What You Need To Clone-A-Pussy!

Clone-A-Pussy in Hot Pink

One of Oh Zone customers favourite novelty items in the Adult Lifestyle Centres are the Clone-A-Willy kits which allow you to make a silicone replica of a man’s penis. I think these are such an amazing gift, perfect for couples (think long distance relationships and having an exact vibrating replica of your man’s penis…hot!!) and people who are interested in a gag gift for friends. Being a woman, I was a little jealous that men had the option to replicate their manhood yet when it came to my womanly parts, there was no equivalent. I was ridiculously excited to come in one day to work to find the Clone-A-Pussy Kit sitting on the shelf and grabbed it straight away with eager anticipation. A replica of my pussy, what is not to be excited about?!

I mentioned to several people my excitement to have a silicone replica of my vulva and it was met with mixed reactions. “Why the hell would you want to do that?” was the most common response which got me thinking why exactly it was that I was so keen to try it. Did this mean I was a narcissist? I mean it kind of seems like the equivalent of having a picture of yourself (and just you) on your bedside table staring at you as you wake in the morning, reminding you how amazing you are. A wise person once told me “If you worry about being a narcissist, you most definitely are not one” so I was able to eliminate a diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and quickly realised that my desire to do this was an act of self-love, a reclamation of sorts.

There exists so much shame in the collective feminine in regard to our bodies and our pussies. We are taught that what lies between our legs is something to keep hidden and are rarely encouraged to explore what our pussies look like. I have spoken to women aged into their 60’s who claim that they have never seen what their vulvas look like. Some of these women have even given birth to babies!! How can we fully grasp what is happening to our bodies during life changing experiences such as childbirth if we don’t even know what our reproductive organs look like? And how can we expect a lover or partner to accept every part of our bodies if we don’t even know what they are looking at down there?

Clone-A-Pussy in Hot Pink
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Unlike men whose genitals are external, women need to really take the time to explore their genitals. This could mean grabbing a hand mirror or taking a pussy selfie. I would encourage any and every woman to try this exercise out and really observe what your pussy looks like, get to know it and understand where your anatomy sits. It’s a great practice to start for health purposes as you will be able to see if there’s any unusual changes occurring. It’s also helpful so that when you are communicating to sexual partners, you have a visual idea of what you’re asking for.

Getting back to my experience with the Clone-A-Pussy Kit, this process was just a way of finding love and appreciation for the most precious part of my body, something different and fun to do. I took it home and couldn’t wait to see what mine would look like in hot pink silicone. The instructions on the back made it sound so simple, telling me to mix warm water with the moulding powder and place in the moulding cup. It then said to place the cup over my vulva and wait for it to set before taking it away. You then pour the silicone into the mould and wait for it to set before it’s done!

I mixed the moulding powder and placed it into the cup. By the time I walked into the bathroom and took my pants off the mould had already set!!! There was not a chance it was going to work now. I tried melting it with hot water, trying to soften it but with no success. It grinded my gears because there was no warning about how quickly the mould would set, the instructions were quite simplistic. For it to work, you would have to be ready to go straight after quickly mixing the powder and water, and instantly place it over your vulva. So now I am stuck with hot pink silicone in a jar and no pussy replica. I considered placing the silicone into one of those long ice cube moulds to make a mini dildo toy but gave up on that silly idea. I am determined to give this kit another go since it was actually a really easy process if I knew how quick setting the mould was. A bonus now is that I will be able to create 2 copies with the extra silicone-Yay to the lucky person who gets the second copy for their birthday!!

There is something so empowering about loving all parts of our bodies and I have found that once we can find love and acceptance for our vulvas then finding love for all other parts of our bodies is so much easier. The process of fully loving our bodies unconditionally isn’t a short one but it is definitely a worthwhile journey necessary for every women to start. It has made me feel pride for my body and femininity. I feel so much more comfortable being naked and have opened to greater pleasure, intimacy and connection because of my willingness to get to know all parts of my body. The Clone-A-Pussy Kit is a great way for women to get to know their bodies and to make a positive step on their journey of body love and acceptance. Plus it would make for an amazing gift for your partner or spouse so they have a 3D version of possibly their favourite body part of yours!!


