Review: Je Joue Fifi

Je Joue Fifi in Cerise Pink Photo

I have been lucky enough to have been given the beautiful Fifi to review this week, it is a new luxury rabbit vibrator from Je Joue, and I am going to tell you all about it.

Years ago when I first entertained the idea of using a sex toy, I like many other women immediately thought I wanted a rabbit vibrator. They looked more fun, feminine and fancy than the other vibrators I had ever seen. My knowledge of adult toys in those days was limited. I recall a cold, silver, metal, straight thing an old boyfriend produced to use once. He said he had found it in his mum’s room (This was WRONG!! on so many levels). And a huge, black, vibrating, latex dick that a stripper pulled out in a pub once. I remember the smell of it more than anything, that sounds were much grosser than it actually was. It was the overpowering smell of the plastics they used to make all sex toys and still sometimes do unfortunately. Fast forward to today and I am much more familiar with sex toys. The humble rabbit has now become almost a staple addition to most girl’s bedroom night stands. Now, this one, Fifi by Je Joue is a world away from traditional vibrators and even traditional rabbits. It is sleek, modern, stylish, elegant and fun. If it is possible to be all those things at once.

I was given the box to take home and it’s a great box! Really, I love it. I am packaging crazy. It has an outer cardboard box which would satisfy most on its own. It has a life size picture of the toy on it, so it isn’t discreet but it doesn’t need to be because when you look inside there is another really good quality black box with the toy displayed in it. It is a real keeper and is perfect for long term storage, which is a good thing as surprisingly there isn’t a drawstring bag inside like there usually is with toys in this price/luxury bracket. I can forgive the lack of bag though. I generally use them to stop me from losing the fiddly magnets and USB chords most toys require these days require.

Je Joue Fifi comes with a USB magnet AND a plug. You hardly ever get that these days. So many cords hanging around my house and not a plug to be seen. I also love that the magnetic charging point is pink. When you work in an adult shop and have boxes full of chargers that all look identical, it’s a feature you practically want to kiss. The magnetic charger is simply 2 small magnets on the end of the USB that attach to the metal buttons on the end of the toy. The magnets can charge the toy without the toy having to have an entry port. Hence the toy is completely waterproof and you can even take it in the bath with you. Who doesn’t love that? It promises 2 hours of play for 2 hours of charge and I can personally vouch for the fact that you do indeed get that. I didn’t use it much on full but I also got a lot more than 2 hours out of it.

The rabbit vibrator I have is a cerise pink but it also comes in purple, white and black. It looks like a lying down cartoon rabbit with two long ears for the clitoral ticklers and 2 metal control buttons for eyes. They are also ingeniously the charge points. It makes me smile, it is like a character from one of my son’s computer games but I can’t think of the name… Even my partner grabbed it for a look and a feel. He agreed that the Je Joue Fifi is a nice looking toy. It doesn’t look as big as it actually is. It is rigid, 7.5 inches long and insertable up to almost 5 inches. It has a circumference of 4.5 inches and the two ears are just over an inch. It is 100% body safe and phthalate fee.

Je Joue Fifi in Cerise Pink Photo
Sex Toy: Je Joue Fifi in Pink


Every inch of it is covered in a luxurious smooth, silky silicone and it is seamless. This makes it easy to clean and a good choice for more sensitive ladies who can feel ridges in sex toys. I was surprised that by the time I got it into the bedroom it had picked up a bit of fluff on the way and I had to give it a wipe with toy cleaner. I had played about with it quite a bit though, as it is for review. My initial impression of the way it felt led me to believe it wouldn’t be a lint magnet and that I probably wasn’t even going to need lube it was so smooth. I was wrong though, I found it too draggy to insert without lubricant and it actually turned out to be a bit of a guzzler at that. I needed lube anyway to insert it as it had more girth than I had anticipated, the end is really quite bulbous. It will be a real winner for women who enjoy that full feeling and I can feel it hits my G-Spot perfectly. Unfortunately before I even turn it on I can tell it is not right for my body. The ears don’t hit my clitoris unless I pull the base upwards and when I do that I lose the close contact with my G-Spot. I haven’t turned it on yet but I already know it will be one I have to rock back and forth a bit. Rabbits are such an individual thing especially one as inflexible as this. They can be the absolute best or just plain frustrating. Just because it doesn’t fit my body doesn’t mean it isn’t going to be a brilliant rabbit for someone else though, so on with the test.

