7 Effortless Ways to Have Mind-Blowing Sex

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Everyone wants to experience intense, orgasmic, sexual pleasure but sometimes we just need something much more than just sex. This article will look into 7 Effortless Ways to Have Mind-Blowing Sex how you’ve always wanted to. It will help you to focus on something more sexual then just physical pleasure.

Begin foreplay before you reach the bedroom:  Foreplay can start much earlier before you even reach the bedroom. You can hint towards something a little more sexually fulfilling through text messages and by sounding sexy when you talk to them.

  • Send your lover a passionate message: Send your lover a passionate message that will leave them thinking that their might be something more. For example “I am looking forward to seeing you tonight xoxo” or “I can’t wait to hold you in my arms.” It will make them feel sexy and wanted in all the right ways.
  • Call them on the phone and talk sultry: Make your lover fantasies and think about sex all day by giving unexpected attention throughout the day. Talk in the sexiest voice possible to let them know you are up to no good.

Massage their whole body: When you are touching their whole body in an intimate massage, take your time to explore each and every single inch. During the massage you can passionately kiss different areas of their body as you go. Take this time to learn everything about how their body responds and you will be able to find all the areas that they will gain the greatest pleasure from. Use this to your advantage and stimulate these areas. If you are able to completely understand your lover’s body, you are also able to develop strong and meaningful feelings of trust which helps to bond the two of you together.

Give your lover your undivided attention and go slow: Ensure that during sex there are no unwanted distractions like TVs, radios and mobile phones. Play music that sets the mood. Take your time to be fully conscious of your thoughts, if you find yourself thinking about the past or the future take a deep breath and focus on the present experience. If you begin to worry about expectations or have negative judgements, try to clear your mind.  Pay attention to every pleasurable sensation you feel during sex and how they affect you. Try having sex at a much slower pace so you can pay attention to every detail of pleasure.


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Photo: 7 Effortless Ways to Have Mind-Blowing Sex – Couple Kissing


Look directly into your lovers eyes with confidence: The eyes are often referred to being the “windows to the soul”. You can tell a lot about a person by their eyes. When you are having sex gently hold your partners face and directly look into their eyes, don’t look away. This experience may feel quite intense. Here are some reasons why maintaining eye contact helps produce incredibly deep feelings of connection and passion:

  • Allows our bodies to pick up on natural responses: Our bodies can naturally pick up that someone likes us through noticing the dilation of their pupils. The bigger the dilation the more they may like you or the more they find you deeply attractive.
  • Produces a natural chemical attraction: If you spend a long time looking into someone’s eyes, your body will produce a chemical named phenylethylamine (PEA). It is known as the “falling in love” chemical as it enhances the feelings of attraction.
  • Establishes an emotional connection: Looking at a person’s face is more likely to produce feelings of emotional connection whilst looking at their body produces more feelings of physical desire. Art Aron a Behavioural Psychologist at the State University of New York found that when you pair two people who had never met and ask them to look into each other’s eyes without talking for two minutes, the pair gained feelings of bonding and closeness.
  • People in love maintain longer eye connection: Harvard social psychologist Zick Rubin studied couples who are in love and found that they maintain eye contact 75 percent of the time. He found the more eye contact they made the more they had feelings of love. When someone else joined the conversation, he found the couple took a longer time to look away from each other.

Make it hard to look away: When you do wish to look away, take your time to slowly draw your eyes away almost as if you are stuck to their eye contact. This will make both of you, notice the emotional pull within the moment. When you attempt to look back into their eyes, it will thoroughly turn your lover on even more.

Take away your partners senses: If you take one of your partner’s sense away they will be able to focus more attention to the sensations that are available to them. This will in turn heighten their sensation to feel stronger. For example, if you blindfold your partner it will take away their sight their sense of pleasure will be increased.

Delay their orgasm: Spend longer amounts of time providing them with foreplay until they beg for more. You can bring them to the point where they almost orgasm and slow back down which will prevent them from reaching orgasm. The more time you spend delaying their orgasm the more sexually intense the experience will become when they do. Foreplay can be made much easier with the use of couples sex toys.




