The Night I Lost My Virginity!

I figured I grew up very slow as everyone seemed to be doing thing’s I wasn’t, I felt like I was in a world of my own but I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to have sex yet. Actually my virginity wasn’t taken when I was 17 years of age and at this age presumably I was the last young lady in my social loop to break loose from my shyness underneath. I can’t say it was lack of opportunity but maybe this was down to the strict and conservative way I had been raised. My family would have passed on a thousand times and presumably hung any bloke in my life on discovery that I was having sex already. I was always slightly scared of being in a relationship with someone because of how my family felt. Even thinking about boys or maybe the fact , the people in my grade were going to turn into men soon.  At 17 I was absolutely guiltless, naive and innocent.

I hadn’t even kissed another boy until the first genuine kiss and it wasn’t until I was 16. My first introduction to kissing was with my school mate and being that he tasted of cigarettes, my entire thought of a ‘French Kiss’ was terrible as I thought that they were gross and an extremely messy experience. It never went any further than a kiss or two but despite the cigarette smell, the kisses felt really nice and soft.

Despite all this, we still carried on seeing each other for some time, until he was seen snogging another girl at a school leavers party which I didn’t attend. Being so mad with him, I dumped him without a second thought, bringing me to the

“Why me?” mode.

When I left school at 16 with great ambition I was still a virgin, and so naïve and blameless. I was euphorically inhumane about anything sexual, as all I needed to do was to invest time with my numerous pets, including my mule, a goat, and two birds, in addition to something like 60 chickens. Young men were something close to the lowest part of my necessity.


Womans Sexual Facial Expression

I had constantly said I would wait for a true love or when I am married to the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. I wanted to wait till the moment we were ready to commit to that type of long term relationship that I would lose my virginity on that night on our honey moon. By the time I was married, I would my world wary and knowledgeable about a couple of the things that floated around my young mind by then. Even the reality I had no purpose of hosting a wedding having seen what a spoiled time my Mum had with my cranky Father.

That being said, by the age of 17 I had encountered a decent amount of old schoolmates who were attempting their level best to grab their path into my affection. They were pretty cute, you know they were still growing their beards! Some of them were really hot with brunette hair and the flashing of their blue eyes. None of them had been successful, fundamentally because of their youthfulness and absence of any identity. I even discovered one who confessed to me that he hadn’t cleaned his teeth in a few years. His personal hygiene just wasn’t there, how can you kiss with someone like that. I never let him close to me again, luckily we had just had a bit of a snog, and any grabbing he had attempted to do he speedily shied away, I don’t know for what reasons.

The few young men I did sort of like were at that point enthused with other different young ladies. The ones who did show any enthusiasm toward me appeared to be just intrigued by

‘taking my virginity’

, potentially as a trophy, as it was well known at this point that my closest companion was essentially my friend behind my delicates. When my virginity was taken, it was nothing even near to what I had ever expected, and it was really genuinely a huge bafflement. I just need to find someone more like me.

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