8 Erotic Corsets That Will Fulfil Any Fantasy

I was exceptionally happy to find out that our sex toy shop Adultsmart also sells lingerie. We have found 8 erotic corsets at affordable prices ranging from as low as $25.  I found this out when I was looking at the Adult Smart 50% off sale for Leg Avenue’s lingerie, costumes and corsets.

8 Erotic Corsets

  • Structured Corsets.
  • Under Bust Corset.
  • Corsets with Tails and Skirts.
  • Synthetic Leather Corsets.
  • Bustiers.
  • BDSM, Restraints & Fetish Corsets.

A Structured Corset

Made with boning to create a perfect figure for the wearer. Burlesque Bustier With Lace Trim by Ella Bidoe is an absolutely classically styled one of the 8 erotic corsets. Featuring blue and gold flourish detailing. It has black trimming with lace ribbon.  And is being sold at half price at only $38.50.

8 erotic corsets
Woman in Corset

There is a Corset Type that is called an “Under Bust”

Under Bust Corset leaves the breasts exposed. For added allure you can sexily cover your nipples with shimmering nipple pasties which will send anyone who looks at you into erotic shockwaves.

My favourite Under Bust Corset is the “Satin Underwire Cupless Corset”.  Satin Underwire Cupless Corset features a halter neck top made of silky purple ribbon. Under bust is made structured to shape and hold your breasts. It has a tassel fringe of black which is pulled together between the breasts with black ribbon. 

Corset itself shapes you into a figure 8 due to its silhouette boning. This leads into a layered tail at the back detailed with purple and black stripes and lace trim. Bottom of the corset has a garter that you can use to attach thigh high garter stockings. It is being sold at half price at only $55.

guide to buying lingerie
Lingerie for Her Guide

Corsets With Tails or Skirts

I am equally excited to learn about the Corset’s with tails or skirts. These corsets that have tails or skirts are sensual, provocative and charming. You not only get to see the striking structure of a corset. But you also acquire the benefit of additional elegance which completes the design.

A charming corset that has a skirt and tail is the “Lola Corset with Support Boning” by Leg Avenue. This corset is a classic style with silky black ribbon straps that tie up into bows on the tops of your shoulders. It is designed with silky pink material and black ribbon that outlines the body contours. Bottom features a ruffled black skirt with a pink tail. It is being sold at half price at only $40.

I love the Gabrielle Corset that features the support boning with a garter to attach thigh high stockings. It has a long tail that is made from sheer black material. Material is coloured a silver and black colour. To give that additional touch of sexiness there are silky black bows on the bottom. It is being sold at half price at only $45.

Synthetic Leather Corsets

If you are a fetish fanatic we have synthetic leather corsets that are skin tight. Whether you are a submissive or a dominant these corsets are so erotically charged you will either be a really good girl or a really bad girl.

My favourite corset is called “Elvire Black” that comes from the brand Demoniq. The Elvire Black is a V-neck singlet style corset that runs down to connect to thigh high stockings. Tightness of the synthetic leather will push your breasts up into the perfect rounded shape. It features fishnet patterning. What I love most about this corset is the modern styled, trapeze cut out at the back. This corset is one of the higher priced ones priced at $94.95.

One of the most common Corset Type is the Bustier.

A bustier has less structure than a corset but provides the same appeal. My favourite bustier is the “Fence mesh bustier Purple” by Seven ‘Til Midnight. This bustier is made from a sheer style of material with balconette cups that are underwired.

There are adjustable straps for maximum comfort. Rest of the bustier is made from see through fishnet stylised with two triangle cut out. A triangle cut outs have pull together bows. There is a garter to connect thigh high stockings. It comes with a matching G-string. This corset is priced at an affordable $29.90.

BDSM Corsets

If you love corsets but wish they were functional to use with BDSM activities. There is a sex product called the “Sex & Mischief Elastabind Corset Restraint Kit” by Sportsheets. This corset is made from stretchable as it is made from PVC fabric and is elastic.

It has a section for your lower waist with added arm restraints on either side.  Features a lace up backing that adjusts the waist size. Use the Sex & Mischief Elastabind Corset Restraint Kit to gain complete control over your submissive lover. Popular dominatrix wardrobe essentials.

I recommend having a look at the brand Leg Avenue.

Leg Avenue is a lingerie, costume and stocking company which has been in operation for 19 years. They sell their adult lifestyle products worldwide. Their products are known for their affordable prices, high quality and high fashion. Leg Avenue make long lasting product’s that continue to enthuse, tease and fulfill your fantasy. Turn your fantasy into a reality.

Corsets are an instant way to make you feel super sexy. Adult Smart is having a 50% off sale for all Leg Avenue lingerie, costumes and corsets.

8 Erotic Corsets

Underbust Corset

    • Description. An underbust corset starts just under the bust and extends down to the hips or the upper abdomen. It provides support to the waist and helps shape the torso, leaving the breasts exposed. Underbust corsets are versatile and can be worn over or under clothing.

Overbust Corset

    • Description. Overbust corsets cover the entire torso, providing support to both the bust and waist. These corsets can be worn as standalone garments or incorporated into an outfit. They often come in various styles, including Victorian, sweetheart, and halter-neck, offering different neckline options.

Waist Training Corset:

    • Description: Waist training corsets are designed for long-term wear with the goal of gradually reducing the waist size. They are typically made of strong and durable materials, often incorporating steel boning, and are laced tightly to achieve a more defined waistline over time.


    • Description. A bustier is a form-fitting garment that combines elements of a corset and a bra. It often extends down to the waist or hips, providing support to the bust and shaping the torso. Bustiers are often worn as lingerie or as fashionable tops.

Fashion Corset

    • Description. Fashion corsets are designed primarily for aesthetic purposes rather than waist reduction. They come in various styles, fabrics, and embellishments, making them suitable for costumes, eveningwear, or as statement pieces in fashion ensembles.

Longline Corset

    • Description. A longline corset extends further down the torso, covering the hips and sometimes reaching the thighs. This type of corset provides additional shaping to the lower abdomen and can create a smooth silhouette under clothing.

Merry Widow Corset

    • Description. Also known as a torsolette, a Merry Widow corset is a longer style that extends to the hips or thighs. It often includes garters to attach to stockings and is designed to enhance the bust and shape the waist and hips.

Training Corset

    • Description. Training corsets, similar to waist training corsets, are designed for shaping the waist over time. They often feature durable construction with steel boning and a lacing system to provide gradual compression for waist reduction.

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