Adult Dating Sex Apps: Time for an Adventure

Are adult dating sex apps right for you? There are certain times in our life when all we seek is a little adventure. We want to explore the world, ourselves, and everything else life has to offer. And our ticket to doing just that lies in the golden years of our youth. When young we are able.

When young we are brimming with opportunities.

Youth allows us the chance to do more than we are capable of.  To spread our wings and set ourselves free into the infinite sky of possibilities. I’m not saying that these things are deprived to us the moment we reach a more mature ag.  But we have to understand that the temples our souls rest in are temporal.

Our bodies age faster than our minds.

We can be young at heart but dwindling in life energy at the same time.  Sooner or later, you will see youth itself outrunning you, outsoaring you.  Such is the reality of life that we must accept.

So, if there’s anything reckless you want to do, now is the time to do it.  I kid you not.

This goes for dating as well.

If you can’t find it in your heart to go down the conventional route, then go crazy.  No one is stopping you.  If you want to explore your sexuality and try to live more in the moment, then do it.

Your body is your own agency.  In this world where right and wrong is separated by but a fine line and where there seems to be an infinite number of rules about life, love, and relationships – make your own.

Learn to tread your own path and find love in the most natural way you know how. And if that is in constantly searching, constantly giving unlimited number of people unlimited chances, then why not?

Some people don’t always take the bottom-up approach.  Other times they brave life top-down.

Are Adult Dating Apps Right for you?

I believe only one person gets to decide that for you – and that’s you.

Not your mother, father, sibling, or friend. The only person who can decide what’s good and what’s not is you. Why? In the end, you are the sole person responsible for your own actions.

If you’re right, it’s your victory and if you’re wrong, it’s your responsibility.

If that is the case, then why bother listening to what everybody else thinks?

To be honest, thinking too much into this stuff will only get you a headache, not an answer. Either way, you will be praised or blamed for your own actions so might as well do everything that you truly think is worth the shot.

Anyway, adult dating isn’t all thick thorns and fiery danger.

In fact, this life is so random that you will never know where your luck lies. If you don’t explore, then how on earth are you going to find it?

Here I think are some of the perks of adult online dating whether it be successful or not.

Meet New People

I think meeting new faces and personalities is already a perk all and by itself. It doesn’t matter if you meet good, bad, boring, sinister, crazy, neurotic, humble, or enigmatic types of people.

Bottom line is that you are giving yourself the chance to get to know and learn from them. I think that kind of experience alone is enough to justify your decision to try online dating.

By being with these people, you learn more about yourself. You explore sexuality; you explore what it means to “like” and “dislike” something.

At the end of the day, you may find yourselves going back to square one, acting like complete strangers even after experiencing a connection with each other.

Still, that encounter will definitely affect you in one way or another. Even if it’s something subtle or miniscule, it will undoubtedly propel your change into being a better, wiser person – this brings me to my second point.

Gain New Experiences That Will Make You Wiser

There is always beauty in making connections with other people. It may end badly- miserably even – but the time you spent with them and the exchanges you shared are without doubt, precious.

That’s right. All experiences, be it good or bad, are precious. They shape who you are; they teach you to outgrow the “you” that existed yesterday and as a result, you grow better, stronger, and wiser by the day.

You should embrace all sorts of experiences and allow it to shape the very fibers of your being. If you experience something good, let it breed positivity inside you. If you experience something bad, learn something from it. There are no such things as chance encounters.

Every person that comes and goes in our life drop by for a reason. And it’s probably to help us become the versions of ourselves and not the other way around. Maybe adult dating websites like hookup websites holds that kind of experience for you. You might want more info first on what does a hookup mean and how do you go about it.

Summon Courage To Gamble Your Heart Even In Uncertainty

Love will always be a gamble – no matter where you meet your partner. You can meet them at work, school, at a bar, in church or a mobile dating website. Still, the dangers will be the same. You will still be putting your heart at high stakes.

You will risk it, gamble it; throw it into the world of uncertainty.

Even so, you have to do it if you are to find the right person in a sea of wrongs. Adult dating may not be the most ideal training ground but it will definitely strengthen your heart. You will experience joy, sorrow, pleasure, disappointment, and all sorts of other emotions. This will definitely teach you to brave life fearlessly and to love limitlessly.

A true heart that loves.

After all it is not afraid of loving again even after experiencing the most horrid pain. It will do anything to seek love out; to feel that certain throb in the chest that is unlike any other.

Be young, stupid, curious and adventurous. This time of your life is never going to pass you twice. Make mistakes, break your heart, and get back up again. You don’t have all the time in the world.

adult dating sex apps

Adult Dating Sex Apps

Believe it or not, there was a time where “dating” was all about men trying to woo women they would marry shortly after. Nowadays, it can take many forms – from regular face-to-face dating and dating via apps to more kinky stuff like transgender dating.

These are more or less a norm today.  But what happens when someone practices such activities for a while and suddenly decides to take a one-month break? Well, I wouldn’t know about everyone, but I know what happened to me when I quit dating apps for a month.

Withdrawal and Closing Up

Let’s get something straight – I didn’t decide to quit because my whole experience with best dating apps was a complete failure.  I had a lot of fun over the course of 10 months of using them.  And I went on numerous dates and got close to having a steady relationship not once, but twice.

Still, I figured it out it was time to take a break partially because I had to focus on other things (job, studies).  Partially because I wanted to have a small experiment with the whole situation.

What came next wasn’t exactly what I expected, though.

First wave of jitters appeared while I was uninstalling the apps from my phone. I had a total of four, but I only used two regularly. It felt like I was walking away from something I worked very hard on.  Even though these apps were supposed to only serve as something I was doing in my spare time.

The feeling was quite different, surprisingly.

Then, I caught myself having itchy fingers while sitting alone at home in the evening. My hand was going for the phone and wanted to check one of the apps.

But the amount of disappointment I felt once I remembered I deleted all the apps was stunning and a bit soul-crushing.

adult dating sex apps
Dating Worries

Relapsing, Caving in and Freedom

As it is with any addiction, going cold turkey on my dating app addiction led me to a relapse eventually.  One day, I was walking down to the gym and I passed by a handsome guy who seemed like the man I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with at that moment.

Immediately, I went ahead and downloaded the app trying to find him.  But once I realized I didn’t have any information on him besides the way he looked, I realized I succumbed to a serious crisis in a moment of weakness.

That was the one and only time I caved in.

This was not the end of my troubles. What really shocked me was my inability to meet people in person, whether on a date or as acquaintances. I guess when you spend so much time on dating apps, you forget how to communicate with others in the offline world properly.

Finally, nearing the end of the month, my anxiety grip got looser, the pressure lifted up and I actually felt truly free in a very long time. There was no rush to find the perfect guy.  A nervous feeling I would have when I had to send a message to someone for the first time was completely gone.

Bottom line, by one-month hiatus from dating apps taught me something important.

Online dating sure is useful and efficient. But it can become a very personal monster if you dive into it too deeply.

Stefan Simonovic is a popular content writer from first beat media.

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