Justin Bieber Mug Shots!

Justin Bieber was pulled over by Police in his yellow Lamborghini for drag racing in Miami USA in the early hours of this morning.  When stopped Bieber went on a foul mouthed tirade at Police and refused to co-operate. After repeated warnings to leave his hands on the bonnet of the car, which Justin did not comply with, he was arrested.  Later he admitted to smoking marijuana, taking his mother’s prescription medicines and drinking alcohol.  Justin was given a sobriety test that he failed.  He was taken to the Miami Beach Police Station where he was charged and Justin Bieber mug shots were taken.

He was then sent to Miami-Dade County jail where he was kept.

Later that morning he was sent to the local Court where he appeared and was granted bail at the sum of $2500USD.  Justin after posting bail left the building to a black stretch limo that was waiting for him.  And almost Michael Jackson style stood up in the stretch limo and started waving to fans and media.

Party Time was over for Justin 

Bieb’s whilst in Miami is reported to have been frequenting strip clubs and bars and partying it up.  But the Bieber express is only 19 years old.  Legal age to drink or attend strip clubs is 21.  Obviously the star nor the businesses take into consideration the law when a celebrity is involved.

Press is Hungry for Justin Bieber Mug Shots

Press and the public is hungry for any new Justin Biebermug shot pictures or videos of his arrest or release from jail.  The former poster boy of good behavior, family value, exceptional morals and model work ethics looks like the early fame he achieved has right royally screwed his outlook and perception on life.

His good boy image is becoming one of bad.  It will be interesting to see what this transition will have on his, up to this time, loyal fan base.  From poster boy to bad boy Bieber’s increasingly reckless behaviour comes amid reports he is addicted to “sizzurp“.  A mix of cough syrup and Sprite, with friends urging him to go into rehab.

With Bieber Fever hitting an all-time high

It is many a young person fantasy to spend an intimate or erotic night with Bieb’s.

Probably on the other side due to the stars recent off the rails behavior like assault.  Or damage to property, drug use, alcohol, Justin Bieber sex romps with prostitutes and insane behavior at strip clubs, there is an equal amount of people that believe The Bieber needs a good hard reality check.  And with a bit of corporal punishment to get him in line.

We have the answer to all of you that want to take Justin Bieber home with you.

Whether it be to play or punish.  A Justin Bieber look-a-like doll has been created called the Just in Beaver that is an inflatable device to do what you will with it.

Are you ready to delve in some other celebrity fetishes?

Gay porn star Jack Orion

Turbo Thrusting Quickshots With Gay Porn Stars


Everyone does it and everyone loves to do it! Since the beginning of time, everyone has masturbated. Single-handedly it is without a doubt the best past time one can do alone or with a partner! There have been developments when it comes to men’s sex toys and mens masturbators but nothing compares to the Fleshlight!

They are the very best tools in men’s self-pleasure and definitely are the top of the market. I will be doing my review on their range called Fleshjack, a sex toy marketed towards gay friendly customers. Since they are made with male porn stars as their models.

justin bieber mug shots
Realistic Masturbators and Strokers


The Fleshjack is a personal masturbation experience like no other and gives your special time.  Whether it’s by yourself or with a friend, to a different level of pleasure.

It is made from their patented SuperSkin material which feels amazing and so realistic. What makes this product different to other masturbators is the unique casing it comes in.  It’s appearance is similar to that of a flashlight and the product’s name is a play on words based upon that.

One of the wonderful things about the product is that it comes in so many shapes and sizes.

  • Classic Jack

There’s the Classic Jack, which has an almost 10 inch exterior and a soft inside that’s perfect for most men.

  • Fleshjack Go

Then there’s the Fleshjack Go, it’s a smaller more compact version which is 7 inches in length. It is marketed for men on the go who want discretion.

  • Endurance Jack

Also, there’s the Endurance Jack, which is designed to recreate the intense sensations of intercourse. It can help users increase their sexual stamina, improve performance and techniques whilst heightening and intensifying orgasms.

justin bieber mug shots
Boomer Banks holding a fleshlight
  • Turbo Thrust

Next in line is the Turbo Thrust, which simulates the most realistic and satisfying alternative to oral sex. It has three points of insertion, the lips, tongue and throat.  Designed to just work the tip or stimulate the full length of the penis which feels like being deep throated.

  • Fleshlight Flight

Now, onto the Fleshlight Flight that is designed to be more sleek, compact and discreet.It is made perfectly for travel and storage.

  • Fleshjack Quickshot

There’s also the Fleshjack Quickshot, this one is designed to be more playful for two. Now, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it solo because you certainly can. It is just marketed to be fun with a friend. It is compact with an unobstructed exit which is a men’s sex toy perfect for oral play.

justin bieber mug shots
Pornstar with a mens masturbator
  • Fleshjack Ice

They also do the Fleshjack Ice, and this product is designed to be completely clear so you can see the fun that is happening. Ice also comes in all the different shapes and sizes that are listed above.

justin bieber mug shots
Buy Gay Porn DVDs

Fleshjack’s Gay Porn Stars

They also make various other sex toys and products as well, such as penis pumps, lubricants, sleeve warmers and shower mounts.  Various different cases, anal plugs and what I like the most, dildos.

What I like most about their dildos is that they are moulded from well-known gay porn stars. As a big fan of porn I think this is a great idea.  It definitely helps with a sense of being with the Pornstar himself and this is a very appealing aspect for some customers.

Among the list of adult stars are.

  • Austin Wild.
  • Brent Corrigan.
  • Brent Everett.
  • Jake Bass.
  • Jake Orion.
  • Kevin Warhol.
  • Levi Karter.
  • Liam Riley.
  • Pierre Fitch.
  • Sean Zevran.
  • Trenton Ducati.
  • My two personal favourites, the devilishly handsome Topher DiMaggio and the smouldering, well-hung Boomer Banks.
  • Also, recently added to the line-up is fan favourite Johnny Rapid. I can see his products being a big seller as he is one of the more popular twinks in the industry.
justin bieber mug shots
The most popular Fleshjack Pornstars

All the models also have their own personalised Fleshjacks

Moulded from their lips, mouths and also their perfectly shaped rear entries. Who could resist?

It’s also very exciting to see what models they sign up in the future. There are so many different models that I would love to see get replicas made of.  So that I can add them to my sex toy collection.

As a user of their products, I honestly feel like the company is at the very top of its game when it comes to male sex toys.  I love the Fleshjack range and how gay friendly they are.  They create sex positive marketing and all their models are drop dead gorgeous!

Truly they have made self-pleasure a very unique experience

Also they are great tools to use with a partner that could help spice things up in the bedroom. I believe that the makers will constantly come up with new and more exciting products to use.  And I can’t wait to see what they come up with in the future.

I definitely recommend this product to everyone!

For yourself or for your partner for you use together. Hey, you could even get it out at a boring party to liven things up. The options are endless!



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  1. The article on adultsmart delves into the lighter side of Justin Bieber’s famous mug shots, offering a hilariously witty commentary that you won’t want to miss. It’s not just about the humor, it also provides an interesting perspective on the pop star’s notorious moments. Each mug shot is dissected with precision and a sense of humor that turns what would usually be grim scenarios into laugh-out-loud anecdotes. Whether you’re a fan of Bieber or not, this piece is sure to tickle your funny bone.

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