What To Do If Your Partner is Bad in Bed

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When it comes to sex there are many questions people ask themselves including:

  • Am I good at sex?
  • Is my partner being sexually satisfied?
  • Will I ever be a better lover?
  • Can I please my partner in the same way other people do?

Sex is a delicate topic that is thought about worldwide. These questions run through everyone’s minds no matter your gender or sexual orientation. It is a difficult topic to talk about especially if it involves judging someone’s skill level. But what if it isn’t you who is bad in bed and you need to tell your partner somehow?

The longer you have been with someone does not necessarily mean that the experience you have shared together has turned them into the ultimate lover. The truth is to be the best sexual partner you will need to invest in time learning and understanding how to sexually please your partner. The people who have the best sexual lifestyles actively try to improve their skills. Here are some tips that will help you improve your sexual lifestyle:

  • Be Honest and Thoughtful: I highly recommend to build a relationship on honesty. If you are consistently telling your partner they are doing a great job and the orgasm that you have experienced has a 10 star rating they will find no reason to improve their skills. They could in fact be performing very poorly in the bedroom and your words of encouragement have lead them to believe otherwise. This builds a reoccurring pattern of bad sexual encounters that will not improve.
  • Make it Short: If you are planning on having the talk with your partner do not string the conversation along. Tell them a sentence which will cover the topic in one go. You could say something like “I feel our sexual skills need to be improved”. It is a simple sentence, it takes ownership of your feelings and it tells them what you need using positive language. Saying a sentence does not draw out the person’s feelings and make them feel bad about themselves.
  • Understand How the Person Will React: Although you have said your concern simply, they will most likely feel uncomfortable, emotionally stressed or negative about their sexual experience level. There are three main emotions your partner will feel when you talk about improving a bad sexual experience that include anger, sadness and guilt. After all, sex is a big part of most relationships and it is important to your partner to help you feel fulfilled.
  • Put Your Own Personal Effort Into Your Sex Life: Nothing is more uncomfortable than just one person improving their sexual skills. If your partner is the only one who is improving their skills, it can lead them to feeling intense levels of shame. If you take your time to improve your skills with your partner, they will find great motivation to improve themselves to. This will help them to acknowledge that everyone can enhance their skills.


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Photo: Sexually Unhappy Couple


  • Sex Is Not Perfect: People’s standards of sex are different between person to person. So what is great sex to you may be completely different to your partner. Some people think that sex should be like what they sex in adult movies. The people in adult movies can perform certain skills that they have spent their lives training for. At the same time, people aren’t always perfectly groomed, you won’t always smell like a bunch of flowers and sometimes people just don’t produce as much natural lubricant as they may like to. Take your time to research and understand what a realistic sexual lifestyle should be like.
  • Communicate: I cannot stress this point enough, tell your partner what feels good and what doesn’t when you are having sex. Tell them straight away. It will give them the option and the time to change what they are doing. If someone was giving a man a blowjob whilst using their teeth or if someone was biting your nipple when it could actually be causing you bodily pain, you really need to tell the person straight away. Why should any other sexual experiences be any different?
  • Listen: Sometimes people can’t perform to standards that we expect. There are many reasons why people can experience problems. For example, they may be embarrassed due to low levels of arousal, they may feel pain when they have sex or maybe they have low levels of confidence to perform certain tasks. Take your time to listen to them and understand why they may be struggling.
  • Tell Them Exactly What You Need: Sex doesn’t have to be a guessing game, tell them what you need. Some partner’s actively find themselves guessing what it takes to please someone. This can waste valuable personal time and can cause emotional stress that is unnecessary. Maybe you can tell them you need more foreplay or would like to go out to a romantic dinner every so often to build an emotional connection with them. You can even add couples sex toys into your relationship to make your sexual lifestyle easier.





7 Sex Tips that Women Wish Men Knew

Sex can be easy and fun! Just follow these 7 Sex Tips that Women Wish Men Knew to instantly become a better lover. This guide is helpful whether you have just met someone through Tinder or whether you are in a long term relationship.