The rabbit has 3 motors one in the shaft and one for each ear. The motors are all fairly strong especially on the higher settings. I thought it was a bit loud on high but my partner said he couldn’t hear a thing when I had it under the covers. You can’t exactly control each motor separately but the 5 intensities and 6 pattern choices mean that there is probably going to be one that does what you want. The patterns are not your average pulses though. No, they are unique. Believe me the word ‘unique’ is not something I use lightly working in the adult toy industry but this is my favourite thing about Je Joue Fifi.

Intensity 1 is very subtle, more of a tickling sensation from the ears which I probably wouldn’t want in a rabbit. I can’t concentrate enough to cum if the ears and shaft aren’t doing the same thing. I need the G-Spot stimulator to be really strong. As with all sex toys you don’t have to use them the way the designer intended so a couple of days later when I took Fifi out again, I turned it on its back and used the ears for clitoral stimulation alone. Its little light taps on the first 2 intensities were just to my taste and made for a quick orgasm.

Intensity 2 is okay, good for those who like a bit of a lead up to the main event. Intensity 3 is great for my clit but just a tease still for my g spot. Intensity 4, 5 and 6 are all great and not at all buzzy or rumbly, it is really hard to explain but they are kind of like a knocking sensation.

It’s the patterns that I loved though, there are obvious choices for those that want it all about the clit or all about the shaft and there are your normal fast pulsing ones, but 5 and 6 were really different. Kind of like a galloping horse, it really got along with my vagina. I have to say, I wish, wish, wish, Fifi had a shaft that was more curved or had flexible ears because then it might fit my body. I would even go so far as to say that if this was the case, this weird galloping jackhammer might even make my top 3 sex toys!

I can only really think of one negative. I didn’t like the buttons. They are more aesthetically pleasing than they are practical. I was not keen on the placing and found the middle button under the silicone quite hard to press. I don’t tend to play around with different settings with toys, I find one I like and stick with it so it wouldn’t be a problem for me. But for those who like to mess around it takes a bit of getting used to.

The rigidity, and bulbous shaft mean I probably wouldn’t offer this choice for a first time buyer as you need to know your body, this usually comes from owning other toys and comparing shapes. If you are lucky enough to have an anatomy that fits Je Joue Fifi, I would highly highly recommend it.

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The Fifi is made from 100% silicone (with the exception of the two tiny button eyes) which makes it velvety smooth in the eyes of most customers. It’s also seamless meaning that more sensitive girls won’t feel the pull or interruption of the seam during their playtime as reviewer Kira’s Kink notes:

“It’s completely seamless silicone, so seam sensitive users will have no issues. The entire toy is smooth with no texture.”

Similarly, users have praised the shape of the Fifi:

“I liked using this as a regaular rabbit, but I preferred using the body more. This is great for anyone who’s looking for a rabbit to fit your anatomy”

“Nevertheless, the ears and G-Spot angled shaft work beautifully together.”


About the Author: Emily is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres









Review: NU Sensuelle Wireless Remote Control Cock Ring

NU Sensuelle Remote Control Rechargeable Cock Ring Sex Toy Photo

What a dream job this is, I got to take home a sex toy to review! My partner and I will provide our honest and unbiased opinions on the Wireless Remote Control Cock Ring by NU Sensuelle which we would have probably purchased ourselves.

I can tell you it is pretty intimidating starting work at an Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre like ours. We have so many variations of adult toys to learn about. NU Sensuelle sell a range of product’s including bullets, vibrators, cock rings, butt plugs and more. In the first week that I worked here, I very quickly came to realise that if NU Sensuelle make a version of a toy then no matter what, most customers won’t be disappointed. To this day, they remain a go to brand of choice for me to recommend for anyone who comes into our store wanting a quality and reliable purchase. Whatever magic ingredient it is they use in their products, it is amazing. I love this brand, it is as simple as that. They never let me down. NU NU and more NU!! In most cases it is the power of the NU Sensuelle sex toys they sell that is most impressive. Generally, they cannot be rivaled for price either. All their products come with a year warranty to.

