Sex In The Rain!

The first time I ever seduced a man was about four months into one of my relationships. This man has now become my loving husband. Don’t get me wrong, he was what I really wanted in bed. He had a V shaped body, he was quite tall with rounded shoulders. Every time he hugged me, I felt special and he always made me feel like I was taken care of. He was the type of man a women could bring home to show their parents. He was shy and kindhearted, he always waited for just the right moment to kiss me always making sure that I wanted to kiss him passionately or lovingly in return.

He just wasn’t that type of man to ever be very forward with his sexual advances towards me. I felt it was my turn to show him how I like to be turned on. I rented a hotel room and covered the bed and floor in red rose petals. I chilled some champagne in an ice bucket with two glasses placed next to each other on the wooden dinner table. I told him we were going to dinner at the hotel restaurant, but 10 minutes before he was set to arrive.

I texted him “Room number 12, door is open”.

As he opened the door it was clear he had been caught in a huge down pour of rain, his black suit was soaked. His hair had fallen across his face, his white buttoned up t-shirt was drenched. I could see his erect nipples as I pulled his jacket off. He was staring at my face as I helped him out of his see through shirt. The rain on the windows, made me feel like it was just and all my other thoughts went away. He breathed on my neck sending a warmth down my back, my body shivered.

Rainy Sex
Sex in the Rain


His pants were hung off his lean abs and the water dripped onto the floor. I kissed his chest and ran my finger’s up his arm and across his chest. He started to breathe heavily down my neck turning me on, my underwear began to soak as I wanted him more and more.  He hugged me across the top of my shoulder’s and kissed my forehead gently. I pulled my hand down across his body and undid his pants zipper. He penis immediately became erect. I put my hand into his pants and strongly held onto his shaft, he already had some pre-cum.

He pulled my lingerie down my legs and placed me onto the table. He pulled out his hardened shaft and put the tip gently inside. This is where, I let him fuck me slowly. He wanted to go faster but I wanted to watch his face. He needed to squirt and give me all his cum. He came with the biggest load I had ever seen, he continued to pump his hard cock and told me he had another load. This is when I came,

I squirted all over his cock and he came a second time.

This was the best night and the first night we fucked with the rain pouring outside. I am not sure about you, but for me, sex is now always better when it rains. The harder, the slower, the better. Going with the rhythms of the drops, coming with the sound of thunder, shuddering with the blasts of lightening. But there is more, after you have had earth rattling sex and the pulsations inside your vagina start to subside and you bask in the glow of after-sex, the hypnotic and relaxing droplets running down your window relax, which allows you to unwind and appreciate the better times in life as you doze off next to your true love feeling their embrace. The fluffy quilt protect our bodies from the coldness of the rain.

If you want to get some when it’s bucketing down outside, give this a go. The best thing to do on a stormy night? Show up at his door, having just been ‘caught in the rain’, and he’s the only one who can help you. If he’s the nice type, or even the slightly naughty type, he’ll hold the door open for you after he picks his chin up off the floor. Play the innocent and he will loose his mind seeing you completely drenched through. Your sexy underwear and hosiery under your now see through clothes are going to drive him nuts, especially if it seems like you’re there with the purest of intentions. You’ll end up in your very own Notebook moment, and under the covers very quickly, and the best part:

he’ll think the seduction was all his idea.



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