  • How to Find Her Erogenous Zones: Many people focus on the clitoris, nipples and G-Spot when it comes to pleasuring women. But there are other erogenous zones that are sensitive to touch. Caress your hands over her body and explore her curves. Ask her to let you know when you come across a sensitive area that arouses her when you touch it. Take your time to softly kiss these areas. Gently breathe on the areas to turn her on. A popular area that most people enjoy being massaged is on the sides of their neck. Remember what she enjoys the most for future reference.
  • Be Spontaneous with Dirty Talk: When you are out on a date with your lover and you find a quiet moment between the two of you. Let her know how much she turns you on and what about her you love the most. You can try saying something like “I love the way your hair falls near your face” or “You are so beautiful when you smile like that”. It can be surprising to receive compliments from your partner especially if it is out of character. If you find she enjoy the compliments, try your hand at dirty talking. Let her know everything that you will do to her later.
  • Play With Her Breasts: Breast stimulation can be performed by licking, touching, nibbling and pinching the nipples. They may become erect as she becomes more aroused which makes her body even more sensitive. During this process her body produces oxytocin which helps to create feelings of trust, it also can decrease the feelings of anxiety. Normally people provide pinpoint stimulation to the nipples. Remember to massage the area around her nipples. Sometimes areas that are forgotten can provide some of the most arousing feelings.The lower amount of stimulation can make her beg for more. You can also try biting gently on a nipple when she is about to orgasm. Some women are very lucky as they can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone.
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Photo: Couple Kissing
  • Give Her a Shower: Showering can be a very sensual activity. Ask your partner if they would like to join you in the shower. Suggest to her that you would like to wash her body. Turn on the shower to a warm temperature that will keep the two of you warm. Lather up the soap within your hands. Massage your hands across her body. Wash her slowly down her neck, shoulder and waist. When you feel she is comfortable you can begin to wash her breasts, stomach and back. If she is aroused and happy with how things are going you can lather up more soap and massage her vagina. You can also ask her to clean your body to. Once you have finished showering, take her to the bedroom for some more private fun. Giving someone else a sexual shower can help to create a stronger relationship as they are trusting you to take care of their body. To make this moment even more personal, you can try having a bubble bath.
  • Put On A Show: It is natural to get sexually excited when you watch your lover touch themselves. When people masturbate, they are able to achieve maximum amounts of pleasure. This will be sure to get you both hot and heated. Masturbation is an activity that most people do in private so it can seen as a forbidden experience to. If you are nervous, you can ask your partner to give a helping hand. You can also invest in a sex toy to use which will definitely bring things to a whole new level.
  • Spoon Her: Spooning is always fun to do, especially when you are watching a movie together. Spoon her, she may adore feeling an erection gently placed behind her. If she is aroused, she may begin gently grinding against your body. You are than able to, massage her inner thighs and her body from behind. You can do a lot of things that will surprise her with every touch.
  • Ask Her to Take Control: Sometimes people are used to the give and take of sex. Ask her to take complete control, it may be a completely new experience for the both of you. This can make her go wild and take control of how much pleasure she can give to herself. She will ride you to build her orgasm as much as possible. With this type of sex, ask her to look directly in your eyes. You both will be entrapped within the moment. You will be able to find out what precisely she likes. So next time you are on top, give her what she wants!









13 Tips For Better Sex

We all want to have better sex so why not follow 13 easy steps to improve your love life.