Well does this cock ring live up to our expectations? It certainly looks good from the outside, like most Nu products, the sex toy comes in a sturdy cardboard box that’s simple and unpretentious. It is perfect for long term storage. The cardboard box opens like a book. The ring and remote nestle on top of a charger, drawstring satin storage bag and instruction manual which are safely housed underneath a rigid plastic divide. The colours of the box you purchase are black, silver and white, this all sounds quite dull, but it is actually perfect.

I spend much of my time opening toys that perform like Christmas cracker prizes wrapped in Tiffany boxes. I sometimes get to find some hidden treasures wrapped in less enticing casing than the rice I get from my local takeaway store. Having said that, it isn’t discreet if you were wanting to give it as a gift. You can see the ring under the plastic from the outside. Unlike some cock rings on the market, this one does look like, well, a cock ring!

The NU Sensuelle Cock Ring we had been given is in a gorgeous midnight blue colour, I love it. It isn’t a colour that is used often enough for male or female sex toys as far as I am concerned. It also comes in purple. The cock ring consists of two concentric circles of stretchy SEBS silicone, with a tube of textured silicone housing the bullet. The ABS smooth plastic bullet is easily slipped in and out of the tube. The tackiness of the cock ring silicone prevents it from moving. The marvellous thing about cock rings like these is that you can remove the bullet which allows you to use the cock ring and bullet separately. You can put in other bullets in the cock ring holder, this is useful especially if you have a favourite bullet. You can use this bullet in other sex toys like masturbators or on dildos and butt plugs.

The wireless remote is 100% waterproof and is made with a smooth velvety silicone. It is small and ergonomically shaped. It is so lovely to feel and hold that I wish it vibrated too as it would make a gorgeous clitoral massager. (If you are listening NU Sensuelle, this is actually a really good idea as you would also be able to tell what speed and pattern the toy was on.) Everything is Phthalate free and made of 100% body safe material. Only the remote is not waterproof so the toy itself can be easily cleaned and used in the shower. We didn’t try that yet though.  The bullet is 7 cm long with a 1.5 diameter. The inner and outer rings are stretchy enough to fit around the balls and penis of just about anybody, but with enough resistance to constrict perfectly.

NU Sensuelle Remote Control Rechargeable Cock Ring Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: NU Sensuelle Wireless Remote Control Cock Ring


So down to business. Now I normally just rip boxes open and if it has a charge, I immediately give the thing a go. My partner though is far more fastidious and sensible. He takes the fact he is helping me review it very seriously and reads the instruction manual. He insists we put it on charge as the manual suggests for the full hour. It has a magnetic charger that clicks onto the bullet with a reasonably good connection. The bullet base flashes blue while it is charging and stays blue while in use. I must digress and tell you about this though. I have mentioned my fondness for lights in toys in other reviews and the blue light against the midnight blue of the toy was really rather lovely. The light really came into its own though, when my partner got out of bed to get the lubricant. You should put lubricant on before placing on the cock ring to avoid getting hairs caught up. But anyway, he had forgotten it. Well we both watched in wonder as the toy around his erect cock guided his way around the bedroom like one of those miner’s headlamps. It is bright enough to help you find the remote in bed if you happen to drop it too, you would find it. That on its own was enough to get me excited but back to how the toy performed for the both of us.

Firstly, I am a big fan of cock rings as I mostly orgasm through clitoral stimulation. To have hands free vibrations down there is pretty amazing. My partner is a huge fan of it too, especially if he wants to come quicker and harder. He always uses cock rings even when he is alone. He loved the double ring function. He chose to pull the large ring all the way behind his balls. He then used the small ring to separate his penis from his balls. He not only likes the way it feels, he said it makes his dick look bigger. He said the size and tension of the ring are perfect in fact he went so far as to say it felt better than anyone he had tried before. We have used other cock rings before but had to have very close grinding sex to maintain the vibrations on the clitoris. This time that wasn’t an option though as I am pregnant and it is much more comfortable for me to go on top and he can enjoy the fact I now have tits! We didn’t get down to business straight away though as we wanted to see how easy it was to operate.