About the author: Stephanie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres




A True Polyamorist Does Not Cheat!

Man Being Kissed by Four Women

For those who do not know what polyamory is, it is the practice and desire of intimate relationships with more than one person. It comes from the Greek word poly which means “many” and the Latin word amor which means “love”. It literally translates to “many love”. It is an unconventional form of love because the monogamous-centered society dictates that love should be monogamous and your heart should only be reserved to that one special person.

This conventional notion of monogamous love is so prevalent that companies and even media capitalizes on it through dating websites, mobile applications, dating shows and romance novels. Which is why, for most people, polyamory is viewed as taboo and sexual promiscuous. They even equate it to infidelity and cheating.

Honesty and Commitment are Cornerstones of Polyamory

In conservative societies, except for Islamic societies, polyamory is frowned upon. But one important characteristic of polyamory that people tend to not understand is commitment and honesty. Polyamorists have consensual non-monogamous relationships and that is the basic characteristic of polyamory. This is opposed to cheating wherein a committed person steps out of the relationship boundaries without the permission of the other person which is characterized by dishonesty, cheating, infidelity and disloyalty. In this light, a polyamorist can never be called a cheater. Polyamory is about having multiple committed relationships with the consent of everyone involved.

Another common misconception when it comes to the idea of polyamory is that it is the same as open relationships. Open relationships, by definition, are committed couples who have casual partners on the side. In this scenario of open relationships, the two couples remain loyal and committed to each other, though a “side fling” is consensual. The other committed partner agrees that the other partner can engage in nothing more then having sexual relationships with other people. Although open relationships are also classified as consensual non-monogamy, open marriages and open relationships are not classified as polyamorous relationships. This is because a polyamorist’s commitment is to all partners, although there may be cases where the degree of commitment is not equal. In the case of polyamorous relationships, psychologists have found out that polyamorous relationships are centered on trust and communication.

Polyamory is also misconstrued as “swinging” which is a more common term. While polyamory involves sexual activity in the group, it emphasizes no emotional or romantic connection as opposed to swinging which involves open and consensual activity among people of a group. Truth be told, there is a cultural rift among polyamorists and the swinger communities because of these major differences. Although swinging is a form of consensual non-monogamy, it does not usually involve commitment and it emphasizes only on physical contact. However, there are cases where the two concepts may intertwine when a swinger falls in love with different partners and decides to start a polyamorist relationship.

Polyamory Is About Loyalty

When a polyamorist decides to ‘swing’ with secret partners, by definition they are not a polyamorist anymore. Secret relationships not known to their polyamorist partners are seen as a violation of their relationship agreement. It is seen as being disloyal and engaging in infidelity which is frowned upon in the polyamory community. Fidelity is seen as not only being limited to romantic and sexual exclusivity but faithfulness to agreements and communication that partners make. Polyamory is about the values that the individuals hold and the respect that they have for each other. Commitment is honesty and loyalty to one’s own words.

In a scientific research, studies have found out that people have strong stigma against polyamorist’s. Society sees monogamous relationships as having stronger commitments and more stability. In a monogamous-driven world, this is not surprising. But in all honesty, polyamorist’s also help each other. Since there is emotional investment, polygamists want what is best for their partners. They can help pay the bill, fix the house, do domestic activities and help out at work, in the same way that monogamous couples function.

The social stigma stems out from prejudice and ignorance in the understanding of why and how polyamorists love. As a matter of fact, non-monogamous participants in this very same experiment ranked their monogamous partners higher than themselves when it came to the definition of being committed. This makes polyamorist’s a sexual minority, the same way that there are still discriminations against the LGBT community and in other countries, the struggle for women’s equal rights.

Social stigma affects family members and children of polyamorists. A different study was conducted to analyze the effects of polyamory to children and it shows that other people think that these children are troubled and can be negatively affected by the negative behaviour of their parents. But in all honestly, research also points out that children in polyamorist families are happier because children generally love to be around as many adults as they can. Children are happy if they know that more people love them.