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Photo: 13 Tips For Better Sex – Couple Sex
  1. Avoid straying your thoughts while having sex: This involves having the right attitude about better sex. To fully experience the pleasure of sex, you have to free yourself of negative feelings such as self-consciousness, guilt, bad judgment, and other hang-ups. That also means you must avoid worrying about your unfinished work in the office or the things you’re going to do the next day while making love with your partner. Just savor the moment and enjoy each other.
  2. Relax and don’t pressure yourself: Mind-blowing sex shouldn’t be forced. You have to allow it to happen. In many instances, reaching orgasm triggers anxiety especially to women who pressure themselves into performing well during sex. That’s why many women subconsciously conceal their sexual problem by faking an orgasm. That’s simply not the essence of sex. It’s advised that you relax and enjoy the intimate moments you have with your partner.
  3. Be healthy and stay fit: You’re probably aware that people who get a lot of better sex are happier people. This, in fact, is supported by several studies. To be able to have more sex, you need more energy. Enough sleep, plenty of rest, adequate exercise, and balanced diet can increase your sexual stamina. These good factors induce better blood circulation to the sex organs, which is very crucial to arousal and orgasm.
  4. Relieve yourself from stress: Find ways to reduce stress to raise the chances of arousal. Why not go on a date with your partner at least once a week? Or you can make your sex life more exciting and steamy by taking a shower together or spending an intimate night by the beach.
  5. Accept and love your body: Do you hate yourself for being flat chested or overweight? Just because you don’t have an ideal cup size, it doesn’t mean you can’t have great sex. Your negative feelings toward your body can only ruin your sensuality. What matters is how good your body feels when you’re having sex with your partner. Learn to love your body and all its curves. Perhaps, you’re not aware that your big curves look sexy to your spouse.
  6. Don’t be afraid to explore and experiment: Sharing passion with your partner shouldn’t be too serious. Think of sex as a fun activity – you are free to be creative and to try things differently. For example, you can talk with your partner about your fantasies and find out how you can turn them into reality. Also, discover what turns you on in bed.
  7. Communicate: Finally, getting xsales better sex also needs good communication between partners. Don’t be afraid to speak up to your partner regarding your sexual relationship. This will lead to an understanding of each other’s sexual needs, thus leading to a greater sexual life.
  8. Stop Trying so Hard: Too many people feel that couples sex is much like what they will see in pornographic movies. The truth is, trying this hard during sex will lead to disappointment and more often than not, some pain and discomfort. The experience will certainly not be as enjoyable as it appears on the television.
  9. Incorporate Outside Items: There is certainly nothing wrong with incorporating sexual aid devices or toys in your routine with your partner. Perhaps the female in the relationship has a hard time achieving orgasm with straight intercourse. The solution can be to stimulate the clitoris with a vibrator while having sex. The combination of sensations is likely to produce much more sensation and result in climax. This suddenly makes a sex life more enjoyable to all parties involved.
  10. Discuss with your partner about your sexual relationship: How would your partner know if you’re no longer pleased whenever you make love? Being open to each other can do wonders in your sex life. With good communication, there’s less chance of spending nights in the bedroom with your backs turned to one another. You’ll feel more at ease with each other again and share the passion that you once had. And once the passion has revived, let your partner know how much you appreciate your night together. You can write him a note saying that last night was the best on your first honeymoon. Soon, you’ll realize how better sex life is if you maintain and open and constant communication with your partner.
  11. Enhance your libido by changing your diet: Certain food options can turn your sex life from good to better, as they trigger your desire and passion in the bedroom. How about sipping warm coffee mixed with a bit of chocolate and cinnamon before you head to the bedroom? This can get you in the mood.
  12. Get some warm-up: Aside from aphrodisiacs, there are other ways you can do to set some erotic mood. One great idea is to enjoy a bubble bath with your partner. Or you can spend a romantic dinner with red wine in the bedroom. It’s easy to achieve better sex life if you spend more intimate times with your partner before you have sex.
  13. Try something new: Variety makes a person look forward to something new. Have fun trying various positions with your partner. The pleasure that variety in better sex position brings can indeed make you look forward to something new every time you make love. Trying out a new sex position or style ensures that you won’t get bored with your sexual life.



Effortless Tips For Great Sex

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If you think about your ex-partners you’ll fondly remember the good and the bad things that they did during sex. You’d remember which ones hit the spot, and which ones didn’t. Which ones you had to fake it with, and which ones you could barely stop the drool on your chin from anticipation of that moment because of the great sex. It’s pretty amazing really when you think about it because the ultimate end goal is the same with each one. But there are so many variables to sex that it seems pretty complex.

For research purposes I looked up what other people thought made great sex partners. The Women’s Magazines were pretty generic and included things such as not being judgmental, focusing on your partner’s needs, ability to laugh at yourself and stuff relating to your mental state as opposed to your physical state. In Essence, they were targeting the right areas but just not saying going that one crucial step further.

The Men’s magazine like Australian Men’s Health had such delightful comments such as; they love giving head, they are physically fit, and they have a good body shape. Yeah, um, no. Both of them focused on the idea that paying attention to your partner is important and that you need to forgo your own sexual desires at times to please them. This is probably the most accurate of the statements, but still it’s simplistic. It’s more than that, yet it’s not as complex as how redbookmag makes a hand job seem.