There are 5 options on the bullet itself if you want to control it from there. They are the five increasing speeds which go from impressively powerful to blow your socks off powerful. The easy to use remote can control speeds too but also has another button with 10 different patterns to scroll through and you can use each one at your chosen intensity. So many options, well 50 really if you think about it. Too many in my opinion, I think that is because I have had the same partner for almost 20 years and I know what works best for us but I am not going to lie, It was really fun playing about with it . There are lots of men and women particularly who love to pattern play.

He found having the control of the remote very amusing. I have to say this was the first time I have used a cock ring this powerful and was unprepared for the difference it would make. It literally made me gasp and laugh out loud at the intensity of the experience. I was glad I was on top and in control as it was easily too much to take sometimes. We found that the remote lost its connection too on occasion, only during sex though. It passed the distance test easily and I could control it from the next room when my man was wearing it with ease. I think perhaps my belly crushing it wasn’t helping things. I confess since that first use I have found that I revert to my old ways. I find a pattern and speed that I like and just stick with that. I tend to use the pressure of my body against the bullet to increase intensity when I want it.

I can’t say I came the first time using this as intended, my partner did and he loved it. I have to really concentrate at the best of times and any new experience is usually a sensory overload. I did come though using the bullet! I never use a bullet for clitoral stimulation because I don’t like my hand vibrating along with it. Again…sensory overload. So here is what I did, I simply popped the bullet into the cock ring and wrapped the ring round my finger as a holder and it worked a treat. As I mentioned before the beauty of having a really good bullet like this is the possibilities are endless.

As you can already tell we obviously liked the NU Sensuelle Wireless Remote Control Cock Ring because I keep mentioning how we have carried on using it since testing. We easily got the promised 40 minutes play out of one full charge, in fact we have liked it too much to ever let it run completely flat. There are a few downsides of this sex toy, I didn’t like that you need the remote to use. Sometimes I lose things. I also don’t like having to rely on two things working at the same time, in this case the bullet and remote. We both agreed we like to be able to control a sex toy directly.

I think you need to own a lot of sex toys or work in the adult lifestyle industry to really understand the concept of the difference in quality vibrations. You really need to be holding a toy with deep rumbly vibrations and a toy with hard and fast vibrations at the same time to know the difference. The NU Sensuelle Bullets are some of the most powerful in the market but the vibrations are slightly more on the surface than something like a We Vibe Tango or Lelo Mia. My partner found prolonged constant use of this ring to be slightly numbing. Mostly I hold by my initial comments though and maintain that this brand make excellent sex toys and this one is no exception. It is now my partner’s toy of choice for solo and joint use. For me personally, it makes a marvellous holder for my Mia.


About the Author: Emily is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres










Exclusive Interview with Rianne S

Rianne S Sex Toy Designer Photo

Rianne S is a passionate womens sex toy and accessory designer who established her company in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2010. RIANNE S adult lifestyle products are made with her own personalised designs that empower, inspire and celebrate the sexuality of women. Her product’s give women the ability to create a fulfilling sexual lifestyle for themselves whilst they explore their personal desires. She encourages women to love all aspects of their bodies and employs realistic looking models within her advertising campaigns.

Rianne wanted to create high quality products and spent over 1 year creating the prototypes for her first line of sex toys, the “Matryoshka Massager” clitoral massager and the “Forbidden Fruit” body massager. The shape of her product’s are designed to look non phallic and to appear like everyday objects. Now with 7 years of industry experience, her sex toy range has expanded to include over 16 different products. This is an Exclusive Interview with sex toy designer Rianne and sexpert from the Adultsmart Health and Sexuality Blog, which will look into what she love’s most about her brand.

Tell me about yourself?

My name is Rianne, I am 36 years old. I love being an entrepreneurial sex toy designer. My favourite things include cats, dogs, boyfriend, friends, family, yoga, meditation, sunsets and good food. I hate chicken, ironing, dirty jobs and bad food.

What are your favourite accomplishments?

  • Being in a healthy relationship after dating tons of bad boys.
  • I never thought I could do this, building RIANNE S was a long journey with its ups and downs.
  • Loving myself which I did not really when I was 15.

What quotes inspires you? 

“It is what it is”

I do believe in the power of positive thinking and that your thoughts can somehow create your destiny,  BUT acceptance of “what is” is in the end is the key to a piece of mind and happiness which can quite often lead to change. Then another quote I really like is:

“She believed she could, so she did”

This quote is all about female empowerment and we actually have a bracelet with this quote on it.


Rianne S with Forbidden Fruit Sex Toy Photo
Photo: Rianne S holding the Forbidden Fruit Body Massager


Who is your role model?

I love Oprah, not for her money….. just a little maybe! But the fact that she has effected so many lives in a positive way. I like women who inspire other women.

What is the story behind the inspiration, creation and development of your company and product range?

I truly want women to experience a happy sexual life. As a young woman I discovered this is not always the case for lot of women. When I was 20 years old I came across a Hustler magazine and the sex toys in there where not appealing to me at all. I decided that I wanted to do something different. Women deserve nice looking, quality products that work well.

What does your company value the most?

Improving the sexual lives of women.

How does your company define and measure success?

In a way this is about sales. The more you sell, the more people you reach, which you will hopefully make happy with the products that’s where the real success can be found.

What do you love most about your brand compared to other companies?

It looks very nice, stylish, cute and just very RIANNE S.

Tell me about your product range?

We are all about affordable luxury. Nice looking, stylish, quality products for a decent price. I like to give the customer something extra. Some products come with cosmetic bags, others with a nice bracelet. Then we have some specials like a very cute heart vibe, a nice Duo toy to be used together, and some really good vibes great looking and working.

Rianne S Duo Vibe Deep Purple Photo
Image: Exclusive Interview with RIANNE S – RIANNE S Duo Vibe Deep Purple


How many adult lifestyle products have you sold?

Oh My God! I don’t know but there are many! RIANNE S sex toys are sold world wide from the US, Australia, Russia, Europe and so on. Our products are sold in 35 countries.

What are your best sellers? Why do you feel they sell the best?

The vibrators because they are great value for money and look fabulous. And then the booty plugs. We sell them as a kit in a cute box, people love that. I guess it’s very appealing to women. And the heart vibe we sell well, cause it’s just really cute.

Rianne S Classique in With Bag Sex Toy
Sex Toy: Rianne S Classique in With Bag


Rianne S Booty Plug Luxury Set Sex Toys
Sex Toy: Rianne S Booty Plug Luxury Set


If you could pick just two pieces from your product range, what would you choose and why?

The Bella Vibrator, it’s a straight forward silicon smart wand with strong vibrations and the Heart vibrator because it’s so adorable.

Rianne S Bella Image
Image: Exclusive Interview with RIANNE S – RIANNE S Bella Body Wand

What are the most memorable quotes that you have heard about your product range?

It would be something like,

Oh My God! I had 3 orgasms in a minute!











We-Vibe’s Class Action Lawsuit $4 Million Settlement

We Vibe 4 Plus Remote Control Phone

The exposure of customer data within the adult lifestyle industry can reap some pretty hefty costings. We had previously seen Ashley Madison a social networking affair website hacked which released users confidential information to the world. Their parent company Ruby Life Corp had to pay $1,650,000 to 13 U.S. states and the fair trade commission.

This month We-Vibe’s U.S. class action lawsuit about how they were found to have collected intimate customer data of sex toy usage, was settled out of court where they agreed to pay an estimated $4,000,000. The people who used the We-Vibe’s We-Connect application before 26th of September 2016 will be paid up to $10,000. The customer’s who had bought the We-Vibe and did not use the application will get up to $199. It had appeared that around 300,000 people had bought We-Vibe products and only one-third of these people used the We-Connect application, the couple’s sex toy application that allowed customer to control the vibrator remotely for long distance use. This article will look into how We-Vibe has enhanced their adult lifestyle range over the last couple of months to ensure the privacy of their customer’s sex toy usage data is protected.

At a Def Con conference in August 2016, New Zealand hackers spoke openly about how the We-Vibe® 4 Plus vibrator appeared to be able to record the user’s name, address, email address, usage dates, usage times, processor chip temperature and vibration intensity data which were then stored on their manufacturers Standard Innovation Corporation servers. They were accused of not openly telling their customer’s about their data collection details. On the 12th of August, in response to this event We-Vibe released a statement that said:

“We do collect certain limited data to help us improve our products and for diagnostic purposes. As a matter of practice, we use this data in an aggregate, non-identifiable form. Processor chip temperature is used to help us determine whether device processors are operating correctly. And vibration intensity data is used for the purposes of helping us better understand how—in the aggregate—our product features are utilized.

We have already taken steps to enhance the data security measures for our product offering. As part of this effort, we have engaged external security and privacy experts to conduct a thorough review of our data practices with a view of further strengthening data protection for our customers. We will also do a better job of communicating about our data practices in order to provide greater transparency. We continue to be committed to create products that meet the highest standards and overall customer experience.”


Use Smartphone with We-Vibe Application
Photo: We-Vibe’s Class Action Lawsuit $4 Million Settlement – Remote Control We-Vibe

On the 13th of September 2016, We-Vibe released a statement which outlined that they had already began to take steps to make changes to the We-Connect™ application in order to inform the user about their privacy, data policies and practices. They also said they would improve their levels of data security. Although the We-Vibe class-action lawsuit only applies to the U.S. We-Vibe said that the changes are updated on a global scale.

On the 3rd of October 2016 We-Vibe updated their We-Connect™ application and their application privacy notice. The updates included:

  • We-Vibe has improved their communication about their privacy practices, policies and data collection “in both the onboarding process and in the application settings”.
  • We-Vibe no longer requires their users to register or create an account for product usage. This means users do not provide any personal details including their name, email or phone number.
  • We-Vibe now provides an option in the We-Connect settings that allows users to choose whether they would like to share anonymous application usage data.
  • We-Vibe updated their privacy notice in “a new plain language” form which talks about how they collect and use data for the We-Connect application to function and how the data is used to develop future We-Vibe adult lifestyle products.

Although the We-Connect does require data collection for the application to function, anything which is now collected is done completely anonymously and will not identify individual users. Data collection only happens if you use the We-Connect application with their products. We-Vibe now works with leaders in application security and privacy to help build a better adult lifestyle product that ensured the privacy of it’s users is maintained and protected to the highest standards possible. If you have any questions about your We-Vibe products you are able to contact them on

Adult Smart Blog has made many positive We-Vibe sex toy reviews over the years. We-Vibe has always been one of our most popular adult lifestyle brands sold worldwide. Some of Adult Smarts most highly recommended We-Vibe products include:

  • We-Vibe Wish a plush personal massager that offers broad and pinpoint clitoral stimulation.
  • We-Vibe Sync their most advanced hands free couples sex toy used during penetrative sex.
  • We-Vibe Rave a firm g-spot vibrator that offers strong vibrations through it’s curvaceous body.
  • We-Vibe Tango a bullet vibrator and one of the world’s most powerful pinpoint clitoral stimulators.
  • We-Vibe Nova a rabbit vibrator that has an extremely big and bendable clitoral stimulator that reacts to different amounts of pressure.


Review: Gvibe MINI

Gvibe MINI Sex Toy Image

I am wholeheartedly thankful to have been given the Gvibe MINI to review. The Gvibe MINI is a sex toy designed by the adult lifestyle company Funtoys to be used during masturbation or foreplay for both men and women. The Gvibe MINI excels at providing delicious simultaneous external vibrations. For women it can be used for clitoral, vaginal and rimming stimulation. For men it can be used for testicle, prostate and rimming stimulation. The Gvibe MINI has been fashioned to look similar to their famous Gvibe² made with similar functionalities.

Packaging & Design

The cylindrical package is stamped with a Union Jack on the lid with a picture of the Gvibe MINI on the sides. The package comes with a white satin pouch for storage, a magnetic USB charger for seamless recharging, a picture based instruction manual, 1 year warranty and the Gvibe MINI sex toy. The Gvibe MINI comes in two luxurious looking colours, royal blue with gold detailing and aqua with silver detailing. The royal blue colour is absolutely beautiful and reminds me of a still ocean at night time. The aqua colour is equally gorgeous and is for those who love something to brighten up their day. The sex toy is stamped with the raised letters “ft”, so no matter what you hold it, it says “ft” in the correct order which I thought is smart branding.