Two Women on Bed with Man Photo
Photo: Happy Polygamous Relationship

Polyamory Is About Openness and Acceptance

When people are seriously in love, they tend to want to control how their partners should think and what their partners should do. In a polyamorous relationship, you should not control your partners on who they should love or have relationships with. It is typical for most human beings to feel the need to control and be jealous, this is part of the human evolutionary code. It is normal for people to think they are not enough or if they have done something wrong for their partners to look for other relationships. The same as with monogamous relationships, this thought process also occurs and it is perfectly normal, to begin with. However, with constant communication, this feeling of inadequacy will be quelled and properly dealt with. It is also important, especially in polyamorous relationships to keep an open mind and be open to suggestions. This starts by developing respect for your partners to make them feel that their emotions and opinions matter to you as well.

Polyamorist’s are open to negotiating boundaries and agreements where they consult with their partners. For example, if they have new relationship prospects they work together to develop a decision.

There has been much debate to classify polyamory as a sexual orientation and identity though most would say that it is a form of practice within a relationship. Because of its complexity and emotional subjectivity, polygamous relationships gender identity rules are not an issue. For example, a monogamous couple may decide to engage in heterosexual polyamorous relationships. They then can decide to engage in consensual homosexual relationships. The members of these groups accept and love each other regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

Polyamorist’s have Compersion

A relatively new concept compersion is widespread among polyamorists. When a person has compersion, it means that they are empathetic, joyful and happy to know that their partner is happy within their other polygamous relationship’s sexual and romantic activities.

It is the same feeling when your own child gets awards in school or when your best friend finally gets married. It is taking joy in the joy of others. The exact opposite feeling of jealousy which is what monogamous couples become when they are cheated on. When people cheat on, they feel anger, fear, betrayal, sadness, and some even go through depression. Polyamorist’s do not feel these emotions when their partners find and enjoy other relationships.

Polyamorous Relationships Are Healthy

In the United States alone, 5% of the total population is open to the idea of polyamory and about 500,000 engage in polyamorous relationships. With the growing popularity, scientific and sociological studies are being conducted to assess polyamorous behavior. These studies found polyamorous relationships to be healthy. They found that communication is key to happy and successful relationships. Another study shows that polyamorists are usually people with high degrees of openness, confidence, intelligence, self-worth, education and are focused on experiences in life.

When it comes to sex, research shows that polyamorist’s are less likely to contract sexually-transmitted diseases (STD) than their monogamous counterparts. This is because polyamorist’s communicate with their partners it is alright to have sex with other people sa long as they practice safe sex and stay loyal to their other agreements. The study also states that when people cheat they are most likely to be drunk or under the influence of drugs which is their justification for not wearing protection.


Two Couples in Hot Tub Photo
Photo: Happy Couples in Sauna

The Four Types of Polyamory

Believe it or not, there are four types of polyamory. There is no ideal type of polyamory, the one chosen depends on the group’s agreements.


Polygamy is the most familiar term which involves marrying many people and having many legal spouses. In some societies, mostly in Islamic societies, this is accepted because it is a part of their culture. Some modern Islamic societies have passed laws that requires having hierarchical polygamy, meaning there is a first wife, a second wife, a third wife and so on.

Even if it is legal for some countries to allow citizens to engage in three or more partners sharing sexual relationships, there are no countries that give polyamorous relationships any legal protection or the right to marry. The countries which permits polygamous marriages, only ones between a man and a women are allowed.

Mono/Poly Relationships

In Mono/Poly Relationships one partner may have a monogamous relationship while the other partner may be allowed to have polygamous relationships. This depends upon the agreement between the couples as to how they should proceed with their relationship.


Polyfidelity involves polyamorist’s who have romantic relationships where sexual contact is restricted and limited to certain people in the group. The members of the group are considered as equal partners.

Geometric Configurations

Geometric configurations are described by the interconnectedness and the number of people involved in a polyamorous relationship. For example a V (vee) relationship involves three people while an N relationship involves four people. Some additional examples are quads and triads.

In Conclusion

To those who think that polyamorists are cheaters, that statement is incorrect. Polyamorists are honest and communicate with their partners, as cheaters are just plain liars. Polyamory is more than being a form of relationship or an identity, but an advocacy. The conservative stigma still exists, there is the still the struggle for legal recognition and protection of polyamorist’s. It is an important struggle that needs to be won for people who want nothing but love. No one has the monopoly of love nor does anyone have the right to dictate who or how a person should love. Love is an irrational human behavior and is subjective to a person’s preferences and personal identity. To love and to be loved in return are basic human needs as people need affection.

So if you know someone who has a polyamorous relationships, do not judge them. Try to understand how they think and what they feel, then maybe you will relate with them. Polyamorists are not perfect. These people also face the same problems as monogamous people. They also fight just like any human being, they also have the capacity to fall out of love. But what is important in relationships is that there should be communication, honesty and respect for your partner’s decisions and opinions. This after all, is what relationships are about.



Brent Corrigan’s Controversial Beginnings at Cobra Videos

Ultra Fan Adult Movie Recording Photo

Come and see the gay adult movie celebrity Brent Corrigan, tonight at 6pm at Park Street Books, Level 2/44 Park Street Sydney. Famous adult industry entertainers JJ Knight, Chi Chi LaRue and Sister Roma will all be there to. This article will look into Brent Corrigan’s controversial relationship with Bryan Charles Kocis his first employer at Cobra Videos.

Sean Paul Lockhart (Brent Corrigan) was born on the 31st of October in 1986 in Lewiston, Idaho. He is one of four siblings. He has an older brother, a younger brother and a sister. They were raised in the suburb of Mill Creek near Seattle, Washington by his mother and stepfather. His mother and stepfather divorced when he was aged 8 to 9 years old. He took care of his younger brother and sister until he moved back to his mother’s home in San Diego, California.

July 2003 was a period when he came to terms with his sexuality. When he was aged 16, he spent his weekends in Los Angeles with his first boyfriend who was older than him. His boyfriend introduced him to the ‘fast, furious and out of control side of the gay scene’. When Lockhart was 17 years old, he felt he was down on money and searched for career prospects. His boyfriend introduced him into the gay adult movie industry and arranged an audition for him in his own bedroom via webcam. The boyfriend controlled the camera while the director and owner of Cobra Video observed.

In 2004, Bryan Charles Kocis who is also known as Bryan Philips employed Sean Paul Lockhart to star in Cobra Video’s gay adult movies. Sean was given the stage name “Brent Corrigan”. Brent agreed to perform in an adult movie with the Cobra Video owner. He would star in six action adult movie scenes and one non-action adult movie scene. The screening set was a used Volkswagen Jetta with a set of tires and rims. The cost of the production included transportation, vehicle insurance and gasoline. A sexual relationship developed between Lockhart and the director.

He used a fake ID to bypass the legal law to star in them. Cobra Videos claimed that Brent Corrigan’s birth date on his license stated that he was born in 1985 and they were not aware that he was underage. Cobra Videos and Brent Corrigan were then involved in a civil lawsuit to sort out the matter which was planned for the 21st of February in 2007. Bryan Kocis than made a counter claim that stated any use of Brent Corrigans name would be a copyright infringement. Throughout the years Brent Corrigan starred in six movies including Every Poolboy’s Dream, Schoolboy Crush, Bareboned Twinks and Casting Couch 4. During the lawsuit they were all called off the shelves even though there was no reason for them to be removed.

On the 24th of January in 2007 Bryan Kocis was discovered dead from a fire at his Dallas Township, Pennsylvania home. He was only 44 years old. A coroner examined the Bryan Kocis body and found that he suffered 28 stabbed wounds to his body and his throat was cut nearly to the point of decapitating him. It appeared that his body was within the house before it was on fire. His face and body were burned pass recognition so his dental records were used to identify him. The local residents in Pennsylvania were frightened to find out that a murder had happened so close by and they had no idea that Bryan Kocis ran Cobra Videos directly from his home that had also hired underage men.

On the 15th of May in 2007, information was found on Bryan Kocis’s computer that had survived the fire. It implicated that two Virginia Beach escorts were former models, Harlow Cuadra and lover Joseph Kerekes were involved in his murder.  It was said that the escorts wanted to build their own gay adult movie company and employ Brent Corrigan to star in their movies.


Ultra Fan Chi Chi LaRue Banner
Banner: Brent Corrigan’s Controversial Beginnings at Cobra Videos – Ultra Fan Chi Chi LaRue


On the 8th of December in 2008, Joseph Kerekes confessed to second-degree murder alongside a string of other offences that included the creation of false evidence and criminal conspiracy. Harlow Cuadra said that he was not guilty of any of these offences. They were sentenced to life in jail without parole.

During Harlow Cuadra’s murder trial it was claimed that Brent Corrigan was bound by contract to Cobra Video’s to continue to perform sex acts for their gay adult movies in exchange for payment. This lawsuit opened a discussion worldwide about problems within employment contracts in the adult entertainment industry.

In 2012, Magnus Books distributed the novel “Cobra Killer” by authors Andrew E. Stoner and Peter A. Conway on the murder of Bryan Kocis. Within the book they explain how and why Brent Corrigan had helped the law enforcement by recording interactions he had with Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes which had helped the criminal case become solved. The story was made into a mainstream movie named “King Cobra” which was released in 2016 at the Tribeca Film Festival. The movie notably stared Garrett Clayton, James Franco, Christian Slater and Alicia Silverstone.

Brent Corrigan had decided to bring out his own book on the murder of Bryan Kocis and stated:

“Ultimately, I chose to move forward with my own plans to finally release my book in place of taking part in someone else’s presentation of events that I personally lived as a young adult. It’s going to be an exciting coming year! The book is nearly finished and is now going through edits and rewrites. Even with the time that has passed, the memories are still very real and raw for me.”

Brent Corrigan’s fame within the world of amateur gay adult movies had brought this criminal case to the mass media. Through his years of professional experience he has become a mainstream movie actor, a singer and an adult movie director.

This year, Brent won Best Actor honors at the PinkX Gay Video Awards in Paris, France for his role in NakedSword’s “Vegas Hustle”. He is nominated for the Best Porn Star of 2016 for the Cybersocket Awards. He also stars in Falcon Studio’s “Magnums” and Falcon Studio’s “Deep Release” with a gorgeous masseur at a full-service spa. To top it all off, he is a headlining star in Falcon Studio’s Fall Blockbuster release “About Last Night” which is now available for purchase. Keep watching Brent’s stardom grow brighter with Falcon Studios Group and NakedSword by staying up to date on his latest projects.

Brent Corrigan is promoting his newest gay adult move release named “UltraFan” a Nakedsword production who are called the “Netflix of gay adult movies”. This movie is based upon Brent Corrigan running a web cam show that has falling ratings. Whilst his career is stuck in a downward spiral, he comes up with an idea to give his fans something completely new. In the wake of his inspiration, one of his adoring fans takes over his webcam show. The movie UltraFan take the viewer through a wild set of encounters that are designed to make him rich and give him fame. The movie is filled with many heated scenes. The release of Ultra Fan is a significant milestone for Brent Corrigan which is why he will be visiting  Sydney, Australia during the Mardi Gras. Brent Corrigan and JJ Knight will be hosting an Ultra Fan Model Search at The Midnight Shift on the 1st of March 2017.







Meet Sister Roma, Brent Corrigan, JJ Knight and Chi Chi LaRue!

Ultra Fan Sister Roma Banner

There is just one more sleep till everyone can meet some of the most famous gay adult movie stars in the world! You can find Sister Roma, Brent Corrigan, JJ Knight and Chi Chi LaRue at 6pm on the 3rd of March at Park Street Books. Park Street Books is located at Level 2/44 Park Street, Sydney. This event is in celebration of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras so be sure to add it to your calendar!

Everyone who is in attendance for this event will get a gift from Swiss Navy. You will also be able to enter a draw to win 1 of 4 Brent Corrigan Bliss Signature Fleshjacks! Mr Peeps will also be there! There will never be another time when such adult entertainment royalty will all be in the one place within Australia. Sister Roma, Brent Corrigan, JJ Knight and Chi Chi Larue all have had highly distinguished careers. Listed below are important moments within their careers:

Sister Roma

Sister Roma is a world famous drag queen. She is known for being an iconic veteran member of San Francisco’s Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the leading order of queer nuns. The nuns have helped the LGBTQ community through community events, fundraisers, outreach programs and educational seminars. Sister Roma has a kind-hearted personality who promotes safety, human rights and sex positivity within the community.

With an amazing amount of beauty, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence dress up in nun costumes whilst wearing makeup on their faces. Their costumes express their wide range of personalities and personal values. The Sisters believe: “We believe all people have a right to express their unique joy and beauty and we use humor and irreverent wit to expose the forces of bigotry, complacency and guilt that chain the human spirit.”

Sister Roma has made one of the most positive marks on the LGBTQ community. Below is a list of important events within Sister Roma’s life:

  • In 2015, Sister Roma took on Facebook over its Real Name Policy and won.
  • In 1991, Sister Roma introduced the Stop the Violence Campaign to combat hate crimes throughout San Francisco in the city and surrounding campuses. The Stop the Violence campaign marks houses with signs that are safe zones and gave whistles to members of the LGBTQ community to use if they were being attacked.
  • In 2007, Sister Roma served as Emcee at San Fran Cisco’s Castro Theatre. She also covered the GayVN Awards.
  • Sister Roma is an emcee for Super Heroes and Villains Krewe de Kinque’s Bal Masque benefit for Tenderloin Tessie’s Holiday Dinners. This event serves Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners to the homeless people of San Francisco.
  • Sister Roma is an emcee at the annual San Francisco Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’s public anniversaries.
  • Sister Roma was an emcee at the Free Speech Coalition’s 19th Annual Night of The Stars Awards held at Los Angeles’ Centre Studios.



Brent Corrigan

Brent Corrigan’s real name is Sean Paul Lockhart. Brent began his career when he was a teenager and mastered the amateur gay adult movie industry. Brent’s professional experience turned him into one of the most skilled, celebrated and popular adult movie stars of our generation. Brent Corrigan is a gay adult movie star, a mainstream movie actor, a singer and an adult movie director.

Brent Corrigan’s latest release is Ultra Fan a NakedSword production, this movie will be promoted at Park Street Books on the 3rd of March at 6pm. Ultra Fan is about Brent Corrigan who has been trapped in a web cam rut for years. The movie star promised his fans something spectacular. Although there is an Ultra Fan who has implicating evidence on Brent and will use it to hijack his live show. A series of orchestrated events go from mild to wild to downright dangerous, all in an attempt to force Brent back into the business.

Below is a list of important events within Brent Corrigan’s career:

  • In 2007, Brent starred in a musical “Didn’t This Used To Be Fun”.
  • In 2008, Brent starred in a short movie named “Tell Me” and a movie named “In The Closet”. The Closet was directed by Jodi Wheeler.
  • In 2008, Brent starred in a movie named “Milk”. Milk is a 2008 American biographical film based on the life of gay rights activist and politician Harvey Milk.
  • In 2011, Brent starred in the movie named “Judas Kiss”.
  • Brent has a biographical movie based upon events within his life. The movie features the 2007 murder of gay porn producer Bryan Kocis. It features James Franco, as one of the two aspiring producers who wanted Brent to sign over his performing contract to them.
  • Brent is a Falcon Exclusive Model.


JJ Knight

JJ Knight has been in the gay adult movie industry for a year and he is already making headlines as a Falcon Exclusive model! JJ Knight is 6’2 with a perfectly chiselled swimmers body, warm green eyes, dark brown hair, a playful southern charm, a beautiful ass, has a contagiously charming smile and is in his early 20s. All his characteristics make him to be an incredible performer. JJ Knight is most famous for his huge penis that is a whopping 9.5″ in length. Falcon Studios molded his penis into a dildo named the “JJ Knight Supercock”. He has recently won ‘Grabby Awards’ for the Hottest Cock, when he accepted his award he said:

“Receiving any sort of nomination only eight months into this industry meant a lot to me. Winning Best Newcomer would be great, but there are so many great performers nominated this year that even I would have a hard time picking a winner. Winning Hottest Cock, however, would be a dream come true and would finally make what every director and other models say about my cock finally sink in. Never thought of myself as having a “hot cock,” but after hearing something a thousand times it has to eventually kick in that there is something special about it.”

JJ Knight has starred in 16 Falcon Studio adult movies including Cruising Grounds, Into the Blue, Urban Spokes, Desert Gateaway, Pitching Tents, About Last Night, Deep Release, Tahoe Snowbound and Wild Weekend 1 and 2.


JJ Knight Gay Adult Movie Star Photo
Photo: JJ Knight


Chi Chi LaRue

Chi Chi LaRue’s real name is Larry David Paciotti. Chi Chi LaRue is one of the world’s most recognizable drag personalities and adult movie directors. His early career began when he starred in “The Weather Gals” and a “Hag Drag” revue. He began working as an assistant at Catalina Videos and he now owns the company! Through hard work, determination and talent he also owns Channel 1 Releasing. Chi Chi LaRue works for Falcon Studios and Vivid Video to.

Chi Chi LaRue has now directed hundreds of gay adult movie films, his work is always in high demand. His work has won him countless awards including:

  • 1990 Dave Awards winner of Best Video and Best Director for More of a Man by All Worlds Video.
  • 1991 AVN award Best Director Gay Adult Movie for The Rise by Catalina Video.
  • 1991 AVN Award Best Non-Sexual Performance–Bi, Gay, or Trans Video for More of a Man by All Worlds Video.
  • 1992 Gay Erotic Video Awards Best Director for Songs in the Key of Sex by HIS Video.
  • 1993 AVN Award Best Director (Gay Video) for Songs in the Key of Sex by HIS Video.
  • 1993 Gay Erotic Video Award Best Special Interest Video for Chi Chi LaRue’s Hardbody Video Magazine by Odyssey Men.
  • 1993 Gay Erotic Video Award Best Gender Bender for Valley of the Bi Dolls by Catalina Video.
  • 1994 Gay Erotic Video Award Best Non-Sexual Role for Revenge of the Bi-Dolls by Catalina Video.
  • 1995 Gay Erotic Video Award Best Director for Idol Country by HIS Video.
  • 2000 Grabby Award winner of Best Director and Best Video.
  • 2001 GayVN Award Best Director for Echoes by Men of Odyssey.
  • 2002 GayVN Award Best Director for a Bisexual Video for Mile Bi Club by All Worlds Video.
  • 2003 GayVN Award Best Director (with John Rutherford) for Deep South: The Big and the Easy Part 1 and Part 2 by Falcon Studios.
  • 2006 Grabby Award Best Director and GayVN Award Best Director for Wrong Side of the Tracks Part One and Part Two by Rascal Video.
  • 2009 GayVN Award Trailblazer.
  • 2011 and 2012 Cyber Socket Best Personality.



Be sure to stop by Park Street Books to meet these gay adult movie industry royalties. They are very friendly, hot to trot and would love to meet you!


brent corrigan & boyf JJ Knight have arrived in Sydney thanks to Falcon Studios!Here's where to see them:

Posted by GayRadio.com.au on Tuesday, February 28, 2017





Gay Adult Movie Director Brent Corrigan – Free Event and Giveaways

Brent Corrigan Photo

Brent Corrigan is one of the most commended gay adult movie stars in the world. On the 3rd of March at 6pm, you will be able to find Brent Corrigan at Park Street Books, Level 2/44 Park Street, Sydney during the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Brent will be there to introduce his new gay adult movie “Ultra Fan” a NakedSword production which he directed and featured in. Brent Corrigan will be at Park Street Books with JJ Knight, Chi Chi LaRue, Sister Roma and Mr Peeps. Swiss Navy will also be there to give away products to everybody who goes to the Ultra Fan event. Fleshjack Australia will likewise be there to give out freebies! Visit these beautiful adult movie stars and get an autograph.

In 2008, Brent Corrigan directed Summit by Pink Bird Media. He put ten hot young fellows in an expansive lodge up in the mountains. In this adult movie you are able to watch the blend of straight and gay men on a winter excursion at the most picturesque area in the US! Lake Tahoe may never be the same after Brent’s young men visit for seven days of fun! Brent Corrigan acquaints himself and invites everybody on his adventure. The first scene features, Damien an absolutely manly stud with short-trimmed hair and hazel eyes. His ideal appearance and laid-back state of mind balance strongly with Jacob. Jacob is tall with long hair. Jacob has one unmistakable characteristic: a colossal dick. Damien proposes a bet and where the loser becomes the bottom. Jacob makes fast work of the balls on the pool table before slamming his against Damien’s rear end.


In 2008, Brent Corrigan directed Just The Sex 2 by Pink Bird Media. Provocative Brent Corrigan is back with another all new gathering of hot youthful cummers in four hot widescreen scenes! Brent Corrigan, Justice McClain, Turk Melrose, Jacob Powell, Steve Oliver, Cameron Lane, and Curtis Hoffman pack this film with what you ache for the most… sex. Brent gets down on his knees and sucks Oliver’s dick and ravenously licks his balls before jumping on the bed to make out. Oliver plainly appreciates the sexual consideration and covers his face in Brent’s rear end. Brent rims his butt and has sex with him in a few positions.  Oliver spouts an expansive load everywhere on Brent’s butt, shooting a couple of spurts up and over the highest point of Brent’s round ass. Brent’s cheeks are covered in hot cum.

In 2009, he directed Brent Corrigan’s Big Easy by Pink Bird Media. This adult movie star’s Brent Corrigan and a cast of six adorable youthful folks as they investigate New Orleans and their sexual inclinations! This reality-style film incorporates five intimate moments. The cameras are rolling the moment the young men touch base in New Orleans. From the landing in the air terminal through to the settling in at the house. Brent Corrigan and Ryan Buckley go into a room from the yard where they’ve been talking. Ryan snatches Brent and begins to make out. Yet it’s Brent who gets Ryan’s jeans down first and begins to chow down on his erection. Ryan licks and kisses down Brent’s face to his jeans. His jeans are pulled off to uncover a genuinely stirred Corrigan. Ryan sucks Brent showcasing his oral aptitudes on his rear end and balls too.


Ultra Fan Poster
Photo: Ultra Fan


In 2010, he directed Brent Corrigan’s Working Hard by Pink Bird Media. Brent Corrigan is working diligently again as he and five other hot models will show you. Brent Corrigan’s Working Hard incorporates Brent’s twofold infiltration scene with Randy and Hunter in a hot sandwich with Andy Banks. This adult movie also stars Ryan Buckley, Randy and Jake Green. Andy Banks is working diligently reading Mike Donner’s “How to be a Gay Adult Movie Star”. His mates Ryan and Randy appear to help him with some firsthand experience.

In 2010, he directed Brent Corrigan’s Heat by Pink Bird Media. Palm Springs, California is an abandon desert garden is one of the most sizzling spots on the planet. Brent Corrigan conveyed a modest bunch of his men to this lavish resort town to turn up the sexual warmth. Brent and two of his protégés are playing in the pool on a hot and sunny evening. After the two “understudies” wash up, adult movie wonder Brent Corrigan starts class. Brent gets his young men under way and mentors them on what they ought to do to satisfy the survey group of onlookers. Dick sucking and ass eating are the primary topics to begin, yet educator Corrigan squanders no time in getting to the entering matters of sexual execution by constraining his stone hard shaft into Jesse.

In 2017, Brent Corrigan directed Ultra Fan which is a Naked Sword Production. This is the movie series he and JJ Knight are coming to Sydney to promote at Park Street Books, Level 2/44 Park Street, Sydney at 6pm on the 3rd of March 2017!