‘Men love to be stroked, fondled and handled with authority by expert female hands—and they love watching a woman take manual erotic control of them’.

I laughed for a long time when I read that sentence. Are they speaking plainly or are they sugar coating a hand job to make it sound seductive. What? It’s a hand job – not an atrociously bad Mills and Boone Novel with ‘Manual Erotic Control’. It’s almost akin to drving a car – Wheres the fun in that? Expert hands? (I’m taking the gender pronoun out of this – because I’m sick of the lack of sexual diversity in these ‘tips’). It’s bullshit. Not everyone likes hand jobs, not everyone likes giving/receiving oral pleasure and to reduce great sex to these tips. The tips are generally so heteronormative with stock photos of good looking couples, but they generally focus on the physical pleasure of the situation. The tips that focus on the mental pleasure are the way to go.

Body Confidence Women
Photo: Body Confidence

See, the fact is we all do things differently, our movements, our rhythms, our bodies, our shapes and sizes, even the way we move our tongue. It’s about a connection. You’ve seen those couples, and you’re wondering why they are together. We’ve all done it, sitting there during lunch, brunch dinner, or having a drink at a bar and you make the offhand comment to your friend/partner/colleague and you giggle as you wonder why they’re together. None of these so called sex tips speak about ‘connection’. I’ve been working in the Sex Industry for almost a decade and I’ve seen all sorts of couples. I distinctly remember this one couple, loved up, cute and apparently having the best sex of their lives. They’d tell me about it, how they’d have a long afternoon session and it wasn’t even all about penetrative sex or tongues, or even body parts. For them, an afternoon of sex was about intimacy, about touching, feeling and laughing. You could hear it when they spoke about it, some strange mysterious connection that whenever they got together, they didn’t give a damn about the rest of the world – they created their own world, their own space and when it shattered they laughed about it and moved on. They were two bodies together, exploring, having fun, and absolutely being in the moment.

So you’re sitting there thinking well what is this guy on about – what makes great sex? The answer is as simple as it is complex – not giving a damn. Being in the moment, let it flow and just follow the grind. It’s about pleasuring the mind, which is most likely why that time you had sex in the change room despite it being an awkward quickie was probably mind-blowing sex. That ex who you’d fight with constantly, but the second their arms were around you you turned into a quivering and horny mess.

Great sex is about accepting who you are, accepting your flaws, having body confidence and accepting theirs. The ability to have a laugh when it doesn’t go to ‘plan’, the idea of not actually having a formulaic plan to please your lover.

Here’s the secret. There’s no one way to have great sex. You can read all the tips on the internet, know exactly how to move your tongue, and physically please your partner. But you can still not be the best in bed. People are reluctant to let go of the idea of having great sex. So hell bent they are on discovering the secret they are absolutely convinced that there must be something tangible that gives access to great sex. There’s not. You can be reductive and say that it’s about understanding your partner’s body and mind and you’re not going to be wrong. But how can you teach someone to understand their partner’s body? You can learn, but without that connection you’re not quite going to reach that final step. Most people insist that it is some physical way of moving (Because, like, they tried this move on three chicks last week and they all went nuts man. Or, I moved my tongue like this and two dudes last week came like that *Snaps fingers dramatically*). People sometimes feel that they must sacrifice a part of themselves to have great sex, or forgo their own likes and dislikes to achieve that mysterious mind blowing sex that your best friend seems to have. All. The. Freaking. Time. Leaving you sitting there, wondering am I bad in bed?

If you forgo your likes and dislikes you’ve already lost the battle. If you’re doing something you can’t stand, you’ll never achieve the pinnacle because you’ll be focused on the idea that you’re doing something you don’t like to please someone else. If you’re on your knees sucking dick or whatever it is your doing and you’re wondering if they’re liking it, you’ve lost the battle. Let go, seriously. Just let it go. Relax in the moment and just do it. It’s like your special pair of underwear, the pants that you put on when the world seems dark, that instantly boost your mood, your lucky pants. There’s absolutely no reason why they’re special, no foundation but for some reason they make you feel better. Grab that feeling, that blasé-ness, and ride it all the way to the top.


By Stephen Smith a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres