Adultsmart Articles – I Just Love Them!

Adultsmart Adult blog it is one of my favorite blogs to read. I think a lot of people who are similar to me would agree that sometimes it is much more fun to read information that is tailored towards adults. Adultsmart articles do just that!

A really cool thing about this blog is they have something for every kind of taste you can imagine. There are wonderful articles on new sex toys, sexual aids, dating and relationship advice.  Also men’s issues and of course a lot of great information on women’s issues.

It’s really a great place to learn all kinds of new things about myself. I’ve actually noticed that as I read some of the posts on the blog that I learn new things about myself that I had never realized before.  Just like when I read from my other favorite current affairs site, AOL.

What Do I love About the Adultsmart Blog?

What I really enjoy the most is that there are no boundaries on the Adultsmart blog. I have found other adult-related blogs in the past but a lot of them feel like they do not want to be too edgy.  So they use a more conservative tone when talking about certain types of issues.  Adultsmart is one of Sexual Alpha’s Top 50 adult blogs.

But as an adult, that is not what I am looking for.  I like to read information that gets straight to the point and piques my interest in a way that makes me want to keep on reading more and more.  That is a sure sign of a really great blog in my opinion!

But what specifically does the Adultsmart articles have that interests me so much? Well, that is easy to talk about. There are so many different subjects to choose from I can easily spend all day reading, and you will be able to do the same.

My Favourite Blog Categories on Adultsmart Blog

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite blog categories so that you can get an idea of all of the great things you could be reading about, too.

Best Adult Shop

This best adult shop category on the blog is a great place to go for information on the latest sex toys, lingerie and other unique adult items that are available in the Adultsmart shop. But there are also some really eye-opening Adultsmart articles in this category that cover a wide variety of topics.

They have articles on the importance of great customer service, which as a consumer, is really important to me. They really seem to value their customers and love going the extra mile in order to make sure that if you are to order something from their shop, that you are fully satisfied.

here are also some other really helpful posts within this category that all sorts of people would find helpful. From great tips to finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other to insightful articles about domestic abuse and even reviews of other adult shops.


adultsmart articles on sex toys
VISIT Sex Toys Expert

Couples Sex Toys

This is probably one of my favorite areas of the Adultsmart blog.

Most of you are likely aware that there are a ton of different types of sex toys for men and even more for women.  Many online sex shops and blogs do not have much of a selection or even any helpful information on products and devices that are meant exclusively for couples.

Something that I find really helpful are the product reviews for some of the more popular toys and devices. When I am shopping for a sex toy I think it is extremely helpful to learn as much about the device as I can.  So that I can get the most use out of it.

Sex toy reviews on Adultsmart are in-depth and help to answer any questions I may have about a particular product, so I really love how they put a lot of time and effort on creating product reviews that are more than just a few short sentences.   I am able to really learn all about a certain sex toy or aid so that I am completely sure about what I am going to receive before I order it.

AdultSmart Articles on Dating & Relationships

What good are a lot of sexual product reviews and great advice if you don’t know the finer points of satisfying your partner?

I love the dating and relationships section of the Adultsmart blog because there are a wide range of topics that serve to help me understand my relationships better.Of course, these articles are not your typical dating advice type blog posts that you can find on less adventurous blogs by any means.

Some Articles can be a Real Eye Opener

I was reading a wonderful post recently on fisting that really opened my eyes to something that I honestly did not know very much about beforehand.

Having never really ventured into the world of fisting before, I always assumed it was something a little bit different than it really is.  The article helped me understand that there are techniques to this kinky act.  There are rules that one must follow as well.

I loved reading all of the tips on preparation and what to do when I am ready to try fisting.  As well as some things that I may want to avoid. I honestly learned a lot from this piece because they are not afraid to explain things in full detail.  All while using the type of direct language that I respond to the most.

But that’s not all, there is plenty more to learn in this fun category.

From cock rings to vaginal health, there are articles for just about every type of person imaginable available.  Whatever article is  appealing to you on any given day, you will not be disappointed with the quality of tips and advice that can be found in the dating and relationships category.

 I Love AdultSmart Articles
Photo: Woman on Tablet


Who doesn’t love the sexiest lingerie?  But if you think reading the articles in the lingerie category is going to be boring, you may want to reconsider. These articles are not just a few pictures of some boring lingerie with a few sentences about feeling sexy like you may find on other blogs.

There is a wealth of information in this category ranging from lingerie for women and men as well as some techniques to use in order to get the best results after you have ordered your lingerie.

And if you love costume play and other types of sexual aids that make a perfect complement to your lingerie, then you are going to love reading these articles every bit a much as I do.

Humorous Adultsmart Articles

Don’t get me wrong. I love the kinkiest sexual toys and articles any day of the week, but I also really love to laugh and be entertained.

I always check out the humor section of the Adultsmart articles though because there is so much to love there. One of my favorite articles on the site is about the 10 worst pick-up lines and it is really funny.  Sure, these pick-up lines are corny and awful, but that is what makes them so funny and enjoyable to read.

Sometimes it is nice to just laugh at the world around us instead of taking it so seriously all of the time. This section of the blog is still growing, but I look forward to reading some great things on it in the coming weeks and months.

Surgical Sex Toys

If you are into sex toys and devices, then this is a must-see section of this incredible blog.

Plastic and rubber sexual aids are a lot of fun, but there is something much more exciting to me about some of the surgical sex toys that I have read about in the Adultsmart articles.

One of my favorite pieces is the one about medical sex toys.  I think my favorite though, was about this device called a wartenberg wheel. At first look, this device looks like something you may torture someone with. It is basically a spiked wheel that is designed to test nerve reactions by doctors.

And since the human body has many nerve endings, in many places, this device makes a unique and exciting sexual aid unlike anything else you have ever seen. Before reading this blog post I had no idea that these devices were being used as sensation play toys.  But now that I know I feel a lot more enlightened about the world.

There are surgical sex toys that are a little frightening at first look

With spikes and sharp pointy parts, and there are ultra-smooth stainless steel sexual toys that look much less sinister.

Whatever your personal taste is in regards to sex toys, you are sure to learn something eye-opening when you check out the surgical sex toys section of Adultsmart.

adultsmart articles on steel sex toys
SHOP NOW: Medical/Surgical Sex Toys

Male Masturbators

I have to admit, this is my favorite section of the blog by far. I truly had no previous idea that there were so many masturbators that are made specifically for men until now.

And let me tell you, when I first read about toys like the lingox I was blown away by the quality and sophistication of the product. The material used to make this device appears to be extremely soft and lifelike which is exciting.

Product Reviews

Another thing that I love about this section is that on many of the product reviews and write-ups there are accompanying videos from the product manufacturers. Sometimes it is not always inherently clear how a device is supposed to be used for the best result, so a video showing the most important features and benefits is really helpful to me.

So if you are looking for the newest male masturbators that are a bit different from what you may have seen before, I highly recommend finding the male masturbators section and reading as much as you can.

I love reading this section to see what the latest products for men are and surely you will too.

Erotic Stories

Have you ever read an erotic story that was so good that you could almost feel yourself right in the middle of the action? The erotic stories section of Adultsmart blog is filled with stories like this.

I think that as human beings, we feel some need to be able to live through the eyes, ears and thoughts of other people sometimes. And when reading a wonderfully told erotic experience this becomes very addicting to me.

I honestly could read these stories for hours

And not grow tired of them. What I love is that there are articles for every type of person and personality. From stories about public sexual acts that have been witnessed to fantasies that have come to life for a few lucky people.  There is simply no shortage of really entertaining reading in the erotic stories section.

It’s not all just stories though, there are a lot of tips and tricks that anyone can use to enhance their sexual encounters and live a more exciting life.

I really loved this one piece on sex outside of the bedroom because it gave me some new ideas on places where I could fulfill some of the fantasies that I have always wanted to act on but never have tried.

Something for Everyone

When I am in the mood to read something for my adult tastes, I love coming to the Adultsmart articles to see what is happening in the world of sexual encounters, toys or any other adult related topic I am in the mood for.

This blog has so much information it’s hard to choose what I am going to read most times, so I usually just pick a category and see what looks good that day.

There is wonderful information for all types of people too, which is the best part. It does not matter whether you are gay, straight, bi, lesbian or into any number of fetishes. There is going to be something for you to read and enjoy in the Adultsmart articles.

If you’re seeking a short burst of entertainment or an opportunity to expand your knowledge, rest assured that finding something to captivate your senses won’t be a challenge.

There’s bound to be something out there that will leave you thoroughly satisfied.

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