, because for example, I love Subaru Imprezas (specifically the old ones, the real pains in the ass). A lot of people, especially mechanics, absolutely despise them, but I never doubt if liking them is normal.

It’s just what I like!

And this is how people should view their sex lives. As long as it’s Safe, Sane, and Consensual, you shouldn’t doubt it. If it doesn’t work for you AND your partner that’s okay. It just means either compromises or a good long conversation is needed.

But hey, we all have things we do a bit differently.As long as you’re not negatively affecting someone else you don’t have to worry.

It’s all normal to someone!


Just remember living inside your body is the same thing as staring at something you really like for an incredibly long time. Then eventually getting bored with the view – maybe even hating it. Yyou are with yourself all day everyday, you have time to pick out these things…

No one else does, no one else will notice.

Written by GigiRose

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Female Sexual Response

The female sexual response cycle comprises four stages – excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. Although both men and women undergo these stages, the timing may vary. It is improbable for both partners to climax simultaneously.

The intensity and duration of each phase differ from person to person. Being aware of these variations can facilitate partners in comprehending each other’s bodily responses and augment the sexual encounter.

Women’s Sexual Response also known as the female sexual response are –

Excitement Phase:

This is the initial phase of sexual response, characterized by feelings of arousal and anticipation. The body prepares for sexual activity by increasing blood flow to the genital area, causing the clitoris to become erect, and the vagina to become lubricated.

Plateau Phase:

This phase follows the excitement phase and is characterized by continued arousal and an increase in sexual tension. The clitoris and vagina continue to engorge with blood, and the muscles in the pelvis begin to contract involuntarily.

Orgasmic Phase:

This phase is marked by the release of sexual tension, resulting in an intense, pleasurable sensation known as an orgasm. During orgasm, the muscles in the pelvic area contract rhythmically and the uterus and vagina also undergo contractions.

Resolution Phase:

This final phase is characterized by a return to the pre-aroused state. Blood flow to the genitals decreases, the clitoris and vagina return to their normal size, and any muscle tension or contractions dissipate.


female sexual response



What are indicators a female is in the excitement phase of sexual responce?

Increased heart rate and breathing:

As blood flow to the genital area increases, the heart rate and breathing may also become more rapid.

Swelling and lubrication of the genital area:

The clitoris and labia may become swollen, and the vagina may produce lubrication to facilitate penetration.

Nipple erection:

Just as the clitoris and labia swell, the nipples may also become erect.

Flushed skin:

A woman’s skin may become flushed or red as blood flow increases.

Muscle tension:

The muscles in the pelvis, thighs, and buttocks may become tense as sexual excitement increases.

Increased sensitivity to touch:

As sexual arousal increases, a woman may become more sensitive to touch, particularly in erogenous zones such as the breasts, clitoris, and genital area.


During the plateau phase of the female sexual response cycle, sexual arousal continues to build and intensify.

What are the indicators that a woman has reached the Plateau Phase?

Continued genital swelling and lubrication:

The clitoris and labia remain engorged with blood, and the vagina continues to produce lubrication in preparation for sexual activity.

Darkening of the labia:

The labia may darken in color as blood flow to the area increases.

Further nipple erection:

Nipples may become even more erect during the plateau phase.

Increased muscle tension:

Muscles throughout the body, particularly in the pelvis and thighs, may become more tense as sexual excitement increases.

Increased sensitivity to touch:

Sensitivity to touch may continue to increase during the plateau phase, and a woman may become more responsive to stimulation of erogenous zones.

Rapid breathing:

Breathing may become even faster and more shallow as sexual excitement continues to build. 7. Elevated heart rate: The heart rate may continue to increase during the plateau phase, reaching a peak just before orgasm.


During the orgasmic phase of the female sexual response cycle, there is a release of sexual tension and a pleasurable sensation known as an orgasm.

What Are the Indicators That A Woman Has Reached The Orgasmic Phase?

Intense muscle contractions:

The muscles in the pelvis, thighs, and buttocks contract rhythmically during orgasm.

Increased heart rate and breathing:

Heart rate and breathing may reach their highest point during orgasm.

Involuntary vocalizations:

Some women may make moaning, gasping, or other vocalizations during orgasm.

Intense pleasure:

Orgasm is typically accompanied by a pleasurable sensation that can vary in intensity from person to person.

Changes in skin color:

Some women may experience flushing or reddening of the skin during orgasm.

Vaginal contractions:

The vagina undergoes rapid contractions during orgasm, which can help facilitate ejaculation in men during heterosexual intercourse.


During the resolution phase of the female sexual response cycle, the body returns to its pre-aroused state.

What are the indicators that a woman has reached the Resolution Stage?

Decreased muscle tension:

The muscles in the pelvis, thighs, and buttocks begin to relax as sexual arousal subsides.

Decreased heart rate and breathing:

Heart rate and breathing return to normal as blood flow to the genital area decreases.

Decreased sensitivity to touch:

Sensitivity to touch decreases as the body returns to its pre-aroused state.

Reduced genital swelling and lubrication:

The clitoris and labia return to their normal size and color, and the vagina may stop producing lubrication.

Feelings of relaxation and contentment:

Some women may experience feelings of relaxation, contentment, or even sleepiness during the resolution phase.

Why Should Men Know About The Female Sexual Responce?

Enhancing sexual satisfaction:

By understanding how women’s bodies respond sexually, men can better communicate with their partners and work together to enhance sexual satisfaction for both parties.

Reducing performance anxiety:

Knowledge about female sexual response can help men reduce anxiety about their sexual performance and improve their confidence in the bedroom.

Building stronger relationships:

When partners are able to communicate openly and honestly about their sexual needs and desires, it can lead to a deeper emotional connection and a stronger relationship overall.

Improving sexual health:

Understanding how women’s bodies respond sexually can also help men better understand how to promote sexual health and prevent sexually transmitted infections.

Promoting gender equality:

By recognizing and respecting women’s sexual needs and desires, men can help promote gender equality and reduce the negative impact of gender stereotypes and biases in the bedroom and in society as a whole.

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