The Gvibe MINI is extremely light in weight and has a finger sized loop handle, so you will never get tired of using it. It measures 10.5cm by 2cm (4.13 inches by 0.79 inches) and takes up about 3/4ths of my hand. The vibrator has two individual shafts that are each around 1 cm in width pointed outwards from each other. A shaft is about the same size as my pointer finger. Each shaft is equipped with a motor.

There are six vibrations modes operated by exceptionally easy to press and user friendly buttons. The buttons operate as follows:

  • Press the “+” button to turn it on and raise the speed.
  • Press the “squiggly” button to change modes.
  • Press the “-” button to lower the speed.
  • Hold then “-” button to turn it off.

When it is fully charged it can be used for up to 4 hours. The sex toy comes already charged so you can use it straight away. Once turned on, the Gvibe MINI sounds like a buzzing bee. When the arms vibrate against each other amid some serious foreplay, it sounds like a bee landing on a flower. The sounds are faint and do not take away from the experience.

The Gvibe MINI is 100% waterproof due to its odourless, hypoallergenic, medical grade silicone and magnetic USB charger. These features make clean up effortlessly easy. Simply place it under warm water, lather with soap, rinse with water and gently dry with a soft cloth. Washing only take around 15 to 30 seconds. When you wash it make sure you clean the silicone seams connecting the golden or silver areas, as well as indentations of the buttons and near any raised material. After cleaning, the vibrator will feel like brand new!


Gvibe MINI Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy Review: Gvibe MINI



Use the sex toy for pinpoint, full contact or indirect clitoris stimulation. The tapping and thumping of the vibrations will help you develop a steady and all over body orgasm. Sometimes the vibrations feel as if someone is pressing in the clitoris at an incredibly rate which is thoroughly enjoyable. The stimulation effects it had on my body gave me a surprise change from incredible warmth to a whirling of coldness which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The first step to any kind of penetration is to be relaxed, aroused and fully lubricated. For anal penetration you will need to use  a lot of lubricant, we recommend SuperSlyde or a water based lubricant. To begin, move the tip of the sex toy in gentle circular motions to stimulate the entrance. If you do it to your anus, it will feel like one of the nicest rim jobs you have ever received. Apply differing amounts of pressure to create pleasurable levels of stimulation. When you are ready, you can gradually place one arm inside your anus or vagina. Gently, follow the curve of the sex toy and work with the way your body feels. At first the sex toy appears rigid but as your body relaxes, it is able to accept the sex toy without any annoyance. If you insert one arm fully into your anus, the other arm will line up with your clitoris or testicles. Likewise, if you are a woman and have inserted the full arm into your vagina, the other arm will line up with your anus.

In the instruction manual provided, one of the sketches implies you can insert both shafts into your vagina at the same time. Most sex toys are designed for ease of penetration, they begin with a rounded tip that increasingly grows larger the more you insert it. The Gvibe MINI is the opposite, it begins with two shafts that are each around 1 cm in width pointed outwards from each other. Even though the sex toy looks small, the width of how far the shafts are apart appears to be around 2cm larger than the shaft widths of the Lelo Ina 2 and the Fun Factory Miss Bi. Lubrication can make the sex toy quite slippery the problem this poses is that if you let go of the shafts during insertion, you can give your vagina a big shock when it automatically spreads itself back out. For vaginal insertion I believe you have to be extremely turned on, lubricated and have great hand skills to keep the shafts together and gently release them.


The G-Vibe Mini is a great sex toy for men and women who are discovering their adventurous side in beginners anal play and want to invest in a sex toy that can stimulate two erogenous areas at the same time. They are able to experience a rim job and clitoral or testicle stimulation at the same time which can help to provide an exceptionally strong orgasm whilst masturbating. People can control the amount of pressure, how far deep it goes and whether they would like to move the sex toy in circular motions. For people who are new to anal play, it offers soft and seamless edges so all you have to worry about is reapplying lubrication and inserting it to work with the shape of your body. What’s more, if you insert one of the arms fully, the base will comfortably grab onto the entrance area creating stronger stimulation.