The Cherry Blossoms of Yangmingshan Park

Being from New York, Tyrell our African American tourist thought he had seen it all.  A well-built man both muscular and sexually he landed in Taipei International Airport after an erotic dream whilst flying.  Coming to he was caught in that moment between dream and awake state.

After checking into the Eastern Star Hotel he wasted no time to go to the one tourist destination he would have time for in the great country of Taiwan – the Yangmigsham National Park.  There the cherry blossoms were blooming and people were actually walking with umbrellas to halt the steady rain of pink flowers falling to the ground.

The rain began and so he ran for cover in the trees and that is when he saw her.  White T-shirt wet and plastered to her skin so he could clearly see the outline of her asian nipples.  But it was a set up – she knew who he was and what he was there for and would use all her feminine powers to ensure that her brother got the sneaker contract.

It was then that he experienced sexual pleasure like never before under the Cherry Blossom Trees…

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