A Tribute To My Favourite Erotic Art

At some point after the Renaissance and before the glossy pages of Abercrombie or Playgirl, Male-Male homo erotic art became a thing of the shadows. A taboo so awful it would lead to death in many places as there were also many other dangers of revealing a person’s sexuality. Many artists took on pseudonyms to express their work without persecution others went further and put their works out to the world without a name to credit the works.

The era of Male Erotica that most tickle my fancy are the Artist that came between the 1950’s and the 1990s. The art work that filled pages of dirty magazines of the time. During this time artists weren’t being persecuted for their art, but still many artists had shadow careers. They would work 9-5 under their real name and would work for magazine publications like “Physic” and “Pictorial” (no longer in existence) and after those came the glossy “Adult” magazines we’re used to today. I worry that this form of Art will continue to be less and less to a point no one knows about it. The Internet Porn industry is a real powerhouse when it comes to making past erotica irrelevant. The stimulus from today’s porn market is so strong that it has become a leading addiction in today’s society. Yes! A full blown addiction to porn.

Personally, I am much more a fan of the erotica of imagery and illusion than from the graphic in your face of today’s porn videos. Don’t get me wrong porn is great for what it is, but I still enjoy the subtle nuance that Erotica gives you; the subtle sexual energy without the overloading energy of the climax.

Porn (Specifically gay porn) on the internet today is all an overly glamorised produced fantasies with little wiggle room for the viewer to place themselves into the fantasy. The story lines are either so far-fetched you can’t put yourself in it. Or the scene is so graphic and fast paced you find yourself just watching for the climax rather than for the fantasy.

Something I love as a fashion lover, as well as a sex educator, is that during the 50’s-70’s many of the top fashion labels employed Artists to help draw the collections. These artists also drew some of the best Home Erotic art pieces still to this day.

George Stavrinos

George Stavrinos was a design artist who worked for the likes of Bergdorf Goodman, He worked on numerous collections for the fashion tycoon. And while I do admire his contributions to women’s fashion it is his black and white Pencil Drawings of the male figure I love so much.

George Stavrinos, Design Artist
Image: George Stavrino’s Artwork

Robert W Richards

Robert W Richards another American artist who garnered fame as an artist drawing for the fashion industry. Richards was flown around the world throughout the 60’s to draw collections in Paris, Milan and the like. After pouring his talents into other people’s passions Richards went to work for himself drawing portraits of men in various states of undress or in some… compromising positions. While I do lean toward Black and white drawings more for some reason. I love Richards’s subtle use of water colour amongst his pieces.

American Artist, Robert W Richards
Image: Robert W Richard’s Artwork

Touko Valio Laaksonen

This time a Finnish artist who started his art career after a career as Second Lieutenant of the Finish Air Force during WWII. Clearly not a time during which being openly gay was not an option. Touko submitted his drawings to American publications in the late 50’s under the name Tom. Touko’s art was heavily influenced by his time in the military often depicting Homo erotic scenarios involving multiple men in uniform. His artwork continued to express the trends of the time with a heavy focus on the biker leather apparel. Touko is accredited for designing the physic men wanted but didn’t know. If you hadn’t put the two together Touko from Finland might be the most notable or at least recognisable Homo Erotic Artist Tom of Finland.

As time and social norms have moved forward so too has the Homo erotic art form. While I still love the classic stylings of the forbearers of this art, I can’t write about my favourite Homo erotic art without talking about a couple of current artists that I love.

Finnish Artist Touko Valio Laaksonen
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Matthew Conway

I have the utmost respect for Matthew and his style as it is the most complimentary to portrait art with a slight nod to the Erotic artist of the 50’s and 60’s. Perhaps I’m just reminded of this because of his pencil work. Matt works mostly with Heterosexual men who pose in various states of dress, Matt is able to capture individual eroticism from each of these unique guys. Without artists like Matt, this art form will be forgotten. Don’t skip his website. http://matthewconwayartwork.bigcartel.com/products

Matthew Conway, Drawings Of Heterosexual Men
Image: Matthew Conway’s Artwork

Salva Mogutin

A Russian born New York based artist makes me very excited. Mogutin has countless pieces I would gladly display in my personal home specifically his “Stock Boys” series. Mogutin works across multiple mediums, his work spans portrait based to the mixed mediums. The use of mixed mediums makes you really examine his work. His photography is eye catching and thought provoking. I love that nothing in Mogutin’s work is obvious. The men in his work are gorgeous, and yet few would ever grace the Hollywood screen. Mogutin really appreciates what the male body is and can do for other men.

Salva Mogutin, A New York Based Artist
Image: Salva Mogutin’s Artwork

About the author: KrizPatrick BA(Hon) Psychology Human Sexuality

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